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Term 5

Week 6

Gargoyle week was scary, informative and fun!
The children have all made their own Gargoyle from clay. They conducted a survey in class to find out which Gargoyle Ash class thought was the scariest, they then used that data to create a Bar Graph. With this data the children then drew their own 'scary' gargoyle. Wednesday was the day that they were made- it was great fun and the children did really well. Well done to those children that created their gargoyle using their design.

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On Thursday morning we used the Forest Schools area to help us plan our Sleeping Beauty stories. The children found different characters and settings in the area which they then used to plan their playscript.

On Friday the children had a great session looking at multiplication with lots of practical activities to assist them- Well done to Miss Britton for that.

Week 5

What a fantastic trip to Cardiff Castle!! Many thanks to those parents who helped out - I hope you didn't get too wet! We all had a great time in the education room looking at weapons and armour, our guide pointed out some really interesting facts about the castle as we walked through it. We did brave the steep climb to the top of the mote- the wind was strong but it was well worth the effort.

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Time was a feature throughout the week- in maths we looked at telling the time in both analogue and digital as well as looking at time lines in history. We even saw a time line at Cardiff Castle!!



Next week we will be preparing for sports day (24th May) and thinking about the end of our Castle topic by planning the end of topic 'Medieval Banquet'- Children will be invited to bring in a costume suitable for a person living in a castle. They will change into the outfit/costume after lunch.

The theme of next week is 'Gargoyles'- we will be making some, perhaps you could talk about them with your child.

Week 4

This week will see Ash class sew, write animal shape poems and further our knowledge of castles. We will also be looking at positional language in maths. I hope to use the Forest School are for a maths session towards the end of the week. Please ensure that all appropriate clothing is in school.

.....Wow! What another great week in Ash class. The children wrote some great poems on the animals of their house. They used some descriptive words to en poems and some children used similes. Also this week we did some was a bit tricky at the beginning but all the children did really well- Mrs Harding was really impressed with all of Key Stage 1's sewing skills. The children used either running stitch or cross stitch to create a badge aligned to their house. The results were quite brilliant!

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We used the Forest schools area on Thursday to help with our learning and understanding of place value, using non-standard units of measurement and doubling and halving. It was great to get outside to use this valuable opportunity.
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Just a polite reminder that all children should have appropriate clothing in school in order to maximise the Forest Schools area. On Thursday 12 children did not have wellies- this is the minimum expectation. Please can all children bring into school the correct attire.

Next week proves to be another packed week with our trip to Cardiff Castle, recycling workshop on Tuesday afternoon, Sports Day prep and learning about time lines in history, time in maths- both analogue and digital as well as writing diary entries. Will there be enough time??
Come back next week to see what week 5 was like.

Week 3

This week we will be walking to St Mary's church on Wednesday morning. This will be a great opportunity to maintain our links with the local Parish church but also for the children to understand and look at features of a Christian place of worship.

In Maths the children will be looking at Tangrams and how 2-D shapes fit together to make a picture. Ash class will be planning and writing their own adventure story based in or around a castle. This should bring three weeks of work together where we have looked at settings, characters and dilemmas. Miss Britton and I are really looking forward to reading them all at the end of the week.

Well as promised week 3 was great and it was good to welcome back Miss Britton to Ash class. Our walk to St Mary's church on Wednesday morning was great and we all really enjoyed looking at the font, vestry and all the other special features of a Christian place of worship. Many thanks to Barbara who gave us lots of background knowledge and helped us with our learning.

On Friday we wrote some fantastic stories which brought together our work on characters, setting and dilemmas. Miss Britton and I were so impressed with all the hard work that went into their stories- well done Ash class.

In maths Miss Britton help the children learn about s-shapes and their properties. She also explored how only certain 2-D shapes make tessellating patterns. Don't forget to ask your child which shapes work and which do not tessellate!

Week 2

This week we will be looking at push and pull through the use of catapults, in maths we will be measuring distance and in English we will be exploring characters- goodies and baddies.
Come back at the end of the week to find out how the learning went in week 2.

Have a look at the photographs of Year 2 making catapults- they are yet to be tested, this will come later in the week!
The photos can be found below.

We continued the week looking at forces and how pushes and pulls are used, especially in relation to our catapults. In English we explored characters and how they are described and used in a story.
Unfortunately Mr Hamlen had to leave Ash class at the end of the week due to a rather painful tooth! He will be back on Monday!

Next week we will welcome back Miss Britton, she will be gradually teaching more and more as the weeks progress. She is very excited about working in Ash class and is keen to help your children along their learning path.

