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Welcome to Term 6!
Week 6 & 7


These last two weeks have gone in a flash- there has been so much creative learning happening- finger knitting, singing for the production, Islamic art and much, much more.

Well done to the whole of Key Stage 2 for the two performances of Robin Hood and of course especially Year 6!. It was a truly magnificent production.

In this final week we have been looking at Islamic art and how geometric shapes are used. The children have created some great work. At the beginning of the week we perfected our sketching skills, we then created a colourful background with paint and finally we used some metallic pens to add the geometric shapes to the painted background- the final results were fantastic.

On a final personal note I would like to say a huge thank you for all your gifts and wishes of good luck. I have had three great years at The Meadows, two of have been spent with your children- they are a truly great bunch of children! I will miss them.

I think that all that is left to say is thank you and good bye!

Week 5


Congratulations to the whole of Birch Class for their efforts on Sports Day- everyone did their best- some got a place sticker many did not but it was good to see such good sportsmanship.

Maths saw the children develop their addition and subtraction skills, subtraction was the trickier of the two but all did really well over the whole week. Next week we will move onto multiplication and division.

We continued to work on the poem- The Coming of the Iron man by Brenda Williams. We used it to help develop verb and adverb use, similes as well as asking rhetorical questions to the reader. We will continue with this in the coming week.

The children had a very hands on day on Thursday when they made their bread- the school corridors had the aroma of fresh bread flavoured with bacon, cheese, sausage, apple and egg! The final products looked and smelt great- I hope you were able to have a small taste at home?
Next week we will be moving onto a short unit looking at textiles.

Next week is jump up day on Tuesday morning, we will also be spending more time preparing for the production which you are all invited to in the last week of term. More details to follow.

Week 4

On Monday we waved Year 6 off as they embarked on their journey to camp- only two years until it will be this classes turn!
We had two very sensible sessions at the start of the week on health and sex education. I was so impressed by the children's mature approach to the two sessions- there were some really good questions. I hope that the children found the sessions informative and appropriately pitched.

Maths last week was on shape and coordinates. They also plotted shapes on a grid and translated them. Next week we will be looking at addition and subtraction, up to 4 digit and using the column method.
On Thursday the children wrote their final version of their dilemma story. I was really impressed by their determination to complete their story and how they made every effort to include all the features that we agreed on as a class. I think that there will be some more pen licences to be awarded!

On Thursday we conducted some market research on bread and what the classes favourite bread was. Again it was great that the children tasted all that were on offer and that they even wanted more! Next week we will be designing bread with a Heston Blumenthal twist and hopefully actually making it but that may depend on production rehearsels.

Next Friday, in the afternoon, will be KS2 sports day- please check the newsletter for further details.

Week 3


Well done to Birch Class for another great week- lots of learning happening.
Maths saw the children develop their conversion skills between millilitres and litres as well as between Cm and metres. The week finished with solving word problems involving different operations and different unit of measure. There were a few children who found this tricky so any help from home would be greatly appreciated. Next week we will be looking at geometry- shapes, classification of shapes and lines of symmetry.
The children finished the week in English planning their story with a dilemma. Lots of good ideas, I'm looking forward to reading them next week when they are completed. It will be a great opportunity for the children to show case their learning across the whole year.
We started off our DT project this week- we had a look at what Heston Blumenthal does and some of his recipes- the children were quite impressed. I hope that the children will design and make a 'Heston' style food creation.... we await the results!
We will start our health and Sex education next week- changes and how babies are made. The children will watch appropriate short films and have an opportunity to discuss what they are learning. This is taught from a scientific point of view.


Week 2


Another fast and furious week in Birch Class- lots of learning across many areas of the curriculum.

Maths saw the children convert between different units of measurement- millilitres and litres, seconds/minuets and hours. Next week we will be developing our learning around money as well as solving word problems linked to measurement.

I was so proud and impressed with the class on Wednesday, we had a very deep conversation about apartheid in South Africa. This was linked with our text that we are using at the moment- Journey to Jo' burg. The children were so mature in the way that discussed this topic. Many couldn't comprehend that this was an acceptable attitude to have. They went on to write two different dilemmas- one based on the text and one written from experience. Next week we will conclude this three week block on stories with dilemmas.

Many thanks to everyone who had their Learning Detective books in for Monday- the children have now all shared their learning. Well done to those children who took the time to present their learning in their own words. Thank you also to those families that supported the book fair on Wednesday.

Next week we start our final big topic- we will be looking at states of matter in science and Heston Blumenthal in our design and technology theme. I anticipate that these two areas of learning will compliment and enhance each other.....only time will tell!!

Week 1


Welcome back to school and the last term in Birch Class before the move up to Year 5- where has the year gone??
We have lots of learning to do this term as well as the end of year production- Robin Hood. We have already started learning the songs, just like last year Year 4 form part of the chorus. We will also have jump up day later in the term where the children will get their chance to go into the year 5 classroom and spend some time with their teacher for next year.
This term we will be bringing our history learning to a close with a look at Viking invasions and Edward the Confessor as well as the Anglo Saxon court system. In Science we will be looking at states of matter which I hope will work well with a DT project looking at the chef Heston Blumenthal. The children's science knowledge should stand them in good steed when it comes to cooking in the style of Blumenthal!!
This week we start a three week English block looking at dilemmas, we will be using the texts Journey to Jo' burg by Beverley Naidoo and Sam's Duck by Michael Morpurgo. Maths this week will be looking at statistics- using pictograms, bar charts and the use of tally charts.
Come back at the end of the week to see how the children got on....

Great week learning- 5 days of learning squeezed into 4 days! Many thanks for those parents who sent in plastic bottles on Tuesday for our maths lesson, when they were finished with I recycled them- lead by example! Maths has look at data and how to interpret data by answering different questions, some involving two steps. Next week we move onto measure and money.

The children wrote a great letter today based on our book 'Sam's Duck' by Michael Morpurgo. We looked at Sam's dilemma about what to do with a duck having bought during a school trip to Devon, the children then wrote a letter to a gardener who helped Sam care for the rescued duck. We continue next week looking stories with dilemmas using the text 'Journey to Jo'burg.

Next week we also continue looking at the Vikings, there was some good knowledge from the children this week so it will be interesting to see how this develops over the next couple of weeks.

I'm sure some of you have read that I will be leaving The Meadows at the end of this term. I will be very sorry to leave but I have been given a great opportunity to continue and develop my career further at St Stephen's Junior School in Kingswood. I have had three happy years at The Meadows, two of which have been with my current class.
Please use this class webpage as a way to keep informed about what we do in class.

Mr Hamlen