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Term 5


Week 4

On Wednesday KS1 had a visit from a Dentist. Miss Naylor arranged the the visit which meant that the children had a first hand experience to develop their learning about teeth and how to care for them. Year 2 asked some fantastic questions and really enjoyed themselves.

We have been looking at story writing this week with special attention to description and the use of connectives in our writing. We have been using the story of 'Burglar Bill' to help us explore our word choice and how these words make a difference to the piece that we are writing. The theme of story writing will continue next week.

Maths has been looking at problem solving using money. The children have also been exploring angles, especially right angles. The children were challenged to find right angles with their 'Angle Monster'. Some of the children also looked at grouping angles in obtuse, acute and right angles. Ask your child if they can find an obtuse angle around the home.

Throughout this term and the beginning of next term the children will be doing special activities linked to their learning to show their understanding and application. This is part of what happens in Year 2 but only only a small part of the assessment process.

Week 2 & 3

Many apologies for not updating this web page over the last couple of weeks- as ever school life has been hectic.
We had a two week focus on non-fiction writing and identifying the features of a non-fiction book. We used our topic of dinosaurs to help us deepen our understanding. Following several session learning about dinosaurs and looking at how to present non-fiction writing the children worked in pairs and produced a PowerPoint page. They learnt new skills and applied these to their page.

The children have also been looking at when the dinosaurs lived and trying to place a variety of dinosaurs on a time line. Ask your child about the different periods that dinosaurs lived in and what 'MYA' stands for.

Maths has seen a great focus on measuring and how to be accurate, understanding what 2 metres actually looks like. Miss Naylor led a session on the playground drawing a variety of dinosaurs to specific measurements- obviously they were not to scale!!

We mustn't forget 'Dino Man' who worked with the children on some exciting activities.

Week 1

Welcome back to Term 5! Although this is a very short term there is much to do- only 23 days!!
We hope you had a great Easter and didn't eat too many chocolate eggs! We welcome back Miss Naylor who will be teaching the class for most of the next 9 weeks, I will still be around and will use the opportunity to work with small groups to boost and support learning.
Class photo's are on Friday 25th April

Week 1 was certainly a great start to the new term- we had a great big bang with a visiting dinosaur in the hall! The children planned, painted and wrote about a dinosaur of their own creation.
There was a heavy art influence to the week, there was a focus on texture and how to create texture when creating their dinosaurs. The children had a chance to experience different ways to create texture- paint with washings powder in it, pasta shapes, string, wool, jelly and many other different items and techniques. Their final piece will be part of a competition to be judged on Monday.

Next week we will be continuing with our dinosaur theme. The children will be conducting safe research using the Internet, saving information which they will need to retrieve the following week. The children will be continuing with practising their measuring skills as well as building on their number bond knowledge (20's, 100's and 1000's).
In English the children will be developing and writing in the style of non-fiction writing, selecting good words that describe dinosaurs.
To try and help the children understand how long ago the dinosaurs roamed the planet we will be looking at the three periods that make up that time and placing them on a timeline.
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Term 4


Week 5

This week we had a new member of the teaching team in Ash Class. Miss Naylor joined us form UWE. This is Miss Naylor's final placement on her P.G.C.E. and will complete her course when she finishes with us in June. Miss Naylor will be back with us at the start of Term 5 and will be building up to teaching the whole class for most of the week. I will still be around and closely working with Miss Naylor. I will also be working with small groups of children during this time.



This week saw the children write poetry based on Africa. They looked at and tried to use alliteration and similes. On Wednesday we listened to some music to help us use our imaginations in order to create a word bank of descriptive words.

Maths had a focus of symmetry where we looked at African masks and then tried to design our own with a single line of symmetry. In the skills sessions this week we looked at using subtraction and addition to solve word problems. On Friday the children had a go at some mental maths questions, this is something that we will be looking at during Term 5 and 6.

The big focus was our Art this week. We looked at some African figures and thought about how to create our own figures by using a variety of printing techniques.
Miss Naylor assisted the children with the printing and I'm sure you will agree that the children have created some fantastic pictures. Please have a look at the folder below to see most of the pictures.

