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Welcome to Term 5!
Week 5
The children have had a really good week this week with all aspects of their learning- well done Year 4!
Maths was a little tricky at the start of the week- finding equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. As the week progressed they became more confident and were able to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. We also looked at decimals and their equivalent fraction. Next week we will look further at decimals up to two decimal places.
In English we continued to look at playscripts and what the main features are. We also looked at contractions as well as some common homophones. Next week the children will finish by writing their own playscript based at school.
In geography we started too look at maps, atlases and globes. They also looked at using 4 and 6 grid references- this was a little tricky but they had a really good go at working with them. Next week we will look at scales and symbols on ordinance survey maps. We also hope to go out onto the field to measure it and produce our own, scaled map of the field- weather permitting!

Just to remind you that sports day is planned for Friday 22nd in the afternoon- there is a letter attached to the newsletter going home today. Children should have a plain, coloured T-shirt in the colour of their house. I hope to see many of you there.
Week 4
This week saw the children develop their multiplication and division learning in maths. We looked at the commutative law as well as applying what they knew to solve two step word problems- focusing on division. Next week we move onto looking at fractions, decimals and percentages.

In English we looked at play scripts and some of their key features, the children also had a look at some with a focus on how to read them with the correct intonation. We will continue to look at play scripts next week.

The whole school entered into the spirit of the General Election holding a Key Stage 2 election on Thursday. In class we watched some of the events as they unfolded- there were lots of opportunities to link what we were watching to maths, bar graphs and percentages especially. Mrs Jefferies looked at what the main parties represented and stood for on Tuesday- the class had some great knowledge and shared it well.
Next week we start a Geography focus looking at fieldwork and map reading skills.
We also said good bye to Mr West who has returned to UWE to continue his work.
Week 3


I'm back again for my final placement at the Meadows and am really thrilled to be here. Ash class laid down a very high marker of how good teaching at the Meadows can feel, but so far Birch class is meeting these high expectations and exceeding them in many areas. I have really been impressed with the whole class' welcoming approach to me and their enthusiasm towards their learning and I hope it continues during my stay.
I shall be in Birch class every day from now until the end of June and teaching science in Sycamore class on Tuesday afternoons, so if you have any problems I shall do all I can to help.
Let's make these last 2 terms the best ones yet.
Mr Alex West

Week 3 saw the children develop their multiplication knowledge, building up their mental recall of times table facts. They had a great lesson outside with Mr West on Friday- lots of multiplication going on using the distributive law. Next week we move onto division and using known facts to help our mental recall.

In English we finished off our story writing fortnight with a short story on Friday. Virtually all the children were able to write a story in five paragraphs following the plan they had made the previous day- well done! Next week we start a 3 week block looking at play scripts. We will reading and performing different plays, looking at the features of a play script and working towards writing our own play.

We had a great art session at the beginning of the week where we looked at using collage to create a 3 dimensional picture- the children's efforts were varied and quite impressive. In History we looked at some Anglo Saxon Gods and what they were like, the children worked in pairs to create a social media web profile of their given God.

Next week we will be looking at the General Election and what each of the main political parties stand for, plan a sound investigation and look at cyber bullying in computing- another hectic week ahead of Birch Class!!

Week 2
What a great sight the children looked on Monday when they came to school dressed in their favourite book character. We had a White Queen, Mr Stink, St George and many more besides- well done to all who came dressed up- especially thanks to Mrs Evans and her able accomplices. Monday set the scene as we continued to look at stories all week, we looked at settings, characters and story openers. The children focused on action, dialogue and description openings. We will continue to look at stories next week.

We have continued looking at subtraction this week, the children have been applying their skills to different problems and puzzles. All have tried really hard- well done. Next week we move onto multiplication, Mr West will be teaching most of the maths sessions.

Science this week saw the children deepen their understanding of how sound is made and how it travels. We looked at dolphins and bats and how they use echo as a means of locating food and avoiding predators. Next week we will be planning an experiment based on how to muffle sound effectively.
Mrs Jefferies had a great time on Tuesday in my absence, she spoke so highly of their behaviour and their learning- art was especially enjoyed by her as the children showed some great collage.

I was very sorry to miss the Life Bus visit on Wednesday but Mrs Pearce stood in for me, Janette also commented on the classes super behaviour and understanding- Well done Birch Class!!!
Week 1
Welcome back to the summer term, I hope that you all had a great Easter and that you are all well rested and ready for the long summer term ahead.

