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Term 1 happenings...

Week 1 recap:


What a brilliant start to year 6 these children have had! It has been really lovely to be back in their company once more, lots of wonderful memories of their fabulous learning attitudes came rushing back!
We kicked off the week with our Big Bang, all about the Rhythm of Life! Year 6 teamed up with year 3 and worked together on Tuesday to begin creating a huge 3D landscape model (it will be put up in the hall when complete, so keep your eyes peeled for that) and they also delved into the geography and science of  rivers. We looked at erosion and how it happens, along with creating our own model rivers and testing whether they had created a successful river channel (without it leaking!)
On Wednesday, year 6 cracked on with their geography learning and are now all, pretty much experts on many different features of a river...they know so many new words and what they all mean which is fabulous! They then had their turn at Willsbridge Mill which was so much fun. They got busy building rafts and making dams (along with getting a little bit wet!) 
They have enjoyed the end of the week as well, with the 'best trip ever!' to the Lifeskills centre in Bristol! It was such a brilliant experience that can't be described well enough, children just need to go there! The skills that the children learned there were fantastic. 
On Friday, they wrote thank you letters to the centre for their wonderful trip. They also got busy with some mental maths and general maths learning - we are still testing the water in maths as to what they can and can't do confidently after 6 weeks off! We ended the day with PE, particularly looking at invasion games and building on their netball skills. What superstars you are year 6...keep up the good work!

Week 2 recap:


Its been a busy week in year 6! Children have carried on with their learning all about the rhythm of life! Children had a fantastic day on Tuesday. They got to use lego to build robots and began to programme them to do particular challenges! The amount of learning that they did that day was incredible! We had team-building, problem solving, coordinates, angles, trial and error and so many other things along with fantastic ICT learning. They have also been busy learning about the water cycle! We have acted out as water droplets, drawn diagrams and pictures of it and even written about it! We wrote about the life-cycle of a water droplet in a story-telling way! All the children tried really hard when doing this and we had some fantastic results! Year 6 also spent time this week creating a collage that collated all of their learning so far - they had to include things they did at Willsbridge Mill and lots of learning that they have done about rivers and collage it all together! We've got some brilliant artists in the class and make sure to look in the gallery to see how creative they have been!
We also worked on maths this week, decimals and place value seems to be cropping up as an issue for some children so any work that can be done at home on this, fantastic! 
European Languages Day and Breakfast next Friday so make sure you book your breakfast place!
Also, Football club starts on Tuesday after school with Mr Wichard. Children who are attending should go to his classroom after school to get changed.

Week 3 recap:

It has been a really good week in year 6. The children have looked at coasts this week, delving into lots of vocabulary and different meanings to do with various coastlines and their features! Ask your child what perhaps a stack is? or an Arch? or if they're feeling really clever...Longshore drift! See if they can explain these words to you.
In maths, we have completely mastered the use of brackets! Everyone feels confident with how to use these. Some children are still finding the use of decimals and place value quite tricky. Lots of practice at home is certainly needed! In our Literacy, children are using all the research that they are doing about coasts to put together an information booklet all about it! They have planned out what they want to do and are now ready to write up their best one, thinking about presentation! We will then present these to year 3 and show them what we've learned.
We finished the week with European Languages day, in year 6 we were looking at France! We started off by playing lots of language games and practising some vocabulary that we know. We then went on to look at a classic french trait...mime!
Children were absolutely fantastic at their mimes! They really got across the concept of their stories and produced high quality performances! They will get to see these back next week which is exciting! 
What a busy week...well done Year 6!
Don't forget, next week we will need those shoeboxes in school ready to build your minature garden! 

Week 4 recap:

It has been a very busy week in year 6 once again! Children have worked really hard on their information booklets, which are all nearly finished. Just a few tweaks here and there for some children. Speed is a factor for many children.
In maths we have looked at estimation and approximating! I have sent children home to do a bit of homework regarding putting weights into context! I have encouraged them to get on the scales and weigh themselves in kg, then compare their weights to bags of sugar, flour, packets of biscuits, spaghetti etc! It will help children a lot when looking at things in context.
We have also been on a science journey in our topic. We started by going on a leaf hunt around the school, searching for lots of different types of leaves! Mai was an absolute star when trying to classify the leaves; she really looked at the veins, the edges and the shapes of them.
Children then created their own classification diagram in their learning books and this was a very tricky thing to do, but I'm happy to report that lots of children accomplished a good understanding of how to do these; it will certainly help them when trying to interpret a classification diagram.
We have learned a fun dance routine in circle time where children had to really work as a team and build on their relationships! What a good laugh that was.
We finished with Grandparents day, where children showed their grandparents around the school, telling them lots about our learning. Whilst all this was happening, in year 6 children were making their miniature gardens! It has been once of the most fun days so far with, with the children working really well in their groups and creating some wonderful gardens! We will spend Monday afternoon to complete these!

