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Term 6

The start of this week was very exciting, as we waved the year 6 children off as they left the school on a coach.  There were lots of questions from the children, and it would seem like they are already looking forward to their turn!  I asked those children with siblings in year 6 whether they'd miss their older brother/sister.....the response was mixed!!!

The children completed their Lighthouse Keepers Lunch stories that Mrs King mentioned previously on Monday.  I was VERY impressed with them all.  The children have definitely enjoyed getting to know this story inside out, and that clearly shows in their writing.  They children also learnt about a 'birds eye view', and worked on drawing a map of the classroom from this perspective.

In maths we looked at data. Firstly, creatively thinking about how data may be shown using pictures, then moving on to collecting their own data from their friends in Elm class about their preferred beach snack as well as their favourite cruise destination.  The children then made their own pictogram based on their results. 

That's all for now, see you all back in school on Monday!

Mrs Grabham

Hello there, Mrs King here. We had a lovely end of the week. What amazing home learning came in! I was very impressed with the children's creativity. We had a range of writing, artwork and even a novelty frame! Our new challenge will be set next week and is about maps so keep an eye on book bags.

Children enjoyed using some real maps and we looked at maps of Bitton and its surroundings, identifying some important places and answering questions about where things are on the map. The class also looked at the United Kingdom and located where they live and some other key places... even using a UK-shaped cookie cutter to cut out shapes of playdough!

In English we found out about some countries (Jamaica, Spain, France, China and Kenya) by reading factfiles and thought about where we would like to go on a cruise, creating an itinerary. Some children made very adventurous plans! You parents had best start saving now for their future holiday demands... Our grammar focus fitted in well with this and was all about using capitals for place names.

In Maths we have been learning about position, direction and movement. Children learned to direct each other to go forwards a few steps and turn left and right. This led to them controlling a small turtle by typing commands into a computer program called Logo. It was a lot of fun!

Next week we are thinking about how things float and looking at boats.

Upcoming events:
  • Sports Day next Friday (see newsletter)
  • Trip to Weston-Super-Mare - 6th July - please return permission slip ASAP
  • Move-up day to meet Y2 teacher and classroom - 7th July
  • Watching Key Stage 2 production 13th July
  • Arts Week - final week of term (theme of Islamic Art)
See you next week!

Hello, we've had another brilliant start to the week. Monday kicked off with the Phonics Screening test. On the whole the children have done us all very proud, so a huge well done to you all.  The children had no idea they were reading words as part of a test and enjoyed having a little chat to me at the same time!  

In maths we have been focusing on multiplication and division and the children have impressed us with their knowledge.  The end of the week will see them moving on to solving multiplication and division word problems.  In English the children have been focusing on punctuating sentences using exclamation marks and question marks. In PE we worked on rolling a ball accurately to hit a target.  The children loved this and it was great to take advantage of a sunny Tuesday afternoon on the field.

The children are all very excited about our school trip. Thank you very much for all the reply slips we have had come into school already. Fingers crossed for nice weather now!

Hope you all have a good rest of the week and I'll see you on Monday.

Mrs Grabham

It was a bit of a funny end to the week as I was out on training on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. Luckily cover was provided by our regular supply teachers Mrs Hamlen and Mrs Fisher.

In our seasides topic, the children have been exploring different sea sounds and how to make them with your mouth and instruments. They listened to the different types of notes in 'Sailing By', the music from the Shipping Forecast. On Thursday children learned a song about a pirate ship and adapted it to create their own rhyming lyrics and sang it in pairs, I had a little listen to a couple and wow "When I was four I said 'bonjour' the day I went to sea" was one very good rhyme created by William.

On Friday we had a big focus on our story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. Ask your child to tell you the story, I think the majority can probably recite the whole thing! This is thanks to our 'storymaking' approach when children learn a story off by heart using a ;story-map' with symbols and actions. It means that when they come to write it they can focus on their writing rather than thinking of a story and also gives them rich story language to draw upon in future writing. We were 'innovating' the story on Friday by changing certain elements depending on the child's wishes. Some wrote it pretty much as it was originally written and others changed the setting and characters completely. The stories are not quite finished but I know they wil be great from what I have read so far!

Anyway, I look forward to spending more time with the children next week when we are exploring maps.

See you soon! Mrs King


Hello, Mrs Grabham here! It has been lovely to see the children keen to come back to school after the half term break.  I have enjoyed hearing all about what they got up to!

