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Term 2 Week 1

What a busy start to Term 2 we have had in Year Three so far!
The Gunpowder plot! - At the start of the week, we were not really sure who Guy Fawkes was but now we know so, so much about him! We found out the reasons why he and a group of other Catholics wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. We researched on the internet to understand more about him and also read and performed a playscript about the Gunpowder plot!
We enjoyed some heated debates thinking about whether Guy and his Gang were right or wrong to want to blow up the Houses of Parliament and we also started to write letters to Guy prior to the foiled attempt from the view point of Danby, a servant to persuade or dissuade Guy from going ahead with the Gunpowder plot!
However, we were a little shocked this week at some of the torture methods used in the 1600’s  but are learning that History is not always a bed of roses!!!
On a completely different note, we have been making “angle eating” monsters and fish who have eaten their way through school chomping on right angles! We have started to use the vocabulary ACUTE and OBTUSE to talk about other angles in our learning.

Miss Sanders is having a real crack down on presentation and handwriting this term and we are trying hard to ensure that all of our learning is high quality and our best! We need to prove to the teachers that we are working towards achieving our pen licenses!  

Next week we will be learning about Remembrance Day and planning our own mini services which will be very touching! We will also be looking at poems related to this theme.

Miss W Sanders

Term 2, Week 2


Oh my Goodness! Another week jam packed with great Learning Opportunities.

REMEMBRANCE – I have been touched and impressed with how great the children in Year Three were when learning about Remembrance. They worked together in small teams, putting together a mini service/memorial or presentation using facts and research from themselves and on the internet. The children were given the freedom to decide exactly what they did and some created poems and artwork to support them with their understanding. Ask your child – they will be able to tell you all about it! The most challenging part was presenting the ideas and sharing them with Year 4 throughout the week.

In addition this week, the children in Year 3 amazed themselves with their learning in maths – By the end of Year three, learners are expected to be able to recognize a right angle and be able to draw one with a set square. However, ask any year three child and they will be able to tell you what an acute and obtuse angle is! They may even be able to tell you about reflex angles if you are really lucky. The children enjoyed experimenting with measuring angles using a protractor!

This week the children wrote up their letters to Guy Fawkes on tea stained paper in best handwriting pens – some children were trying hard to prove that they are ready for pen licenses! We will see! The letters are displayed in the classroom and look really authentic!

On Wednesday this week we were very lucky to have Doctor Tom Robson in Year Three and across the school. He is a neuroscientist, doctor and teacher and he talked a lot about the chemical combinations in our brains which help to shape who we are. In Year Three, we learnt about "Diamond" power, which is a power to help us to see and importantly solve, problems. This ability builds our diamond power! Did you child make their bed last week when they wouldn't normally have done so? If so, this boosted their Diamond power! Ask your child about it - it's fascinating!

Next week will be action packed - don't forget your wellies! We will be looking at habitats on the school field!

See you soon!

Miss W Sanders


Term 2, Week 3

Well, we couldn't believe it when we heard the rumour!!! Was a new, state of the art leisure centre really going to be built on our school field???
This week the children in year 3 worked really hard thinking about writing persuasive letters to the people involved in the potential planning of a brand new leisure centre! They planned letters, edited them and re- drafted them, ensuring that they included some brilliant persuasive sentences.
In maths the children designed a survey and went on to ask the views of the other children in the school. They then collated their findings and had a go at interpreting this data to help to fight their corner!
Unfortunately, Miss Sanders was then poorly and so off from school from the Wednesday! However, the children (I know!) continued to work incredibly hard for Mrs Jefferies who was in year three for some more days than expected!
Well Done Year Three!

Miss Sanders


Term 2, Week 4


Oh Dear ! A poorly teacher again this week! 
Year 3 - Thank you for working so hard with Mrs Jefferies whilst I have been off poorly! I am looking forward to having a good old look through your Learning journals on Monday morning!
See you on Monday!

Term 3 -  Week 1 and 2



Well, the whole of Key Stage two have had an amazing start to the term. Our Big Bang was centred around a Murder Mystery set in the Tudor Times where learners had to solve lots of clues and put together the puzzle pieces in order to solve the murder.

The day opened with the key Stage 2 teachers acting out a scene where one of the characters was found...DEAD! (Mrs. Richter volunteered her services here and lay in position in the hall with blood on her face and a rolling eye!!! – Ask your child about this! – What a sport!)

Year Three learners worked brilliantly in their teams and for a whole day, worked tirelessly, travelling around the Key stage 2 classrooms hunting for and solving clues!

Following on from this, the learners in Year 3 wrote some fabulous recounts which you will be able to read on Wednesday 22nd January during the Way Forward sessions.

In Week 2 we started looking at Tudor Homes. Learners took a trip around the school grounds to find information about Tudor Houses which they then recorded in a little booklet. We then started looking at how a Tudor House could be marketed and used real house adverts to explore the layout and information. Next week we will be writing up some of our own details for a Tudor House and then the best bit...

We will be designing and making our own Tudor Houses, following a very detailed design plan. We will use junk modelling for this but of course, they won’t end up resembling junk!

These will be displayed but may take some time to complete!

Of course, alongside this, the learners have been working hard in maths and next week we will be cracking on with using written methods for addition and subtraction calculations. (2 digit add 2 digit and 3 digit adding a 3 digit) Please ask your child about this at the end of week 3 – I hope that they can confidently show and explain the written method to you! We may even start talking about the column method!

Wendy Sanders


Term 3, week 4


We are going to try and encourage the children to tell you about their learning in their own words. We have had another busy week, during which the children have been brilliant at helping me feel really settled in.

