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Term 2

Week 1

Hello and Welcome back to a very busy term! As usual we have lots of exciting learning opportunities ahead of us together with fun and hard work!
This week has been a short week for me but we have still filled every minute of every day.
In maths we have been working on measuring and calculating the perimeter of 2d shapes. Aspen will be getting the Star Award this week for his super sonic perimeter work. When posed with a challenge "Draw a shape with a perimeter of 28cm" he came up with a solution within 6 minutes! A real star!
Next week in maths we will be looking at TIME.
By the end of Year 3, children are expected to...

  • estimate and read time with increasing accuracy to the nearest minute; record and compare time in terms of seconds, minutes, and  hours; use vocabulary such as o’clock, a.m./p.m., morning, afternoon, noon and midnight
  • tell and write the time from an analogue clock, including using Roman numerals from I to XII, and 12-hour and 24- hour clocks

                    (WOW!!! WHAT A LOT OF LEARNING AHEAD OF US!)

I will be assessing the children next week so see where they are on this so that I can plan next steps. Therefore, please encourage your child to tell the time at home and when out and about.

In English, we have been finding out about conjunctions and I will certainly be looking for great conjunctions in children's writing next week. We also learned about verbs in the past and present tense. Of course, we worked on our handwriting (as always)

In our topic learning about the Stone Age, we created some great cave art using charcoal, pastels, chalk and other media. Next week the children will be continuing with the cave art theme and transferring their skills onto clay.

On Friday this week, children will bring home their new Home learning known as "Learning Detectives" Here, a big question is posed and the children are encouraged to present their findings in a media of their choice.
Of course, we ask that children read DAILY and practise tables and spellings too. I appreciate that often time is of the essence and that lots of children are involved in extra curricular activities but I will say that it REALLY makes a difference to a child's ability to develop their fluency, comprehension and enjoyment  of texts when reading happens on a daily basis.

So, I hope that you all have a good rest of the week and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Miss Sanders

Hello. what a busy 2 days we have had in year 3!!

We are really looking at our grammar now, identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives. We are getting better at being able to tell the difference between common nouns that do not need a capital letter and proper nouns that do. Adjectives are a tricky problem for us at the moment so keep practising using them. Remember they are the words that describe: huge, tiny, colossal, red, brown, fantastic, smelly etc ....

We were amazing in maths!!! We have been predicting the length, mass and capacity of different objects and then measuring to see how close we were. Some of our estimates were spot on by the time we finished, well done year 3, I was a very proud teacher!

We have been looking at what bullying is and what we can do about it. The children have a good knowledge so please ask them about it.

Next week we are looking at timetables so if you can familiarise yourselves with how they work ahead of Thursday that would be brilliant. We are continuing with the grammar so keep looking for examples.

In geography we are going to be looking at and identifying some countries on a world map. We will be labelling maps of Europe and then the week after hopefully we will move on to look at counties. Any time you can spare to look at places that someone in the family has been, visited, had friends there etc would be very helpful.

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Thursday.

Mrs Tulitt

Week 2

So far this week in Alder class we have been really pulling our socks up with telling the time. We need some further work on telling time really accurately (to the nearest minute) and also some support with understanding the time using a 24 hour digital clock. THis is an area that I am asking for parental help with. Children need to be able to understand both digital and analogue time so as much exposure and talking about this as possible will help to impact upon your child's learning.
In English we have been looking at conjunctions which needed quite a bit of practise and explaining. The difference between a conjunction and connective is tricky for children to understand and takes lots of practise.
On Tuesday, some great clay cave art was produced by Alder class children. I was just saddened that I didn't do this with them...

Next week in maths we will be looking at GEOMETRY - specifically:

  • drawing 2-D shapes and making 3-D shapes using modelling materials; recognise 3-D shapes in different orientations and describe them

As a precursor to this it will be important that the children are able to name 2D and 3D shapes and describe their properties...another bit of homework!

In English next week we are going to be exploring some sensitive and thought provoking issues when we look into the effects of War. We will be watching a short animation about a lady who goes off to war but unfortunately does not return. It will bring up the issue of death and so please speak to me on Monday morning if you feel that there is an issue that I need to know about before going ahead.
I am hoping that the children will write some very powerful writing from the animation to possibly include letters, speeches and poems. This theme will go over two weeks. It will be a great opportunity for children to put some emotion and empathy into their writing in order to improve it's quality and impact.

Oh... I must give lots of credit and smiles to Alder class for their singing skills. We sing every day in Year three and even had some auditions today (Wednesday) for solo's which will form part of our class assembly in a few weeks time. Three girls auditioned and over 6 boys! I was very impressed.  Singing every morning and when possible at the end of each day, certainly gives us a happy energy boost! We all love it! The down side is that I wake up most nights, in the middle of the night, with the words going around in my head!!!
Thank you very much for your support.

Have a good rest of the week,

Miss Sanders    

We have continued the work on time and I can see big improvements happening but Miss Sanders is right, lots of practise at home will really help. Particularly with times like 10 past and twenty to, lots of us are saying 40 past.

Our use of nouns, adjectives and verbs are coming on. If anyone is bored, look up some words in a thesaurus and find better alternatives to wow me with next week.

We have been looking at maps of the world and finding countries and everyone has labelled a map of Europe. We will be moving on to counties next week

Keep practising those spellings! they seem easy and the children can often spell them correctly when asked but they are not using then correctly in their writing. 