Next week is the final week of term. Please can all Home Learning books be in school along with any learning. We will be looking at the Easter story as well as a session in the Life Education bus. Don't forget the Easter Egg competition on Friday!

Week 4

This week has seen a science focus in the children's learning. On Wednesday we were looking at how heat changes every day materials such as sugar. In order for the children to see the effect that heat has on sugar they made toffee apples. This investigation was followed up on Thursday, with Miss Webb, by looking at how materials change when they are cooled. Ask your children what they did and how they used data to create a bar graph by using a website.

In maths the children have been looking at doubling and halving and using a number line to subtract one number from another. At the moment we are really looking at the skills that the children need in order to complete a variety of mathematical questions.

'Anansi the Spider' was our book of the week, we got to know it well at the beginning of the week. We then went on to plan a story based on the book. Wednesday was the 'big write' session where the children got to write their stories using their plans.

Baby Oleg has had the pleasure of having 3 sleep overs so far. Many thanks to those parents who have supported this PSHE initiative and talked to their children about how to care for others. I look forward to hearing more about Baby Oleg's antics!

Next week we will be writing poetry, looking at symmetry in maths and lots and lots of art.

Week 3

I must start by congratulating Year 2 on their fantastic class assembly on Thursday- they said their words so clearly and knew when to do their part of the assembly. The children said what they wanted to do and made lots of suggestions as to what should be included- virtually everything they said was their ideas- well done to you all!

Although we did spend time practising the assembly we did find time to do learning. We used 'Handa's surprise' to help us with our maths and our writing. On Monday all the children got to taste the different fruits that are mentioned in the story. They then asked 15 children in the class what their favourite fruit was and then used that data to create a bar graph.

This week we focused on diary writing and what a good diary entry should look like. On Friday the children had to write an entry as if they were Handa, from in the story. They had to think how Handa felt about all the fruit being taken by the different animals. They had a check list to tick off all the features that they used.

You will hopefully find a letter coming home today about a new member of the class- Oleg! Oleg is a meerkat who will be visiting the children's houses over the next couple of months. This is a Key Stage 1 PSHE initiative, the children are very excited about having Oleg come to visit!



Next week we will be writing a story based on a traditional African story- Anansi the Spider, our maths will be looking at doubling and halving and in science we will be looking at how materials change when they are either heated or cooled.

Week 2

This week feels like it has gone in flash.

We started off the week looking at the River Nile- we found out which countries it flows through and how it supports life. In Egypt we learnt that the water is used as a food source, a way of helping the farmers crops to grow and many other interesting things.

We looked at reading the time and some of the children were reading the time to 5 minute intervals- Wow!! Also in our maths learning we were developing our mental maths strategies by adding 9 or 11 to a two digit number. To help us we either added 10 or subtracted 10 as this is generally easier and then either adding or subtracting one to find the correct answer. Some children did find this tricky but they do need to persevere as it will help then once they have perfected the strategy.

On Thursday we had a great Literacy day looking at and using connectives in our writing. We were challenging each other to move beyond 'and' and 'because'. Some of the children were using 'eventually', 'finally', 'after that' and many other different types of connectives. I'm really looking forward to our next long writing session to see how many fantastic connectives I can find!! Use the link below to see which connective should be used in the 'Balloon connective' game.

Next week we will be working hard to perfect our class assembly which is on Thursday at 2:45pm- I really hope that you can make it. On Friday I asked the children what they wanted to do and what should be in it. It will be a journey down memory lane based on the learning journey to date.....

Week 1

Our new topic for term 4 is...Africa. We have some great activities planned for this term. We get off to a great start on Tuesday with a visiting company who will lead two workshops for each Key Stage 1 class. One workshop will be on African drumming and the other will be on African mask painting. This will be a fantastic day and a great way to start off our topic.

