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So.. it's term 6 already! Our new Big Question is: 


What was Bitton like in the past? 




This week in Sycamore Class we have been solving problems in maths with all four operations. We have been getting better at doing calculations with decimal points in. This has meant we have been using our column method for addition and subtraction and the bus stop method for division.
In English we have spent all week learning how to spell words with silent letters in (by doing fun things like crosswords and snakes and ladders!) We each wrote a story with as many words with silent letters in as we could and then peer marked each other’s work, looking for the words.
In History we have been looking at Bitton in the past - we used the internet to research facts and find other sources that backed them up. We found this quite hard but understand this is an important part of being a historian.
In science we continued our bacteria experiments, and we're really looking forward to our trip to UWE!

Wow! What an amazing end of term 5! Sycamore class showed off their enterprising skills by answering the Big Question 'Can I run a restaurant?' With a big fat YES this week when they worked in small groups to create a menu, and then make some of their dishes, for year 2 to come and buy. 

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The class learnt all about making healthy choices in their food and about seasonal availability of certain fruits and veg; it's safe to say we all learnt something new! Miss Miller included! Check out the gallery for some more photos of our awesome cafes!


Hello everyone! Mr Burke here. Firstly it is wonderful to be back at the Meadows and it has been lovely to see all your children again. We have had a busy week in my first week back. In Literacy we have been focussing on the introduction and middle sections of our Roald Dahl inspired stories, making sure that they link up nicely with a focus on including speech and semi colons and colons. This has involved lots of editing from the children both of their own work but also of each others. I have been really impressed with their positive approach to help each other improve their stories culminating on Friday with them starting to type up the beginning sections of their stories. In maths we have been really focussing on division using the chunking method. The children have got a solid grasp of this now and next week we will be bringing this learning into real world scenarios whilst looking at two step word problems. The children have also spent time doing art, seeing what different effects they could create using paint brushes and we spent an afternoon looking at what it means to live a healthy lifestyle with a focus on diets. I have also been doing all the guided reading sessions throughout the week and read with lots of children individually, all of whom have come on greatly since I was last here before Christmas.
Happy Easter! 
Term 4 is nearly over!
This week, Sycamore class have been learning to add and subtract powers of ten. This means: 
"if you have 10 to the power of 2, that means 10 x 10 = 100. Ten to the power of three is 1000 because 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000. There's a smaller way of writing it... you write the power as a small number above the 10."  - Lennon

On Thursday we went to St Mary's church to do an Easter trail. 
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"We learnt about the holy week. The start of it is Palm Sunday, and on the Friday, which is called Good Friday, it's good for us but was sad for Jesus, as this was the day he was crucified. However, he rose again." - Isabelle 

On Friday, we recapped what we knew about place value and did some tricky work with Roman Numerals! 
"I learnt that if you have 1000 in Roman Numerals, you can put a line above the numbers that represent the thousand. For example you would write VIII for 8000" - Seb 

At the start of the week, we carried on developing our investigative skills by finding out that an irreversible change has happened when a new substance has been formed. We showed this by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in a bottle covered by a balloon, and the balloon was blown up by the new substance - carbon dioxide! We worked through each stage of the experiment methodically, and Miss Miller was really impressed by they way we evaluated our experiments, commenting on how we could improve it. She was especially excited about James S' evaluation, and it even won him a star award! 

  Term 4 has so far been lots of fun in Sycamore class! We kicked off our new Big Question (which is what happens when I flush the loo?) by visiting the water treatment work in Saltford. We spent an informative day discovering what happens to water from the moment it does down the drain, including methods of water treatment, what should and shouldn't do down the drain or toilet, and we even had the opportunity to develop our investigative skills in completing an investigation before lunch.  Dylan and Lennon report: "we went to the Saltford water works and talked about what went down the toilet after that we went outside and looked at the machines and saw the stuff that went down into the sewer and the toilet (IT SMELT REALLY  BAD)" 



Since then, we've looked scientifically into the water cycle and can now describe what happens to water particles as they change when they're evaporated, condensed, frozen or melted. Ask us, we're experts now! We've also investigated soaps with exfoliating beads in. At the water treatment works, we found that some things shouldn't go down the drain, and the exfoliating beads are often made of plastic, so end up polluting the water and even end up in the food chain! Yuck! Luckily we discovered which soap has the least in! We have certainly proved ourselves to be excellent scientists this term. We know how and why it's important to carry out a fair test and which variables to control. 