We are going to be looking at angles at the end of the week so come prepared with anything you already know.

Looking forward to seeing all your smiles next week,
Mrs Tulitt 

Week 3

Hello again!
Firstly I would like to apologise for a very long class page! You have to scroll down a long way in order to read the about the current learning. I will  get some guidance next week from Mr. Hamlen as to how I archive pages so please bear with me!

This week we had some very emotional moments in English when the children were working on expressing their feelings and emotions in response to an animation. From this, the children then had a go at writing some heart felt letters through the eyes of one of the characters in the animation. There were some really brilliant ideas but sometimes the writing down of these became a barrier as there were so many other aspects of English to think about when writing.

We are getting there however and the children are learning about the importance of writing more so that their skills can be celebrated. Speed, accuracy and fluency are certainly areas for development.

You can help at home with this by dictating sentences for your child to write and also helping them to spell the days of the week and months of the year so that when writing the date in books, this becomes automatic rather than having to look up at the board after every letter!

Also in English this week we have been looking at the homophones "to", "too" and "two" and identifying when we use each one. "Too" presented the biggest challenge!
Next week in English we will be using the same animation to explore and write Diary Entries so feel free to take a closer look into features of diaries!

In maths this week,  we started to look at visualising shapes from different perspectives, completing 3d shapes from nets and drawing 3d cube models onto isometric paper.

Next week we will be learning about different lines in shapes to include vertical, horizontal, diagonal, parallel, perpendicular and may be even oblique - Get ready for that!

In Art and Design this week we started to research an artist "Ellen Schon" and gather both facts and examples of her work which we started to express our feelings about. We will continue with this next week.

Today (Wednesday) your child has brought home lots of song words to learn (most of the songs are spot on but just a little more learning is needed!). Please support your child with this - this can be part or all of their daily reading at home.

Thank you for your support
Miss Sanders

Hello everyone.

I think the children left exhausted today after a very busy week. 

We have been looking at angles, deciding whether they are acute, obtuse or right-angled. We decided a good way to remember acute was that it was like  a cute, small fluffy kitten - smaller than a right angle. We will move on to angles as degrees and direction next week so learning the points of a compass ahead of time will be very useful. 

Our understanding of nouns, verbs and adjectives has greatly improved again this week and we will be moving on to prepositions and adverbs for the next few weeks. 

We have started to look at counties and we will be labelling them and the major cities in the UK next week. 

We looked at there, their and they're on Thursday and Friday and found their was the trickiest. If you can spend some time looking at it in sentences to show how it is used that will be really beneficial. 

Have a fantastic week and I look forward to doing the assembly with you all and seeing your families there next Thursday.

Mrs Tulitt 

Week 4

My Goodness me! What can I say? Year Three - you made me a very proud teacher on Thursday, when, as promised, I came to see your/our assembly. You did a brilliant job and I could see the determination in you all to succeed! Well Done!

So, this week, we have tried to increase the amount of writing that we are producing in one session but this still needs to pick up! We are definitely getting better at assessing our own writing and looking for ways in which we can improve its quality.

In maths, I felt very pleased with all of you! At the beginning of the week, no-one really knew what vertical, horizontal, perpendicular and parallel lines were but by the end of the week all of you had developed your language of shape and can now talk about shapes using more more interesting mathematical vocabulary! Well done!

In art this week we had a go at recreating some of Ellen Schons artwork! Remember how Ellen allows the clay to "Direct it as it directs her"? Did you allow the clay to direct you?

Next week, in English, we will be embarking on the analysis and detailed reading of the John Legend song "All of me" and in music we will be re-writing the lyrics to turn the song into a Christmas song creation which we will sing at the Carol Concert at St. Mary's church!!! We may have to change the pitch however!

For now... I think you all deserve a good rest this weekend! (adults and children alike) ready for an action packed week next week as we move ever closer to Christmas! Yippee!

Miss Sanders

You were brilliant in the class assembly and I was very proud of you!!
We had fantastic singing, great body building and all round really talented children. I hope you are all really pleased with yourselves!

We had a great week, finishing off angles, learning about adverbs and we are becoming more confident with our homophones. 

Have a good rest and I will see you on Thursday.

Mrs Tulitt

Week 5

Another busy week. We have started to make our classroom a little festive as we start counting downs the days on the advent calendars. 

We have been building on our homophones and now know lots of them so please ask your children all about them! They know different spellings and are becoming more confident at knowing when to use each one. 

We have been using a great range of adjectives. Ask your child to describe a chair in as many adjectives as they can and be prepared to be blown away by their vocabulary!

We have been using our number knowledge to solve problems. They all now know what sort of number you get if you add 2 odd numbers and an even. 

Looking at maps of England and finding counties has kept us busy this week. We have located major cities such as Bristol, London, Nottingham, Birmingham, Liverpool and Newcastle. Some of us can even say which counties they are in!

Unfortunately many of the children are feeling poorly as the weather gets colder and germs and bugs are spread. I know how they feel! They are doing really well at soldiering on and working hard. Only two more weeks and then we can all have a lovely rest. 

Have a restful weekend and I will see all your smiles again on Thursday. Bye for now

Mrs Tulitt   

Week 6

So this week we have been working really hard to re-write the lyrics to "ALL OF ME" As you can imagine, this has been no mean feat but the children have really perservered practising their listening skills, singing skills and composition skills. Next week we will be spending lots of time learning the song off by heart ready for Friday!