Also this week we will be looking in more detail at African music, an introduction to Africa and trying to answer the children's questions that they may have, as well as the geography of this vast continent. We will also have a go at writing our own chants to go with the music that we will be composing. In maths we will be using a 100 square and exploring some number facts.

.....Week one was certainly very musical. I hope that you enjoyed the performance on Tuesday, I thought that they all did really well with the drumming considering they were learning for only about half an hour. We have put the masks up for all to share- they will come home at the end of the term. Music continued on Thursday in my absence with Mrs Pearce. The children also put rhythm on 100 square! Well done.

Next week we will be developing our geography skills by looking in more depth at Africa- rain forests, rivers and Savannah's. In maths we will be learning through the Masai Mara tribe about time- a day in the life of a member of the Masai Mara tribe. In literacy the children will be looking at comparing two locations in Kenya- a girl who goes to school in Nairobi and a girl who schools in a small village.

We will also be thinking about our class assembly in a couple of weeks time.....13th March at 2:45pm



Week 5

Wow!! what a great end to the week we have had- an exploration in the 'Explorer Dome' All of Key Stage 1 had a session in the dome, we were taken through the a Greek story about the moon, identified Orion's belt as well as looking at many other constellations. The class were great and the two hosts were amazed at the children's knowledge. Why not ask them what they learnt? Also ask them if they can make up their own story about one of the constellations?



This saw a history focus, we learnt about the moon landings and who the first men on the moon were. We researched lots of information about space and then created our own non-fiction page.
The children were very interested about the moon landings and remembered lots of facts and details.

In maths we looked at weight and place value. The children practised partitioning numbers into tens and units. They also had to write the numbers in words and figures.

We have started sharing the home learning- I must say that it is very creative! We have a wide range from an astronauts helmet to hanging solar systems. We will continue to share the learning next week.

Our learning next week will be around 'moon buggies' the children will be making their own, testing them in an experiment and then looking at the data that will be collected as a result of the investigation. There will be lots of maths learning linked to the making of the buggies- measuring, weighing and 3D solids.

Also next week is the parents E-safety workshop on Wednesday- please come along if you can as there will be lots of advice and information about how to keep your child/ren safe when using the Internet.


Week 4

This week saw the children's learning develop around the solar system. They made a fantastic collage of the solar system using spheres. They covered balls with different materials which matched the correct colour of their given planet. At the beginning of the week the children looked at the different properties of materials and which ones could be used in their collage, the had to give reasons why they might use a material or in deed why they may not use a material.

In maths we have looked at 3D solids- we talked about each solids properties, how many edges, vertices or faces. They also went on to match pictures of 3D solids with their names and their properties. Also in maths we looked at doubling and halving and how we can use multiplying and dividing by 2 to find half or double of a number. Some children also went on to partition two digit numbers in order to find one half.

We also had a short session looking at who God is and what he/she may look like. We read Nick Butterworth's book- Wonderful Earth. The children discussed this topic with maturity and many were happy to share their own ideas and thoughts- very good for a rainy Friday afternoon!!

Next week we will be learning through the moon landings. In maths we will be looking at weight- comparing and estimating. In history the focus turns to saying what happened in the past and when it happened. Literacy will see the children experiment with some non-fiction writing around the moon landings.

Also next week I hope to see as many of you as possible during our parent consultation evenings. At the end of the week there will be an explorer dome in the hall for Key Stage 1. I'm really looking forward to that experience!

Week 2 & 3

Many apologies for not updating the class web page last week- I will merge the two weeks so that you have an idea of what we have been getting up to.

Over the two weeks we have been looking at multiples of 2, 5 and 10. The children have been focusing on the skills needed to not only learn what a multiple is but also to apply their understanding to a variety of different questions and problems. We have also been looking at using money and learning to 'give change'.

Literacy has seen us this week learn the story of the Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson. On Wednesday the children spent the day on a carousel of activities linked to the story. One of the activities involved the children focusing on punctuation and how to correctly use it in their writing. They had to base their sentence work on what one of the characters might say.

