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Welcome to Elm Class 2015 - 16!


Term 6 Week 5


Hello there!


Well, we are in a really busy part of the year now as the children finish off Year One and prepare to move into Year 2. They enjoyed meeting Mr Wichard already for a morning, and have spent some time in Year 2.


We have moved on to a fiction unit and children have learned the story of The Hare and The Tortoise by heart, drawing story maps (pictures to represent phrases) and exploring the characters. They will be writing their own version soon, some of the children will be changing aspects of the story to make it their own.


In Maths we have been focusing on data this week - looking at ways of collecting data accurately and presenting it as a picture. They were looking at the number of children in the class and how this could be shown. Children were very skillful at this and showed good understanding!


Finally, can we just say how proud we were that some members of our class won 'Bitton's Got Talent' a couple of weeks ago with their 'Kung Fu Panda' song - using dance and gymnastics amazingly. Well done to Evie, Kosei and Honey - you were amazing!


Practising some tricky words:




Marbling stars for cards:

Map work

Map work 1

Term 6 Week 2


Children in Elm Class have had an exciting week! On Monday, they experienced a simulated flight to Brazil and found out some important things about where Brazil is in relation to the seven continents. This was followed by some map work on the world and on the countries of the UK. They loved exploring the maps and finding places that they knew on them.



Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth!

Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth! 1
Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth! 2
Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth! 3
Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth! 4
Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth! 5
Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth! 6

Welcome to Term 6!


I can't believe that we are in the final term of the year - how time has flown!


This week we have been learning about the Queen and her 90th birthday celebrations. Look at the amazing Pop Art that was created by the class! In Maths we explored the number 90 and made lots of 90 using different objects, comparing it to other numbers. Every child in the class have written a letter to the Queen so we look forward to her reply!


Our topic this term is Brazil, which will lead into learning about the Rio Olympics. We will be exploring the geography of the country, writing information texts about it, finding out about a famous sculpture and learning the story of the Hare and the Tortoise. Plus lots more besides!


There are several other exciting events this term, including Bitton's Got Talent, Father's Day lunch and Dem Making Day. Please see our newsletter for details.


Please also keep an eye on our class webpage as we will be updating regularly with our class news.


Please come and see us on the playground from 8:50 if you have any queries or concerns.


Louise King & Lucy Grabham

Term 5, Week 5


Hello all! Another fantastic week in Elm class :-)

In English the children listened to the story of 'Lost in Toy Museum' and then had a go at inventing their own story about a toy from the book.   The children acted out their story with a partner as well as drawing a story map to help them retell it.  Following this, the children have been busy planning their own toy museum which they will be creating next week.  They were encouraged to think about a theme for their toy museum as well as writing about why they decided to choose the toys they had to go on display in their museum.  Later on in the week, the children learned that Mrs Harding wasn't very keen on having a toy museum in the classroom (!) and so they all had to write a letter persuading Mrs Harding to let us have one!  Let's hope they convince her!


In maths we worked on finding halves of quantities as well as finding halves of shapes.  Quantities is definitely trickier than shapes! See if you can practise these with your child.  Maths targets are progressing well.  The children definitely love the challenge!


I hope you've all had a good end to the week and enjoy your weekend.


See you all on Monday.


Mrs Grabham


Hello, Mrs King here to update you on the end of the week!


In Maths we have moved on to quarters - of both shapes and quantities. This is definitely something we will cover again but children had a really good go at working out how Farmer Jake can make his farm four times smaller  - firstly by quartering his fields and then by putting his animals into the four fields - by sharing them out.


In English we continue to work on punctuating the end of sentences. Children had a go at writing each sentence in a different colour to help them to see where they need to add full stops, exclamation marks or question marks. This method worked well and we will use it again! Our 'Big Write' this week was writing instructions and we made toast (cutting the pieces into quarters of course) and then wrote how to do it for someone else to try. What wonderful progress we are seeing in writing - I think you will all be very proud next time you look in your children's books!


See you next week!

Blaise Castle Trip


Unfortunately due to illness Mrs King was unable to go on the trip as planned and Mrs Harding took her place! So this information was gathered from the children's written recounts - I've edited the important bits about lunch and the bus!


The museum is about social history and children had a chance to look around all of the exhibitions which was about household items from the past - including toilets, clothing, hoovers, baths and all sorts of other things! But we were mainly there for the toys and children were entranced by the amazing displays of toy soldiers, dolls houses, train sets and a splendid rocking horse.


