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Week beginning 22nd June

This week in maths we will be looking at using mental strategies 
 to add or subtract  a one-digit number or a multiple of 10 to or from any two-digit number. We will also be looking at using practical and informal written methods to add and subtract two-digit numbers. Towards the end of the week, we will be focusing on 
recognising and using whole, half and quarter turns, both clockwise and anticlockwise and understanding that a right angle represents a quarter turn.

In English, we will be creating travel brochures to advertise seaside holidays. The children will be working in pairs, on the computer, to complete this task.

For our topic work next week, we will be designing and creating beach huts.

Learning detective task (optional)

This week a new leaning detective task has been set. The key questions is 'How is the seaside different?'
The date for this home learning is the 15th July but it is an optional task. We will not be giving the children extra maths homework anymore. However, they will still be given handwriting practice, times tables practice and spellings for home learning. 

SATs week

Ash class have been AMAZING this week. They have worked really hard and we could not be happier with their results. Thank you for all your help with their home learning. 

Week beginning 15th June
SATs Week
I will not be telling the children about this! We have practiced with tests from previous years and I am confident that this will not upset the children too much! However, I do not want to make too much of a fuss about it. Simply ensure your child is in attendance during this week and is wide awake and ready to go! The tests will be conducted in the mornings. 

Week beginning 8th June

In Literacy the learners will be studying non-fiction with a focus on non-chronological report writing. I will again be looking for adjectives and adverbs to add description; and conjunctions to extend sentences.
In Maths the learners will focus on measures; estimating lengths in metres and measuring in centimetres, measuring weights by interpreting scales correctly; and reading the analogue time (from clock faces) to the nearest five minutes.

Term 6- Week beginning 1st June
'At the seaside'

This week the learners in Ash class will be busy preparing for the end of Key stage 1 SATs.
In Literacy we will be studying 'character description' with a focus on the use of adjectives, adverbs and similes to add description, and conjunctions to extend sentences. With this in mind, I will be looking carefully at super sentences the learners have written for home learning.

In Maths, we will focus on co-ordinates, direction, reflective symmetry, 2D and 3D shapes (names and properties). Learners should be secure in their use of shape vocabulary; sides and corners for 2D shapes; and edges, corners (vertices) and faces for 3D shapes.

For your information, an overview of this term's learning is available for download below.
Picture 1 Singing with Tom Veck
Picture 2 Song writing with Tom Veck
Picture 3 Trainee electricians!
Picture 4 Trainee electricians!
Picture 5 Trainee electricians!
Picture 6 Testing materials
Picture 7 ICT data logging
Picture 8 Data handling
Picture 9 Art project reward time
Picture 10 Reading buddies
Picture 11 Tricky paragraphing!
Picture 12 Polar bear making!
Picture 13 Polar bear making!
Picture 14 Polar bear making!
Picture 15 Polar bear making!
Picture 16 Polar bear making!
Picture 17 Zoo trip
Picture 18 Learning about penguins
Picture 19 Brrr.. it's cold
Picture 20 Eating in Arctic conditions!
Picture 21 Cheeky monkeys!
Picture 22 Amazing home learning
Picture 23 Amazing home learning
Picture 24 Amazing home learning
Picture 25 Amazing home learning
Picture 26 Amazing home learning
Picture 27 Amazing home learning
Picture 28 Kung fu
Picture 29 Chinese new year
Picture 30 A finished polar bear!
Picture 31 Plant sale
Picture 32 Training for sports day
Picture 33 Story writing project
Picture 34 Story writing project
Picture 35 Story writing project
Picture 36 Story writing project
Picture 37 Story writing project
Picture 38 Story writing project
Picture 39 Story writing project
Picture 40 Story writing project
Picture 41 Story writing project
Picture 42 Home learning detectives!
Picture 43 Home learning detectives!
Picture 44 Home learning detectives!
Picture 45 Happy Christmas!
Picture 46 A special visit
Picture 47 Qualified sparkler handlers!
Picture 48 Bread making with Mr Leonard
Picture 49 Making a model village
Picture 50 Bitton model village
Picture 51 A happy raffle winner!
Picture 52 Open the book
Picture 53 There's no place like home!
Picture 54 There's no place like home!
Picture 55 Sequencing traditional tales
Picture 56 Sequencing traditional tales
Picture 57 Heads, shoulders, knees and feet!
Picture 58 European breakfast
Picture 59 European breakfast
Picture 60 Accurate throwing!
Picture 61 No place like home
Picture 62 Naan bread
Picture 63 KS1 'Big Bang'