Thank you also to all the parents that have come and said hello and made me feel very welcome. I'm looking forward to meeting more of you at parents evenings next week.

Mrs Tulitt

Now, over to the children...

In P.E we have been learning about Tudor dancing so we decided to make our own routines in groups of six. We have also been doing gymnastics. We made our bodies into interesting shapes and balanced.
 We have been writing letters and pretending to be Apollo from Apollo and the Chimera to Zues.(One of the Greek Gods)explaining how Apollo felt when he was in a battle with the Chimera. We used lots of interesting and descriptive words.
In maths some of us were using the column method for subtraction and some of us were using a blank number line.
We also did a little bit of history about King Henry VIII and his six wives. We made Tudor houses too! We think they are great!



In literacy we are learning about myths like Perseus and the Gorgons head, Theseus and the Minotour and Apollo and the Chimera. We were also finding differences and similarities between the two myths. We have made our own monsters and decided where we will set our myths. We have used lots of great vocabulary and Mrs Tulitt is very pleased.

Our Tudor dances are coming along nicely with the help of Mrs Guy.

We have done column addition in maths and used it to help us with word problems. They were tricky but we are getting there.

In our Tudors topic we have started information sheets about Henry VIII’s wives and we are getting good at sewing for our tapestry.




We have now completed some sewing, sketching and pastels of a Tudor rose. It was in pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. There were thirty pieces and everyone did a part.


In P.E, we were finding lots of different ways to travel at different heights like low, medium and high. We made some interesting shapes.


In literacy, we were writing the middle of our own myths because we were creating a myth and we had started the introduction yesterday. We included lots of the vocabulary that we were working on last week. We wrote great settings and had ferocious monsters!

In numeracy, we were learning how to use column method but with subtraction. We also continued working on word problems and we are starting to find them a little easier.      


We are looking forward to the rest of half term now!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
We hope evryone has a lovely ha;f term with plenty of rest, and we will see you all again refreshed
after the holiday. Miss Sanders and Mrs Tulitt                                                                 


Term 4, Week 1

Welcome back. We hope everyone enjoyed half term.

In literacy we have been writing instructions for making pottage and bread . After that we tried the pottage and bread it was delicious!!!
In maths we have been solving maths problems by using arrays. We have been working on our multiplication knowledge and methods .
For our topic we have been making coffins for Henry viii and one life size Henry viii . He scared Mrs Tulitt when she came in on Thursday. Also telling the difference  between poor Tudors  and rich Tudors and what they ate. We designed a menu for Henry viii’s banquet. Did you know he ate swan?

Next week we are looking forward to learning about the Spanish Armada and crime and punishment in Tudor times.  

Term 4, Week 2


In our topic, we were planning a service for Henry the 8th and as you all know we had to dress up in black. We watched each others services on the poor old chap and some people pretended to be some one that Henry knew very well such as Catherine Parr.   
 We also learnt about Tudor clothing and the differences between the rich and poor. The rich wore silk outfits and mostly colourful clothes. The poor  wore brown wool and  the dresses for the poor  were shorter. The rich dressed in velvet, leather and silk.
In P.E, we were working our gymnastic sequences.

In numeracy, we learnt how to use grid method to help us solve times table and number sentences. We use this to help us with some word problems. 

Term 4, Week 3


In P.E, we have been practicing our Tudor dance in groups for our class assembly and making improvements to our fantastic routine.
In maths, we have been using our knowledge of fractions and which helped us with solving word problems also, it turned out to be really good!
In literacy, we had had been given a paragraph or two that were boring. So, we had to add in connectives to make them better and maybe a few adjectives! Soon Mrs Tulitt hopes our work will be filled with connectives.
In our fantastic topic we were learning about the Spanish Armada and we created our own map which showed the Spanish Armada and how hard it must have been for those who fought with their lives for destiny.

Mrs Tulitt told us about the Easter competition and we have lots of ideas. Easter egg… yes please!     

TERM 4, WEEK 4   

As you know…. We had an amazing assembly which was letting us come back to the nasty Tudors. We acted out the important bits of Henry VIII life and included all of his beautiful wives and moments of their deaths! Also we slid in a few bits about sport relief and maybe a bit of action from the X-factor! Another thing about our topic of the history, is that we created and made actual board games it was really good fun.

In maths, we were learning to use fractions and find equivalent fractions.

In literacy, we were given some connectives and we had to use and put them into brilliant sentences. We learnt about the different types of connective such as illustrative, cause and effect, sequencing and comparing..

In fun phonics, we were given some words and we had to make them into contractions. We had to know where to put the apostrophe. 

Term 4 Week 5

In maths, we have been given a sheet with a sculpture of cubes and we had to estimate or count how many cubes there were in the sculpture. We had to include ones that we couldn’t see too.
In literacy we have looked at Midsummer nights dream. With the year 4’s we recognised the instruments in the song dream or reality and played the instruments over the top of the real ones. In year three with foxes and badgers we were creating new words for the same song dream or reality.
We have been looking at their and there and knowing when to use each one.   
Wow! What a way to finish off the Tudors! Everyone enjoyed a banquet on the last day of term. Soup was made and served, bread was baked and enjoyed. We had dancing, songs, acting, games and a lot of fun. It was all going well until we heard the shocking news that Queen Elizabeth had died and therefore the reign of the Tudors had come to an end.
We will console ourselves with the thought that after Easter we are going to be starting a new tem called Jamboree! As the name suggests we will be looking at carnival and having a more geography focussed term looking at South America among other places.
We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and we will see you all in the new term. Happy Easter.
Mrs Tulitt and Miss Sanders