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Term 6

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Week 6

This week saw the children plan and write their stories based on 'Catch the Ball Duck' . The children innovated the story. The children planned their stories in five clear sections- introduction, build up, problem, resolution and ending. We had an agreed success criteria which included all the things they needed to include for example- write in paragraphs, vary their sentence openers, use time connectives and use subordinate clauses- to name but a few.

This week and next the children will be working in small groups to design and build a bug hotel. We hope to follow the whole process through the design process to having a finished product. We looked at various examples to help inspire us.

Friday saw the children meet one of their new teachers- Mrs Tulitt. I understand that they had a lovely morning getting used to Year 3.

Week 5

Arts Week!

This week saw the children develop their art skills. The theme of the week was World War 1 (WW1) and the Poppy. On Monday the children looked at why the Poppy has become a such an iconic symbol of war. They then spent some time looking at the Royal British Legion website and deepened their understanding further.
At the start of the week the children explored how to mix paint in a pallet to create a wide range of shades of green and red. They were challenged to see if they could make 100 different tones of green and red, many of the children rose to the challenge!
They then progressed to look at different mediums- marbling, oil pastels, water colour and sketching. They did so well and really progressed their skills. They tried creating different styles of the poppy using these varied different mediums.
To expand our skills further we looked at an artist- Georgia O'Keeffe (November 15, 1887 – March 6, 1986) who was an American artist.The children matched their sketching to a half of one of the pictures we looked at together.
As their final piece the children had the opportunity to create a picture of a poppy using what ever medium they wanted. There was a wide range used- water colour, paint, oil pastels and sketching pencils. The results were quite amazing.
Also this week the children looked at diary writing and what needed to be included to make a fantastic entry. We watched a video on Friday morning to give them inspiration- Barnaby Bear in Chester. They were really quite good- well done!
Maths saw the children work on place value and using the inequality symbols. They worked on a range of two and three digit numbers.



Next week the children will be planning and writing a story in clear sections- introduction, build up, problem/dilemma, resolution and ending. Maths will be subtraction and using subtraction in two step problems. There will also be a DT project of designing and building a bug hotel. The children will also beginning their PSHE topic this term.

Week 4
This week saw the children work on recounts in writing. They started off the week looking at what features need to be included in a recount- written from as the first person, using time connectives and written in time order. They wrote about Incy Wincy spider from their perspective and included some great words to describe how they felt about continually being flushed down the drain pipe! The end of the week saw the children write as being 'The very lazy ladybird'.
The maths learning focused around subtraction and place value work. Many of the children find subtraction quite tricky so Miss Naylor planned a sequence of sessions around subtraction and how to use a number line. She included some great practical sessions outside on the playground. Towards the end of the week the children looked at rounding numbers up and down.
In science the children started to look at plants. they looked at the different parts of a plant and what their role was. They also planned and started off an investigation into what affects plants when they grow. All around Ash class there are cups of cress seeds in various states of germination- on the window sill, in my cupboard and on the draining board! We will look at these throughout next week.
On Friday we said goodbye to Miss Naylor- the children were extremely sorry to see her leave. She has been an asset to the class and helped the children with their learning. We wish her well with her continued teaching career. Miss Naylor did want me to pass on a heartfelt thanks for all the gifts and cards that were given to her on Friday.
Next week is Arts week- in Key Stage 1 we will be focusing on poppies. The children will be looking at how to create different shades and tones of colour as well as using different mediums.

Week 2
This week saw the children write some great non-chronological reports based on their nocturnal animal research. They included lots of great facts and details. I learnt some new facts myself!
The children brought in some great things from home to support this topic- It is great to see the children stand up in front of the class and talk about topic related resources from home.

The Gruffalo has arrived at Ash Class as part of our mini topic- who will spot him first??
Term 6, our last term this year, is upon us. Where has the year gone? As part of our nocturnal animal learning we will have a mini-topic to help us with our writing. We will be using the story of The Gruffalo to write a non-chronological report, some persuasive letter writing and a set of instructions. Miss Naylor and I also hope to link the maths into the theme as well.

Throughout this term there will be some exciting activities, great learning, Arts Week and much, much more. It will be over before we know it. Lets hope that we can fit Sports Day in somewhere!

Miss Naylor is with us for the first four weeks of term and she will continue to teach the class for the majority of the time, I will still be about working with children individually or in small groups.

We hope you all had a good rest over the break and look forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday 4th June.....

Week 1
Although a short week for the children they have still worked really well and developed their learning. We have been focusing on how to persuade people. On Thursday the children wrote to Mrs Harding to implore her not to stop the morning break time, of course this isn't the case but the children were really cross about this proposal which resulted in some very persuasive letters.

In maths the children have been looking at how we can use the inverse operation to check our calculations. They were looking at how addition and subtraction go together an how division and multiplication are paired to find the inverse. This is an ongoing aspect of maths which will be revisited next week.

The sound of music was also evident in Ash Class this week, the children were looking at how to maintain a beat and rhythm and to select an instrument that would enable them to achieve this. Although quite loud at times the children really enjoyed this activity.

Next week we will be using the fantastic nocturnal fact that the children have been finding. Many thanks to you all for assisting the children with this over the holiday. We will be using this information in a non-fiction report about nocturnal animals. In maths we will be looking at how children make calculations and what methods they use when doing mental maths.


Mr Hamlen

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