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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

At The Meadows we deliver our curriculum through a creative approach. Most learning is delivered through our 'themes' which are shared across Key Stages. Some of the other skills are taught separately (such as handwriting or times tables). Please refer to our termly information letters for more information on the current topics and please see the Pick and Mix sheets for advice on how to help your child.


Reading is taught in class through individual sessions with learners and in guided reading groups. We offer learners a range of texts to read including 'scheme' books and books by popular authors. We enjoy having parents in school to read with children to help learners practice the skills that they have been taught.


Parents are encouraged to read every night with their child and to send their comments about how their child is doing through the reading diary.


Phonics is taught in whole classes and in small groups, with learners who are working on the same phase as others working together. We use the published 'Letters and Sounds' scheme to support learning.