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Welcome to Sycamore!


It’s fair to say that Sycamore class is enjoying this term’s Cops ‘n’ Robbers topic. In the first couple weeks alone, Year 5 learners became Crime Scene Investigators, detectives, forensic scientists, reporters and crime novelists.

Exploring this exciting topic further, Year 5 learners have also become crime researchers, 'Mystery Maths' problem solvers, artists (attempting movement/crime in drawings), pop- up book makers, singers and dancers (in our Bugsy Malone extravaganza).

Children in Sycamore class have also enjoyed whole school events such as Maths workshops, European morning and Breakfast, Sports Day, Grandparents Day and Harvest Festival. What a busy term!

Unfortunately Mr Wichard has been sacked from the website (not really) and we will be taking over. Our names are Annabelle and Amelia…..he he he
Pop- up books
We started off with making pop-up books about a crime. We made them in groups of fours and threes and they turned out amazing. There were some real wacky ideas like Rapunzel getting trapped in a church and dragons flying around Bitton! Then we read them with Year 2 and they went bonkers for them!


Home learning celebrations
Every term we get to share our home learning to the whole class and Mr Wichard. We get given a sheet with loads of different activities to do with different subjects. We can choose what we want to do and how many we want to do. The teachers call it the pick and mix (not the sweets!)


Board games
Next up we were making board games in groups that we could pick. They were all really random like robonoply. It was a really cool game by Joshua. When we had finally finished, we all had a turn playing everyone’s games.


@Bristol school trip
After all of that, we went on a school trip to @Bristol to do forensic science. We were allowed to go round @Bristol and play with all the science things that were out, it was really exciting, everyone loved it! Then after that we split up and went into two different rooms where there was a person in each room who taught us about the different ways to do forensic science so we had a go at it.


Bedtime day
This day was epic, we got to come into school with our pyjamas on and we got to bring our teddies as well. It was so funny; we even went out to play in them! The reason that we did this was because we wanted to raise some money for the children living in Gaza. The money was to help buy food for them in schools.


Parachute making and testing
This day was really fun, we got to make our own parachutes and learn all about what material, size and numbers of strings, to try and make the parachute float the longest.


Building bridges
Quite recently, we got into groups to make bridges exactly the way that Brunel did it. They looked fabulous (especially ours!) We think they’re so good that, mini people and cars could actually travel on it. We got to decorate our bridges using lots of different things like paint, lollipop sticks and loads more.


Cooking with Mrs Byrne

Every Friday a group of children go out cooking with Mrs Byrne. We make different types of food and it is really fun. In the past we’ve made cheese straws, Christmas cookies and cheese and vegetable pizza. They were very yummy indeed! If you’d like to help Mrs Byrne on a Friday morning we’re sure she will appreciate it!


These last two terms, Key stage 2 have been learning about forces all around us. The topic is called ‘May the force be with you!’ We’ve been learning about gravity, up thrust, air resistance, water resistance and a load more! Because of this topic, we’ve been doing A LOT of science! We have been learning about electricity and the forces in magnets. Also, we have been doing safety with electricity and the dangers of it. We have made posters to show how to handle plugs and other electric devices safely. 


We have been reading and writing a lot of poetry this term. We have mostly made shape poems. We have done a shape poem on Felix the freefall sky diver, who jumped from the edge of space, and 2D and 3D bridge poems. 


Big bang day (curry tasting)
Hi Amelia here, I loved this day it was the yummiest day of my life! We got to eat lots of curry, onion bhaji, samosas, naan bread and popadons. YUM! There was also a really hot curry called madras.


Making masks
Hi, Annabelle is here now and I really enjoyed making masks, I made a peacock and my friend made a really good tiger. It almost looked real! Other people made elephants, snakes, monkeys and cows!


Miss Skuse
It’s both of us now and we are going to talk about our student teacher. She’s left now so we are very sad! She taught us so she could become a proper teacher and she had to be judged to see if she was up for it! The answer was a yes so she is now hoping to find a job.


Indian folk tales
Annabelle again and I’m going to tell you about us writing our Indian folk tales. All of them have to have morals of course! My moral was that when you’re rich, you’re not always as happy. Amelia’s was don’t steal stuff (boring or what!).


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Picture 11 CSI
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Picture 14 What's happened here?
Picture 15 Designing and testing pop-up mechanisms and levers
Picture 16 Bugsy Malone rehearsal
Picture 17 Bugsy Malone rehearsal
Picture 18 Bugsy Malone performance
Picture 19 Bugsy Malone performance
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Picture 21 Pop-up books
Picture 22 Home learning celebrations
Picture 23 Home learning celebrations
Picture 24 Home learning celebrations
Picture 25 Home learning celebrations
Picture 26 Sharing books with KS1
Picture 27 Designing boardgames
Picture 28 Cooking with Mrs Byrne
Picture 29 Boardgames
Picture 30 Bedtime story day
Picture 31 @Bristol Trip
Picture 32 @Bristol Trip
Picture 33 @Bristol Trip
Picture 34 Testing parachutes
Picture 35 Making parachutes
Picture 36 Testing paper bridges
Picture 37 Making bridges
Picture 38 Making bridges
Picture 39 Making bridges
Picture 40 Making bridges
Picture 41 Beam bridge
Picture 42 Suspension bridge
Picture 43 Suspension bridge
Picture 44 Suspension bridge
Picture 45 Cable stayed bridge
Picture 46 Suspension bridge