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Term 4 Letter

Welcome to Term 4

Please read about our upcoming plans on our letter that went out at the start of term.


Mrs King & Mrs Grabham

Term 3, Week 5


Hello everyone! Yet another busy week in Oak class.  This week our learning has been based around the book 'The Emperor's Egg'.  The children have loved learning lots of facts about emperor penguins and were particularly surprised to learn that the mummy penguin feeds her penguin chick by being sick into its mouth!  We have been busy labelling penguins as well as learning what a caption is and practising to write a caption for a penguin picture.


In maths we have been busy working on adding 2 number together. The children have been learning how to write an addition number sentence as well as using concrete objects to help them calculate the answer.


In our topic learning we were busy comparing the Antarctic to where we live, looking at the differences between the two places.


Next Monday afternoon we will be cooking, so watch this space to see what culinary delight comes home this time!  That reminds me, I shall send a text out, but please can you send £1.50 in with your child in an envelope by the end of term to help cover the cost of cooking for this term.  Many thanks for your support with this, and a big thank you to the regular cooking helpers.


Enjoy the rest of your week and have a great weekend.


Mrs Grabham smiley

Term 3, Week 4


Hello! Well, we have had a fun week in Elm Class. Our learning this week was based on the story 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. It is a heartwarming story about a little boy who befriends a penguin and goes on a journey to return it to the South Pole. Pupils have enjoyed exploring ice, taking photos of penguins and exploring the text.


On Wednesday, two mums came to share with us how they celebrate Chinese New Year. This weekend the Year of the Rooster begins and this will be celebrated both in China and around the world. Children got to dress up in some traditional Chinese outfits and learned about some Chinese traditions. They even got to sample a fortune cookie!


Our Maths this week has been based on repeating patterns and continuing them. Children have used beads, blocks and shapes to create and continue patterns. Their Maths is really coming along and it is great to see some children showing confidence in counting higher numbers, and even in counting in twos! Keep it up!


Finally, Forest School this week was VERY cold. Once again, a plea to make sure that your child has a warm layer - an unlined waterproof coat is simply not enough at the moment. Hats, gloves and warm welly socks are also vital at the moment. In the forest school, children used the camera to take a photo of the penguin hiding. Have a look at the gallery to see some very funny photos! We certainly had lots of fun taking them.


See you all next week when we will look at Emperor's Egg, an information text based on penguins. We will uncover some weird and wonderful facts about how they look after their young!


Mrs King

Term 3, Week 3


Another busy week so far in Oak class.  The children were all very excited to meet Mr Newman and Miss Porter in an assembly first thing on Monday morning.  They have popped into class regularly to see what fantastic things we have been up to!  We have got well and truly stuck in to The Owl and the Pussy Cat this week.  The children have done a great job at spotting rhyming words in the book, as well as working very hard to use 'wow' words to describe a picture from the book.  They even had a go at innovating the story today by replacing the 'owl' and the 'pussy cat' with totally different characters and pretending they took a different mode of transport to the 'pea green boat!'


In maths we have been working hard to recognise, describe and sort shapes.  We have been using language such as sides, corners, round, large, small etc.  We linked our topic work in nicely with both English and Maths this week, as the children have been busy collaging owls using different shapes, talking about why they selected that particular shape.


We had great fun in PE this week!  We worked on our climbing, rolling and balancing skills.  The children were very excited to use the climbing apparatus in the hall!


At the end of the week, children enjoyed a visit to the Life Education Bus where they met Harold the Giraffe and learned about their bodies. They explored the names of internal organs and their main functions, talked about how to stay healthy by eating the right food and drinking plenty of water. The teacher also talked about the importance of only taking medicine which an adult gives them and no more than they should. They also chatted about feelings and explored some things that you can do to cheer yourself up when you feel sad.


In Forest School, the class worked in small teams to create dens for the Owl and the Pussycat. They were challenged to make the den the right size and see if they could make it waterproof. Sticks and tree stumps were put to good use! It was especially great to see some fantastic teamwork in the groups.


I hope you have a great end to your week and a lovely weekend too!  See you on Monday.


Mrs Grabham smiley

Term 3, Week 2


Hello there,


Before I launch into our weekly news, I would like to say how much Mrs Grabham and I have appreciated your supportive words this week. We were very touched and it has really helped us through a difficult time. We will have more news very soon about the future of the school and look forward to the task ahead.