Last week saw the children design, draw/paint a new character that they then used in a story based on Wallace and Gromits 'A Grand Day Out'. The children could choose how they reproduced their character- pencil, paint or pastels. This week the children got to make their new character using 'Fimo'- they had to follow their design and then evaluate how they had made the character and what they might change next time- can you spot your character below??

Next week we will be looking at the 'solar system'- this will involve leaning about the properties of 3Dsolids, making our own class solar system as a collage as well as more literacy based on the 'Gruffalo's Child'.

Many congratulations to the three acts who performed in todays 'Bitton's Got Talent' semi-final. It was a close call but the two gymnasts just piped the other two acts to the post- Well done to you all.

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Week 1

Welcome back to Term 3 in Ash Class.
I hope that you had a great Christmas and that Santa left you all some lovely presents. Thank you once again for all my gifts and cards- you were so generous.

We start off our new topic- Moon! with some great activities that will continue throughout Tuesday. These will include- cheese biscuit making in the shape of the moon, window pictures and junk modelling rockets. We will begin with a whole Key Stage viewing of 'A Grand Day Out', this will 'launch' our topic and the theme for the next two weeks. We will 'blast off' at a rapid pace and cover many different learning opportunities during this term. Please look out for the new parent's booklet which will go home on Tuesday.

Also this week we will be looking at writing speech bubbles, 3D solids in maths as well as multiplying by 2, 5 and 10. Later on in the week we will be designing and making some new characters that Wallace and Gromit could have met whilst on the moon.

Come back at the end of the week to hear about our landing!

......Well our landing was smooth and very controlled. Well done to Ash class for a good first week back. We have made some great rockets using a range of imaginative items- I hope to suspend then in the corridor leading to the classroom. We also started to make some twig stars in the forest school area on Thursday afternoon- they are a work in progress but we hope to add them to the valley of the rocket next week. Our maths has seen us look at multiples of 2, 5 and 10 as well as looking at odd and even numbers.

Next week will see a focus on maths skills and developing our understanding of multiples further. We will also be designing a new character for Wallace and Gromit to meet whilst on the moon. This character will then also feature in a story that the children will write.

will we have time? Come back next week to find out..... the story will continue!



Week 7

'Are we there yet?'.....Yes!!! Christmas is here and the holidays have started!!

The children have had a really fun week....we cooked on Monday- many thanks to the parents and adults who helped with this. We have made calendars for you to enjoy throughout the year. Wednesday saw us have a great party as a Key Stage. The week came to a gentle close with a visit from a very special person- Can you guess who?? Santa gave Ash class a game- Junior Scrabble.

I hope that you and your family have a great Christmas and a well deserved rest. Next term we start our next topic- Moon!. I have challenged the children to try and do some research about the moon- I'm looking forward to hearing all their facts when they come back on January 7th.

I must finish with a very big 'thank you' for all your kind gifts, my family and I will really enjoy sharing them.

Happy Christmas!!    

Week 6

Week 5 was a high from the play and week 6 was the lull before the end of term!
In literacy we looked at letter writing. We started off by writing a letter to Baby Bear who was worried about his school play. We wrote back reassuring him and telling him about our experiences. We then wrote a letter to Father Christmas- we had to persuade him that we had all been good and that we deserved presents. Some children had to work hard at persuading him than others!!

In RE we looked at the Christmas story and the different meanings hidden in the message. The children tried to say how Mary and Joseph were feeling as they entered Bethlehem.

Maths saw us look at fractions- shapes and numbers. This was quite tricky for some, especially finding quarter of a number- 1/4 of 24. They were more secure on finding half of a number.

Next week we will be cooking on Monday- mince pies and a chocolate treat! We will also be making party hats as well as calendars. On Tuesday we will have our Christmas dinner- children and adults alike. We will also be hearing Key Stage 2 singing carols on Tuesday afternoon. Of course you will be aware that we have the Key Stage 1EYFS party on Wednesday afternoon- the children can bring in party clothes to change into after lunch. I have also heard that there may well be a special visitor on Thursday afternoon- not sure who that could be??

