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Term 1

Next Term:

Our topic for next term is FESTIVALS during which we will be learning about Bonfire Night, Diwali, Hanukkah and of course Christmas. We have already started learning songs for our Christmas production 'Hey Ewe'. Look out for word sheets, costume requests, etc!

Week 8

So here it is......the last week of term!  It has been an incredibly busy, long term and I think we are all now ready for a little break! 

We have had a busy week, firstly delving into Africa, getting to know the story of 'Lila and the Secret of the Rain'.  We have all thought about what it would be like to live in Kenya, where Lila lives and written about whether or not we would like to live there and our reasons for our descisions.

We learned about how music can help us imagine different characters, settings and emotions with the help of Holst's Planets Suite,  Camille Saint-Saëns Carnival of the Animals and Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. Then we use musical instuments to create music to go with the story we have been learning this week. We recorded this onto a PowerPoint.

In our maths learning we have been working on finding the difference between two numbers, playing a game with dice to help us. Then we used number-tracks to count the difference.

During PE we have been using our bodies to pretend we are seeds in the ground that grow into beautiful crops on a farm!  The children were thinking about what shapes to make with their bodies, as well as using control when 'growing'. The children were demonstrating some great skills including stretching and twisting.  

This week the children have been sharing all their fantastic home learning with the class and it has been great to see just how much effort everyone has put in- well done Year 1!

Mrs Grabham and Mr Day would like to wish you all a happy half term, and look forward to hearing what all the children have been up to over the break when they come back to school.  Dare we say it......we will then be on the downward slope to Christmas in Term 2!!! 

Week 7

We have continued working as scientists this week as we have been investigating the properties of materials. We started by identifying different materials we know...

Picture 1
Picture 2
...then we moved on to asking questions such as, 'why does the teacher's chair need a metal frame to support it,' and 'why is plastic such a good material?' We have been learning to conduct an investigation to find out what material would be best to make a farmer's coat. We had to make up our own question and design an investigation, which we conducted together.
Picture 1
Picture 2

In our maths learning we have been subtracting using pictures and number tracks. Then we used our skills to help us solve number word puzzles. "How many sheep were left on the farm again?"

We were very excited to share our Harvest Pea song in Harvest Festival and had to practise hard for this. Appologies for the rumour about pea costumes and green face paint!

Week 6

This week started with learning how to follow verbal instructions, read instructions and finally write effective instructions.  The children worked in pairs to make a paper helicopter which they loved testing outside! All children have had a great go at writing instructions for how to wash their hands once they have been touching farm animals.  We talked about using bullet points or numbered steps. We also looked at the importance of making our instrcutions clear.

A highlight of the week has to be investigating the changes to materials once they have been heated.  We kicked this area of learning off by reading the poem 'Chocolate' by Michael Rosen and following what happens to the little boy in the poem.  We all had to hold a chocolate button tight in our hand so that no one else could get it!  We then opened our hand to see what had happened to the chocolate and discussed why.  We all enjoyed licking the chocolate off our hands afterwards!!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Following this activity we all had the opportunity to complete a science experiment in the kitchen, heating various different materials.  Beforehand, we predicted what might happen to the materials and then once completed we were able to write what actually happened. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week 5

The highlight of this week has to be our visit from Henry's cousins!  On Tuesday morning, we were very lucky to have visitors all the way from Australia.  Henry's auntie and cousins came into school and talked to us all about school life down under.  We looked at things that are the same in our school, and things that are different.  We also had great fun comparing the different terminology used for different things.  For example, when talking about Australian school uniform, the children found it hilarious to discover that they wore 'pants'! This in fact is the term used for trousers in Australia!  We were also lucky enough to receive a kangaroo class mascot, along with some other bits and pieces that they kindly brought with them.  Thank you very much to Henry's auntie and cousins for taking the time to talk to us, we definitely enjoyed having you!



This week we have also been using our senses to describe different materials.  I think the class favourite was getting our hands messy feeling the baked beans! We also found out that cocoa beans do not taste quite as good as they smell!

We have learnt how to log onto a laptop using our own personal log in details, as well as opening up a word document and typing our name. Some children even managed to figure out how to type a capital letter, change the font size and add some colour.

It doesn't stop there.......! We have learnt all about how chocolate is made and remembered some super facts about this. Then went on to write our own captions and labels to go in an explanation about how chocolate is made.



We also surveyed the Yr2 children to find out what their favourite chocolate bar is and put the information into a bar chart.



We also learnt a fantastic chant "Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?" Ask us how it goes.

Finally we used polystyrene to build cocoa pod print blocks to make a print design.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Wow! What a busy week we have had! 

Week 4

So far this week we have practised sorting objects using Venn diagrams and have also been busy looking at acrostic poems.  We did a whole class shared write acrostic poem all about a cow! We found it quite tricky to think of words or phrases that we could use that started with the correct letter, but got there in the end!

The children have also been very busy this week using the computers, listening station, creative area, outdoor area and the milking parlour to support their learning!  We have captured lots of fantastic learning on camera which has been put into the children's learning books. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week 3

This week we kicked off with numeracy, where we were concentrating on measuring.  We concentrated on measuring in cm's and found lots of things around the classroom that were bigger than 10cm, smaller than 10cm and things that measured exactly 10cm's.  We also enjoyed working with a partner to measure different parts of our bodies.

On Tuesday, we became famous artists and drew our own pictures in the style of Pat Hutchins, the author and illustrator of Rosie's Walk.  These will make a lovely display in the classroom.

In literacy, we were busy making our own story plans based on 'Barn on Fire' and then had a go at writing our stories.  This was quite a tricky task!

Friday was European Languages Day.  We had great fun looking at two different countries with Mr Day and Mr Hamlen.  We learnt some Spanish and some German!

Wow.....what a busy week!!!  Well done Year 1. 

Week 2

We have had a brilliant start to this week.  It seems like the children have been in Year 1 for ages now, as they're getting to grips with all the new routines really well - well done Year 1!

We started this weeks learning off with literacy, and have become very familiar with the book 'PEACE AT LAST'. The children were famous actors for the morning, and pretended to be bears, acting out the story!  They have also done some work on sequencing the story, filling in the gaps and adding their own writing.

In our numeracy learning we have been busy making farm pictures using lots of different shapes and have worked on describing our pictures to others, telling them exactly what shapes had been used for what part of the picture.  We have also been lucky enough to go on an expedition on the school field, pretending to be 'Rosie the hen' from the book Rosie's Walk.  We explored going over, under, past, through and across obsticles.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week 1

Wow! What a first week it has been! We have loved getting to know each other and are so excited about having such a brilliant class. It's going to be a good year.

This week started with some getting to know each other combined with a recap of our Meadows Promise (The set of rules we follow to help us create a safe, happy and purposeful learning environment).

Later, we kicked off our Farms topic with a visit to the Plumstead's farm. We walked down the lane, through the magic gates and were greeted by a host of animals. We fed, stroked and herded a selection of chickens, peacocks, horses and alpacas. It was a great tour and has really got our learning started (see photos at bottom of page).

Unfortunately our 'Agricultural Show' had to be postponed due to poor weather on Friday. We hope to hold this later in the term. Instead we learned parts for a couple of farm-themed songs and created collaged animals to act as props. We then performed for the whole school as part of celebration time.

Phew! One week over but what a fantastic start!