This week we focused on a story called 'Jack and the Flum Flum Tree' - all about a boy called Jack who goes on a journey to find a cure for his granny's moozles. It is a humourous rhyming tale that the children really enjoyed. They explored the story at the start of the week and planned what they would take in a 'patchwork sack' if they were going on a journey.


In Maths we were exploring numbers to ten and twenty and talking about more and less. Children have been practising counting back from ten using their fingers to help them - see if they can show you at home! We put some cuddly toys in a 'bus' and thought about how many would be left if some got off.


Next week we are expecting the Life Skills bus, who give us a talk about PSHE issues. It is fun and interactive and I know the children will enjoy themselves! Our slot is on Thursday afternoon and will replace Forest School. Our focus text will be 'The Owl and the Pussycat' and we will enjoy reading and exploring this classic poem.


Also, we are pleased to announce that our class rep for Parent Forum is Naomi Wiggins.


Have a lovely weekend and we will be seeing you next week.




Mrs King

Term 3, Week 1


Hello!  It has been lovely to see the children back in school.  We had a great week, even though some of the children said on Tuesday morning that they weren't really wanting to be back in school! It sounds like you all had a lovely Christmas break.  The children were all so keen to share how they celebrated Christmas, and to talk about the presents they received. 


In phonics this week we spent time recapping the digraphs we learnt just before Christmas - ch, sh, th and ng.  It starts to get a little bit trickier now that we have reached the point where we are learning that two letters can sometimes make only one sound.  It is important to make sure that children are confident in recalling these digraphs before moving on to learn even more sounds!


In maths we have been working on counting not only forwards, but backwards from 20 too.  This is something that can be practised at home.  We have also been working hard to decide which of two numbers is the largest and making towers with the correct amount of cubes to match.


Well that's the weekend over now, and I look forward to seeing you all out on the playground in the morning.  We have another exciting week ahead where we will be basing some of our learning around the Julia Donaldson book - Jack and the Flum Flum Tree!  Monday afternoon will be an exciting one as we will not only be cooking (healthy flapjacks), but also having fun with BeeBots (programmable toy) and working hard to navigate them around a course!


See you bright and early!


Mrs Grabham no

Term 3


Happy New Year and welcome back to Term 3! We hope you had a good Christmas and that your little one enjoyed all of the excitement and festivities.


We have some exciting learning planned on the theme of 'Journeys' and children will be finding out about exploring and having adventurous journeys in our new topic... please watch this space! We have set up an airport check-in desk in our role-play area.


We will be using a book each week as a learning focus and have carefully chosen a range of texts to interest and motivate all learners. We will continue to teach daily phonics and English or Maths, and will be finding out about some other interesting subjects through Technology, Art and Music activities.


As always, one of us will be on the playground every morning  at 8:50 - please do find us to say hello and ask us any questions or speak about any queries that you have. If you would like to make a longer or more private appointment, we will be happy to do so at any point so please do not hesitate to ask. We also have parents' evenings coming up this term.


Looking forward to catching up with you!


Mrs King and Mrs Grabham





Term 2, Week 7


What a busy week we have had so far!  The Christmas play has well and truly taken over! We are VERY proud of all the children doing such a fantastic job starring in 'Lights, Camel, Action!'  It is so hard to believe that they have only been in school two terms when watching them all get up and do their bit.  I bet it brought a tear to many an eye! All of the children seem very tired now and are hanging on for these last few days!  We have been doing lots of lovely Christmas activities, so please keep an eye on book bags for some nice surprises!  Over the next couple of days we will be sending home PE kits and forest school kits for washing.


Thank you very much for the lovely Christmas gifts we have received. It is really appreciated.  We hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and look forward to welcoming you back in 2017. 


Mrs Grabham and Mrs King 

Term 2, Week 6


This will be a short account of the week as most of it has been spent rehearsing our nativity play! If your little one is singing about funky camels and disco stars, all will be revealed next week.... Both teachers and children are really looking forward to showing you our play and know that you will be very proud of your little angels! Thank you for the costumes, they look fantastic. Look out for the angel dances.


We have done some learning about Stick Man this week - linking it to our phonics. Please check book bags for updated sheets on reading and writing key words. Some children have moved on whilst others may need to practise their current sheet a bit longer. Please do get creative in the way that you do them. They can be written in different media - chalks, crayons, colours, glittery gel pens - whatever floats their boat! Likewise you can cut up the cards and read them as flashcards or stuck up around the room. You could search for them in books and on websites.


We have also reassessed phonics and wow! The children are making amazing progress. We feel very pleased with how they are all doing. Recently parents have reported success with the Hairy Phonics app - this may be worth a look for use with devices (silly but fun!).


