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Tea at Three Get-Togethers

Once every term, parents with children on our DSEN register are invited into school for 'tea at three'.  It' s an opportunity for parents to meet with the school SENCO, PSA and DSEN Governor whilst meeting other parents.
As we drink tea we bring parents up to date on the latest information, guidance and legislation, develop school provision, look at training opportunities for staff and parents, find out about support networks and to develop a safe area to ‘off-load’.

We will be meeting six times this year.  Each meeting will be held in the library from 2:45 - 3:30. The dates for this year are:
Term 1 = Wednesday 19th October 2016
Term 2 = Wednesday 23rd November 2016
Term 3 = Wednesday 1st February 2017
Term 4 = Wednesday 29th March 2017* (replaces 5.4.17 date) 

Term 5 = Wednesday 24th May 2017

Term 6 = Wednesday 5th July 2017

If you are able to attend any of the meetings then we would love to see you there.  Texts will be sent out nearer the time and remember to look on the weekly newsletters for reminders.
If you are unable to attend then the minutes from all our 'get-togethers' will be saved below.


*Educational Psychologist to attend.