There is lots coming up over the next few months, Life Skills bus, Book day, class photos, sports day and of course the end of year KS2 production.

This week saw the children look at solving two-step word problems using subtraction and addition. They worked hard at reading the question at least twice and then thinking about which operation to use and being able to explain their decision. Next week we will be looking at column subtraction, this is a n area that many children still find quite tricky.

In English we came to the end of our three week historical story writing block. Although we are yet to finish out=r text- Mary Ann and Miss Mozart it has proved to be an interesting text. This week we looked at subordinate clauses and causal connectives.
Next week we start a two week narrative unit looking at setting, characters and plot. I'm sure that the children are looking forward to our story day on Monday and the opportunity to dress up. No one has guessed who I will be dressing up as yet!!

Also this week we started off a unit on sound in science where we looked at how the shape and position of ears on animals males a difference to the way that they hear. We also started a collage project in art and revisited the Anglo Saxons in history. The children spent Thursday afternoon trying to solve the mystery of the empty grave- The Sutton Hoo.
Welcome to Term 4 and the Georgian journey
Week 5
Wow Term 4 finished and Easter is upon us!
I hope everyone has a great Easter break and that the weather is kind. Please take some time to keep the reading and 144 practice going. I have also sent home some maths to complete. It is linked to what we have done and to what will be happening in the first week back. The children have also brought home their next Learning Detective sheet which is due in after the holidays.

We also said good bye to Miss Parry, the children were sorry to say goodbye, she will be missed!
Week 4
Another great week in Birch Class which finished with a great trip to No.1 Royal Crescent, more on that later.
The children started an English writing project which will cover three weeks. It is a historical narrative block that will be based on the Georgian period. There was a focus on using adjectives and in some cases similes. Our new class book is Mary Ann and Miss Mozart is helping to support our writing.
In Maths we looked at translation and coordinates as well as properties of 2D shapes.

We had a fantastic trip to No 1 Royal Crescent where the children had the opportunity to learn about Mr Sanford and his preparations for a party. The children dressed up in Georgian clothes, used a quill to write and invite as well as complete a trail around the main house.
After lunch we walked to the Circus and studied the architecture. They also developed their sketching skills. Well done Year 4 for super questions and behaviour.



Week 3
Spring is in the air and the school went Comic Relief made on Friday!
It was great to see so many of Birch Class put on their PE kit and run around the field- it was quite amusing seeing red noses falling off, glasses bobbing up and down with the odd flash of red as the children sped around the field- well done to all who had a go!

Learning progressed well this week, although I was out two days this week the children worked really hard.

Maths saw the children develop their geometry skills with perimeter and quadrilaterals. This will continue into next week.

It was a momentous day on Friday as we finished our Cindy, Ann and Bones work!!! The last part has been recorded, a synopsis has been written as well as some fantastic quote writing- we even had one from Johnny Depp!!! All that remains to be done is for it all to be put together using movie maker- Mr Hamlen hopes to get this done over the Easter break.
In history we continued to look at Georgian Bath, Beau Nash and fashion was the focus this week. We will continue with Grgian Bath next week and of course on our trip to Bath next Friday (Thank you to everyone for getting the slips back by the end of this week- it makes life so much easier).

Next week we will be continuing with our Art and Design project looking at William Morris and printing. We hope to print a unique roll of wall paper in Morris style!

Although Miss Parry will be with us at the end of the next two weeks she has finished her three week teaching block. We finally say farewell to her on the last day of term- Friday 27th March.
Week 2
Another amazing week of learning in Birch class!

During this week we have been continuing our learning around time which has involved some very tricky word problems! Towards the end of the week we looked at finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes and managed to do some of our maths work outside in the sunshine.

Developing our knowledge of the Georgians, in particular Georgian architecture, has kept us very busy (in preparation for our upcoming trip) this week.

As some of you will know, Cindy, Anne and Bones (who we have been writing about) attended the class assembly this week, which everybody loved! I am sure you will agree, all those involved did an incredible job of acting and informing the audience of their learning so far this year.
On Friday, we finished filming our scenes for our very exciting and eagerly anticipated film; we are very much looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Next week we have another fun filled week with continued work on the Georgians which will start to feed into our English work. We will also be looking at designing algorithms in ICT and looking at translation in mathematics.
Miss Parry
Week 1
The class had a good first week back, lots of learning about time- 12 hour and 24 hour conversion, writing diary entries with some fantastic attention to how dreadful Princess Kate was feeling as she continued being kept a hostage. We started our Georgian learning.

