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Week 6

Hello, its Mrs Grabham!  Can't believe we are now in the penultimate week of term....the weeks just fly by!  So, this week has so far been pretty much taken over by the Christmas play.  The children are doing fantastically and can't wait for you to come and watch.  As Mrs King said, I'm sure you're hearing the songs being sung at home as they are certainly going round in our heads! 

The children did enjoy a break from the play on Monday morning as they took part in a 'Stickman' morning with Miss Cook.  They had great fun collecting sticks and making their own stick men, as well as pretending to be the Stickman, writing postcards home to the 'Stick Family Tree' to tell them all about the adventures he had been on.  Look out for the 'Stickman' being shown on TV on Christmas Day, they will probably really enjoy watching it.

Thank you very much for all the home learning that has come into school, the children will be sharing this over this week and next.

Thank you also for all the cotumes that have come into school for the play.  I look forward to seeing some of you at the Tuesday viewing.

Mrs Grabham


Hello everybody, 

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the student teacher in Elm Class. I will be working in this class until the 11th of December where I will be taking up to 40% of the classes (closely guided by the class teachers). 

I have spoken to some of you out on the playground and I hope to be able to speak to more of you before I leave the class just before Christmas. 

Hopefully see you soon! 

Miss Cook Week 5

Hello there! Mrs King here.

I hope that you are all enjoying hearing the songs from the Christmas play... we are practising them over and over again in school and I am singing them at homs so I'm sure that the children are too! If you look at 'Born in the Barn' on Youtube there are some of the tracks.

I won't say too much about the play as I'm sure you would like it to be a surprise - but rehearsals are going well and our angel and shepherd dances will be lovely! Next week the stage will be put up and there will be many more run-throughs.

We continue to focus on Julia Donaldson's books in literacy - this week we had a unit on Room on the Broom and next week will be about Stick Man. Of course at this time of year our thoughts are also turning to Christmas craft and plans for cards and calendars are afoot! In our grammar lessons we are focusing on recognising what a sentence is as many children know about capital letters and full stops but struggle to locate where to place them in their writing.  Maths this week looked at division and children enjoyed some practical lessons on sharing with Miss Cook.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Please remember that we would like to have costumes for the play in school next week so we can practise with them on for our last few rehearsals.

Mrs King

Week 3

Hello! At the beginning of this week, the children got to know the story of The Gruffalo's Child.  There was lots of discussion about the text in terms of thinking about what might happen next as well as how the characters may be feeling.  The children sequenced the story as well as writing about which part they like the best.

In maths we introduced a class café. The children all chose their favourite food which we then put into a pictogram, looking at which sort of food was the most and least popular.  The children also designed their own café menu to include main courses, desserts and drinks. We then came up with a final class café menu.  This café theme will continue to run in maths, looking at the cost of items in the café, involving coin recognition and working out the price for 2 or more items.

In topic we all had great fun making shadow puppets of the big bad mouse from The Gruffalo's Child.  The highlight of the session was definitely putting them to test using the interactive whiteboard!

Have a good weekend and I'll see you all on Monday.

Mrs Grabham

Hello - Mrs King here!

We had a lovely end to the week in Elm class - continuing to explore the story of the Gruffalo's Child. Children wrote a recipe for Gruffalo tea and wrote speech bubbles to show what the animals might be saying. Next week we will be looking at other books by Julia Donaldson.

In Forest School children went on a hunt around the woodland following a trail of 'snow' to find pictures from the story. They enjoyed the mud slide once again so you may find some muddy waterproofs in their bags! All forest school kit has been sent home as we will not have it over the next few weeks due to the play rehearsals. Please send it back in January with warm socks, trousers and a fleece.

Speaking of the play - your child will have chosen to be a shepherd or an angel. Please check book bags for the letter about costumes, but the long and short of it is that the costume needs to be in school by 9th December for the performances the following week. It is a very exciting time for the children as we prepare the play and I know that they are all looking forward to it very much! They have learnt some of the songs already.