We have had a really good week in Elm class so far. The children are really enjoying the seaside topic. This week the children have really impressed me with how well they can tell the story of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch sing a story map and actions. Ask your child to tell you the story, you'll be amazed! They wrote the beginning of the story this week squeezing in their own adjectives where they could.  As well as this, they enjoyed taking part in a carousel of activities, which involved designing a disgusting lunch for the seagulls, listening to and watching the story on the computer and acting out the story in our 'Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' role play area.  

The children all enjoyed visiting the book fair on Monday, and lots would have had one of every book if they could have! Lovely to see them enjoying books so much.

On Tuesday we delved into subtraction in our maths learning. They also really impressed me with their 'taking away' skills that they showed off throughout the morning in a variety of different activities, from designing their own game to include subtraction, to challenging a friend to write subtraction sentences outside in chalk.  Tuesday afternoon involved handwriting practise and PE. The children loved PE as we perfected chest passing a ball playing bench ball.

In our topic learning, we have learnt about what different sorts of animals you might find at the seaside and looked at how we can group these in different ways. Ask your child to tell you what they have learnt!

That's it from me! Hope the children all have a good rest of the week. I will see them next week where we kick off with the phonics screening test (see post below for more information). The lovely Mrs Jefferies will be teaching the class on Monday 15th, whilst I administer the test. Do not worry, the children won't even know it's a test! It will be a fun task where they just come and read some words to me!

See you all next week, Mrs Grabham.

Hello and welcome back to term 6 where we investigate seasides!

We have got a lot of fun activities planned for this final term. Do have a look at our medium term plan! We will be learning lots about the story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch along with the history of seaside, animals that live there, creating music based on the sound of the sea, identifying where we live on a map and where the coasts and oceans are. In Science, we will be investigating floating and sinking. Most of all, we are looking forward to a trip to Weston to view and create sand sculptures (more information to follow).

Please be aware that children need their PE kits in school all of the time as we sometimes change our regular PE slots.

If your child is going home with another parent or someone not known to the school, please ensure that you let us know. This can be done either on the playground before the whistle goes or through the office.

Week commencing 15th June the year 1 phonics screening test will take place.  This is a short assessment to confirm whether children have learnt phonics decoding to an appropriate standard. For more information, please see the document entitled 'learning to read through phonics' below. Please be aware that this document makes reference to the phonics check in 2012, but that the same information still applies.

We look forward to seeing you again and do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs Grabham and Mrs King

Term 5
Hello there! We have lots of exciting things planned for this term (see curriculum overview for the term below), with our main topic focus being on films and cinema. We will be finding out about what cinemas were like 100 years ago and making our own short films and animations. In Maths we will be learning to read the time and think about capacity, amongst other topics.

We're looking forward to welcoming you all back next week and hearing what you have been up to in your holidays. See below (and check book bags) for the Summer term's parent booklet.

Reminder - our Class Assembly is being held on Thursday 23rd April - week 2 of term.

See you soon!

Mrs King & Mrs Grabham
Wow! Can't believe that that's the end of term for me, and so very nearly for the children and Mrs King too! The term has flown by, and it has been great to get to know all of the children better.

In our maths learning this week, we have been focusing on time as a form of measuring. The children had great fun predicting how many star jumps they could do in a hour, for example, and testing their predictions. It was interesting to see the children's concept of how long a minute is!

In English we have continued to describe characters and settings, this week we focused on Little Red Riding Hood and the woods. The children came up with some fantastic describing words.

In topic we have been delving into science, labelling parts of the body, which children had great fun with as they drew around a partner in chalk on the playground! Linked tot his we have also learnt about our 5 senses. Children rotate around a variety of activities, to out each sense to the test. A favourite activity definitely had to be smelling inside covered pots and guessing what was in them!

We continued to practise sports day races in PE. I hope they all have a fantastic day on Friday - fingers crossed for the weather!

Thank you all for the fantastic home learning that has been given in this week. I, and the children, have thoroughly enjoyed watching films that have been made, so thank you for helping your children to create these.

That's all for me. Have a lovely half term break. I look forward to hearing about what the children have been up to. See you for term 6!

Mrs Grabham

Hello. Elm class have had a brilliant week so far.

In our English learning, we watched the short film 'Partly Cloudy' which the children loved. We then went on to describe the two main characters from the film, as well as thinking about what it would feel like to step into the setting of the film.

In maths, we have become very familiar with halving and quartering shapes and objects.  We had great fun up in the forest school area halving and quartering natural objects. The next challenge is to tackle halving and quartering numbers.