Children enjoyed the workshop. They had to firstly dress up in historical outfits! Then they were shown some interesting old toys, think about wht they are made from, and asked to sort them out according to what they could do - eg to group them by spinning toys, push/pull toys, wind-up toys and so on. They also were given a chance to play with one toy using their imagination only to create a game. It sounds like great fun!


Next the children will be creating their very own toy museum using information that they have found out.

Blaise Castle Museum Trip

Blaise Castle Museum Trip 1
Blaise Castle Museum Trip 2
Blaise Castle Museum Trip 3
Blaise Castle Museum Trip 4
Blaise Castle Museum Trip 5
Blaise Castle Museum Trip 6

Term 5, Week

Hello all! Mrs Grabham here with an update on the week so far.....
The children were absolutely delighted to discover that Dogger has been found! Our 'lost' posters worked! All children wrote a letter to 'Dave' telling him that Dogger had been found and how we helped him to look for his favourite toy.  The children also had a go at writing their own stories based on a toy being lost.   They started by planning their stories using a story mountain, identifying what would happen at the start, middle and end.  Not only this, but they were focusing on their English target at the same time too - a tricky task!
In maths so far this week we have been busy perfecting the art of taking away using a number line.  It was a very successful session and I was really pleased with the way all children completed their activity.  We also looked at different ways of making a certain number e.g. 8 = 6+2 = 7+1.  We talked about this in terms of balance scales.  The children had to make sure their balance scales remained balanced by thinking of two different sums that give the same answer.  They were challenged to include subtraction sentences too.
In topic we have been learning about sliders, levers and pivots.  The children all had great fun getting their hands on lots of books that have these mechanisms in them.  They then each designed a moving picture, ready to make the real thing with Mrs King on Thursday.  Thank you all for the empty cereal boxes by the way!
As always, I hope you all have a good end to your week.  Enjoy the long bank holiday weekend and I'll see you back in school on Tuesday.
Mrs Grabham

Hello there!

We had an excellent, and busy end to the week. On Thursday we were visited byJack, a fireman who came to tell us all about his job. The children were very interested in all that he talked about and wanted to know details such as whether he uses the pole to get to the fire engine, how he drives the truck, how many cats he's rescues from trees and many others! A big thanks to Jack for sparing the time to visit us.


On Friday we spent the whole morning on our DT project and created some amazing moving pictures using pivots and levers. They are displayed in the corridor outside the classroom so do have a look next time you are in school. There were many stages to the process - designing, painting, cutting out, sticking, and attaching the moving parts. The end results are really special.


We also were pleased to welcome back Open The Book who visit us a few times a term to act out Bible stories. This week was all about Jesus appearing to the Disciples after rising again. The children really enjoy watching the 'storytellers' and are often invited to get involved!


See you soon. Mrs King

Term 5, Week 2


Hello!  Another busy week so far.  On Monday, in English, the children were introduced to the story Dogger.  We haven't yet read all of the book, as we stopped at the point where Dave, the little boy, realises he has lost Dogger.  We did lots of predicting what we think might happen in the story next.  The children had all sorts of wonderful ideas!  After play time, very excitingly we received a letter from Dave to say that he had been at the school over the weekend and thinks he lost Dogger at our school!  He gave us some clues in his letter and so we went on a hunt for Dogger on the playground and field.  We managed to find some evidence that Dave and Dogger had been at school, but unfortunately were unable to find Dogger.  So...on Wednesday, we made 'lost' posters to display around the school.  Hopefully we find him next week!


In maths we have been working on addition by counting on a number line.  Tuesday was a very busy maths morning where the children really got stuck in with their learning.  We talked about ensuring you start with the largest number first when counting on and also how if the sum is reversed, the answer is still the same.


I hope you all have a good end to your week and I'll see you next week.


Mrs Grabham 



Hello there, Mrs King here.


What a wonderful afternoon we had on Thursday! The class did their lines so well and several people commented to me at how confident they were at speaking. The songs went really well too and I hope you enjoyed seeing and hearing about their Art and Science learning. I felt so proud of every single one of them!


Thank you for your attendance on parents' evening, it was great to chat to so many of you about the children and to share our experiences of them with you - and to hear how different they can be at home! We talked to you about the phonics check which is held in June. Some information and practise words have gone home in book bags so please have a look and a practise with your child.


