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Big bang
Our first week back at school was amazing. For our Big Bang we went to Willsbridge Mill. We had so much fun. We went on a nature walk, and did raft building and dam building. On the nature walk we saw evidence of a quarry and lots of bugs. When we did dam building some children did it out of rocks and others used sticks!
European languages day
European languages day was a national day we have at school. It is a fun day for all of the kids. It’s where all of us get split up into different classes which study different countries. We really enjoyed French doing miming.
Grandparent’s Day
On grandparents day we had lots of fun. We made miniature gardens and the grandparents made us all smile and they helped us with our gardens.
We all had a go at doing a river painting. Personally, our favourite was Archie’s sun set painting. The reason why we did this was to show that we could use our brushes properly. We also all had a go at a self portrait using lentils, kidney beans, pasta, chick peas and black peppercorns.
Lately we’ve been doing adventure stories about our dream future. My dream is to go to Australia and hire a plane, fly around Australia, land in the jungle and fight a crocodile!
The sharks swimming group have completed their personal survival swimming badge. We have also had some visitors from different secondary schools to teach us Pop Lacrosse which is a really fun game where you have a stick and a ball and you need to get the ball in the other goal. We have also been lucky enough to do ‘bike ability’. We rode to the church on the road, I know, scary huh? We’ve already completed level 1, now we’re working towards level 2. We have also been doing gymnastics, we’ve been doing stretches, movements and balances.
Children in need
Last week we had a special day for Children in Need. We all dressed up in are pyjamas! We raised a lot of money for a really good cause.
Benjamin Britten Concert
We were very lucky to be invited to Colston hall. We had a brilliant time learning all the songs beforehand and we all sang brilliantly at the concert.
In our school we are very lucky to have after-school clubs. There is Netball, Football, Sewing, Card making, Maths homework club, Choir, Judo and Eco club. All of them are brilliant!
Class Targets
Read at least once a day. Write new and interesting words in your Reading diary.
Use imaginative and ambitious vocabulary (and spell correctly!).
Use a range of punctuation accurately and for effect.
CL . ? ! , “ “ ‘ ( ) -   : ; …
Rapidly recall multiplication and division facts up to 10 x 10.
(The 144 club)
New responsibilities!
Year 5 have new responsibilities. They are looking after the chickens, morning toast and snack duties, moving the lunchbox trolleys and organising the playtime equipment. Some children are ambassadors for subjects and take pictures to find out what’s been happening in other classes.

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Off with their heads! Big bang day

On Tuesday 7th January, KS2 went down to the hall to watch a play by the teachers. After that we went into our house groups and went to the classrooms.

Straight after we were put into groups of four. Badgers started in the Banquet room, Hedgehogs in the Bottlery, Foxes in the Courtyard and Otters in the Tiring room.

In the Banquet room it was gross because we had to put our hands in jelly, porridge and beans. Yuck! We had to pull pieces of paper with pictures on out of the food.

It was fun in the Bottlery solving a mystery. Miss Sanders and Miss Richter were with us. We finally solved it, it took us about 20 minutes.

In the Courtyard with Miss Webb we did a lot of Maths to solve problems.


Family Trees

Creating family trees was really fun. You could have your parents in to help with your past, it was very nice. I loved it all because it was fun to recap when your ancestors were born. Quotes:

  ‘It was really fun because we learned about our family.’  Danielle

  ‘It was really enjoyable, my favourite part was finding out who was in my family.’ Francesca

‘I thought it was a really good idea to learn about your life history.’ Niamh

‘I think it was fun that we could find out about the olden days.’ Ben

‘I enjoyed it, making it with my Nan and knowing a bit more about my family a long time ago.’ Kayla

The best bit was you could go back a long time ago when you weren’t even born! It was the best day ever to learn about my family and when I was younger.


Bitton’s got Talent

On Wednesday 12th February it was ‘Bitton’s got talent.’

Everyone was really excited and it was bizarre. Mrs Harding was dressed as the beautiful Sharon Osborne; Miss Burt was Lady Gaga dressed in a meat dress (yummy!), Gary day was Louis Walsh and Rob the caretaker was Simon Cowell (boo!)

The winners on the night were Daisy Cullimore (the magic cat) and Olivia Swick (the cup singer). All the entrants tried their hardest to get to the grand final but these two won the trophy on the night and it was out of this world.


Model Tudor houses 

A couple weeks ago we were building our Tudor houses. It was really fun and creative. The best thing was when you could make your very own design like extra touches at the end, it was super fun work. Everyone worked very well in a team.

The hardest bit was putting the white card on. It wasn’t that hard but it wasn’t easy that much.

The Tudor buildings were completely amazing. We could have done it all day long it was spectacular and fun. Thank you to all the parents and relatives that helped.

Our class assembly       

We enjoyed our class assembly showing off amazing Tudor art work, our beautiful portraits that were made out of lentils and our model Tudor houses. We also showed off some fabulous Tudor dances and some cool facts about the Tudors. 

This week in Sycamore we have been writing our very own play scripts of Romeo and Juliet and acted them out to the whole school. We either did scene two or scene three. They were all very good and funny. The characters in scene two and three are Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, Tybalt, and Benvolio. We have been fascinated by Shakespeare’s plays. Shakespeare’s plays were performed in the Globe Theatre. All the parents should know this seeing as you loved watching them. 

Big Bang Day
On the 22nd April year 3,4 and 5 had our big bang day. Our big bang day was all about South America and Carnivals.
For our carnival activities there were four different choices, they were samba drumming, majorettes, mask making and float making. In Majorettes we had lots of fun learning a routine to perform at the carnival.

This term in Year 5 we have been doing lots of exciting stuff, we’ve been on some school trips and we’ve also had lots of visitors.
SBL taster day
On the 24th June, Year 5 went on a school trip to SBL School to see what it’s like being in a secondary School. Year 5 had a few lessons on Spanish which was really fun. After that we had an assembly so we could see what it was like. Some of the Year 7’s read out some of their stories.
Oldfield Science afternoon
At Oldfield we used Bunsen burners to evaporate rock salt from water. We learnt how to be safe and how the safety flame works- when the flame is blue it is hotter than the yellow flame. We also learned how to dissolve things in water.

Last week we celebrated one hundred years since WW1, and we decided to do screen painting. Mrs Jefferies came to teach us because Mr Wichard went on camp with Year six. When we started, we only did the back ground, Mrs Jefferies said it will look better. Mrs Jefferies was very helpful to all of us by bringing in WW1 photos- a lot of children chose a magical sun set.

Sports day
On Monday 14th July we had our sports day on the field. It was a really nice day and everyone was joining in with all the activities. The children had to do shot-put, javelin, discus and long jump. The year 6’s did a great job helping the younger ones by showing them what to do and cheering them on. 

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