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Year 4



Spellings went out on Friday.  They will be tested each Friday.

Term 2, Week 6


A huge thank you for all the home learning and passports you have sent in.  I will be enjoying looking through these and updating the passports.  If you haven't got the books in, there is still time as we are sharing our learning on the Tuesday.


We have a super busy week planned next week.  Please bring in your shepherd's outfits in on the Monday 12th so that we can start our dress rehearsals.  Due to numbers and the risk of being lost in transit, we DO NOT want accompanying sheep or staffs (sticks).  Thank you for your support in encouraging the children to rehearse their songs at home.  It really helps.


Today the children enjoyed our pantomime, Dick Whittington.  They have been working hard all week and so really deserve this treat.  In maths we have been looking at shapes, symmetry and angles.  We really enjoyed our shape investigations today - breaking safe combinations and making right angles with matchsticks.  We will be learning about grid co-ordinates next week.


In English, we have been writing our non-chronological reports on our twinned Spanish village, Villanueva del Rosario.  It has been fascinating to look at the similarities and differences in a village of a similar population to our Bitton.


Have a lovely weekend, get lots of rest if you can and here's looking forward a fun-packed final week of Term 2. 

Term 2, week 5


Wow, your children are really developing as writers!  They have produced some wonderful description using the short film El Caminante for inspiration and their choices of adjectives and adverbs have improved no end.  We have also been trying to start our sentences with fronted adverbials (not forgetting the comma!).  Ask your child if they tell you what they are!


We have looked at measurements and time over the last couple of weeks and I've been impressed with how they have demonstrated their understanding of analogue, 12 and 24 hour clocks.  Next week we will be examining shapes and angles so lots of hands-on learning opportunities.  We will also be applying what we have learnt using maths investigations - open-ended problems where the children can develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.


Year 4 have been busily making series and parallel circuits in science and investigating conductors and insulators.  We have also designed our Spanish-inspired Nativity Scenes which we are starting to make next week.  If you have any cardboard, boxes, lolly sticks or other useful material, please could your children bring it in next week.  Ask them about their design.


Finally, some advance warning.  We will be starting swimming next term, on a Wednesday afternoon.  A letter has gone out and needs to be returned with payment by 12/12/2016.  Your child will need to remove all jewellery, have a one-piece costume (girls)/trunks (boys) and a towel.


Another date for the diary: on Monday 12th December, Year 4 will be visiting St Mary's Church for the Christmas Experience.  They will return by the end of the school day.


Thank you for all your efforts with Home Learning, reading, spellings practise and talking to your child about their day/learning.  Have a lovely weekend and keep warm!

Term 2, week 2


I have decided to move our weekly updates to the top of Birch page.  Hopefully this will make it easier to find!


This week has been very exciting.  We have started our new topic - Spain with a look at Spanish books, food, artefacts and music.  We have found out where Spain is in the world and Europe and can name some mountain ranges and rivers.  Next week, we look at the provinces of modern Spain.


We have also begun our class book - Toro! Toro by Michael Morpurgo.  We will be using this as inspiration for our writing and we have already thought of adjectives and adverbs to describe the main characters.  We have been focusing on scene setting this week, helped by a short film called El Caminante (the walker).


As mathematicians, we have looked at fractions this week.  The children have been brilliant and their enthusiasm is inspiring.  We will be doing a little more on fractions next week before moving onto decimals.


The children had a chance to get their hands on some electric circuits this week.  As part of our introduction, they had a go at putting components together and enjoyed the results!


I hope your children are enjoying their learning.  As ever, catch me in the morning if you wish to discuss anything or just have a chat.  Have a great weekend.

Picture 1

Welcome to the Autumn Term of our new academic year from Ms Gentle and Mrs Kershaw. Now that your children are in Year 4, they are bringing their enthusiasm, skills and knowledge to new learning challenges.  This will help them grow as independent learners throughout the year.


