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A to Z: Quick look information guide

The Meadows Primary School - A-Z of Useful Information

Absence – Illness
• Please contact the office on 0117 932 2203

Absence - Holidays
• No authorisation is given for holidays.
• Requests to take your learners out of school can be made using the request for absence form, obtained from the school office, to the Head Teacher, who will consider the request and reply accordingly.

After School Activities
• Various activities take place after school – please refer to the school website for up to date details

  • Judo takes place after school on Wednesday in the hall ask in the office for details
  • football club runs after school for various groups of children see letters about clubs each term for details.

After School Club
• Operates from 15:30 – 17:45. Please ring 07952 478087 for more information or to book a place.
• A holiday club also runs throughout the school holidays and is based at the school

• Learners will attend an assembly either in the hall or held in their classrooms.
• Parents and carers are invited to attend an assembly led by their child’s class once every school year.

  • parents and grandparents are also invited to Friday celebration assembly, please let the office know if you would like to come as numbers are limited

• Visitors are often invited to lead assemblies these may be from the local parish council, local churches or sporting groups for example.

• Learners who have 100% attendance each term will receive a certificate.
• Learners whose attendance is low may be asked to attend school for a discussion about how the school can help to improve attendance.
• If you have any worries about attendance please come in and see Karen Parker our PSA.

Breakfast Club
• Operates from 08:00 – 09:00. Please contact Karen Parker via the school office

  • from September 2016 breakfast club will be available from 07:30

Classroom Access
• At the end of the school day, if your child is going to a club or the after school club, they should take all of their belongings to the club.
• Parents/carers are not allowed to return to the classroom to locate items or change reading books.
• All visitors, including parents, must enter the building via the main door and sign in. Please do not use the playground doors that the learners use.

• Please do not bring pushchairs into the school building as this causes difficulty in getting about at busy times.
• We need to minimise the number of people in the school and prevent corridors becoming blocked as this may cause an accident.

Data Collection Sheet
• This is completed when learners start school.
• Please remember to tell us of any changes to your details such as address, contact details, doctor’s details, emergency contacts, medical conditions.

Dinner Money
• This must be paid on a Monday, as it creates a huge amount of work for the office if it is not paid on that day.
• Please send in the correct money or cheques payable to South Gloucestershire Council.
• Money for siblings can be put in one envelope.

Drink Bottles
• Can be purchased from the school office and should be filled with water before leaving home and taken home at the end of each day for hygiene reasons.

• The school and PTA run various events throughout the year such as Harvest, non uniform days, Walk to School Week, Summer Fayre, Christmas Fayre. Occasionally some events such as Book Week and the Life Education Bus require a parental contribution in order for them to proceed.

• If your company runs a matched funding scheme or pays a lump sum because you have volunteered for a charity, please see a member of the PTA.
• The PTA is a registered charity and these funds are a vital part of fundraising.

• Our school governors are available at our ‘Open Door’ sessions which take place as advertised.

Healthy School
• The school operates a healthy eating policy where only healthy snacks are allowed at morning breaktime (i.e no sweets, cakes, chocolate or crisps).
• Toast, fruit or juice can be purchased, for the coming school week.
• Reception and Key Stage 1 learners receive a free fruit or vegetable snack in the afternoon, which is supplied by a government scheme.

• Jewellery of any description may not be worn, the exception is for religious reasons.
• Watches may be worn but must be removed for swimming, PE and Games.

Late Arrivals
• Please arrive at the playground before 08:50 in readiness for the start of the school day at 09:00 prompt, a whistle will sound at 08:55 for the learners to come into school.
• If you should arrive after 9:00am, you will need to sign your child in the late book in the school office.

Lost Property
• This is situated opposite the school office. At the end of each term any named clothing is returned to the owner.
• Clothing without name labels will be donated to local charities.
• Please remember the importance of labelling all clothes.

• Please let us have any suitable spare comics or magazines for the learners to read at lunchtime.

• If your child is well enough to attend school but is on a course of medicines or takes medicine regularly, we are able to administer medicine but only where a consent form has been completed.
• Medicines must be handed into the school office by an adult, they must be labelled with the child’s name and the expiry date clear.
• You will be asked to fill in a consent form if you have not yet done one.
• Learners should not bring in their own medicines.

• Learners receive free milk up to their fifth birthday.
• Following their fifth birthday parents/carers of learners can pay for them to continue to have milk.
• A note confirming the price for the next term is sent home before the end of each term.

• Please ensure that no nut products are sent into school.

Open Days
• The school holds three open days per year the dates are advertised.

Parents’ Evenings
• These are held regularly throughout the school year.
• A note will be sent out inviting parents to book appointments with teachers or to attend information evenings.

• Under no circumstances should parents/carers double park, park on the pavement, park on any yellow or white zig zags, block the 24 hour emergency school gate or use the staff car park (unless an authorised disabled badge holder).
• This is illegal and you need to be aware that the police do carry out spot checks.

• Individual (or family) photographs are normally taken in November and class photographs are normally taken in June.

• Once learners arrive in the playground, scooters must be left in the scooter shed.
• For safety purposes no children, including pre-school siblings, are allowed to ride scooters in the playground.

• The main school doors must only be opened by a member of staff.
• Please can parents/carers not open the doors for visitors.

• Toast can be purchased by the children at morning play this currently costs 10p per slice, learners bring their money in each day, they are responsible for looking after it.

• School uniform is available from the Tesco website. They offer the embroidered jumpers, cardigans, blazers and bags. 

• The school is always grateful to parents and carers who give up their time to help.
• If you are interested in helping, please speak to your child’s class teacher, office staff or the Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher.

Vouchers for Schools
• The school actively participates in schemes such as Sainsbury's
• Collection boxes are situated in the corridor by the Head Teachers office.
• Please send any vouchers in via your child

Walking to School
• For your safety, please use the main entrance gates to the school and do not walk through the staff car park.

Wallets (Blue)
• These are used by all the learners for keeping their reading books, home-learning journals and other class work in that needs to be transferred home and can be purchased from the Tesco website.

Way Forward Meetings
• Parents/carers are invited into the school, on an annual basis, to share your child’s learning with them.

Weather – Cold
• Please remember a coat, hat and gloves for your child, which should be labelled.

Weather - Hot
• Please ensure your child comes to school with a hat and suntan lotion – both labelled.
• Please be aware your child will need to apply suntan lotion themselves throughout the day, as teaching staff/assistants are not allowed to perform this task