In our topic lessons, we have learnt about the famous chef Jamie Oliver, and as a result, talked about a 'balanced plate', along with designing our own healthy fruit kebab which we will make on Thursday afternoon this week.

During PE, we teamed up with the Year 6 children and practised sports day races. We will continue to do this up until sports day, which is next Friday, 22nd May.

We have also spent time in PSHE looking at what is fair and unfair, and how we can change situations to make them fair.

So, a busy week all round, with lots more exciting learning to be had!

See you all next week, for the last week of term.

Hello there - Mrs King again! We had a good end to week 5. On Wednesday afternoon we tackled our grammar focus for the week - using a capital letter to write the word 'I' (we also looked at some other words that require capitals as an aside - see if your child can tell you some!).

Thursday was a busy morning doing two Maths lessons in which we looked at doubling and halving numbers. Children used different equiplent to help them halve and double - from Numicon to Multilink - but basically any objects can be used for this - from pasta to pencils. Some children found the concept of halving numbers tricky so we will continue to tackle this in the weeks to come and move onto quartering.

On Thursday afternoon I was on a course and Mrs Fisher and some year 6 pupils helped the children to make a healthy cinema snack - in this case, a fruit kebab. Children focused on creating their designed kebab and talked about what makes it healthy. They then enjoyed their kebabs in a cinema experience!

Friday was our 'Big Write' - a chance to write at length using all of the skills that have been taught. The children all had some objects, from rocks to mysterious keys, to create a story around. The results were very exciting! There was a tale of an abandoned baby dinosaur, a giraffe being chased by hunters and a ship in danger of sinking.

As the last week of term looms, I cannot believe how quickly it has sped by! Looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Mrs King

Hello! Mrs Grabham, a shorter than normal week was had by me, nevertheless, a good one! At the beginning of the week we were very busy with or maths learning, in particular counting in 2's, 5's and 10's to help us solve practical multiplication problems. The children found this quite challenging, but impressed me with how hard they tried. Any practise counting in 2's, 5's and 10's that you can squeeze in with your child would be great - both forwards and backwards - thank you.

The highlight of the beginning of the week, was definitely working on the laptops using software called '2animate'. The children had great fun creating their own animation with a partner and we all thoroughly enjoyed watching each others short film too.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and I shall see you all on Monday for another busy week.  As always, don't hesitate to catch either myself or Mrs King on the playground with any questions etc. 

Hello there - Mrs King here.

We had a great end to the week.

Wednesday afternoon we had Kim and Sue, PE specialists, come and take a special PE lesson. The focus was on developing ball skills - rolling, throwing, catching and striking. Elm Class really enjoyed this and the lesson was very fast-paced, they learned a lot!

On Thursday pupils had a great time learning about what an election means and participating in our school one. We set up a polling station with a booth and ballot box (see photos below) and all pupils voted. In Key Stage 1 that was on an issue that affected them directly - what they would do at a special playtime. The choices were hoops, balls or dressing up. Pupils voted in strict privacy after talking about what they supported and designing posters. Balls was chosen and next week will be enjoyed one afternoon! We found that pupils enjoyed making their own vote and hopefuly understood more about the national general election due to having their own experience.

On Thursday afternoon pupils spent the afternoon exploring the musical instruments. We focused on the job of a conductor and did some conducted singing and watched videos of them leading orchestras. After this we produced a piece of music for a short Charlie Chaplin film - each child had a sound effect to make and had to really focus in silence in order to make their sound at the right time. There were tiger noises, lion yawning noises, tiptoing noises and plenty of others.

In our RE today we discussed people who care for us and made thank-you cards so please check book bags for notes to family members, friends and even a dentist!

Can I echo Mrs Grabham's suggestion about counting and recommend for Maths games.

Have a super weekend. Next week we will be exploring healthy eating!

See you soon.

Mrs King


I can't believe it's this time in the week again......time flies by! I hear that all of the children did a fantastic job in the class assembly, so well done to you all!

This week we have been busy pretending to be Baby Bear, writing a letter to Goldilocks. It was interesting to see the variety of different view points of the children (Baby Bear!). Some were not happy at all that their things had been used and even broken, whereas others were very forgiving!

In maths we have been practising writing numbers 1-20 in words, as well as looking at capacity. The children have had great fun exploring capacity in the outdoor area.

So far this week in PE we have enjoyed sprinting and began to perfect a standing long jump! It has been great to be able to get out on the field. It'll be sports day before we know it!

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend, and I will see you on Tuesday!