The children in Alder class demonstrated their fantastic singing ability in the class assembly a few weeks ago and they now need to really apply this "Awesome-ness" to the Christmas songs. I sent home paper copies of the songs on Monday 1st December and there are still lots of children who do not know the words. Please can your child's reading homework be to learn all of the words as we need to see a real improvement by Monday!

Next week, apart from learning the Christmas songs and doing some maths and english, we will be doing a few Christmas activities as it would be very mean of me to work them so hard to the bitter end!!!
So, enjoy the rest of this term and I will write again next week!

Thank you for your continued support,
Miss Sanders


We had a great time singing this week. We know the tunes well and are becoming more familiar with  the words, but I agree with Miss Sanders that the children need lots more work on the words. Please, please practise lots over the next week so we can make next week fantastic. 

As announced in the newsletter this week, Mrs Kershaw is returning from maternity leave next Friday, so I will hand the class over to her then. The children are aware of what is happening and we will ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible for the children. 

Looking forward to next week, though I am  little sad it is my last.

Have a lovely week 

Mrs Tulitt

Firstly I would like to say a really big thank you to all the parents who have been supportive and really helpful during my time at The Meadows. The children have been an absolute pleasure to work with and it has been lovely to see them start to change and mature into year 3 children.

Thank you so much for all the lovely cards and presents. I will miss the children as they are a lovely class and I will do my best to pop in later in the year to check how they are doing.  

Have a fantastic Christmas and a well deserved rest. 
Mrs Tulitt x

Have a Great Christmas Everyone! Be ready for a jam packed Spring term!
All the best!
Miss Sanders

Term 3
Week 1
Thank you to all the children in Year 3 for making me feel very welcome this week on my return from maternity leave.  It's good to be back!  We have been solving mathematical problems, creating a wash using watercolours and writing a letter to Jack from the giant from Trust Me, Jack's Beanstalk Stinks! To end our week we had our own Fete des Rois celebration, where we made traditional galettes des rois, found our kings and queens and sang a new song 'J'aime la Galette!' Yummy!  Hope you all had fun!
See you next week,
Mrs Kershaw 
Sorry for my lateness...
But Just to echo everything that Mrs Kershaw has said (apart from returning from Maternity leave!!!)
The children in Alder class have been great and have had their heads down concentrating right from the get go, even though there were a few sleepy heads!
In science this week, the children have been learning about the parts of a plant and more importantly have learned about the function of these parts. As a class we created our classroom science display which looks fab so I will endeavour to take some photos of it and put up on the class page next week!
Next week, we will be looking further into the functions of plant parts and will also be beginning to plan their  own version of a story based upon "Trust me, Jack's beanstalk stinks!" This will ultimately lead to the children writing their own version. I know that this will be challenging as writing stamina (neatness, speed and high quality) is something that we are working on as a class!
In maths next week we will be re-visiting x tables and building our automatic recall of these number facts. We will also be looking at the grid method once again. Alongside this, we will consider the inverse operations so that the children are clear on the relationship between multiplication and division!
My goodness, the fun never stops!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Miss Sanders

Week 2
This week has been very eventful! We have been solving mathematical problems based on Jack and the Beanstalk, finishing our stories written from a different perspective in the style of Trust me Jack's Beanstalk Stinks! and perfecting our water colour painting skills before we embark on our masterpiece next week.  Throw in some French games based on the story Roule Galette and we have a very busy couple of days! See you next week.
Mrs Kershaw        

Week 3
Hello! The week so far has been one of great adventure and learning!

Mr Lyford has started his block teaching placement and will be taking on some responsibility for planing and teaching the children with the support from myself, Miss Maggs and Mrs Kershaw.

Obviously there has been great excitement about the pencil case situation!!!

The children have been working really hard in maths to understand tenths and decimals as well as adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. From this, the children have started to develop their understanding of equivalent fractions so please ask your child all about this. Over the next two days, they will be working on using and applying the maths skills they have learned to help them to solve problmes.
In English, we have been looking at some of the features of Chronological reports such as Headings and Sub-Headings and the children have started to use their knowledge to sort and group similar information. In our spelling learning, we have been looking at more complex "ai" sounds such as th"ey" and w"eigh"t. We have started to develop a word bank which hopefully can be used to support and improve independent writing.
In science the children have been learning about seed dispersal, thinking about how seeds have adapted for various dispersal methods. From this, the children designed their own seed which had to have adaptations to support them in their dispersal.

Well done everyone on a positive week so far!
Have a great rest of the week and a super weekend and I will see you on Monday!
Miss Sanders

Thursday and Friday have been super busy as usual. I am really proud of the children's problem solving abilities and finding fractions of numbers.  We have been practicing our art skills and have now embarked on our epic watercolour masterpieces which I hope you will enjoy at the end of term. They have been thinking about washes and perspective.  
The children also discovered a new species of plant in literacy this week and wrote brilliant articles.  Ask your child what their plant looks like?  What special quality does it have?  We had some very interesting ideas - from the ridiculous to the thought provoking.
We finished the week by learning more French and listening to the story of 'Jacques et le haricot magique!' HUM! HUM! HUM! HUM!
Enjoy your weekend Year 3! See you next week!
Mrs Kershaw  

Week 5
Firstly, I would just like to Thank everyone who attended the Way Forward meetings on Wednesday to share your child's learning journey so far! I was really pleased with the comments that were made on the forms and I look forward to seeing many of you at parents evening next week.
With regards parents evenings, I have to apologise in advance for the fact that I will only be able to meet parents on the Wednesday night. This is due to childcare issues and is somewhat out of my control. However, I am always more than happy to speak to parents before or after school at any point in the year so please accept my apologies for this!

