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Term 6 in Birch class



All about me!


This term we have lots to look forward to. Our topic is called 'All about me' and we will be exploring the human body - including the digestive system, skeletons and muscles of the human! We might also look at some animal bodies as well. We will be heading to Oldfield secondary school for our trip very soon and this will give the children a fantastic opportunity to explore their topic in greater depth using much more advanced resources! It ties in nicely with sex education, which will take place this term...look out for the letter with further details regarding this very soon. Along with all of this topic, we have many other things to look forward to this term, including cricket and rounders in PE, practising for our key stage 2 production of 'Pirates of the Curry Bean', where year 4 form a vital part of the chorus and it is always so much fun to take part in and watch the amazing year 6's as they rehearse! We will also be celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday on the first Friday back, so we are getting straight into it! Please find me on the playground for small matters or leave a message with the office and either myself or Mrs Richter will get back to you promptly! Hoping that you've had a lovely half term and here we go for the final term! Reports will be coming out at the end of the term along with end of year 4 data.

So, here we go term 6....


Week 1

Okay, so the children have been back three days and I feel very exhausted after lots going on! We started our topic this week and had a mini launch where we learned lots of numbers to do with the human body and created posters, along with measuring various body measurements. Children then went onto learn about the different stages of life and what significant events happen at this time.

On Thursday, we began by prepping the children for the garden party to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday - we looked at 'Ode' poems and children wrote their own one to the Queen. We had some lovely ideas. Children were asking lots of questions about the Queen and were eager to learn about her past...and indeed her present.

On Thursday afternoon, we began learning our key stage 2 production songs - they are very good fun and children have made a terrific start! 

On Friday, we spent the morning learning about the life of the queen through a time line and then children were making crowns, bunting, cone people royals and having a jolly morning learning about the Queen!

In the afternoon, we all dressed in our finest and headed off to the field to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, via the hall to hear some beautiful singing from some university students!

Children enjoyed cakes, sandwiches and drinks and all had a lovely time on the field!

What a great end to the week.

Next week, we've got our trip to Oldfield on Wednesday, don't forget to bring the return slip back on Monday.


Week 2

Well, on Monday, children were busy working on a maths test which is written in the way the SATs are written, so giving them a little bit of 'exam technique' teaching and practise. In topic, we were learning about different stages of life and what significantly happens! They have all made some lovely growth trees which are on display and to be finished next week.

On Wednesday, we went to Oldfield secondary school for our trip. The children had a science packed day of learning and they had loads of fun along the way. Do have a look at our photo gallery for pictures from the day! Highlights included launching catapults, watching elephant's toothpaste be made and setting teachers' hands on fire! What a day!

Thursday and Friday was with a supply teacher as I was out, but I know the children had a lot of fun on the Friday making dens for the charity 'save the children' and then the semi-finals of Bitton's got Talent took place where children were selected for our final.

Congratulations to Lilly, who will represent Birch class in the final on the 29th June...please come along to support her!

Well done to Daniel too, who went through with his brother and another year 3 member, he will be representing Alder class.

Next week is full of maths all about shape, writing non-chronological reports and lots of rehearsing for the production!


Week 3

It has been an absolutely shattering week in year 4, but a great one as well. We have spent the first 3 days looking at symmetry in maths. The children learned about how to draw a line of symmetry correctly and be able to identify it. After that, they were able to then investigate a statement about symmetry. Children have created a really great selection of posters which show what they found out. They were looking at: "do all regular polygons have the same number of sides as they do lines of symmetry". In English, we have been researching more about different aspects of the human body. The children have been finding out about the heart, the eye, the skeleton and the circulatory system and with this, will create a non-chronological report, which they have started doing today.

We have spent the afternoons doing various things such as art and design, where children were finishing their stages of life  trees and rehearsing songs with KS2. The production is taking shape nicely.

Next week, we will be doing reflective symmetry, position and direction, writing our reports and lots of rehearsals for production! It's going to be a very musical week.


Week 4

Birch class have had a really busy week, we have been along to lots of production rehearsals and I have to say, I am SUPER proud of my class. They have been fantastic in making sure that they were listening carefully to adult instructions and being really patient. The children have sung their hearts out! 

We have also been busy with some reflective symmetry and writing our non-chronological reports. Children have also been improving on their spellings and 144 club! 

I have a busy week ahead next week...

We have more maths every day, some English based on fiction, sex education on Wednesday and Thursday. They are also having Jump up morning on Friday where they will spend the morning in their new classroom!


Week 5

What a week! We have been doing lots of gap-filling in maths this week, looking at where we find things a bit tricky! They have been so amazing at our learning with fractions, angles and co-ordinates! I am super proud. We have all found a really handy way to practise equivalent fractions - I would suggest to keep practising this often as children will forget if they don't regularly do it.

In English, we have done some work on clauses and adding commas in the right places and I am so chuffed that they know how to do this now. I hope I get to see it in their writing next week.

We have also done our sex education this week - I have to say, I am mighty impressed by the level of questions that the children asked and they were so sensible about the whole process. They have learned about the body changes, feeling changes and how babies are made! I am sure they have come home with some great questions for you as well :)

On Friday, we had a very busy day and in the morning they went to the year 5 classroom and met their new teacher (Mr Burke) and took part in lots of activities with him. I went down to year 1 as that is my new destination for next year!

In the afternoon, we did some singing practice and also had a visit from a dentist who taught the children about bacteria on their teeth - they all ate a lovely purple tablet which turned their teeth purple - they then went to brush their teeth and really seemed to be made aware of how well they should be brushing their teeth! We took some great photos!

Next week, I am out on Thrive training Monday and Tuesday, but will be back on Wednesday for another full week of learning - we will do lots of nice things on the last week as the children (and myself) are getting very tired!



Week 6

Well, we have been really busy this week. Children spent Monday rehearsing and then on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening, they performed the end of year production 'Pirates of the Curry Bean' - they were fantastic performers and were amazing in the chorus. They really helped the play (which was incredible) with wonderful singing. I was very proud of them and thank you to those who came in the evening production - it really makes all the difference to the play with a full choir!

On Thursday, children begun their maths application activity - they are in pairs and making board games with place value, rounding, roman numerals and ordering numbers questions - they are shaping up to be brilliant!

On Friday, we were all very tired, but continued with our maths and also with our abstract art - they look really effective! Wait until you see it...

We then had some time with our buddies in the afternoon and did some 'buddy play' - year 4 enjoyed the opportunity to go down to reception class and play with the toys and equipment! 

What a brilliant week - I can't believe it's almost over! I'm feeling quite emotional to say goodbye to this lovely class! I am really looking forward to a fun last week with them next week!



Have a great weekend - almost the summer holidays! Hooray!

Miss Webb frown