As a new teacher to The Meadows, I am really excited to be with your children as they start their Year 4 learning journey.  I am really enjoying their enthusiasm in the classroom and their helpfulness to help me learn things around the school.


Our topic this term is Amazing Spaces.  We plunged straight in (thankfully not literally) with our lovely trip to Willsbridge Mill.  The children made me really proud as they walked sensibly the whole way and seemed to enjoy being outdoors - despite the grey weather.  We found autumn trees and fruits using nature spotting sheets and then foraged for materials that we brought back to school.  We used the sticks we had gathered to make these gorgeous God's Eyes ornaments.  Ask the children to show you how to make them at home.



Our class book this term is the classic, Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows.  We are enjoying it before home-time every day.  Our Guided Reading book is The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith - chosen to reflect our woodlands theme.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Home learning sheets will come home on Friday 9th September.


Year 4 Welcome Meeting - Monday 12th September 2016 at 3:45pm.  We look forward to seeing you there.


I will be in the playground at drop off and pick up if you want to ask any questions, clarify information or just have a chat!


Miss Gentle

We've had a great week with some fantastic learning.  The children have wowed me with their enthusiasm for learning and applying their learning this week.


In Literacy, we have written the body of our recounts with the impressive inclusions of descriptive language, time words and phrases and conjunctions to make our writing more mature.  Next week sees us working out what makes a good conclusion.  Once our recounts are all finished, we will publish them for you to see.  You will be impressed!


In maths, we have been busy with Roman numerals, negative numbers and rounding to 10, 100 and 1000!  We are loving our times tables counting sticks and the children have been practicing these during our pre-lunch snappy maths sessions.  Ask them to tell you about Back-2-Back and Splat!  Next week, we will  be working hard on column addition.


I had no idea how many artists are in the class!  We have been mapping the local area using Ordnance Survey symbols and also sketching Willsbridge Mill.  Once our shed arrives, we will have a lovely space to exhibit all this amazing work as well as have a lovely space to broaden our learning.


Thanks to those who made the Parents' Meet and Great on Monday.  It was lovely to meet/see you.  If you couldn't make it, all the links to the information spoken about are here!  As ever, you can always catch me in the playground if you have any queries.

Please can you help your child to remember to bring in their Home Learning books, Reading Records and Children's University passports on Fridays.  Thank you!

Another wonderful learning week from your children.  As ever, thank you for your support in sending them into school on time, prepared and enthusiastic to learn.  It really shows!


In maths, I've been working them hard on column addition.  We've looked at three different written methods and they have taken them all in the their stride.  I loved watching the Topaz power at work at the beginning of the week as they applied their learning of negative numbers using a dice game activity.


In English, it has been the last week in our Recount genre.  The children have crafted some lovely recounts of our school trip on Day 1 of the academic year.  Today they published them using their best handwriting which we will now put on display.  They should be so proud of themselves.  I know I am!



If your children have started talking about pumpkins already, I'm very sorry!  We have been researched different pumpkin designs this week with a view to making our very own papier mache pumpkins!  We are all very excited!


Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you all bright and fresh on Monday morning!  Next week we will cover column subtraction and be looking at a lovely nature poem - And my heart soars by Chief Dan George.

Thanks to all the Grandparents who came in today to see the children and to share in their learning.  It was lovely to have so many visitors to the classroom to see what hard work your children do.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


In maths, the children have been working super hard on their column subtraction.  They have made me so proud by working so hard and showing me what they can achieve.  Thank you for your support in this and all the evidence of their times tables practice in their Home Learning books.  It really shows!


We've loved learning the inspirational poem 'And my heart soars' by Chief Dan George.  The children acted out the poem and then drew text maps before creating their own poems in the poet's style using amazing adjectives and abstract nouns.  The results are wonderful!

I would love to post some pictures of your children taken during this activity.  Please return the consent forms sent home this week to allow me to do this.


Apologies section: some eagle-eyed adults have spotted a spelling mistake on a recent homework sheet!  Well done!  Accidentally was incorrectly spelled (accidently).  Another example of how verbal English can be a false friend when spelling.