Have a good week!

Week 5

I think that you will agree that the production this year was a great success. A very big congratulations to the Key Stage 1 children but special mention to all the Year 2's- they were fantastic and I was extremely proud of them- I'm sure that you were equally proud of them- Well done Ash Class!!

During the week we did manage to squeeze in some learning. We focused on Hanukkah and how Jewish people celebrate this important festival. We designed and wrote 'Happy Hanukkah' cards as well as learning why and how the the festival started. We also looked at addition and subtraction and using the inverse to check our calculations. The children did initially find it quite challenging but as their learning progressed they became more confident.

Next week we will be looking at the Christmas story and unpicking the real message behind the commercialism of the festival. We will also be looking at letter writing in Literacy and fractions in maths.

Week 4

I really must start by congratulating the children in Ash class for their enthusiasm and dedication with the rehearsals for out Key Stage 1 production. They have sung their hearts out, spoken their words with clarity and made sure they are in the right place on the stage- well done to you all!

Rehearsals have taken up much of the time this week, but this does help the children with their speaking and listening as well as being independent- (diamond power!) We have planned and written stories this week. We read 'The Smartest Giant in Town' by Julia Donaldson and then planned our own version changing the problems that the different animals had. They then went on to write their story using their plans. Many children had the challenge to write in paragraphs whilst others had to use capital letters and full stops.... in the correct place.

Next week we will be sharing our hard work on the production with Key Stage 2 on Monday and you, the parents, on Tuesday and Wednesday at 2pm. I really hope that you will be able to make one of the performances. I'm really proud of the class and wish to share their talent with you, the parents!

We hope to learn about Hanukkah next week, build on our maths skills and write about our play experiences.

I have added some new links at the bottom of this page, please try them out and let me know what you think.

One small request- please try and let the children have a slow weekend as they are tired and excited- never a good mix!

Week 3

'Hey you, come back here......' I'm sure you are more than familiar with our play songs already! The children have been working so hard with their learning of their words and singing their hearts out. They are all doing really well and I would like to thank all parents for their support in helping your child learn their words- it makes a real difference.

In Literacy we looked at characters in stories. We read 'The Smartest Giant in Town' and explored the different characters and of course the main character- the giant. As the week progressed the children made up a new'baddie' that could be a character in a story that they could write. They created some really horrible individuals, I wouldn't like to meet them on a dark night!!

Our maths learning saw the children unpick word problems and decide which operation to use. This was quite tricky but as the days passed the children did become more confident. There was a focus on mathematical language and trying to use the correct term.

Next week we will be rehearsing every day and making sure we are ready to share all our hard work with you the following week. Please can all costumes be in by Wednesday- on a hanger, named and with a plastic bag covering the top.

If there are any problems with costumes please come and find me as soon as possible.

Week 2

Week 2 has seen the children really flourish with their production practise. Many of them already know their words and can confidently say them. Many thanks to those parents who have spent time with their child to help them learn their words. Next week the stage will be up and we will all come together as a key stage and begin to put the whole production together- this will be the main focus for the next couple of weeks.

Diwali was the theme of this weeks learning- we started off by designing our own Diva Lamps and then made them out of clay. Having made them and whilst they were drying the children evaluated the process of making the lamps- they had to say what went well and what they could improve on next time. (have a look at the pictures below)

In maths we introduced symmetry and used mirrors to check and find lines of symmetry on a wide range of shapes. We have also looked at some problem solving using money. The children had some information which they needed to use to write a number sentence to solve the original problem.

I'm really looking forward to seeing all the different pyjamas on Monday for Children In Need-I'm sure there may well be a few onsies about as well!!!
Have a good weekend and I look forward to seeing the children back on Monday ready for our production rehearsals.

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Picture 6

Week 1

This week saw the children use positional language in maths as well as exploring turns- quarter turn, half turn etc. We also looked at odd and even numbers and patterns that emerge when adding odd and even numbers together.
In literacy we carried on our big bang theme of fireworks and wrote some poems using description and onomatopoeia words. Science took us up, up and way- we made straw rockets to help us understand forces- the children brought home their rockets on Friday.