In our Maths this week we created a class cafe and this involved lots of learning about money. This is an area that you could practise at home and when out and about with your child. Can they recognise the different coins? Can they create some different amounts of money using coins? Can they comapre prices? etc. Please let your child talk about money and handle it in practical situations as often as possible to increase their understanding of it. In my opinion it is one of the most important areas of Maths to prepare them for the future!

Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Mrs King

Week 2

This week has definitely been a busy one so far! In English we have been learning about invitation writing and what information needs to be written on an invitation.  The children all had a go at writing an invitation (one that will be sent your way soon!).

In our topic learning, continuing our theme of light, we have been learning about Diwali - the Hindu festival of lights.  The children have been busy finding out how Diwali is celebrated and later in the week will be learning the story of Rama and Sita along with making their very own diva lamp.

In maths we had a fun morning learning about capacity.  See if your child can tell you what capacity means!  The children had the opportunity to make potions using coloured water, experiment with different sized containers in the outdoor area, label containers as well as use the computers to play a capacity game.  We were busy looking for language such as full, empty, half full, half empty, nearly full and nearly empty.  We put some containers to the test to see which would hold more water - was it necessarily the tallest one each time?  We also looked at ordering various different containers from shortest to tallest.  This week we have also looked at counting in 10's. What patterns do the children notice with the 10's numbers? What is 10 more than a given number, and what is 10 less than that number.

Another fun PE lesson was had, which was lead by Ben, the SBL PE coach.  The children took part in an exciting warm up where they were pretending to be surfing and dancing on Strictly, amongst other things!

Thank you to all those children who have purchased raffle tickets for Children in Need.  If you haven't had chance yet, don't worry, its not too late! Tickets are on sale up until Friday. Please send money in a named envelope.  The winners will be drawn in Friday's celebration assembly.  It's a shame I won't be there to see the winners, but I look forward to hearing who the lucky children are and also finding out how much money we raised for Children in Need.

Have a fantastic end to the week, and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Bye for now, Mrs Grabham 

Hello there, Mrs King here.

We have had a lovely end to the week thinking about Diwali. The children made lovely Diva lamps which are placed in windows on Diwali - do have a look at some of the photos below. They were sent home on Friday and I hope you enjoy having them! We made them using salt-dough which was cooked so it is hard. Children learned how to create the pot shape by rolling a ball, pressing their thumb in and pinching the edges. Once hardened they were painted in colourful shades. In addition to this the children wrote a set of instructions on how to make one, which we were very impressed by!

In Maths at the end of the week we covered multiplication and learnt to group objects together and record as a basic multiplication fact - for example five groups of two counters would be 2 x 5 = 10. We will revisit this soon but I was pleased to see that progress was being made!

A new Learning Detectives sheet has been set! Books should be in book bags.

Next week is Forest School. Please ensure that waterproof and a warm coat such as a fleece are in school by Thursday.

See you soon,

Louise King

Week 1

We have had a fantastic start to the new term.  It was great to see the children back in school and lovely to hear about adventures they had been on.  So here we are on the run up to Christmas! Doesn't time fly?!

Monday we spent the day focussing on bonfire night. The children learnt about who Guy Fawkes was and the story behind why we celebrate on the 5th November.  We talked about ways in which people celebrated bonfire night and then created some fantastic firework art using a variety of different materials. We used chalk, pastels, paint and glitter as well as pipe cleaners, straws and forks to help us achieve such realistic firework pictures. The children loved this and they will definitely brighten up the classroom nicely in line with our topic being 'light'.

On Tuesday we worked on our maths, first visiting our number bonds to 10 (these can't be done enough!) and secondly looking at counting beyond 20 and delving deeper into how many tens and ones make up the higher numbers.  In the afternoon we practised handwriting and had PE, which this term is being led by PE coach Ben. The children had such fun playing a variety of different games.

You may have noticed a letter that came home on Tuesday about children in need. My mum has been busy and knitted two Pudsey bears and one other female bear called 'Blush'.  She has donated these to school and we are holding a raffle.  To be in with a chance of winning a bear, all you  need to do is purchase raffle tickets at £1 per strip. This can be done by sending money in an envelope with your child or I will be out on the playground a little earlier on the 10th and 11th November selling tickets.  Many thanks for your support and good luck!!

See you all next week, Mrs Grabham