Next Thurday is our Christmas party day - please check the newsletter for information.


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you next week!


Mrs King

Term 2, Week 5


A fantastic week so far in Oak class.  The children have now began to learn digraphs in phonics as you will have seen from the phonics sheets sent home.  A digraph as mentioned before is two letters that make one sound. For example 'ch' as in chair.  When reading with your child, please look out for the children forgetting this and saying the individual sounds instead.  This is very common! The more they are exposed to these, the quicker it will become second nature.


In maths, we have been working on capacity and using words such as: empty, full, half full, almost empty and almost full.  The children were asked to colour empty containers to show these measurements.


All children really enjoyed making a star biscuit on Monday afternoon.  I hope they enjoyed eating them too!  Thank you once again to the parent helpers who make it possible.


Rehearsal for the Christmas play is in full swing.  I'm sure you're hearing some of the songs being sung at home?!  Remember to bring your costumes in by Wednesday 7th December.  Please, please can all parts of the costume be named and the costume be brought in in a clearly named carrier bag with a coat hanger.  THANK YOU!


Have a good rest of the week and i'll see you on Monday no


Mrs Grabham

Term 2 Week 4


Hello everyone!


It's been another exciting week for Oak Class as we held an American 'Thanksgiving' on Thursday last week. Children enjoyed preparing our contribution to the feast (fruit kebabs) and practised using a knife safely to chop up the fruit and then skewering it. We had a long discussion about food safety and hand-washing first. As always, we endeavour to use plenty of Maths in cooking sessions and did our best to encourage the children to make patterns with the fruit and copy some pre-prepared skewers. Whilst at the Thanksgiving party children were encouraged to think over what they should feel thankful for and listened to some thoughts, before tucking in. Have a look at our photos on the window area.


We're continuing to push on with the phonics and are now up to Phase 3. Children are starting to learn digraphs. This wprd means 2 letters that make one sound - for example 'sh'. We are really starting to see that children can apply their phonics and short sentences and captions are starting to be written.


Are you aware that every Friday, every child across the school does a 'Big Write'? This is an opportunity to write an extended piece and implement all of the new skills that they have learnt. In EYFS we are no different and it is so lovely to see many children having a go at sentences. Of course most children still require heavy adult support at this stage. Please do try sitting at home and encouraging your child to write with you - it could be a short story, birthday card, letter, poem, shopping list or anything else! The most important part is that children use their sounds to listen and write a plausible letter for the sound. You do end up with words such as 'beautiful' spelt 'byootifull' at this stage and this is totally normal and all part of the fun! English is a tricky language!


You should have received a letter requesting cooking money. Many thanks to our parent volunteers who are enabling us to provide regular cooking opportunities, it is a valuable experience. Please ensure that all forest kit is in school and that it is warm enough - containing welly socks, fleeces to go under thin waterproofs, and spare trousers for any children who wear dresses to school.


We look forward to seeing you soon and many thanks for your continued support.


Mrs King

Miss WrightHello All,

My name is Grace Wright. I am a trainee teacher currently studying my PGCE at the University of the West of England (UWE), after graduating from a three year undergraduate degree in Early Childhood.

Many of you will have met me in term one at the parents meeting, or seen me in the playground before and after school.


I will be gradually teaching Oak Class more and more over the next few weeks, and will be here full time until Christmas. I am thoroughly enjoying the fun we have here in Oak Class, and watching the children's development flourish is a delight.


Look forward to meeting you all!


Miss Wright smiley

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Term 2, Week 3


​What a great week we had so far.  We have based our learning around the book Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper.  The highlight of the week has to be cooking and eating the pumpkin soup!  On Monday afternoon, all the children helped to chop up the vegetables to make the soup, and some helped to prepare the stock as well as stir the ingredients on the hob.  Thank you very much to the parent helpers that came in to make it possible.  It was really nice to hear the parent helpers comment on what a fantastic group of children they are.  We definitely agree!  On Tuesday morning, we all tasted the pumpkin soup and the children had a choice of whether they'd like to eat their soup with some bread, croutons, parmesan cheese or pepper.  There were a couple of children who were slightly reluctant to try the soup, but I was very proud of them all as everybody tried the soup and it was great to see the surprised look on some of their faces because actually they liked it!  We talked about how it tasted and what the children liked and disliked about it.  Following this, in maths, we did some data collection based on the accompaniment they chose to have with their soup.  We talked about the most and least popular choice, as well doing some work on one more/less.


