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Photo Gallery Terms 1 & 2

Come and look at photographs of what we have been doing in our learning. We are regularly adding new photos! 
Picture 1 Sam's calling the services on the life-skills trip
Picture 2 Sam, Izzie & Tyler on the Life-skills trip
Picture 3 Jack phoning the services on the Life-skills trip
Picture 4 This is Liam's DNA - the white strand!
Picture 5 This is Olivia's DNA - the white strand!
Picture 6 Oliver & Liam playing virtual volleyball!
Picture 7 Olivia & Liam discovering the force of wind
Picture 8 Frozen carbon dioxide mixing with water
Picture 9 Sam making a mould of his finger
Picture 10 Sam in the process of extracting his DNA cells
Picture 11 Sam, after the 'criminal' had been arrested
Picture 12 Jack, Dan & Olly practcing for Sports Day!
Picture 13 Liam's page when he was making his Pop-up Book
Picture 14 Sam & Izzie's pages from their pop-up books
Picture 15 Olly's devil pop up page when making pop-up books
Picture 16 Their signature freeze-pose for Bugsy Malone week!
Picture 17 The boys pull another 'gangster' pose for Bugsy!
Picture 18 Dan, Liam, Jack & Sam working on Bugsy Malone!
Picture 19 Jack & Sam embrace Bugsy Malone Week!
Picture 20 Liam & Max strategically planning their game
Picture 21 Oliver & Sam working on their football board game
Picture 22 Izzie making her maths board game
Picture 23 Max, Liam, Dan & Jack playing someone's own game
Picture 24 Josh concentrating on his board game
Picture 25 Megan is getting creative with her board game
Picture 26 Jack is designing and making board games
Picture 27 Oliver looking very scientific!
Picture 28 Jack, Liam, Oliver & Josh extracting their DNA
Picture 29 Lauren & Megan extracting their DNA cells
Picture 30 Jack & Sam shooting news bulletins
Picture 31 Jack, Oliver & Liam are exploring bubbles!
Picture 32 Megan's Calendar
Picture 33 Sam's Calendar
Picture 34 Oliver's Calendar
Picture 35 Max's Calendar
Picture 36 Lauren's Calendar
Picture 37 Lauren's Calendar
Picture 38 Jack's Calendar
Picture 39 Issy's Calendar
Picture 40 Olivia's Calendar
Picture 41 Izzie's Calendar
Picture 42 Charlie's Calendar
Picture 43 Key Stage 2 Christmas Party!
Picture 44 Key Stage 2 Christmas Party!
Picture 45 A visit from Santa!
Picture 46 Key Stage 2 Christmas Party!
Picture 47 Key Stage 2 Christmas Party!