This week Mr Lyford has enjoyed teaching lots of the learning opportunities to Year 3! In maths, the children looked at improving their knowledge and application of data, specifically Bar charts and started to get better at creating an accurate and appropriate scale for the axis.

In English, we have been trying to master the application of pronouns and I would say that most of the children will hopefully (fingers crossed) be able to choose and use the correct one in their independent writing.

Geography has seen us all really trying to get a sense of our geographical location in the Uk. On Monday, many of the children were not able to locate the 4 compass points on a map or to locate Bristol! However, they now all know where they live and also where my parents live. When asked how they thought I travelled to my parents, many children thought I went by aeroplane!!! I wish!!! This got us discussing and identifying geographical features of different places in the UK using atlases and keys to support our findings. A lot more work needed here I think...

Next week in maths we will be looking at time. To continue from previous learning on Time, children are expected to be able to tell the time on an analogue clock and also to be able to use digital time (both 12 hour and 24 hour) Linking to this, Mr Lyford is going to lead the children in a clock project where children will design, make and evaluate a clock based around research into the Engineer Hans Hilfiker who designed the Swiss Railway clock! Any prior learning that can be done on this will only be an advantage so feel free...

In English next week, linking in with the clock project, we are going to be looking at Explanation texts. This is a really challenging text type but we are going to crack on and do lots of reading of explanation texts looking carefully at the features of them. The idea is that we can then move on to writing explanation texts (clock link!)

I think that's all for Mon, Tues and Wed this week and next so have a good rest of  the week and I look forward to seeing all the children's smiley faces on Monday morning! Tell them, we'll be singing first thing !!!

Miss Sanders

Last week of term!!!

WoW! I can't belive that we're at the end of Term 3 already!
Can I just start by saying how lovely it was to meet some of you again at Parents Evening on Wednesday. It was lovely to see the support from you all and I want to express how important it is that we are all "Singing from the same Hymn Sheet!" Please remember that if you have any worries, questions or concerns, you are very welcome to come and talk to us at any time.
This week has seen us trying to fit in lots of learning into a very small window! The children have worked hard on telling the time and we are pretty much now working on telling the time to the nearest minute and converting this to 12 and 24 hour digital time.
In English, we did lots of learning about causal connectives which meant that the children are developing their awareness of the importance of great word choices, especially in explanation texts.
Moving onto Term 4...
So, the bulk of the learning in "Topic" will be about The Romans! Here is your chance to do some pre learning with your child over the half term if  you get a minute!
On the first day back, we will be focussing our learning around the Legend of Romulus and Remus which is one of the stories about how Rome was founded. From this, we will then move onto creating a class Roman Timeline. For this, children will work in teams to show their information in the best possible way! Looking forward to that! Teams will be selected very carefully!
In maths, the children will be learning about money so let them spend lots in the holidays and manage their change (!)
In english, they will be starting a project called " A Tale unfolds" which will offer lots  of opportunities for different genres of writing. We are looking forward to this!
Can I also use this chance to say that with Home Learning activities, it is up to your child to bring their work to me to be marked as I have explained to the children that I will not be going through reading wallets to find Home Learning - you never know what you might find! So, please can you reiterate this message to your child so that I can learn about the delights they have to offer from home. Thanks. 
This term, we are hoping to go on a class trip! We are looking into the possibility of visiting Chedworth Roman Villa and are currently looking into the workshops on offer and the overall costs so we will let you know all about this as soon as we know ourselves. We do not have any dates yet!

So, all that remains to say, at the moment is to have a lovely half term break and I will see you all on Monday 23rd February! 

Take Care
Miss Sanders
(But an INSET day for me!)

Mr Lyford here! This week in topic the class have been completing a design and technology project where they have had to design and then actually make their own clocks. The best part is that they all work as well! It was a super job by everyone to be able to work very sensibly in pairs on the same project without any fussing, so well done guys for cutting out a lot of the 'faffing' this week - still some way to go for a few children though! We started out the project by looking at the Swiss engineer Hans Hilfiker who designed the Swiss railway clock, and then by the end of Monday's lesson we had all put on our engineer helmets and set to work designing our own clocks to make! I am especially impressed at how detailed some of the clocks were. We had clocks which were multi-coloured; clocks with hands, arms and legs; and even a clock which was nearly as tall as the children. It will be really helpful for the pupils to now use their shiny new clocks to help them read the time over half term. We may not be teaching time again for a while but that doesn't mean we won't be testing you when you least expect it!
Have a super half term everyone and I'll see you back after the break!
Mr Lyford

