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Hello everyone!

Well, we found out all about China last week. We now have a Chinese takeaway in the roleplay are - complete with order pads, chopsticks and a wok. Children enjoyed reading their fortunes in the fortune cookies and you will be pleased to hear that they all have exciting things to come in their lives - including inheriting a lot of money (Isla's - I hope she remembers to share it with me!) and having good friends for life (Harry).

We are starting to encourage the children to write longer pieces. Many of them can now write a paragraph of text. I am encouraging them to listen out for where the full stops go by hearing the end of sentences when they say it (the intonation of the voice does down). We have lots of lovely pieces of writing including lists, questions and information writing.

In Maths we are using numberlines to count forward and back for adding and subtracting. Please do ask your child to show you at home! Numberlines are used throughout the school and this skill will be invaluable to them in their Maths as they progress.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer sun!

Yours, Louise King

Picture 1 Some super painting
Picture 2 Putting the spots on the ladybird
Picture 3 Harry and Jenson visit Oak Class
Picture 4 Tortoise meets toroise
Picture 5 "It feels smooth... and bumpy!"
Picture 6 Frogspawn
Picture 7 Look at my castle!
Picture 8 Washing up...
Picture 9 Counting toys onto numbers
Picture 10 Sewing
Picture 11 Creating a den
Picture 12 A knight
Picture 13 The Banquetting Hall
Picture 14 Sanding sticks
Picture 15 Painting a magic wand
Picture 16 Making a bow
Picture 17 Chilling outside
Picture 18 Letter pebbles
Picture 19 Climbing a tree
Picture 20 Preparing the fruit salad
Picture 21 Yummy!
Picture 22 A water run
Picture 23 Balancing (
Picture 24 Forest school
Picture 25 Tree climbing
Picture 26 Making waves
Picture 27 A lovely painting!
Picture 28 What countries can you see?
Picture 29 Making Crowns
Picture 30 In the long grass
Picture 31 Decorating a crown
Picture 32 Buddy Reading
Picture 33 Typing some text
Picture 34 Obstacle Course
Picture 35 Assault Course
Picture 36 Practising our phonics
Picture 37 Fortune Cookies
Picture 38 Chinese Takeaway
Picture 39 Collecting Eggs!
Picture 40 Chickens!
Picture 41 Firefighter!
Picture 42 Firefighter Visit!
Picture 43 Log Balancing at Forest School
Picture 44 Marine Camp!
Picture 45 Mini Marines!
Picture 46 Even Miss Mitchell had a turn!
Picture 47 St John's Ambulance
Picture 48 Tree Rubbings
Picture 49 Building Dens
Picture 50 Finding Baby Slugs!
Picture 51 A beautiful collage
Picture 52 Flour-writing
Picture 53 Fun with water!
Picture 54 A class painting
Picture 55 Dying fabric
Picture 56 Dip-dyed fabric
Picture 57 Puddle painting
Picture 58 Letters and sounds
Picture 59 A flying carpet
Picture 60 Autumn leaf
Picture 61 Animal Island
Picture 62 Muddy play
Picture 63 Creative area
Picture 64 Some excellent writing
Picture 65 A minibeast
Picture 66 Spot the newt
Picture 67 Spot the newt
Picture 68 Decorating the outdoor area!
Picture 69 Muddy Puddles
Picture 70 Consrtuction
Picture 71 Chalk drawing
Picture 72 "Sage"
Picture 73 "Sage"
Picture 74 "Sage"
Picture 75
Picture 76 Ice
Picture 77 Ice
Picture 78 Santa's visit
Picture 79 Santa and his elf
Picture 80 Imprint from the turbot
Picture 81 Painting with a wet fish!
Picture 82 Painting with a wet fish!
Picture 83 A small-world farm
Picture 84 Shell imprints in sandy dough
Picture 85 Playing schools
Picture 86 We love scooter time!
Picture 87 Look what I found!
Picture 88 Charlie W's photo
Picture 89 Harry's photo
Picture 90 Hot chocolate in the snowy forest