The children now have their words for 'Hey Ewe'- please can you practise with them as it really helps rehearsals if the children know their words by heart. You should have also seen a letter about what they will need to wear for the production- any questions please come and find me and I will do my best to answer them. The costumes will need to fit with a traditional Biblical theme.

Next week we explore Diwali and will be making clay Diva lamps, we will also learn about the story of Rama and Sita. In maths we will be looking at symmetry. Rehearsals will begin next week so the children should be singing their way through the week!!

Welcome back and off we go, heading rapidly to our Christmas Production.......'Hey Ewe'.
Letters and words will be sent home this week so keep an eye open for what your child will be in the play. Each member of the class will have words to say and I would ask if you could help them learn them and assist them with saying them. The children already know many of the songs and I'm sure it will not be long before you also know them!!

This term we start a new topic about festivals. We will be looking at Diwali, Hanukkah and of course Christmas. There will also be a note hope asking the children to bring in a photo or card connected to a special family celebration.

Week 7

Welcome back!

I hope that you and your families had a great summer break and that you are ready and raring to go! I'm really looking forward to hearing all about your holiday adventures and reading your postcards- don't worry if you haven't posted it yet you can bring it into school this week.

This week will we will be settling into Year 2 and agreeing and writing our own class rules. We will also be visiting a local farm on Thursday and on Friday we have some fantastic activities planned to get our new topic started. If you are able to help walk with the children on Thursday then please let me know- I would really appreciate your help.

Please look out for the parents booklet and and a letter explaining an additional feature to your child's reading record. They will be in book bags this Tuesday.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better as the year progresses.

I would like to start off by thanking so many parents and relatives for coming to the Harvest Festival, it was great to see so many of you. Thanks also for all the food stuff that the children brought into school this morning.

It was also great to meet so many of you during the parent's consultation sessions earlier in the week. Please don't feel that this was your only chance, I'm more than happy to address any concerns or issues throughout the whole year.

The children planned and wrote some great stories this week based on 'Gordon In Charge'. They had to keep to the pattern of the story but change just a couple of things. I was looking especially for good description as well as full stops and capital letters- well done to those children who tried their best.

Maths saw us look at subtraction using a number line, we also explored all the different words that we use for subtraction- ask them if they can remember them all?

In science we planned an investigation into finding the best material that a new coat could be made from for a farmer. We also sorted materials, used a Venn diagram to sort man-made and natural materials.

Next week is the last week of this term- we will be writing stories with a Kenyan link, more subtraction in maths and some music! Oh and of course our celebration of Home Learning!

Week 6

Week 6 has gone in a flash!!
We spent Thursday and Friday telling the time and looking at what a farmer does during their day- milk the cows at 5 o'clock, feed the hens at half past 3 and so on. We also found out what we could do in 1 minute- how many times we could write our name, say 'The Meadows Primary School is the best', hop and click cubes together. The results were quite interesting.

Also this week we have been 'bossy' people- the children have been writing instructions for people to follow- they needed to use 'bossy' verbs, time connectives and write very clear and easy to follow steps. They wrote about how to wash their hands and what they did during the heating investigation on Monday. Ask them what a time connective is, perhaps they could write some instruction on how to brush their teeth?

On Thursday we used the Forest School area to create natural faces, they were to only use 4 natural things found in the area. We used this time to talk about when we might feel cross and what we should do if we feel that we are going to get cross. We also focused on 'happy' faces- the children were asked if they would rather be happy or cross- they agreed that it is better to be happy than cross.

It will be good to catch up with you on either Tuesday or Wednesday for the first of this years 'Meet the Teacher' sessions.

Next week we will be subtracting in maths, planning and writing stories in Literacy and planning an experiment in Science!

Week 5

The smell of chocolate was prevalent in Key Stage 1 this week- the scent of Cocoa beans could be smelt throughout the school! Mmmmmm!