At the end of the week, we had a lovely Maths lesson on telling the time. This is an area which it is great to practise with your child - out and about or when at home. Please discuss with them at what times of the day certain things happen such as mealtimes, bedtimes and other key events. We have been reading o'clock times only this week (check out the lovely watches they made!). Later in the year we also will cover half-past the hour.


In English we are continuing to use bookmark targets and feel these are working well. Children can see their bookmark which tells them what to focus on when they are writing. If they achieve their target, they get a stick in the back of their books. Five stickers mean a target is complete. Our Maths system is working brilliantly and we are hoping that the writing one will be as successful.


Thanks for looking at our class page and we are looking forward to seeing you next week! Remember to return your reply slips for the Blaise Castle trip as it is less than two weeks away.


Mrs King




Term 5, Week 1


Hello! Welcome back to school and to term 5 - all about the history of toys.  We hope you had a lovely Easter break.  From what I've heard from the children, they all had a great time and got up to lots of fun things - Avon Valley featured a lot!


Out first week back got off to a great start with our 'Big Bang' day on Monday.  Children were all really excited to be able to bring their favourite toy in from home.  They enjoyed sharing what they had brought in with the rest of the class and also had the opportunity to share their toys with the children in reception and year 2 as well.  Thank you very much to those grandparents that came into school on Monday also to show and talk to us about toys that they used to play with when they were little.  The children really enjoyed rotating around the different grandparents to find out what toys they had brought with them.  Children couldn't believe that there wasn't any TV in the olden days! The children also enjoyed taking part in a toy parade in the hall, as well as doing a toy dance to music from Toy Story!  We had a great day and it kick started the topic fantastically.


In maths this week we have been busy learning about shapes.  Does your child know what a 5 sided shape is called? How many sides does a hexagon have?  Towards the end of the week the learning will move on to 3d shapes.  As well as this, we have been practising maths targets.  It's great to hear that so  many have been practising at home.  You may see a note in your child's reading diary about targets, so please keep your eyes peeled!


In English we have looked at writing a caption for a picture.  The children were encouraged to look at the picture in detail and imagine what might be happening.  They did a great job at this!


We have also been busy collaging some large pictures of old toys, to include a tin soldier, rocking horse, spinning top and a teddy bear.  These will look fab on display in the classroom. 


That's all for now, I hope you all have a good end to the week and I'll see you next week.


Mrs Grabham 

Term 4, week 6


It's been a busy couple of weeks here in Elm Class!


Last week we were very sad to say goodbye to Miss Culverhouse, who finished her teaching placement with us on Friday. She had been an excellent trainee teacher who worked so hard and the children had grown attached to her! Miss Cook will be returning to work with Year 1 again next term.


Thank you for all of the wonderful home learning this term! Rainforest minibeasts have certainly caught the imagination of the class. We even had a few real minibeasts come to visit us! Here are some stick insects which the children held.


We have been focusing on Easter this week and children had a fantastic visit to the church where they had a talk about Easter from Jeremy and were shown all the links to Easter around the building. Some of them even tried on some robes!



In English children learned an Easter poem and write their own one based on the five senses, after smelling chocolate eggs, looking at daffodils, tasting hot cross buns, feeling chicks and crosses and listening to springlike sounds! Their poems were wonderful and really showed the progression in their writing as they used exciting adjectives to describe these things.


We have also done some wonderful Easter craft - keep an eye out for eggs and cards! On Thursday we had a busy (and floury) afternoon baking Easter biscuits. There were none left for me to try by the end but they certainly looked and smelled yummy! But the egg decoratin was also spectacular and I know you will enjoy decorating your house with these beauties!


Our Maths this week was all about sharing and dividing. Children took part in a range of activities exploring division with practical equipment. Try this game to have a practice at home: 


We are pleased at how well the Maths targets are working so please do keep practising these at home and keep an eye on reading diaries to know what your child is working on at the moment in their Mental Maths.


Next term is all about the history of toys. Grandparents (or older relatives) are invited to come and show children some of the toys they used to play with on Monday 11th April - this will be a drop-in session from 10:45 to 11:45. On that day children can also bring in a special toy (nothing of great value just in case please!). We are also planning a trip to a toy museum.


Thank you for your continued support and we hope that you have a lovely Easter holiday with your families!