Mrs Grabham

We have had a lovely end to the week in Elm Class. In Maths we were bust investigating capacity. Pupils predicted how many cups a container could hold and then measured it by pouring water into them. They were surprised how hard it was to accuraely predict and we had a discussion that it is OK to estimate wrongly as we learn from doing it!

In English we learnt to write invitations and what important information to include. We have also been focusing on exclamation marks and using them in different ways to express strong emotions. Some pupils even had a go at putting them into speech! Our 'big writes' have been based on silent short films this term - ask your child to describe some of the interesting films we have seen.

Mrs Jefferies helped the class look for signs of Spring in Forest School yesterday and they found some interesting insects, flowers, bugs and leaves. See the pictures below.

We used a fun and interesting phonics game this week at - do have a look at home and challenge your child to get five out of five!

See you next week - as ever, please catch me on the playground with any questions.

Mrs King


Hello! We have had another busy week so far......

Monday was great fun where lots of us dressed up as our favourite book character. I enjoyed spending the day as Where's Wally, and I know lots of the children were very excited to be coming to school in their costumes! I was very impressed with all the children's costumes - they looked great.

Thank you to those parents/Aunties that came into school to share the story writing experience with their child. We had a fab start to the day watching children act out part of their favourite story. We even got to sample some 'frobscottle' (known as lemonade to you and I!) as we had the BFG in our classroom!! I won't put on here what 'frobscottle' is supposed to make you do, but I'm sure if you ask your child they will fill you in!!! The day then continued with children writing part of their favourite story and moving on to describing their favourite character. Wow - it was a busy, literacy filled morning!  The afternoon was spent transforming our classroom door into the front cover of the book 'Elmer'. We spent some time talking about how Elmer was different to the other elephants in his herd and what made Elmer special.  The children all then thought about why they are special and wrote this on a coloured, square piece of paper to add to the classroom door.  We really are a very special bunch!

We have been very busy practising for our class assembly which is tomorrow (Thursday). Don't forget to come along! It's a shame I won't be there to see it. Good luck all!

That's it from me for now. Have a fantastic rest of the week, and I shall see you all on Monday.

Mrs Grabham

Hello there!
Thanks toall of the children's input our class assembly went really well! They are super singers, actors and what a dragon. I think all children enjoyed their moment in the spotlight and delivered their lines well.

We had a more relaxing day on Friday after all of therehearsals and finished off our learning about Charlie Chaplin. His films were very popular with the class. We also looked at finger spaces and some children even had a go at speech marks in Maths.

Childrenhave also been enjoying using our cinema role-play area and measuring and weighing the popcorn. Good fun!

Mrs King

We have had a fantastic start to the new term!  Monday was our very exciting 'Big Bang Popcorn' day.  The children had great fun rotating around activities in the whole of the key stage, spending time back in reception, as well as venturing to year 2. They tasted different popcorn flavours, deciding which they liked best, as well as making a popcorn container and collaging a photo frame - they were very busy!

Some time has been spent learning the story of St. George and the Dragon in preparation for our class assembly (next Thurs 23rd) as it happens to fall on St. George's day.  We learnt that a red rose is England's national flower and all made a paper rose which challenged fine motor skills somewhat!

We've also been busy learning how to tell the time to the hour and half past as well as linking this to the time that things happen in school each day.  

Thank you very much for all the lovely Easter home learning that was sent in.  As always, the children really enjoyed showing off what they had been up to!

Have a great rest of the week. I will see you all on Monday, where we kick off the week celebrating world book day for the morning, with dressing up and story writing! 

Mrs Grabham

Hello there,

Mrs King here! We had a busy and fun-filled end of the week. I won't go into too much detail as it should be a surprise, but we are creating a fantastic class assembly to show you on Thursday. Lots of time was spent going through the script and working out our acting - so well done Year 1 for bearing with us during rehearsals!

In PE this week we worked on our catching and throwing skills as we will be playing some team games using them later this term. This is of course something that you could easily practise at home if you know your child finds it tricky!

We have started thinking about our topic which is Films and Cinemas. The children were initially a bit dubious when I told them they would be watching a film that was nearly 100 years old ("will it be black and white?") but once they saw how funny Charlie Chaplin's slapstick performance was, they were converted. All did some super writing re-telling the story in their own words.

This coming week:
  • Dressing up as a book character on Monday
  • Class photos on Tuesday
  • Visit to the Life Skills Bus on Wednesday
  • Class assembly 2.45 on Thursday

Looking forward to showing you what we have been up to next week! As ever please catch either of us on the playground before the whistle if you have any concerns or queries.

Mrs King