The children made some notes about how chocolate is made- from harvesting to how it ends up in the shops. Later on in the week they then used their notes to write some facts that were either used in a written report or used as part of an ICT activity that labelled pictures linked to the making of chocolate. The weeks theme of chocolate was also used in our science and maths. Year 2 surveyed Year 1 to find out their favourite chocolate bar. That data was then used to create either a pictogram or a bar graph.

In science the children experienced a range of foods, this enabled the children to talk about how they used their senses to taste, smell, hear, touch and see the food.

Next week in maths the children will develop their understanding of telling the time- both analogue and digital. In literacy they will be writing instructions and in science we will be conducting an experiment into how materials change when heated.

****Please look out for parents consultation forms and club letters that went home today****

Week 4

This week came to a great end with the many Grandparents who come to visit the school and share in the grand children's learning. Many thanks to all those who came to visit Ash class and especially those who joined in with our 3D mapping of the school and a farm. Thank you also for all the boxes that were sent in- we did manage to use them all!!

Also this week we learnt about Venn and Carroll diagrams and how they can be used to sort objects or data. In Literacy the children tried writing Acrostic Poems based on farm animals, this was a good opportunity for the children to experiment with words and use their imagination. As mentioned above we also looked at mapping in Geography. We created 'birds eye' view of the school as well as comparing Bitton to a busy city like Birmingham.

Next week we will be looking at a cocoa beans journey to being made into chocolate, note taking and write it up as non fiction fact file. We will also look at data handling and pictograms- which chocolate bar will be Ash classes favourite? As well as all this learning the children will be developing their ICT skills in connection with our Literacy.

Picture 1
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Picture 6

Week 3

In week 3 the children got off to a great start by using their measuring skills to measure their bodies and comparing them to a friends- some children went on to work out the difference between their measurements and their partners.

We also tried planning a story based on 'Barn on Fire', the challenge was to change just one feature of the story but to still write in the same style. The children did find it quite tricky planning their stories in sections but they gave it a good go. They then went onto writing their story using their plans. The children were also working towards writing in sections (paragraphs).

Our class Artist this week was Pat Hutchins- we learnt some details of her life and completed a fact file about her. We then went onto drawing some pictures based on her work in 'Rosie's Walk'. The children needed to only use orange, red, yellow and brown as well as lines and shapes. They really enjoyed it and created some great pictures.

Don't forget Grandparents Day on Friday!

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Picture 3

Week 2

This week saw the children really settling into Year 2. During our Maths sessions we looked at giving directions and using positional language- left, right, next, between, clockwise, anti-clockwise and many more. Try asking your child what they mean....can they follow directions?!

In literacy we looked at stories and what components make up a story- setting, characters and events. We read Peace at Last by Jill Murphy and The tiger that came to tea by Pat Hutchins to help us identify the key areas of a story.

We managed to use the Forest Schools area on Thursday afternoon, the children created miniature farms for some farm animals- they were very inventive! We also looked at living and non-living things. There was a good discussion about what makes something living.

In week 3 we will be measuring, planning and writing our own stories as well as looking at a known artist- Pat Hutchins.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


What a fantastic start Year 2 have made this week, they have all tried really hard, shown me that they have grown up during the summer and that they are ready and raring to go for Year 2- Well done!!
This week saw our big bang take us to the Plumstead's farm- many thanks to them not only for their warm welcome but also for sharing their farming knowledge. Thanks must also go to the parents who walked with us. On Friday we mixed up with Year 1 and had a morning of singing and art. Mr Day led the singing and I led the art sessions. The children made some large collages of farm animals. All their efforts were appreciated when they sang to the rest of the school and displayed their pictures during the celebration assembly- well done Key Stage 1!

In Ash Class this week we have made our own time capsule- in it is some measuring work, postcards about our holidays, a profile written by themselves and a farm picture. It will be 'buried' in my cupboard and we will open it up at the end of the year.

Next week we will start our phonics sessions, number bond practise sessions and really get to grips with our new topic.

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