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Welcome to Year 1


Can you believe that it's the last week of the school year? That's year 1 done for your children.....onto year 2 they go!

I have had a lovely last few days with the class. We have worked hard to complete some really nice pieces of Islamic art for arts week. The week began by asking the question what is Islam? we then moved on to looking at examples of Islamic art and the shapes and patterns it involves. The children then printed with fabric paint and tubes (thank you for the contributions) onto a pencil case, followed by decorating them with fabric pens. We have also been busy making salt dough, which the children all loved mucking in with and having a knead of the dough! They then rolled out the dough and cut out a crescent shape (using 2 circles) and a star shape. This represented the Islamic symbol. Once these had been cooked, they painted them and decorated them with jewels. Another activity was using oil pastels to create a radial design, using Islamic art as the focus. The children really impressed me with how they all got the hang of the radial design technique. So as you can tell, we have been busy!  On Monday afternoon, the children enjoyed watching the dress rehearsal of the KS2 production.  It was a fantastic show and the children enjoyed bobbing along to the singing!  

It has been a pleasure to teach all of the children in Elm class, and I wish them all lots of luck for their return to year 2 in September.  Thank you very much for the lovely gifts that I have received, it is very kind of you.

I hope you all have a well deserved, fantastic break from school......enjoy!

Mrs Grabham

Hello! Mrs Grabham here! It has been nice to be back this week. The week started off fantastically with our trip to Weston.  I was VERY impressed with how the children all behaved. As a result we had a lovely time.  We were even lucky enough to dodge the heavy rain showers whilst we ate our lunch inside the shelter on the pier!  We had a great day which began with playing on the beach, followed by lunch and an ice-cream. We ended the day with a visit to the sand sculpture festival and took part in a workshop they provided.  All children got stuck in and had a really good go at creating a sculpture as part of a team.  See a few pics below.

Tuesday saw the children 'jump up' to year 2 for the whole morning.  They were definitely very excited before they went and when they came back! All children said that they enjoyed their time with Mr Witchard.  Tuesday afternoon was spent practicing handwriting and PE. In PE the children enjoyed working in pairs to stand inside a hoop and pick it up without using their hands!  They then took part in a team race.

In maths the children have been working on their multiplying skills and enjoyed completing a shoe challenge this morning! Ask them what this involved!

I can't believe next week will be the children's last week in year 1 - it has flown! I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and I'll see you all on Monday for the beginning of Arts week.


This has been an action-packed week and children have coped well, despite soaring temperatures! The start of the week was covered by supply teachers - it was so lovely to come in on Wednesday to read a note saying 'lovely class'. In other news, Mr Day is back in school and came to teach a Maths lesson; he was welcomed back with great excitement by the class!

Children have been planning a cruise in English and have done lots of writing about other countries, including a letter home and thinking about their own cruise destinations.

Maths was all about quarters this week. Children learned to quarter shapes, objects and numbers in a variety of ways. By Thursday they were really getting the hang of it and this is something you could continue to practise at home - can they quarter a tomato? A leaf?

In our topic we had great fun with lots of hands-on activities. The investigation was into floating and sinking so children investigated objects which float or sink and looked at how salt water can change this. They also made their own boats from corks, wood and other materials (luckily all floated but some were more stable than others!).  We then thought about why a lump of playdough sinks but if you form it into new shapes it floats - and children all had a go at making playdough boats, with varying successes. We then tested whose boat could carry weight and put in marbles. Louie and Fletcher's took 7 marbles!! See some photos of children testing their boats below.

Thank you to the parents who joined us on Sports Day. It was great fun despite the sweltering weather and all children took part in different activities (throwing shotputts, javelins, bean bags through hoops and a standing jump). This was followed by the more traditional races such as the egg-and-spoon and relays. It was a super occasion and I was very proud of all of the class, especially those who persevered bravely when they realised they were not going to win. Well done Elm!

Upcoming events:
  • Trip to Weston-Super-Mare - 6th July. Remember suncream, hats and water bottles!
  • Reports go home - 6th July
  • Move-up day to meet Y2 teacher and classroom - 7th July
  • Watching Key Stage 2 production 13th July
  • Arts Week - final week of term (theme of Islamic Art)
See you next week!

Mrs King
Picture 1 Election Day
Picture 2 Election Day
Picture 3 Election Day
Picture 4 Investigating floating
Picture 5 Investigating floating
Picture 6 Investigating floating
Picture 7 Investigating floating
Picture 8 Investigating floating
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Picture 14 Signs of Spring
Picture 15 Signs of Spring
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