In English, the children had a go at writing a list of all the ingredients needed to make pumpkin soup.  It was great to see the children using their phonics knowledge and making phonetically plausible attempts at writing words such as carrot, onion and potato.  Well done Oak class!


​Forest School was VERY muddy due to the weather this week. The 'mud kitchen' area was a huge fun and most children enjoyed stomping in muddy puddles and sliding down the mud slide as well. Playing in the mud is a valuable sensory experience for children and their imaginations, relationships and vocabularies are stretched through this. Please see the pictures!


​Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Grabham smiley



Term 2, Week 2


We've had yet another busy week in Oak Class! Children all enjoyed a walking trip to St Mary's Church, in Bitton. The school has close links to the Church and Jeremy, the vicar, often comes in to hold assemblies on Tuesday so he is a familiar adult to the children. On Tuesday, they all walked down to the Church with Jeremy and some parent helpers - and behaved perfectly on the walk! Once at the Church, Jeremy talked to them some important parts and they had a chance to have a look around. Well done, Oak Class, on your first ever school trip! Next time we may venture a bit further...


We were focusing on fireworks this week and children looked at ways to describe fireworks. They used their phonics to sound out words such as 'pop', 'red' and 'bang'. A few more confident writers even had a go at words such as 'zoom' and 'orange'! We also saw some brilliant fireworks collages and paintings on black paper.


We are now  at the end of Phase 2 in Letters and Sounds and will move to Phase 3 next week. You may have noticed that there were no new phonics sheets in the children's folders this week. This is because we were assessing the children's understanding of what has been covered so far. We were very pleased to see how much progress the children have made in reading and writing their sounds and will be working with children who need extra support with this.


On Friday children learned a little about poppies to tie in with Remembrance. As you can imagine, we broached the subject gently and watched a CBeebies animation about some animals living in the poppy fields. All children created fantastic poppy paintings using mixed media (paint, pastels and marker pens). Keep an eye out as they will be up on display soon!


Next week the learning is all about pumpkins and a book called Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. We will be having a go at making our own version of the soup!


We look forward to seeing you all for another week of fun!


Mrs King

Term 2, Week 1


​Hello!  I hope everyone had a lovely half term.  The children settled straight back into school and we had a fantastic week.


​The role play area in the classroom has now transformed into a post office which is going down very well!  They have loved making a post box for it, as well as weighing lots of different parcels deciding which one is heaviest/lightest.


​In maths the children have practised accurately counting an irregular set of objects and recording how many they counted into their books.  Number formation is coming along nicely, but is something that can be practised at home. Perhaps try writing them outside with a paintbrush and water, or inside in some flour.


Phonics is keeping the children busy.  We are all the time encouraging children to listen for the different sounds they can hear in words.  This will help them to begin to write simple words.


We were very pleased with the children lanterns that were made for the Faith Fayre and were proud of the children.  They worked very hard and persevered well to create their masterpiece! Thank you all very much for the jam jars sent in.


I hope you've had a fab weekend and managed to catch a firework display at some point! See you all bright and early in the morning.


Mrs Grabham 

Term 2 Week 1 Activities

Term 2 Week 1 Activities 1
Term 2 Week 1 Activities 2
Term 2 Week 1 Activities 3
Term 2 Week 1 Activities 4

Autumn Forest School

Autumn Forest School 1
Autumn Forest School 2
Autumn Forest School 3
Autumn Forest School 4
Autumn Forest School 5
Autumn Forest School 6
Autumn Forest School 7
Autumn Forest School 8
Autumn Forest School 9

Term 1, Week 7


Hello there!


Well, here we are at the end of Term 1, and what a successful term it has been too! Children are now thoroughly settled into school - aware of the rules and routines and learning so much already!


Our Harvest Festival went very well and children enjoyed singing the songs that they have been learning to the school and audience. They sang 'Nut Tree' with Key Stage One and 'Hello Mr Sun' as a class song. I hope that those of you who could make it enjoyed watching... I certainly felt very proud of how brave they all were! Thank you also for the generous donations to the school Harvest collection.


Please find above a few tasters of our Forest School sessions. The last few weeks have been glorious Autumn days with sunshine, crisp temperature and stunning colours. We have made spiders from clay and hedgehogs with colourful leaves. Children have enjoyed listening for sounds and spotting little creatures. We often take magnifying glasses, bug viewers and writing and drawing materials for children to choose from. Additionally they are given time to make dens, explore the natural environment and play co-operatively with their friends. I always look forward to Thursday afternoons and know that the children do, too.