Term 4
Week 1

Mr Lyford here!
And there we go, one week down in the new term already! This has been a very busy one in terms of maths, and you could say we were looking at a rather 'lengthy' topic (sorry, I had to get a little joke in there somewhere)! Yes this week we were looking a lot at measuring lengths, so working with millimetres, centimetres, metres and even kilometres! We focussed on a single form of measurement (length) so that the class could really build up an understanding of how to add and even convert different units of measurements, and I have to say that I am very impressed with how a lot of the children have developed over the week! Next week we may even be doing some work which will use some of the new skills learned this week...
In English we have begun our 'A Tale Unfolds' topic, which will last until the end of this term. By this time they will be filming an Indiana Jones style 15 minute film about 3 detectives, with a plot and character descriptions which each pupil has come up with themselves. There is still a lot of work to go until the final product, however, so it is important that everyone remembers to keep focussed and ask for help when they think they need it. I am always happy to help, and mistakes aren't a bad thing; they are a chance to learn something new, which is awesome! I really... REALLY recommend checking out the 'A Tale Unfolds' website (do a search for a tale unfolds and it is your first result), it will tell you everything you could possibly want to know about what is coming up this term!
In history the class has begun looking at the Romans, and more specifically how Rome was founded. We found out that there are many different versions of the story, but since nobody alive today was there when the stories were written... we don't know which one is right!
Well done for a fantastic first week back everyone!
Mr Lyford

Week 2
Another enjoyable and productive week in Alder class, we have been continuing with our 'A Tale Unfolds' literacy project, writing and editing some fantastic formal letters.  We have been investigating quadrilaterals in Maths, making 'angle eaters' to check for right angles as well as acute and obtuse angles.  

We have also started a mini art project to create a bean mosaic in a CD case. 
Please send in an empty standard CD case if you can by next Thursday - we are very short and won't be able to complete our project without them!
Thank you!
Mrs Kershaw

Week 3
Hello Everyone!
WOW! It's been a non stop week  this week! In maths we have been really challenging ourselves to draw 2d shapes using a ruler and set square. We have had to try to include right angles, parallel lines and perpendicular lines as well as making sure that the sides of the shapes were a certain length! Ask your child all about this - its been great!
In English, continuing with the project "A Tale Unfolds", the children have been learning about the features of a playscript and then writing their own scene following all of the conventions of a script. I have been very impressed!
In history, we have been continuing with our learning about the Romans and the children have had to do lots of research about why the Romans invaded Britain and also thinking about what made the roman Army so successful. Although this has been great, the children have found it challenging to think for themselves and push themselves to be independent learners. They are gradually getting used to bouncing thinking and questioning around now which is helping them to make their own decisions about their learning.
Next week, on Monday afternoon, we will be having a Roman Coins workshop run by a visitor to the school. This will be great!
Please bear with us on the "Class Trip" front - we have not forgotten and are working hard to ensure that we can plan and book a visit that will be a valuable learning experience! We will send further news when we have any...
In maths next week, we will be looking at the following objectives:

  • compare and order numbers up to 1000
  • identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations
  • read and write numbers up to 1000 in numerals and in words
At the end of the week the children will begin to use this learning to problem solve.
In English we will be continuing with the "Tale Unfolds" project where we will be looking at editing and improving our scripts and writing the final  drafts to secure our learning from this week!
Have a great rest of the week!
Miss Sanders

We hope that you have all had a lovely Summer holiday and are ready for the learning journey to begin once again!
We have had a very busy couple of days so far this term and I would like to say an ENORMOUS WELL DONE to all of the Year 3 learners for really showing me what keen and determined young people they are. They have already done oodles of Maths, English and Science and I am sure that next week will be action packed too! 

Next week in English we will be analysing some performance poetry and starting to write our own performance poetry. In Maths, we will be investigating the different strategies used for solving addition calculations mentally including adding two 3 digit numbers together! 
In our topic learning next week we will be learning about physical geography, in particular,  VOLCANOES! You are welcome to work with your child to create their own erupting volcano if you would like to which may help to prepare your child for the learning ahead. We will be making molten lava in class, but unfortunately will not have enough time for everyone to make an erupting volcano of their own! I found a good video showing how to make one if you do fancy getting your hands dirty...
The link is
I'd love to see any next week...

Mrs Tulitt is looking forward to the next couple of days where she too will get to know all of the children in Year 3!

Well Done Everyone!

Week 2          

Dear Year 3,

Well, this week, you have all really worked hard to prove your learning skills to me! I was over the moon with your improvements in your maths from Monday to Tuesday. Part of that was to do with your mathematical knowledge on partitioning and part was  to do with the fact that you all tried 100% harder to improve the presentation of your learning! Well done for that!

In English, you had a great time listening to the Performance poem "Walking with my Iguana" and so did I. You started to become more fluent in talking about the effects that the poet, Brian Moses used to make his poem really come to life. If you would like to share this poem with your family, the website link is...
You could look at some other performance poems of have a go at writing your own...

In English next week, we will be working on planning and writing our own animal poem using our senses to describe the animal that you choose so be prepared for that!

So... Can you explain to your parents how melted chocolate and marshmallow is similar to lava??? You found writing about our Lava experiment challenging this week as I thought that you would but we like a challenge don't we?

Don't forget the "W Special" in phonics - Can you tell your parents about this?

Next week in Maths we will be looking at different methods of subtraction, just like we did for addition this week.

In topic, we are going to be having an ART focus and will be concentrating on our drawing skills. We will be drawing some animals from Antarctica. What animals could these be? We will also look at some of the work of an artist known as Rembrant. I wonder if anyone can do a bit of research about him in preparation for next week.