Dylan and Lennon explain what's been going on in maths:
" In year 5 maths we have been learning about rotational symmetry.
We had to try to rotate the shape and count how many turns it could do. Also in maths we learnt roman numerals to 1000 (also known in roman numerals as M) And we learnt lines of symmetry we had to try and find how many lines there were in that shape."

And we've had a real focus on grammar in English, as well as finishing off our Cindy, Ann and Bones project. 

Keep up the good work Sycamore! 

Welcome back Sycamore Class! 

In our final week of term 3, which has gone very quickly, we continued our Cindy, Ann and Bones English topic by refining our acted scenes and writing diary entries as if we were the hostages. Miss Miller was exceptionally impressed with our choice of language and sentence structure! We continued to learn more about decimals, fractions and percentages by looking at the percentages that are equivalent to the fractions and decimals that we know. We each created a little news update to share with you, and if you check down in the gallery, you can watch Kane, Olivia and Ava give you a run down of the weeks events! 

Scroll down to see what we have been doing over term three...

The most exciting thing that we have experienced this week was our amazing Ancient Egyptian day! We learnt a lot about daily life in Ancient Egypt, including about mummies and mummification, Canopic jars, stone drawings, pyramids, oil lamps, and wax cones! Ask any of us about these things as we are now filled with knowledge about Ancient Egypt! We had an awesome day recreating some of these things; it was an unforgettable day! 

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In our geography work, we have been learning a lot more about Norway and comparing it to Bristol. We showed off how much we know about the differences between the human and physical geography in the two places by making some 'Barnaby Bear' inspired booklets for year 2.
In English last week we were practicing a performance about Cindy Ann and Bones. We did this after writing scripts for the scenes. We studied features of scripts as well before we started.  Next week we are going to be looking more at narrative (that's stories) and we'll be writing our own. It's all part of the Cindy, Ann and Bones Project. 
In maths we have been doing some line graphs comparing our pulse rate and whether simulated exercise makes our pulse go faster than real exercise. Once we made the graphs, we wrote some questions for each other to analyse them. We've also been looking at decimals and have been working on our place value knowledge for numbers with up to two decimal places. 
 In PE we have making up some dances to get better
At our control and coordination to Harry Potter music. We also learnt  a dance to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and we're going to finish it off by making up our own sections next week. 
In our school we have got a few members of parliament visited London to go into the houses of parliament and look around. They all met Chris Skidmore. They also saw Big Ben. It took them 6 hours to get there and back.
This Sycamore class update was brought to you by Josh, T.Jay and Miss Miller!

We've had a new addition to Sycamore class this term...

Hello! My name is Kaukab Najib and I am a student teacher at UWE. I will be working with your children in Year 5 (Sycamore) class during spring term. In past two weeks children have made me feel welcome and have shown how committed and enthusiastic they are about their learning. I am feeling very excited to be here at The Meadows and appreciate the opportunity to learn and teach at such an great school. Please feel free to come and chat with me in the playground if you want to!



This term are big question is: where can I see the Northern lights? When we got back we made posters to show the difference between Trondheim in Norway and Bristol UK. We also had a visitor (our lovely Governor Mrs Strong) to tell us more about Norway & the Northern lights.
In maths we are learning to do the grid method &
what a square and cube number is. A square number
it a number that is x on its self. A cube number is when you x a number 3 times by its self.
In literacy we are doing a project on Cindy, Ann & Bones story & are making a movie about it. We have done letters & introductions of the characters & Amy’s was funniest!
In French we are learning weather & to say different types of furniture & to count up to 40!
Antonia & Guy





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Kane, Olivia and Ava

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