Week 1

This week got off to a flying start with our Big Bang on Monday and Tuesday.
The children experienced castle building, painting animals onto wall hangings and in the Year 2 classroom we made shields with coats of arms based on the house animal- Otter, Badger, Fox and Hedgehog. Many thanks to everyone who sent in cardboard- we got through quite a large quantity!!

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The week continued with looking at settings and locations in story writing, maths was exploring and using doubling and halving. As scientists we tested forces through push and pulls. We will take this further in week 2.

Many thanks to all parents who listen to their child read throughout the week, I really appreciate it and the benefits that they gain through reading can never be underestimated.

Hopefully you have seen that we have a trip planned to go to Cardiff Castle on 9th May. There will be a letter home this week with further details. Contrary to popular belief the children will not need a passport to enter Wales!

Welcome back to term 5- The Summer Term!! I use the term 'summer' loosely!
I hope that you had a good Easter and managed to get out and about. I look forward to catching up with you over the coming week.

The children will be learning through the topic of 'Castles' this term. We hope to arrange a trip later on in the term to a castle- details to follow. Our Big Bang will involve a variety of Castle related learning opportunities. Please could children bring in cardboard and cardboard boxes as there will be lots of building and making during the Big Bang!

Miss Britton will be joining us in a couple of weeks and I welcome her to Ash class. Please come up to her and say hello and get to know her. We will try and add a photo of her shortly (technical issues have meant that this hasn't been possible yet!).

Please can children also bring in warmer clothes to add to their PE kits- although it is 'summer' they will get cold outside. please keep them plain and in line with the school policy on uniform.

theis week Ash Class have welcomed a new member to their class. Miss Britton is a new teacher in training, who will be helping out alongside Mr Hamlen during terms 5/6. Don't hesitate to say hello if you see her in and around the school.



Hi I am Miss Britton; I am very much looking forward to working with Ash Class over the next couple of terms. Already this week I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the children and the class topic. My favourite part of the week has been creating model volcanoes out of modroc and chicken wire, then making our volcanoes erupt using vinegar and baking soda. I look forward to having more fun within the class. I hope to meet you all and I will be available in the playground before school if you would like to find out more about myself.


Week 5 

This week Ash Class have welcomed a new member to their class. Miss Britton is a new teacher in training, who will be teaching  alongside Mr Hamlen during terms 5/6. Below is a photograph of Miss Britton. Don't hesitate to say hello if you see her in and around the school. 


Week 4

This week has been another fast an furious week in Ash Class!
We had Dr Woodward come and talk to us on Tuesday afternoon about being a GP- many thanks to him for giving his time. We also sang out hearts out on the decking at the end of the day on Thursday- well done to the whole school, it was rather chilly but I'm sure you will agree with me that it was a great performance.

On Thursday morning we ventured up to the Forest Schools area and had a fantastic maths session looking at place value. There were a few children who did not have the appropriate clothes- please can all children have suitable outdoor clothes in school so that we can use this outdoor learning space.

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We have also been looking at different groups of animals and what they eat. On Monday we labelled an outline of the human body- the children were able to remember many different organs and where they go in the body- well done Year 2!

Next week is the last week of this term! Where has all the time gone?? Please can all children have their home learning in so that it can be celebrated and shared. Some children have already shared their learning and as ever it is to a high standard. Well done to you and your children for the time and effort that has been spent on it.

Week 3

Another fast and furious week ahead. We are lucky to have St John Ambulance visiting KS1 as well as a Marine and of course the Life Education bus. It looks like it will be another fantastic learning week.

We will be developing our chronological report writing, place value will be the focus in maths and in D&T we will be designing a uniform for a member of the emergency services. Please can children bring in any fabrics that might be used to make their uniform. If the children have an reflective or florescent clothing (not to be cut up!) could they please can they bring it into school.

We hope to using the Forest School area at the end of the week so if all children could have their Forest Schools gear in school by Wednesday- Thanks.

Well, we certainly had a fast paced week. We had visits from a Marine, St John Ambulance and the local Police Officer and PCSO and not forgetting the Life Education Bus.

Our focus was on D&T and writing Chronological reports. There had been a crime in Year 2- some one had taken the felt tip pens!!! We spent the week looking at witness statements and and wrote them up using the facts to create a chronological report. The pens have been returned with a note of apology but the name had been torn off the bottom.......we are still not entirely sure who took them??

Ash Class have had great fun designing and making a uniform for a Police Officer. The task was to design a jacket which would keep the Officer visible and safe. We have some great designs and some have been 'blinged' to bring the Police Uniform into the 21st century!!

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Next week we will be looking at Life Processes in Science, Shape, Space and Measure as well as place value in Maths and finally poetry in Literacy. This will all be linked to the Ambulance service and hospitals.

