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Term 6 in Elm!

Welcome back to Term 6 in Elm. As ever, there is a lot of learning we need to do before we break up for the summer holidays! This term our topic is 'Let's Eat!' and Elm class will be focusing on food from Mexico, turning our classroom into a Mexican cafe! Other learning includes poetry and tradtional stories from other cultures and writing our own menus! In Maths we will be looking at problem solving investigations and in science will be looking at minibeasts! Within this topic we will also be covering lots of geography topics including exploring Mexico and learning about the country. This term we also say a big welcome back to Mrs Grabham, which means we have to say a sad farewell to Mr Petrucco who has really enjoyed his time teaching Elm class this year! He will miss you all lots! Remember: see below for a copy of this term's Pick and Mix home learning!

Week 7

We began by writing and making our own invitations to invite the Year 6 children to come to our Mexican cafe.  We will be making nachos towards the end of the week to serve in our cafe.  
Year 6 are looking forward to visiting!

Thank you very much for all the bottle tops that came in.  We enjoying producing some bottle top art in the shape of a mexican sombrero!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week 6

Monday kicked off with some Geography learning, comparing two different places in Mexico and looking at their similarities and differences.  We all decided on which place we would rather live in and got into character and had a class debate stating our resons for this decision! 

Our maths learning this week has been based around 'time'. We made the most of this lovely weather and got outside using the 'tell the time' rug to help us with our learning.

Picture 1
Picture 2

We have also enjoyed being adverturous in the forest school area, where we focussed on balancing and tackling obstacles this week in P.E.

Well done and thank you for all the lovely home learning that has come into school this week.  All children loved sharing their work with the class.

Week 5

This week we have been busy remebering different traditional stories and learning about their features.  We have learnt a traditional story from Mexico, The Bear Prince (El Principe Orso) and created our own story maps as well as acting the story out.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We have been studying the work of Mexican artist Veronica Ruiz de Velasco and enjoyed imitating work of hers, thinking about the lines and colours we were making.  Can you spot which is the real thing?!



Later in the week we produced our own artwork in the style of the artist. We used pastels; messy but fun! Appologies for dirty Tshirts.

Picture 1 Autumn
Picture 2 George
Picture 3 Immy
Picture 4 Mikey

In our maths learning we have been describing the properties of 3D shapes. Can your child say how many faces, edges and verticies a cube has? We made model Mexican Mayan pyramids from nets.



In our Maths skills we have been practising our numberbonds to 10 and sharing (dividing) numbers using jottings.

In line with the letter you all received, we have began our PSHE learning this week and have been learning about male and female differences.  

Week 4

We have been finding out all sorts of things about Mexico from the type of clothes worn to the different sorts of jobs people do, and lots more!  We have written our own information booklets about Mexico, as well as writing acrostic poems based on Mexico...and it doesn't end there! We have sampled some Mexican food and talked about which was our favourite.  We then used this whole class data to produce  bar charts.  Here are some photos for you to see...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


Later in the week we listened to some Mexican music. We then created dance movements that reflected the rhythm, pace and feel of the music.

This week in our Maths skills we have been multiplying and writing out our multiplications. We used Numicon to help us see our multiplications.

Picture 1
Picture 2
We have also been artistic in our Literacy. We have written Acrostic poems, Calligrams and created word art in the style of Bembo's zoo: 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week 3

Well our plant learning continues apace. This week we have conducted another investigation to find out whether seeds will grow in different liquids. We have tried orange juice, vinegar, washing up liquid and salt water. We also looked at the results of last weeks investigation and made some great conclusions. Most of our predictions were right.

We also recieved a letter from a tree called Rosie, asking for help. We learned that trees and plants use up Carbon Dioxide, a gas that is harmful to us and our world. We thought of ways to cut down less trees.

In our literacy learning, we have been writing shape poems and calligrams about plants. We have used some great language. In our Maths learning we have been grouping objects into 2s 5s and 10s to count them more successfully. We have also been solving and writing word problems.