Phew... What a week, That's only three days worth of learning too....
Have a great rest of the week Year 3 and I'll see you bright and breezy on Monday morning!

Miss Sanders

Week 3    

This week in Alder class we have been really busy immersing ourselves once again into oodles of learning!
In maths I feel that all children have improved in their learning and also in their presentation skills. All children will need to continue to revisit addition and subtraction methods to keep themselves on top of their learning as next week we will be moving into the realms of multiplication, followed by division in week 5. The maths will involve
  • recalling and using multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 x tables
  • writing and calculating mathematical statements for multiplication and division using the multiplication tables that they know.
In English this week, we have all had a go at writing a Simile poem about an animal from Antarctica! This was challenging but certainly helped the children to understand poetic devices in more detail. Next week in English we will be exploring the themes in Fables, planning our own and writing them. We will then try to improve our writing by editing and assessing it with help from eachother. 

This week in Art we have been exploring shading and drawing techniques using a variety of "b" pencils. Through this we also looked at the work of the artist, Rembrandt.

Thank you to all of the parents for supporting your child so far this year! We are all in it together with the shared aim of ensuring that your child is happy whilst working hard to achieve their potential.

On a quick note...    

I am really happy to meet and talk with any parents about their child and I warmly welcome you to come and talk to me on the playground in the morning. However, once the whistle has blown it is really important that I go into school awith the class. The children have been absolutely superb going into school in the morning and independently starting their jobs for the day but at the same time, I need to be there to support them as they come in for the day,
Therefore, if you feel that  you need more time to talk with me or Mrs Tulitt, please feel free to see us after school or make an appointment to see us at another time.


Well Done Year 3!
See you next week, bright, breezy and ready to learn!!!

We had a superb end to the week with the children using their subtraction knowledge to solve some quite tricky  problems.  There was even some investiagtion work taking place. Well done year 3!
After all the work they did with Miss Sanders on performance poems, the children had a go at writing their own poems completely independently as part of our independent writing each Friday. We has so many similes, great ideas and alliteration, I could not believe how hard they had worked.

Our art skills have been developing this week with the children using pencil shading to draw animals from Antarctica in the style of Rembrandt. We were trying really hard to draw what we could actually see, not just what was in our heads. It was lovely to see that year 3 has some budding artists.

Next week we are celebrating languages across the whole school including the European breakfast on Friday. The children will have an assembly where they will be learning a familiar song in Spanish!!!

Looking forward to it already. 
Mrs Tulitt.

Week 4

This week, I have been pleased with how well all of the children in Year 3 have risen to the challenges presented to them! The children are becoming much more independent as learners and we have talked a lot about how we can become more mature throughout the rest of the time in Year 3!
In English, we started learning about Fables and will continue with this next week so that the learning is deep and meaningful.
All children learned how to count from 1-10 in Spanish and as a class we created a Spanish number line which we presented to Year 1 on Wednesday afternoon. Year 1 children were very impressed with our Spanish so we sang them two songs - an African Welcome song and a French song! WOW! Our talents are endless...
On Wednesday, the children in KS2 all very much enjoyed learning to sing brilliantly with the help of a music specialist, Cara Clark, who will be coming into school each week to help us to be even better at singing than we already are.

So, next week...  

We will continue to learn about Fables, exploring the features of a fable and writing our own.
In maths, we will be polishing up on and demonstrating our knowledge of division.  In topic learning, we will be learning more about Forces and about Magnetism in particular.
We will also welcome into Year 3, a Student Teacher who will join us all week next week followed by every Monday in school before starting a block placement in January.

Enjoy the rest of the week...

Miss Sanders

Week 5

WELCOME TO MR LYFORD! Mr Lyford started his teaching placement in Year 3 this week.

This week we have been busy doing division in maths and we have also learnt a new way of multiplying larger numbers using a method called "The Grid Method" Ask your child how to do this using a 2 digit number multiplied by a 1 digit number. Will they put the digits in the correct box? That is the question. The children even got to write their numbers for these calculations on the tables in the classroom...but that's top secret of course and they cleaned all of it off afterwards.
In English, the children have almost finished writing their own fables which had it's own challenges! Ask your child what the moral of their fable was.

The children have been learning about magnets in science and learned some super scientific words to describe the forces such as ATTRACT and REPEL. Ask your child to show you the Magnet dance! We showed this to the new Reception class and talked to them about the properties of magnets - what a brilliant job Year 3 did. I am very proud!!!

Next week we will be looking at unit fractions of quantities (not shapes) such as 1/4 of 8 = ? so any extra learning on this will be great in preparation for next week. 
In English we will be reading "Stig of the Dump" and this will link with our learning in History which is looking at the changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age! 

More to follow...

Well we had a fabulous end to the week in year 3!!

It was wonderful to see so many grandparents and the children really enjoyed having you here. We mixed with year 4 to build structures and I was so impressed with the quality of ideas and the structures looked amazing.


We found out about Brunel and all the things he designed. We may have some children in the class who follow in his footsteps!

Next week we will be looking at how speech marks are used, and concentrating on improving our handwriting.

In the afternoons we will be making buggies from wood using our cutting and joining skills we developed this week.
I look forward to seeing you all then.
Mrs Tulitt

Week 6 

Well, it feels like it's been a little bit of a mixed bag this week in terms of concentration! Well done to those learners who have continued to try their hardest in all of their learning and to show very positive learning behaviours. 