Week 2

As ever it was a hectic week with some fantastic learning opportunities.
Many thanks to Esme's Mum for coming to talk to KS1 about her experiences of being a Paramedic. It was great to hear what a Paramedic does- Thank you!

We started looking at chronological reports through the Great Fire of London. I was so impressed by the knowledge that some of the children had already. This was useful when it came to writing their report. We also looked at time- a tricky area of learning and one that we will be coming back to again and again.

We had a science day on Wednesday which involved looking at light and dark. The children, again, had some great understanding. They made shadow puppets, sorted light sources and objects that reflect light, making a circuit to light a bulb and many other activities- well done Ash class!
On Friday we had house assemblies where we picked our new name. Each house has a colour and new name- ask your child what house are they in!

Week 1

Welcome back to Week 1 of Term 4! We are over half way through the year now- where has all that time gone?

This week will see the beginning of our new Emergency! topic. There is a letter going home detailing all the fun and exciting things that we will be covering this term.
The new Pick and Mix will also be coming home- I was so impressed with all the creativity from the previous terms Home Learning- is there no end to your talent!

Check back at the end of the week to see how week 1 has gone!

......Well what a start to the new term!
We started off with our 'Big Bang' where we looked at what to do when we need help from the Emergency Services, we have looked at symbols in maths and what they mean- + - =. Ask your child if they can explain 'more than' and 'less than'. We wrote a letter with our address to one of the local Emergency Services.

There were various science investigations linked to sound- what was a high pitched sound, a low pitched sound, we also discussed loud and quiet sounds. Some members of the class went around the school with a musical instrument to see what happens when it is played at the same level but in different locations.

We finished the week with a visit from Mackenzie's dad- Andy. He spoke to the whole Key stage about the role of the Firefighter. He spoke about the wide range of duties they carry out. We were all very appreciative for the time he took to talk to use- especially as he had been on nights!!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Next week we will be learning through the Great Fire of London, learning about time and exploring chronological reports.
back to Term 3 in Ash class.
I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and that you are ready for Term 3!
This week we have been looking at The Lighthouse keepers lunch- creating story maps, re-telling the story by using actions, acting out small sections of the story- all have done really well.
We had a great 'Big Bang' at the start of the week looking at ship building, painting with fish and sand sculptures.
Has anyone seen Pirate Pete and his Motley crew??

Week 2

This week has been continuing our work on 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch'. We mad story maps in groups, re-telling sections of the story, acting it out. We then changed the location of the story based on a survey of Year 1. Year 2 and Year 1 asked each other their preferred location and then created a Bar Graph.

Towards the en d of the week we created a new story map based on 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' and then wrote our new story- Mr Hamlen was very impressed- Well done year 2!!

This week we also looked at electricity in Science. We all made a circuit using bulbs, wires, crocodile clips and cells (batteries). Some members of Year 2 had covered this in Science club and were able to help others.

The arrival of snow on Friday meant that the weekend started early- I hope everyone had fun in the snow and made lots of snow people. I'm sure I will hear all about it on Monday!!

Week 3

Next week we will be looking at information books- Non-fiction based on the deep sea! What creatures lurk in the depths of the oceans?? I'm sure we will find out more through our research. If you have any non-fiction books at home about the deep sea and creatures that live in the depths, please bring them in- don't forget to write your name in the front.

Week 4

This week has seen Ash class progress through the deep sea and onto desert islands.

We have been learning about Venn Diagrams- sorting lots of different items and numbers. Have a look at the pictures at the bottom of the page. Ask your child what they sorted using a Venn diagram.

Non-fiction books and their main features has been a big focus of this weeks learning- we looked at contents pages, index, glossary, headings and sub-headings, captions and labelling--Wow!! Test your child to see what they know- I was very impressed!!

We also had a visit from Mr Medley, who told us all about living and working on a submarine. Some members of Ash Class asked some really inquisitive questions and most of us decided we wouldn't want to do this as a career: apparently, you don't have your own bed and it is very smelly!



Many thanks to those parents who were able to come into school on Friday for the writing workshops. In Ash class we enjoyed a variety of different activities looking at sentences and grammar. I hope that you found the morning useful.

Next week we will be hot on the heels of Peg Leg Pete and his motley crew- we have some clues that may lead us to where they have hidden The Meadows treasure. We hope to use the Forest Schools are towards the end of the week so if all the appropriate gear can be in school it would be much appreciated.


Week 5

This week we saw a wide variety of learning. We looked at position and coordinates in maths, we made maps of the school field and created our own key to the map. The maps were then used in ICT and Bee bots- programmable toys- which were given directions to move to a certain place on the map.

The children also shared all their Home Learning- WOW! I was so impressed by the variety and creativity that they presented to me and the class. A big thanks must also go to you as parents for taking the time to support their learning at home. Home Learning offers important opportunities to share with your child their learning and to help them- thank you.