Next week we will be looking at solving time problems and working out time intervals, writing the final four scenes of our Cindy, Ann and Bones adventure, learning about Georgian architecture in Bath as well as practising for our assembly which will be on Thursday 5th March at 2:45pm.

Letters will be going out at the start of next week about our planned trip to Bath- We plan to visit No.1 Royal Crescent as well as sketch some of the fine examples of Georgian architecture that Bath has in abundance (weather permitting!)
 Please come and see our assembly on Thursday 5th March at 2:45pm
I hope that you all had a good half term and that you managed to have some rest.
This week we will be continuing along our Cindy, Ann and Bones quest, This week the children will be planning and writing diary entries. They will be writing from the perspective of the hostage Princess Kate- what are her conditions like? Will she escape? Will Cindy, Ann and Bones find her in time? We will all have to wait and see....

Maths will be on telling the time and converting 24 hour to 12 hour and vice a versa. Time is always quite tricky so please feel free to spend some time with your child and practise these various skills- more information is on the Term 4 overview, this can be found at the bottom of the page.

This term will see the children begin their local history study- as you may well be aware this will have Georgian Bath as the focus. Over the next few weeks we will look at Georgian architecture, food and the royal family. We will also look at how the Georgians formed the Bath that we see today. It is also hoped that we will have a trip to Bath towards the end of this term- details to follow shortly.

Please put in your diaries the Birch Class assembly which is next week- Thursday the 5th March at 2:45pm. The children are very excited and hope that as many members of their families will be able to come and see what they have all been up to over the last few terms.
Happy New Year and welcome back to school and to Birch Class!
Week 5
Apologies for being a little late on the weekly update.
The children have been working hard this week and have now passed the half way mark in Year 4- where does the time go?

This week saw the children work on percentages, matching percentages to fractions as well as adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. Some children did find the percentage work tricky initially but with support and additional opportunities most were feeling more confident.

We filmed scenes 3 to 7 at the start of the week- Cindy, Ann and Bones continued on their adventures from their office, to the wrong airport and finally arriving at the right airport.....or was it? The children then went on to focus on the voice over which will form the next part of the story. The children had to write concise, descriptive paragraphs discussing some extreme hot weather and living conditions. The focus on paragraph writing will continue into next week.

On Thursday the children used atlases to find coastal locations in the UK and Europe- they really enjoyed their learning and were excited to locate some favourite family holiday locations. Next week the children will look at Alaska in North America.
In French the children found countries that speak French as their first language- the children were quite surprised to discover that there were quite a few countries that had French as their first language.

Next week is safer Internet day- on Tuesday each class will learn an aspect of how to stay safe when using the Internet. The Internet is a fantastic learning tool but it does need to be used responsibly and with caution.

Week 4
Some children were very hopeful that there would be a snow day on Friday (and one or two adults!) but sadly Thursday's flurry was to be a brief experience.

Maths looked at fractions this week- the children were working on equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. It is fair to say that virtually all of the class found this really tricky this week, they all used their Emerald Power and Friday saw a parting of the mists and more confident children. I would advise parents to spend some time on this at home as this would help your children to build on their learning this week. We continue next week looking at fractions, decimals and percentages.

In our Cindy, Bones and Ann Detective Agency story the children got to write a script for a whole scene of the story. We have spent a significant amount of time on the scripts- I have to say that I'm really pleased how they have turned out. There is some great dialogue between the characters. We need to work on our stage directions but that will come in time. Next week the children will film their scenes and move onto the next stage narrative writing and building the story.

Geography took us to Edinburgh where the children looked at physical and human features of a UK city. They watched a film that looked at the human features of this famous city- shops, museums, Zoo and the castle. they then looked at Arthur's seat which is an extinct volcano. They then used this information to produce a leaflet enticing visitors to Edinburgh to look at the different human and physical features it has to offer. Next week will move onto Europe and Innsbruck in Austria.

Miss Parry led a really good session looking at unhealthy relationships- we had previously looked at what a healthy relationship looks like. The children shared what they could do if they one of their relationships broke down, who they could go to to ask for help. They even went outside to work on some role play situations.

