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Term 1 happenings...

I hope that you've had a fantastic break and are raring to go! 

I am very excited to be teaching this class and I am sure that we will have a successful, yet busy and fun year! There is so much coming up this year that the children are going to be bursting at the seems with new knowledge, skills and friends! 


We are holding our welcome meetings next week and I look forward to putting names to faces next week and over the next couple of weeks! I've got new parents and new children to learn having switched key stages!


This term, our topic is called:

'My dream home'



The children will be spending time looking at designing dream homes and looking at famous literary characters' famous homes. We are going to be looking at the Three Little Pigs and the movie 'Up' to name a couple!

We will also be getting to grips with new routines and ways of learning in year 1, the phonics check and lots of maths and English learning.

I will post on here weekly with updates and photos...


Find me on the playground if you have any questions.

Home learning will be coming out on Friday and you'll always be able to see a copy on the school website.



Week 1

WOW! What an amazing first week the children have had! We started the week off with a lovely trip where we walked around Bitton studying the different types of buildings and looking at special places in the village. The children were fantastic in drawing the buildings and talking about different materials that they could see! They were experts!

We then spent the afternoon junk modelling in the classroom and then some choosing time. They had a very busy first day and were brilliantly behaved! What a great start.

I was then out on some really important training for Tuesday and Wednesday, the children did some lovely work with Mr Suttie and we started to look at our story for the next few weeks; Three Little Pigs!

We have spent a lot of time on phonics and handwriting this week as there are some areas that need developing, along with pushing some children to really expand their story writing. 

​Friday was a lovely day, we had some great maths learning this week and children have been recapping on counting and ordering numbers to twenty! Next week, we move onto adding numbers! Exciting!

​It's so nice getting to know the children and their little personalities...

Please find me on the playground and introduce yourself, I'm trying really hard to remember all the parents, but as you can imagine, it's not easy straight away!


Looking forward to seeing you all next Wednesday for our welcome meeting for year 1, similar to last year's meeting but with adjustments to what we will be learning this year rather than Reception.


Week 2



A BIG BIG welcome to our student teacher, Miss Rumble.


She started working with us last Thursday and is here for the next two weeks, finishing a block placement of 2 weeks on Friday 23rd September. She will be working with us every Thursday and Friday until the 14th November, upon which she will be with us for a 4 week block. She will then return to us in Term 5 after Easter. We are really excited to have her with us and she has made a brilliant start and has got to know the children really well and we can't wait to continue working with her all year! If you want to come and meet her, she is always on the playground with me and can take messages if needed. She will take on increasing teacher responsibilities as the year progresses.


In our learning this week, we have had a really busy week. We have been doing some talk for writing with the story of the three little pigs and making up actions to tell the story. We have also been practising lots of phonics! Some children will begin their phonics interventions next week in the afternoons to help them make some quick progress and catch up. Others will move onto further sounds of phase 5. Check your phonics progression map to see which ones we are doing.

In our maths we have been doing adding up this week. Children have been making different sums, showing different ways of making 5 and then were writing sums and investigating how dominoes could be ordered! We've been super busy!

We have continued to make our three little pigs...this week, we made our pigs to go with the display with glue and tissue paper.

Next week, we will be working on further writing, especially thinking about how sentences are structured. It is slightly off-topic, but a necessary part of their learning.

We start our forest school on Wednesday with year 2 so make sure their kits are in for that.

Have a super weekend, I am away on Monday as I am moving house, so you have Mr Suttie back for the day. I'll see you all on Tuesday.


Week 3

What a week of learning we have had! We have been very busy doing our work. In our English, we are almost at the end of our Three little pigs week, they will re-tell the story in their books after sequencing them. We have been doing some sentence work so far.

In our maths, we have been busy bees working on money and time. Children have been finding different ways to show different amounts, for example, how many different ways can they make 5p? They were fab at this! Children have worked really hard. We have touched a little bit on time as well and have been showing the time to the hour. A fun game of what's the time Mr Wolf went down a storm!

We had our first forest school session this week with year 2, where we were building shelters for cuddly toys! Don't forget to make sure that the children have their kit in school in a fortnight's time as we will be going out in ALL weather types!

Thursday was probably our most exciting day, the morning was spent with Keynsham fire service, where they gave the children lots of information about their job and also showed them what to do if they see a fire.

They ended the session by going inside the fire engine and getting to climb out of it. See the newsletter for a more detailed account.

Sadly, Miss Rumble is only with us on Thursdays and Fridays for a little while, we've loved having her in every day for the last couple of weeks and can't wait until she's back.

Next week we have lots more going coming soon. 


Week 4

Well, we have had a super week in year 1! So much has happened...the term is zooming past. In maths this week, we have tackled measuring and I have been so impressed with everyone this week - we have been measuring objects and saying if it is bigger or smaller. We have also been thinking about how big the hall is in metres and measuring it. Ollie managed to solve the problem of what to do when we ran out of metre sticks! amazing!

We have brought our three little pigs to a close this week by writing our sequenced stories. I have been super impressed by how they have been able to use actions to tell the story - they know it so well! 

In our topic this week, we have made our maps of the three little pigs' homes and included the forest! They've been brilliant with this and I was really impressed with their maps and that they have included a key!

On Friday, we had a great visit from the grandparents throughout the day! It has been such a lovely day, they have all been taking part in the classroom activities, one of them will be a gift which we will send home with the grandparents.

We have also welcomed Miss Morrison into the classroom who will be working alongside us every Monday and then comes back after Christmas for 8 whole weeks!


Week 6

We have had a really busy sixth week of term! The children have been working really hard in their English and have been doing lots of work on sequencing the film 'up'. They have looked at pictures of the film and added captions to it.

We have also been practising our days of the week and spelling them.

In maths this week, we have been practising counting to 100 and also learning numbers bonds to 10 and our 10 times tables. On Thursday and Friday, we were practising our fractions for 1/2 and 1/4.  They have had a lot of fun making pizzas with equal amounts of toppings.

We have been continuing our geography learning all about local towns.

Next week, we are practising for the Harvest festival which we hope to see you all at. We are singing two songs. We will also be busy making harvest pictures and getting our songs sorted!


Week 7

We have had a really final week of this term. We have been taking part in faith week and learning about the Christian faith. We have all made collage churches and talked about our local church in Bitton.

In maths, we have been doing doubles, counting in 10s and 2s, along with organising days and months! We have celebrated some really lovely home-learning, lots of great dream homes!

We have been practising our harvest festival song, which we performed infront of the school and parents! What a busy term,

hope that you enjoy your half term,

Happy resting.


See you on Tuesday 1st November


Miss Webb frown