It was also great to catch up with you this week during our 'Meet the teacher' sessions. Thank you for coming in and talking about your child's progress. Please remember that if you have any concerns or worries between these opportunities come and find me and I will do my best to address your concerns.

Our week and 'Ocean Quest' topic concluded with us following the clues left by 'Peg Leg Pete'. They took us to the Forest Schools Area and we eventually reclaimed our treasure- the school trophies- when we found them in the shed. KS1 out witted 'Peg Leg Pete and his motley crew and the trophies are now back in the cabinet outside Mrs Harding's office.

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Picture 6
Next term we move to 'Emergency!'. We will be learning about what to do in the case of an emergency- how to call 999, letter writing and poetry, lots of number and calculation work in maths, looking at uniforms in science and studying the Great Fire of London.
We also hope to have some visitors coming into the classes to share their expertise and knowledge of their given emergency service.

Have a great safe and happy half term and see you all back in school on Monday 18th February!
Welcome back to school and Term 2. We will be continuing our theme of'Arabian Nights'.We have planned some fantastic events and learning opportunities and I am sure that you will all continue to enjoy this very exciting topic.

Hopefully you will have seen the letter in book bags today about your child's reading diary and their new AF target. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact me either in the playground or through the school office.

Just a reminder- consent for our trip to Bristol Hippodrome (10th December) needs to be in soon so please do send them back as soon as possible- I'm really looking forward to the performance and I have a little inkling that the children are as well!!!

Please ensure that all PE kits are in school this week- PE continues on a Tuesday morning and a Wednesday afternoon.

Forest School kit will also need to be brought into school this week. Although the weather has changed I still hope to get out and use our fantastic outdoor learning space this term.

The Key Stage One team are looking at our Christmas production and will soon be announcing further details- Year 2 be ready for a fantastic time!!

Over the next couple of weeks our learning will include money in maths, Islam, story writing, ICT and many, many more exciting learning opportunities.

On Thursday 15th November Year 2 are leading the assembly- all parents are welcome to came and share the experience.
The children will be working hard all next week, even more than usual!, to produce a fantastic assembly.

We hope to see you there

Well done Year 2- what a fantastic class assembly!!!
You did so well and I'm really proud of you all.

Next week we start our Christmas production rehearsing!!!
Parts will be sent home on Friday, please can I ask that you practise the parts and learn them as soon as possible. We will be working really hard on 'Stargazers' from next week onwards. Hopefully you will have received the letter about costumes and performance details. There is a copy further down this page.
Well done once again!

Wow- what a hectic week!
We have been working hard on 'Stargazers'. Many thanks to all those who have learnt their words. Please keep up the practise, it does pay off!!

Costumes will need to be in school by Wednesday please. Named, on a hanger and with a plastic bag. If you have any problems or need advice then please contact me as soon as possible. I can't wait to see them all dressed and ready to go!!
Have a good weekend and be ready Year 2 for another hectic and fun week!!

Thank you to all parents for making sure that your child's costume is in school. We will be doing our first run through with costumes on Friday!

The children have worked so hard on their words, singing and actions. Please keep this up over the next few days as this will ensure that the performance will be the success that I know it will be.

The children have brought home their weaving on their magic carpets today, ask them how they made them and what skills they used- I'm sure you will be impressed!!

Oh...... my........ word!! What a a fantastic production this week! I was so proud of each and every member of Ash class for their effort and dedication to 'Stargazers'. I hope that you enjoyed it and that it will stick in your memory as one of those special moments in your child's journey through school. They did so well. Thank you Ash Class!

On Monday we are off to Aladdin. The children will have lunch in school, the performance starts at 2pm. Please can the children bring a small snack and a (non-fizzy) drink- both in a disposable plastic bag. We anticipate to be back at school between 5pm and 5:30pm- traffic dictating!! We will keep you posted.

Next week we will be entering into the full spirit of Christmas! There are some great things planned as we move towards the end of the term.

If the children wish to bring in Christmas cards for their friends and post them in the school post box, please make sure that the name of the child and the class/year is clearly written on the front. Thanks.

I hope that you have a good weekend and I look forward to another fun week in Ash class next week!!
What a great week we all had last week. The trip to Aladdin was great, we have been writing about Aladdin and our favourite characters.

On Thursday we made Christmas Tree cakes with a present. Many thanks to Mrs Tarrant for all her help and Mr Cotteral. I hope that you managed to get a taste before they were eaten!! They all did really well!!

This week we will have our Christmas meal on Wednesday and the KS1/EYFS party is on Thursday afternoon. I guess Christmas must nearly be here!!