Mrs King & Mrs Grabham

Term 4, Week 4


​Hello!  What an exciting start to the week we had when we visited the Life Education Bus.  Children had great fun meeting Harrold the giraffe and learnt lots, including what our bodies need to be able to work well.  They also learnt about different food types.  The bus is always a hit, year on year. 

This week the children have been busy learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.  Ask your child if they can tell you what each of those words mean.  In maths, we have focused on learning about time, in terms of minutes, days, months, quicker and slower.  They were set a challenge to measure which route (out of 4 different ones) was the quickest route from the classroom to the school hall.  They had to think about how they would measure the route fairly as well as discuss which was the quickest etc.  Children have new 'target monkeys' in maths, which we have been practising this week.  Can your child tell you what their target is? Any practise towards this at home would be great.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and will see you bright and early on Monday morning.  Next week is the last week we will have Miss Culverhouse working with us.  We have all loved having her in the classroom and wish her well for her next placement.


Mrs Grabham   



Term 4 Week 3


We have had a lovely week further exploring the animals and plants of the rainforest... Do you like our woven tree?

Children also had lots of fun making tree frogs and the classroom is now decorated with many different rainforest creatures!



In our English learning we have been writing our own versions of The Jungle Book - keep an eye on book bags as you may well be receiving your very own version soon! Children planned and write a long story using their own ideas in this unit and it was lovely to see such wonderful progress in their writing.


Maths was all about capacity this week and the class have had a lot of fun measuring rice and lentils - firstly estimating the capacity of containers and then ordering containers by their capacity. This is a good one to practice at home with drinks or cookery!


And finally world book day... and what a wonderful time we all had! Everyone was cosy in their pyjamas (even the staff!) and we enjoyed sharing some exciting books with other classes and teachers. I was so impressed by the children's enthusiasm and love of reading. Long may it continue! smiley Here are a few of our budding Year 1 readers.



Have a lovely weekend and Mothering Sunday. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Mrs King

​Term 4, Week 2

Hello, the beginning of this week was a very busy one!  We kicked off the week with some English learning, focusing on The Jungle Book as Mrs King mentioned below.  We spent some time learning about Mowgli being captured by the monkeys of the jungle.  The children had great fun 'hot seating' Mowgli and enjoyed listening to the chapter of the book specifically related to that part as well as watching a short clip of the Disney film.  The children were then asked to predict what they think might happen next.  They wrote some lovely ideas in their books.  In another session, children pretended to be Mowgli and wrote a postcard 'home' from the jungle.  These are on display in the corridor and look fab.  The children worked really hard.


In maths this week, the children have been learning about length and had great fun measuring different things that they found around the school, with cubes.


Ben, the PE coach is back working with us!  The children had a great session on Tuesday, where they played a variety of different games.


In topic this week, the children have been busy with some science learning and have found some facts out about oak trees, learning that they are a deciduous tree and have identified an oak tree in our forest school area.  The all did a bark rubbing on the oak tree and have written what they know about oak trees.  They have also learnt what 'evergreen' means.


That's all for now, see you all next week.


Mrs Grabham  

Term 4, Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely half term. The children definitely enjoyed sharing their news on Monday morning with each other.  This term our topic is 'Rainforests'.  We had a very exciting start to the topic and visited the Explore Dome in the hall on Monday.  The children thoroughly enjoyed everything about the dome, from crawling through the tunnel to enter it to getting 'rained on' in there!  It was a very 'hands on' experience.  We learnt lots about the Rainforest and the sorts of animals that might be found there as well as what the weather is like.  We continued this learning in the classroom as well as getting arty and making a rainforest animal collage, which is now on display in the classroom.


On Tuesday we had another great day.  The main focus of the day was geography, when the children learnt about the equator and how the weather is hotter the closer you get to the equator.  See if your child can tell you what happens as you move further away from the equator and what the weather is like in the North and South Poles?  We also had great fun trying lots of different 'rainforest foods'.  Children were encouraged to try the following foods: mango, banana, orange, cucumber, pineapple, passion fruit, lemon.  Some of their faces were a picture! Pics to follow!  We also learnt a little bit about the different layers of a rainforest.


In maths we worked on our mental maths skills, namely counting beyond 50 and practising quick fire games of number bonds to 10 and 20.  See how your child gets on!