Please be aware - forest kits have been sent home for a wash (PE kit as well) - please check that no pieces are missing, everything is clearly labelled and that there are sufficient warm clothes. A mere waterproof is not enough - as it gets colder the children will require wither a padded waterproof or fleecy top/coat to go under their waterproof coat. Welly socks are also a big  help to stop cold toes! We do go out in all weathers and keeping warm is essential.


Enjoy half term - I hope all children have a good rest and enjoy some interesting activities. Next term all children should be full time and we have lots to get ready for Christmas (dare I mention it!)


Mrs King

Term 1, Week 6

​So here we are, the penultimate week of term.  The term really has flown by and the children have learnt lots along the way! Next week is the last week of optional half days, so term 2 will see everyone in full time, all of the time!


​This week we have continued with our Three Little Pigs learning. We have begun to make a story map of the story which has helped the children to become more fluent when telling the story.  During a guided group, the children all drew a pig and had a go at sounding out and writing the word 'pig'.  They were then challenged to write some other dictated CVC words, encouraging them to have a go at hearing all the sounds in the words themselves.  


​In maths we have continued to work on forming all our number correctly.  The little rhymes we use to help the children learn how to form them correctly have proved very useful.  See if your child can show off their number formation to you.  Can they say the rhyme at the same time?  The children also built houses for the Three Little Pigs out of a variety of different construction material.  We encouraged the children to talk about the shapes they we using, as well as talking with them about the properties of those shapes.


Phonics learning continues to go well.  The children do learn the sounds at quite a pace and so we welcome as much practise and reinforcement at home as possible please!  This week the children have learnt to read and write the following sounds: ck (digraph - two letters, but only one sound) e,u,r.  They have also learnt to read the 'tricky' words 'to' and 'the'.


​Harvest festival practise is going well.  Now just to hope they don't all get stage fright for the actual event next Friday!


​I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'll see you bright and early on Monday morning.


​Mrs Grabham


Term 1, Week 5


Hello! I hope everyone is well and had a good week. We fast approaching the end of this term - and what a lot Oak Class have achieved already! They have settled in so well and made a fantastic start with their phonics. We are very proud of them and know that you are too. You may find your child getting a little more tired over the next couple of weeks. We will also keep an eye on this and let you know.


We are busily preparing for our whole-school Harvest Festival on Friday 21st October at 2pm. Parents are invited to come and watch. Every class contributes to the service; we will be singing a couple of songs. It is always a lovely occasion and we would love to see you there.


This week in Forest School children learned about spiders and how they are different to insects.We hunted for spiders and spotted a few webs. Children made their very own spiders using clay and pipe cleaners, these are now waiting to be painted so keep an eye out!


In phonics this week we continued to cover more letters and link them to their sounds. This week children learned to read and write these letters: g,o,c,k. C and k are pronounced the same way and have the same song and action, but children have learned to read and write both. We also practised reading the word 'and' so please do try and spot that one with your child to reinforce this.Your children now know enough letters and sounds to read and write a few words - you could try some simple words at home such as pot, sad, dog etc (using s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k). We ask children to 'sound the word' by splitting it into sounds - beware of the 'uh' sound of course!


We are focusing on the story of the Three Little Pigs at the moment. The class are learning it as a 'Storymaking' project:  this means that they learn the story off by heart using actions to help them. Please ask them to re-tell it to you! This means that we have lots of activities linked to the Three Little Pigs around the classroom and children have practised acting out the story with masks and puppets, building the little houses and exploring the book in different ways. It's all lots of fun!


Lastly, the real hit this week has been letting the children use the class camera. They loved trying to take 'selfies' but got confused when they couldn't get the picture to reverse as it does on mobiles. Then they decided to photograph each other and took many snaps of their friends. Please find a couple below (I edited out the photos of backs of heads and shoes!).


Have a lovely weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you next week.


Mrs King

Children's photos of friends

Children's photos of friends 1
Children's photos of friends 2
Children's photos of friends 3

Term 1, Week 4

What another fab week the children all had.  They are all really beginning to settle in now and it's great to see lots of little friendships being formed.  We have continued with our phonics learning, as you'll see from the content of their phonics folders.  The children now know the following sounds: s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d.  This means that your child can now begin to sound out simple words and blend the sounds together to be able to read words such as man, pin, mat, map etc.  Please recap the sounds at home with your child to help consolidate their learning as well as working with them to segment and blend the sounds.
In literacy we have looked at the story of The Hungry Caterpillar.  The children have enjoyed activing out the story as well as using sequencing cards to recall the correct order of the story.  Whilst looking at this book we have worked a little on reciting the days of the week.  Does your child know the days of the week in order? We have been singing this song:
In maths we have been working on our formation of numbers as well as counting objects accurately.  We have also spent some time learning about the properties of 2D shapes.  The children really enjoyed a feely bag activity where they couldn't see the shape, but had to describe it to their friends!