Fractions have been quite challenging for us this week and we all know that we are going to have to apply some super brain power in order to crack them! Please practice your fractions at home - sweets are brilliant for learning about fractions!!! We will continue to learn about fractions next week to really cement our learning. See copy of the letter sent home this week as this wasn't collected by all children! (At the bottom of this page)

In English we have written some fabulous postcards from the perspective of Barney, the boy who fell into Stig's dump! There are some great examples of super, joined handwriting. Next week, we will read more of "Stig of the Dump" and do lots more writing!!! 

We have now nearly finished listening to our class novel, "The Witches" which has been read to us by Mrs Leonard! I wonder what  treat she has in store ???

We have started learning about ordering historical events chronologically and found BC and AD quite tricky to understand which was predicted! Next week, we will look at some of these historical events in more detail. You could prepare yourself by looking at the timeline yourself on
the bbc website:

Some of you, next week,  will be working with Mr Lyford to create an interactive timeline in the classroom. 

Have a great rest of the week and I will see you all on Monday morning! Enjoy the weekend too but make sure that you come back rested and ready for an action packed week!
 from Miss Sanders

Parents and Carers,

I would like to apologise in advance as I am unable to attend the Parents Evening on Thursday 15th October. I will be at the Parents Evening on Wednesday 14th October. Usually, I would be available for both evenings but childcare is an issue for me on a Thursday. Mrs Tulitt however is able to attend both evenings. If you have something in particular that you would like to talk to me about, please come and let me know. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Our buggies in DT are coming on a treat. Next week we will add the wheels and start our customisation.

I have to agree with the mixed bag in terms of concentration and how hard we are pushing ourselves to over come our challenges. Looking forward to next week and seing everyone back up to full potential.

We enjoyed using  - and eating- our smarties to help with our fractions. I saw a great improvemnt over the last 2 days but dont worry, we are doing more next week. Like Miss Sanders said any practise you can have at home will really help you to feel more confident.

We have been using our inverted commas - speech marks - and i was very impressed. We have started to use a new line for a new speaker and we will get more practise on that next week.
I will be asking the children to show me what they have learnt in science over the term, refreshing their memories as we have covered lots!!

I am looking forward to meeting all the parents over Wednesday and Thursday, and I am thinking about all the lovely things I have to share with them!!

Have a good week, see you then

Mrs Tulitt

Week 7

Dear Alder class,    

Thank you for thinking carefully about your behaviour this week! Apart from a little wet play lunchtime blip, we have had a week of hard work, enjoyment and positive friendships.

But what about those tricky fractions hey? Do you think that that is an area that you need to improve upon? If so and as promised, here is a link to the Fraction Bingo game that we played. Why don't you really push yourself and work your way through all the fractions???

This week I have been impressed with how hard you have ALL worked to improve your handwriting and presentation skills - We still have a way to go but thanks for really making the effort!
You all produced some good writing for your house/cave adverts this week too and I enjoyed reading them.

Next week we will read more of "Stig of the Dump", write a report linked to the book and hopefully watch the next chapter on the 1981 series version. You seem to be really enjoying the story of Stig.

In maths, we will be making our own tables for numerical information (Tally charts) and creating our own bar charts. Perhaps before Monday you could have a go at making your own table and bar chart. You will have to think about how you label your axis and what your number increments (jumps) up the side will be. You could have a look through this website to give you a head start...
and you could always go to and answer some questions about information in graphs.

On Monday afternoon next week, we will be having a music specialist in school all day and he will be coming in to teach Alder class in the afternoon after your Computer lesson with Mr.Lyford. I can't wait!

Don't forget, it is Harvest Celebration on Friday next week and I am hoping to come along - just to check you're singing as well as I know you can!

It will be a jam packed end to Term 1!
Then it won't be long until we're preparing for the Christmas Concert! Eeeek!

Thank you to all the parents who came to parents evening today, your support and kind words are always appreciated and I am pleased that we are all singing from the same hymn sheet!!!

Have a good rest of the week.
Miss Sanders      

Term 5

Welcome back to the new term. I hope that you all had a great Easter and are ready for an action packed term 5!

Just a quickie... 
Unfortunately, the children took home their Home Learning books without their new home learning question so this will go home on the first day back. I would also like to apologise as although the children all had an opportunity to share their home learning last term, I didn't get round to marking it all so I will do this at the beginning of term 6. 

Week 6
Such a shame that the weather didn't hold out for sports day! The children have been perfecting their techniques for the skills activities and races all term. I'm sure they will have another opportunity to share their skills next term.   
The children have been screen printing this week and have made a beautiful collaborative piece of art in the form of a peacock.  Apologies for any messy clothes yesterday - they got a little carried away before we cloaked up!  They have thoroughly enjoyed all the art this term.  
We have finished our learning about La Chenille qui Fais des Trous.  Ask your child to read a sentence from the story!   
They have also worked collaboratively to organise and interpret data problems with great success as well as writing an interview in English.
Well, I'm pooped!
Happy holidays!
Mrs Kershaw

This week has been quite whistle stop as we have worked on rounding up this term's learning.

The children really excelled themselves in our work on pictograms and improved drastically from Monday to Wednesday! Well done Alder class!