Secondly, the children had a lovely time making their paper mache pumpkins this week.  Apologies if you had to soak some uniform that evening.  Precautions were taken but the glue seemed to get everywhere!  We're painting them next! 

Have a lovely weekend and please encourage your children to sleep lots as there has been a lot of yawning this week!  We're starting written multiplication and persuasive texts next week.  I've attached a copy of the spellings that the children were given today, ready for their test on Wednesday.

As week 5 comes to an end, we have seen such a change in the weather!  Thank you for sending your children in with warmer clothing.  Please, please label ALL belongings clearly.  Most jumpers look the same and we do strive to return them to their owners at the end of the day.


We had a great time on Tuesday, painting our paper mache pumpkins.  The children had to mix their own colour and then cover the whole globe.  We are getting them ready for our Harvest Festival at the end of the term.


Lots of applying our multiplication facts this week as the children have been working out factors and multiples and applying them in our grid method practice.  I've been very impressed - their maths knowledge is really coming on this term.


We've been looking at the conventions we find in persuasive writing and have created posters advertising Willsbridge Mill today.  You could ask them what a rhetorical question is or if they notice any opinion stated as fact.  We'll be continuing with persuasive writing next week.


We have a very busy week coming up.  Today letters have gone out about our Faith trip on Thursday 13th October.  It will be a fantastic opportunity to kick-start our learning about Hinduism.  Please return slips and monies asap so it can go ahead.


On Friday we have our individual photos so thank you in advance for your support in sending the children in ready for their close ups!


Have a wonderful, restful and enjoyable weekend.  See you all for week 6 on Monday.

Hindu Temple Trip

Hindu Temple Trip 1
Hindu Temple Trip 2
Hindu Temple Trip 3

Thank you so much for getting your children to school early on Thursday this week.  Our trip to the Hindu temple was a resounding success and the children know how proud I was of their behaviour.  This trip kick starts our Faith Focus Fortnight on Hinduism and the children's enthusiasm for learning about a new religion is a credit to you all.


Maths has seen some incredible learning of division using the chunking method.  This is a difficult concept to grasp but, as ever, your children have given it everything they've got and I am very impressed with them.  We move onto statistics for our final week.


Following on from our persuasive posters last week, the children have been very convincing verbally and using prose.  They have really grasped the persuasive conventions we have been speaking about in class.  Next week we will cover instruction writing.


Our paper mache pumpkins are almost complete and will be showcased in our Harvest Assembly next week.  Your children will be sent home with words to learn next week and I know I can rely on your support to encourage them to lean them.  Harvest Festival Assembly is at 2pm on Friday 21st October.  We are accepting donations on behalf of the Julian Trust - a homelessness charity.  I hope to see you there.


Another apology: this week's spellings include a typographical error.  Exploration is the correct spelling of the word!


Have a great weekend.

Welcome back!


I hope you had a lovely and restful half term.  We have a great term planned with our topic being Spain - a topic very close to my heart!  


This week was our second Faith Focus week and we have covered so much!  The week ended with a most successful Faith Fayre where we displayed our colourful diva lamps.  Take a look!

Faith Fayre

Faith Fayre 1
Faith Fayre 2
Faith Fayre 3

Aren't they colourful?


Using Hinduism as our springboard, we have looked at symmetry this week in maths.  The children generated some gorgeous reflective symmetry and I'm really proud of them.  We have also written traditional Hindu stories and produced a detailed floorplan of a Mandir, writing a description of the common features of these holy places.


Next week sees us moving onto our new topic - Spain!  Our class book is Michael Morpurgo's Toro! Toro! which is set in Spain just before the Spanish Civil War.  We will focus on descriptive writing, Spanish traditional tales and non-chronological reports this term using our topic and book as inspiration.  We will also be looking at computer programming and science.  I can't wait!


As ever, any questions, comments or queries, please just let me know.  Have a great weekend.

Home learning given out 4.11.16