I am very impressed with how independent the children are when getting undressed/dressed for PE.  They all seem to enjoy our PE sessions and have enjoyed experimenting with different ways of controlling a ball this week. 
Next week we will begin lots of learning based around the story of The Three Little Pigs.  I hope you've all enjoyed your weekend.
Mrs Grabham

Term 1 Week 3


What an exciting week we have had in Oak Class!


On Thursday this happened:




Yes, the Fire Service visited! They talked to the children about fire safety - how to stop, drop and roll if their clothes ever catch fire and about fire alarms. At the end they gave us a tour of the fire engine which was fascinating. They even let the children climb into the cab and operate the hose! Do ask your little one what they found out.


This week we also started phonics learning and have been reading and writing these sounds: s, a, t and p. In your child's phonics folders are their sheets which show you the correct formation and the action. Each sound also has a song which can be found here.


There are many things you can do to support your child in their phonics learning. Please do practise the songs and look at the phonics sheets with your child. Another useful thing is to spot letters that you see around you - eg signposts, logos, writing on food and drink boxes, magazines... Remember at this stage we mostly refer to the sound not the name of the letter - so 's' is pronounced 'sssss' not 'ess'. As we mentioned before, please be careful not to put an 'uh' sound on the end of the sound as this will make it hard for them to blend the sounds together when they start to read books.


Speaking of which, many thanks for the regular reading that you have been doing with your child. Please aim to explore the story of the book and talk about the characters as well as sounding out the letters.


Looking forward to week 4 in which we have 'Grandparents Day' on Friday - I'm looking forward to meeting them!


Mrs King


Term 1, Week 2

Hello, another fantastic week has been had.  All the children are doing brilliantly and we really are pleased with how they are settling into school life.  We have been working with the children this week giving them the opportunity to show off their maths skills to us. The children enjoyed meeting the puppet, Marvin the monkey, to help us with our number work!  Any work on recognising numbers 1-20 with your child would be greatly appreciated.  We have continued to practise name writing too, ensuring that all letters are formed in the correct way.


The children all loved forest school on Thursday. They had a great time exploring.  We even found a baby newt hiding under a log! Here he is:


Next week we will have our first PE session on Tuesday which I know all the children are looking forward to.  We will also begin our phase 2 phonics learning,  Starting with learning four new sounds; s,a,t and p.  Please keep an eye out for phonics folders coming home with your child and share these with your children at home, but please make sure they stay in book bags as we will need them in school each day, thank you.


Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'll see you bright and early on Monday morning smiley
Mrs Grabham





Term 1 Week 1

A very warm welcome to our new pupils and parents!


We are so pleased with how Oak Class have done this week. They have settled in brilliantly and are already getting used to many of the new school routines. Much of this first week is getting to know us and their classmates, as well as becoming accustomed to the school environment. Children have learned which resources are in the classroom, how to tidy away properly, the names of many of the school staff and experienced lunchtimes, playtimes and assemblies. It's no surprise that some of them are getting a little tired!


Have a look at our lovely self-portraits which they even labelled with their names! Over the next few weeks we will be practising helping the children to write their own name so any extra time spent on it at home would be very helpful.



Their first assembly was Mad Science on Thursday and Noah even got to take part in one of the experiments (he was re-named Jupiter!). Galactic Georgie showed us how rockets take off by talking about forces and letting off balloons and small rockets. It was super exciting!


We also enjoyed watching the Tour of Britain race past the school. They were very fast indeed! Possibly the most exciting part was the police escort...! I've never seen the police be cheered on with such enthusiasm.


We have a student teacher with us for the next couple of terms. Miss Grace Wright is studying for her PGCE teaching qualification at UWE. She is used to the Early Years Curriculum from her previous jobs and is very keen to get involved so do keep an eye out for her on the playground.


Next week, if your child would like to, they may bring in fruit or a ten pence piece for toast at morning playtime. They are given free fruit in the afternoon. 


We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday for the parents' information evening when we will be able to give you more detail on our plans for the term.


Mrs King