Week 2

We have had a fantastic week so far in Elm class.  Mrs Grabham has been back in the class and has had a busy week getting back into the swing of teaching!  She has loved teaching all the children again and is amazed at the progress that they have all made since this time last year.

We have disected plants and labelled their different parts;

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
We have also looked at information texts their different features and designed our own page layout.  We have planted beans this week, using our measuring skills to measure capacity, weight and depth.  Another skill that we have learnt, is how to put words into alphabetical order. 

The first half of the week was ended very nicely as well all had the opportunity to sample Paella that was brought in by a member of the class.  It was delicious! Thank you very much!
Picture 1
Picture 2

As the week progressed, we set up a science investigation to prove what seeds need to grow. We have chosen our variable, water/soil/air/heat and have changed only that thing to keep our test fair. We learned the maxim "TO KEEP OUR TESTS FAIR WE WILL ONLY CHANGE ONE THING."



We discussed they common ways information texts are laid out and then created an explaination page about our science investigation using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Week 1

Week 1 started very healthily! Our Big Bang was making a healthy picnic for us all to enjoy in the sunshine! By the end of the day we had all become expert sandwich makers making a variety of sandwiches that were enjoyed during lunch! We also had hand-made dips and pita bread and a healthy fruit salad to finish off! Everyone really worked hard to practice their cooking and preparing skills.

This week we also learned about minibeasts and the habitats they live in. We surveyed our forest area to see what types of minibeast we could find and then we wrote a fact file about a minibeast. Once we had discovered more about them and their diet in particular, we wrote a menu for an 'Ugly bug cafe'. On Friday we completed maths investigations, choosing ingredients for a bug's meal and totalling the cost of ingredients. Busy, buzzy, busy!

Also this week we had to say goodbye to Mr Petrucco. Very sad and we wish him well in the future. Happily we have the familiar face of Mrs Grabham coming back. We are excited!

Picture 1 Making Volcanoes!
Picture 2 Making Volcanoes!
Picture 3 Making Volcanoes!
Picture 4 Making Volcanoes!
Picture 5 Making Volcanoes!
Picture 6 Cardboard Castles!
Picture 7 Cardboard Castles!
Picture 8 Cardboard Castles!
Picture 9 Cardboard Castles!
Picture 10 Cardboard Castles!
Picture 11 Cardboard Castles!
Picture 12 Using a ladybird's spots to help us double numbers
Picture 13 Our catapults!
Picture 14 KS1 trip to St Mary's Church
Picture 15 Forces pulling investigation April 2013
Picture 16 Forces pulling investigation April 2013
Picture 17 Forces pulling investigation April 2013
Picture 18 KS1 Story tent
Picture 19 A beautiful shape design.
Picture 20 Mia's brilliant cat
Picture 21 Dan's brilliant teddy pattern
Picture 22 Some interesting Polydron work!
Picture 23 Our beautiful Islamic Art inspired mosaic tiles
Picture 24 Sorting materials using a venn diagram
Picture 25 Presenting data using a pictogram
Picture 26 Practising forming numbers
Picture 27 We dip dyed the backgrounds of our magic carpets
Picture 28 We used glue, carefully
Picture 29 Ellis created a great repeating pattern.
Picture 30 Isabel's beautiful flying carpet.
Picture 31 Travis thought carefully about colour.
Picture 32 Ben's amazing maze design
Picture 33 Mya's beautiful design for a panto character'
Picture 34 We used paint to draw treasure!
Picture 35 Our treasure chests made from nets
Picture 36 Lego camels!
Picture 37 painting camels
Picture 38 Our class boat
Picture 39 We have been making seagulls
Picture 40 Our pirate flags
Picture 41 Measuring capacity
Picture 42 Sorting shapes
Picture 43 Mapping the Field!
Picture 44 Mapping the Field!
Picture 45 Sorting musical instruments
Picture 46 Can you make sounds from an old metal coat hanger?