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Term 6

Week 6

Firstly, please accept my apologies for not adding to the webpage over the last couple of weeks. As you can imagine, as the end of term grows ever closer there has been a lot to do! And it's not over yet!!!

On Monday this week the children all found out who they are going to be "buddied" up with next year in Reception. On Tuesday morning, when half of the new reception children came to school, I was incredibly impressed with the way that Year 3 looked after them! The next half will be in tomorrow morning.

Today, in English the children were set the challenge to write a story of their choice with their own setting, characters and problems faced by the characters along the way! These pieces of writing are going to be made into a book!
The children have also now had their Sex Education teaching and learning and I have to say, despite a few inevitable, slightly nervous giggles, the children showed a very mature and sensible approach to it and asked some really mature questions. Well done Year 3!

Next week, our final week will be arts week. The children will be experimenting with the art od quilling and will create a final piece of mendhi hand art using quilling paper! I can't wait to see the results of this. I am sure that the children will do an incredible job.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of course, it is the KS2 End of Year production. The performance on Tuesday will be during school time but the one on Wednesday will be an evening performance starting promptly at 6pm. We would be very grateful if your child could arrive at school for 5.30pm in their school uniform. The Year 3 children are a very important (and beautifully tuneful) part of the choir and so their presence is invaluable! Please support this brilliant event.

Unfortunately I will be on a course next Wednesday so my final day with Year 3 will be on Tuesday 14th. I will however be back for the performance as I wouldn't miss the amazing singing of Year 3 for anything!

May I take this chance to say a Big Thank you to you all for being so supportive of your children and their learning this year. I have enjoyed teaching year 3 and now move onto the new and interesting pastures that Year 6 has to offer!

Have an amazing Summer Holiday and I look forward to seeing how much more the children have matured in September! This will also be when my own child starts reception (How time flies!)

Take Care
Miss Sanders

Week 3

This week the children have worked hard writing their own versions of "The Magic Box" by Kit Wright. Editing, improving and copying up in best certainly took longer than I anticipated so we will be finishing this off next week and acting them out as a performance poem. We are hoping to make the poems into a class book so fingers crossed for that!
In maths the children did some fabulous learning about angles looking at degress turned through a clock face and compass! I was really pleased with the progress that was made in a short time with 11 children "not getting it" to nearly everyone being secure by the end of Wednesday! Yippee!
Next week in maths we will be looking at the properties of numbers to include positioning them on a blank number line and rounding numbers.
We will also start our mini bread project in DT where the children will design their own bread roll, make it using salt dough (which they will also make in groups following a recipe) and then make their actual "real bread roll" in the remaining weeks! Looking forward to that!
We will  teach the Sex Ed part of the curriculum in week 5 (just to prepare you!)

Well Done to all of Alder class for another productive week and I'll see you all on Monday!

Miss Sanders

Week 2

This week seems to have flown by for me!
We have now started learning the songs for the Year 6 end of year production where the KS2 classes will make up the chorus! The singing from Year 3 children has continued to blow me away and I am sure that you will have heard this for yourself at home! 

In maths this week we have been having fun visualising nets of 3d shapes and today (Wednesday) played a great matching game which relied on really great visualising skills! Next week in maths we will be revisiting angles but on Monday we will be finishing off our "net" learning which I would like to do a bit more on.

In English, the children did some great writing about "Pandora's Box" and I was very impressed with the quality of the writing! I hope that some of you received your postcards!!!
Next week in English, we will be discussing free verse poetry using the poem "The Magic Box" by Kit Wright.

Today, I was lucky enough (!) to go swimming with the children as Mrs Pearce was on a course. Well done year 3! Keep improving on your swimming skills!

Have a super rest of the week and I' ll see you all on Monday!
Enjoy the weather if you can as it's set to be a scorcher!

Miss Sanders

Week 1

Welcome back to the final term! I am not sure where the year has gone!
This week we did some reading around Pandora's Box and today the children had a go at thinking about abstract nouns and re-writing the ending of the story.

In maths we have been working with money where the children have been adding amounts of money and working out change through solving word problems. Two step word problems involving all areas of measure certainly need working on for all of the children in Alder class so if you could support with this at home, it would be great! 

In science we started thinking about light sources and began making dark boxes following instructions. Through this it was very noticeable that the children needed lots of reminders about team work, problem solving and independence so these are areas that we will be working on for the rest of the term. 

Just to inform you that as you will see from the Curriculum overview for this term there are lots of learning opportunities planned. The DT project will probably move and be blocked once we have finished our science learning. The curriculum objectives will remain the same with just a "timing" change!

Have a great rest of the week!
Miss Sanders