Many thanks to everyone who brought in their learning detective learning, I'm really sorry that we didn't get to share it this week but we will look at it next week- sorry!
Week 3
Another week gone in a flash!
In English the children filmed the second scene of the Detective Agency saga- we looked at camera shots- close up, extreme close up, medium shot and long shot. Each group had a director and props manager. The children worked hard to read their work out with good intonation and clarity. We then moved onto looking at scripts and explored an early Harry Potter scene to help us understand what a film script should look like. The children had a go at writing a brief introduction to a scene- there was some great dialogue. Script work will continue next week.

Maths had a division focus, with some inverse work on multiplication to compliment it. The children's attitude to the maths this week was amazing- Mrs Jefferies was in awe of the class when she taught them on Thursday. We looked at the bus stop method again and looked at using know multiplication facts to help us with the division. Next week we move on to percentages.

Miss Parry led a great session on Rousseau and the children created their interpretation of a typical Rousseau piece- Tiger in a storm. They were also trying to create emotion and mood through the use of their painting techniques. We hope to have the work on display shortly in the classroom.

Next week we will start our Geography focus which will last until the end of term, also next week we will be continuing our learning about relationships. We will be looking at what an unhealthy relationship looks like and where to go when you need help and support.
Don't forget to look at the curriculum maps for more details.

Look out for the letter coming home about the way forward meetings at the end of term.
Week 2
Hello! My name is Miss Parry and I have the privilege of joining The Meadows Primary School for my second placement, whilst undertaking my PGCE at The University of the West of England. 
My background is in Early Years and I am delighted to have been placed in Year 4 where I am very much looking forward to getting to know all the children and assisting with the Netball Club on Thursdays. I am extremely chatty so please do feel free to come and say hello when I am in the playground.

Maths has been really good this week, the children have developed their formal written methods of multiplication. They have looked at the expanded and condensed methods. Friday saw the children solve open ended multiplication and addition word problems.

We continued down our Cindy, Ann and Bones Detective agency English learning. We have written a letter from a mysterious person who it would seem is keen to trick the trio into rescuing Princess Kate- we will film the next thrilling instalment on Tuesday!

On Thursday we started looking at Henri Rousseau, some of the children have clearly been looking into the life and works of this famous artist. The journey will continue next week. Have a look at the link at the bottom of this page- it is the one we used in class.

Mrs Jefferies had a good time helping the children with their French and Computing on Tuesday.

Next week we will be looking at division in maths, starting our scripts in English and looking at relationships in PSHE.

Welcome back to Term 3!
I hope that you have had a great Christmas and managed to have a bit of a rest.
Our English project for the next 7 weeks will be based around making a film, it is based on Indiana Jones and each week there will be a specific focus: 
Week 1 – Characters and plot - In narratives, create settings, characters and plot
Week 2 – Letter writing - Learn the conventions of different types of writing such as letter writing
Week 3 – Scriptwriting - Prepare play scripts to read aloud and perform
Week 4 – Narrative writing - In narrative, create settings, characters and plot
Week 5 – Diary writing - Learn to write a diary in the first person
Week 6 – Scriptwriting - Prepare play scripts to read aloud and perform
Week 7 – Film program writing - Use simple organisational devices such as headings and sub-headings
The children have been very enthused so far this week about it, they are very much involved and is centred around their ideas.
It will be very exciting to see their final film.

Maths has moved onto subtraction using the column method, this is the second time this year that we have looked at subtraction and the column method. All children are confident in their use of subtracting four digit numbers but many still need to work on borrowing or exchanging. We will continue to perfect these skills as the year progresses.

In Science we will be looking at classifying animals using classification keys as well as looking at vertebrates and invertebrates. We will also be starting our digital art topic this week where the children will learn how to change and enhance a digital image.

Swimming also starts this week on Wednesday so please ensure that the children have their kits in school.

Finally I would like to say a huge thank you for the generous gifts and cards that I received at the end of last term. It was so kind and thoughtful.

......Great first week back, the children have really enjoyed our film making project- Ann, Cindy and Bones and the Temple of Boom! Keep asking your child about this project, next week we will be looking at letter writing.

Our maths over the next two week will be based on multiplication and division- please feel free to spend some time over the weekend going over some of the methods (please see the information given in parents evening in October).
We will continue with art and begin looking at Henri Rousseau and his work.

​Have a good weekend and keep up the good reading at home!