I hope you all have a great end to the week, and I'll see you all on Monday morning.   
Mrs Grabham


Hello there! Well, our classroom is starting to look like a real rainforest as we spent the end of the week finding out about a type of parrot called macaws and creating our own ones to hang from the ceiling. They look stunning! Children are learning about different kinds of animals as part of our Science focus for this term.


In English we have started to find out about the story of The Jungle Book and children are enjoying hearing an (abridged) version about the adventures of Mowgli and his friends. This ties into the English curriculum in which children are required to listen to books read to them at a level beyond which they can read independently. Do ask your child to tell you about the story and of course we will be comparing it to the Disney film!


Miss Culverhouse taught some active, hands-on lessons about money this week and children have been working on identifying coins and notes, making amounts of money with coins and paying for amounts in play shops. This is a great objective for you to practise with your child when you are out and about - can they pay for things by handling coins and explore prices and change? 


Looking forward to seeing you next week when we have some very exciting activities on trees planned!


Mrs King


Term 3, Week 5

There you have it, the last week of term! We have had a great week.  We have learnt lots about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated, along with the story behind how each of the animals were chosen to represent a year.  The children did some great writing about Chinese New Year as well as enjoying rotating around a variety of other activities; watching dragon and lion dances, copying number symbols in mandarin outside with chalks on the ground, painting monkeys and acting out the story using puppets.  We also learnt how to say Happy New Year in Chinese!  In PE we practised lots of different moves and put them together to make a dragon dance.


Maths has been pretty tricky this week. We have been learning how to multiply using objects to help. I was very impressed with how well the children got on with this, they definitely weren't going to be defeated and all tried very hard! 

It has been fantastic to see how busy the children have been at home and have really got stuck in with their home learning.  They really enjoy sharing what they've been up to with the rest of the class.
That's all from me for now. I hope you all have a fantastic half term and will see you back for term 4.
Mrs Grabham











We are really pleased that the website is now back up and running and we are able to add to it!


It was lovely to chat to you all at parents evening.  We are very pleased with how well the children are progressing.


Can you believe it is nearly the end of Term 3?  I know it's a short one, but it's definitely whizzed by! 


As I'm sure the majority of you are all aware, chicken pox has been doing the rounds in the class, as well as a lot of general illness in terms of colds.  Lets hope the start of a new term sees us all back in class and 100% healthy.


This week, the children have been busy becoming very familiar with the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  They have learnt the story off by heart, using actions to help them, as well as creating a story map.  They have now moved on to writing the story ensuring that they are working towards their personal writing target.   We have been very impressed with their stories.


In maths we have been working hard on ordering numbers, looking carefully at the tens and ones digits.  We have also worked on finding as many different combinations of numbers, ensuring they are working systematically.


Thank you very much for all the cardboard boxes that were sent in to help with our topic learning.  We are well on the way to making a cardboard city in the class! In topic we have also been looking at materials and identifying objects around the classroom, pointing out the material they are made from.  


We are pleased to welcome Miss Culverhouse to Elm Class, who is studying for her PGCE teacher training at UWE. Miss Culverhouse will be supporting the class in lesson and taking on some of the teaching and small group work in Term 4. 


It's great to be back! See you all soon.


Mrs Grabham and Mrs King

Term 3

Term 3 1 Our amazing hot air balloons, based on Kandinsky.
Term 3 2 Creating bridges
Term 3 3 Creating bridges
Picture 1 Fantastic colours
Picture 2 Mud Slide
Picture 3 Autumn leaves
Picture 4 Finding leaves
Picture 5 Finding leaves
Picture 6 Autumn colours
Picture 7 Caterpillar
Picture 8 Diva Lamps
Picture 9 Diva Lamps
Picture 10 Diva Lamps
Picture 11 Frog
Picture 12 Gruffalo's Child hunt
Picture 13 Gruffalo's Child hunt
Picture 14 Gruffalo's Child hunt
Picture 15 Gruffalo's Child hunt
Picture 16 Gruffalo's Child hunt
Picture 17 Mrs White and the frog!
Picture 18 Releasing the frog
Picture 19 Shaun trail
Picture 20 Shaun trail
Picture 21 Shaun trail
Picture 22 Shaun trail
Picture 23 Shaun trail
Picture 24 Singing Practise
Picture 25 Sharing writing

Frère Jacques

La comptine pour enfant "Frère Jacques" Frère Jacques, Dormez-vous ? Sonnez les matines ! Ding, ding, dong !