On Monday, we had a big class circle time where we discussed the issue of pencil cases! Interestingly, this cropped up in the Parents Forum on Wednesday so I was pleased that we had already sorted out a few issues before this issue was raised by the parents.
We have agreed as a class that there will be no swapping of pens or pencils and that anyone who "faffs" with their pencil case during learning time will have it confiscated! On the positive side, the children have expressed that they are taking more pride in their presentation in their learning books as a result of having their own pens and pencils to use. This was my original intention so I am pleased with this! Please feel assured that I am always on the case as far as pencil cases are concerned!

I hope that you all have a lovely, restful half term and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 2nd June , ready for the last leg of our journey in Year 3.

Miss Sanders

Week 4

WOW! Where has this week gone? This week we have been working on finding equivalent fractions in maths and the children worked exceptionally hard to investigate the relationship between the numerator and denominator in a fraction. Next week we will do some more work on fractions and begin to use them in our problem solving. 
In English, the children tried really hard to think about Captain Scott's mission to Antarctica in 1912 and started to develop their emotional thinking and descriptive writing when writing a diary entry as if they were Captain Scott on his last day! Well Done Alder!
In art, we started our weaving and sewing learning and I was certainly impressed with the sewing skills. Weaving on the other hand, proved to be much more challenging! We will continue with this next week!
And of course, more beautiful recorder playing next week too!
Thank you to all of the children who have shared their learning from home this week - don't forget to hand your learning books in though!

Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you all on Monday!

Miss Sanders

Week 3
Just a quickie to inform you that we have not yet started our learning about weaving in textiles as per the termly plan. This is because we have currently been investing some additional time with our science learning. Please be assured that we will certainly still be doing this but it will just be further into the term! Thank you very much for your understanding! 

Hello All!

I hope that you are all enjoying the long weekend!
Just to let you know that next week we will be looking at equivalent fractions in maths and looking at the relationship between the numerator and denominator when doing this.
In English, we will be continuing with some of the learning from a topic called "A Tale Unfolds" which we started in term 4. The focus will be diary writing and through this we will look at the features of a diary entry and write our own!
We will also be starting our sewing and weaving as on the terms overview but of course we will be chasing our tale due to the bank holiday weekend! I am sure that the children won't mind me working ythem twice as hard in this area!
In the meantime, enjoy the long weekend and I'll see you all on Tuesday morning!

Miss Sanders

Week 2
This week was like all of the other weeks that we have experienced- very busy!
We started the week with an interesting Story Making Day and the children who dressed up as  a book character looked great!

We started our English based around the story of "The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe" and did a lot of acting and improvisation around what it was like to be an evacuee. Next week we are going to be planning our own adventure story from the point where Lucy enters the wardrobe (as in the story of The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe) I am looking forward to really seeing the descriptive language used, hopefully with lots of metaphors and similies!

In maths we have been working on multiplication and the children enjoyed learning some maths outside in the sunshine! Next week we will be looking at division.

In science we continued ourt learning about rocks and had a go at making our own fossils!  Next week we will be learning about soil where we wil carry out an investigation into what soil is comprised of.

We also had our first whole class dip into the world of recorders (poor me!) where we started to learn how to play the notes a,b and c! I am sure that we will be able to play some tunes by the end of the term! Or perhaps just one! I must remember my paracetamol!

Just to let you know that I will be out of the classroom on Monday (although in school) but the fabulous Mrs jefferies will be taking my place for the day so I am sure that the children will be thrilled!

See you tomorrow!
Miss Sanders

Week 1

So, we had a great start to the week with a very exciting and interesting trip to the Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon. The children were fantastically behaved and enjoyed a workshop about masters and slaves, a visit to the museum (and of course, shop! - Always a highlight!) and an explore of the amphitheatre and fortress baths.
The workshop leader commented on how brilliantly behaved all of the children were and said that "They are a credit to you and you should be very proud" It was really nice to hear this as we work incredibly hard on our learning and social behaviours so well done to all of Alder class!

After the trip, the children have worked tirelessly to write a detailed recount of the trip and finished these at the end of the week so I can't wait to read these (and check for accuracy) on Monday morning!

The other, very exciting event was of course SWIMMING!
A message for the children:
Well done to everyone for being determined to not let any of your worries overcome you! Try your absolute best every week and we will all be very proud of you! Remember, we all have different skills and strengths and if swimming is not yours, don't worry. You'll be great at something else! 

In maths, the children worked on their column subtraction and were certainly getting much better by Wednesday! Next week we will be revisiting multiplication and I will be looking for rapid recall of facts.

In English next week, we will be doing lots of writing and our book theme will be "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and will be turning our classroom door into the wardrobe door!
We will be doing quite a lot of drama and role play in our English learning followed up by writing.

In Science we will be learning about how fossils are formed so please can children bring in a fossil  if they have one?
Another request... Please can children bring a small shell (again, if they have one) into school as we are going to have a got at making our own fossils. We will be doing this on Tuesday morning.


The Life Education Bus will be in the school car park next week and our session will be on Thursday! I am sad that I will be missing that!

The new home learning challenge should have gone home on Friday. If your child did not bring it home, please ask them to collect one from the "Letters tray" by the classroom door as it is their responsibility to do this.

So that, rounds up the beginning of the week and I am sure that the end was just as exciting!
Enjoy the sunshine!     

Miss Sanders

PS I will now try to write website from the bottom up so that you don't need to scroll down each week.