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What a fortnight! We were lucky to have some very exciting guests in last week! Mae Daisy's cousins live in New Zealand and as they were visiting the UK, they came in to see us! They taught us lots about living in New Zealand and even taught some of the boys the Hakka ( a traditional New Zealand dance) that Izaac (Mae Daisy's eldest cousin) learnt at school. We found out about the money that is used in NZ and how their schools are different and things that are the same.
More updates soon!

We have done some more cooking - the last weeks have been the medium curry and the spicy curry!

"Delicious, but maybe we could have had no apples in it but mushroom instead." - Francesca
"The medium curry was lovely; quite tasty and a good flavour." - Danielle
"I found it alright but as I kept eating my taste buds went off it." - Cameron -Jay 
"I thought the spicy curry was really tasty but it could have been even spicier!" - Liam
"I thought it was really nice but I could have had it even spicier!"

We have also been getting prepared for sports day. We have been practising our long distance running and sprinting, we have even done some hurdles! (Hooray! - we can go on the field again!)

We've also been thinking about the similarities and differences between India and the UK and this week have begun learning about Hinduism and about all of the gods in the Hindu faith.

Check back for more updates!

Catch you soon,

From all of Birch class