Week 5 recap:

A really good week of learning in year 6 this week. We started off the week by exploring lots of different short stories. Children have been looking at the effect of them on the reader and how they create a good suspense and a cliff-hanger! The children have generated their own ideas for their stories and they are shaping up to be very good indeed! They have begun writing their plan out and will next week draft and re-draft their short story! I am very excited to read these! 
In maths we have been learning about factors and also looked at parallel and perpendicular lines. Children are all able to say what a parallel and perpendicular line is, along with some being able to calculate some tricky angles, based on some good to remember 'angle facts'.
In science, we have explored seed dispersal and looked at how seeds will disperse through different ways! Why not ask your child how many different ways they know a seed disperses?
Children have also begun learning the songs ahead of the Benjamin Britton concert at Colston Hall in November, which is going to be amazing if our first rehearsal is anything to go by.
Next week, don't forget that the Lifeskills centre are visiting again and helping the children learn their first aid skills to a very high standard!
Have a good weekend,

Week 6 recap:


Year 6 have worked incredibly hard this week during our learning. We started off the week looking at some science assessments and the children had a really good go at some of the questions. It has given us a way forward for their learning in science. We need to do some work on planning investigations. 
On Tuesday, we were visited once again by the Lifeskills centre; they taught the class lots of first aid skills including: recorvery position, how to clean and bandage wounds, back blows (when someone is choking), how to address burns! The children learned lots of new skills and although we hope that they will never need to use them, if it ever occurs, they are equipped for such an event!
Children have also been finishing off their short stories (which are quite scary!). I look forward to displaying these on the display boards.
Children have also been tackling different areas of maths including handling data regarding line graphs, pie charts and stacked bar charts. We have also looked at the mode, mean, median and range! Some have been cracking on with some trickier investigations to do with the mean! 
Please practise these at home if your child is a little unsure.
We started learning some basketball skills today! They can cause injuries as the balls are very hard, but the children worked really well together. They were good at dribbling and guarding the ball. 
Don't forget to ask your child for their slip which tells the time of the parents evening appointment. I look forward to speaking to you all again on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Week 7 recap:


A fantastic week we have had here. It is getting quite tiring now as it has been such a long term, but children are putting in tons of effort! The class started the week by working on planning out an investigation. We spent a long time thinking about what features and vocabulary that we need to ensure we use and understand. The children have successfully planned the experiment. We hope to get going with carrying it out next week. We have also done some learning around the Sun, the Earth and the Moon this week. It was tricky for some children to fully understand the positions of the moon and how it appears as a different shape. It was a great lesson which turned into a huge questions and discussions session....45 minutes the children were talking about what happens. They questions then started to delve into lightyears, other galaxies and realms! Miss Webb was certainly tested on her astronomy and physics knowledge.
We have also been working hard preparing for the Harvest Festival. The class have prepared a song with year 5 and it sounded beautiful at the festival on Friday. The children created some self-portraits this week as well, which were based on the artist; Guiseppe Arcimboldo (An Italian from the 16th Century). He based his artwork on paintings using fruits and vegetables. Go and google him! Some great paintings. The children then used pastas, lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, peppercorns and some other things to create their self-portraits! Photos to come next week!
We have also begun a mathematical enquiry, based on various ideas that we wanted to find out about in the class. It ranges from Willow's wishes, favourite subjects to favourite deserts. The children have collected the data, put it into tally charts, interpreted the data, found the mode, median and mean of it and have also created various charts to show their results. The final presentations of these posters will take place next week.
Don't forget, Home-learning to be in BY Monday so that we can celebrate all their wonderful work. If it is not in by this point, it will be difficult to schedule when this will be celebrated.
No star awards this week due to the Harvest festival, we'll double up next week!

Week 8 recap:

Year 6 have finished this term really well. They have celebrated lots of fantastic pieces of home-learning. Go and check these out in our gallery. Harry's amazing chinese water dragon and Ella's home-made music video not only got celebrated in class, but with the whole school during celebration assembly. We were amazed at what they produced!!
Year 6 have worked their socks off to create some wonderful maths investigations, using all of their skills from the last few weeks to look at mode, mean and median, along with data collection and interpretation! They were all incredible. I loved Leah's groups' presentation - they looked at a fantastic question.
Children have also worked well during our anti-bullying this week. They have looked at different bullying scenarios in school, outside of school and online. They came up with great advice and presented this through interesting comic strips.

A really good week and end to term 1. Children have been asked to REALLY work hard next term on their learning and to not cause un-necessary distractions.
Well done year 6 for this term. Keep up the hard work. Don't forget, bikeability starts next term from Monday 4th November all week.

Have a great half term.
Miss Webb