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Term 1 happenings...


Welcome to the Autumn term


What have we got to look forward to this term?


There is so much going on this term in year 4. You will be sent further details as the term gets going. Coming up this term we have our topic big bang in the very first week, Harvest celebrations, lots of amazing topic work to get going with including various projects, buddying up with reception children and much more! 
I am looking forward to getting to know this class as I was unfortunately unable to be there on jump-up morning. I have been into school during the school holidays to get the classroom all ready for our new learning journey together! 

Just a few reminders, PE kits will need to be on the very first day (Remember, this includes a pair of daps/trainers - preferably both -, black or blue shorts and a white t-shirt. It cannot be their school top) Children who do not bring in their kit will be uninvited to take part in PE. 
Hair must be tied back at all times and only earring studs to be worn.
No pencil cases are allowed, nor necessary as we have plenty of school equipment to use.
Reading wallets should be brought in on day 1. It is my aim to read with every child and have a short reading conference with them over the first 5 school days so that each child is equipped with an appropriate and progressive reading book. 
I will put the curriculum map on the class page shortly, along with a more detailed breakdown of what we've got to look forward over term 1.
As you know, we are very lucky to have some brilliant teaching assistants working with the class.
Mrs Richter will be with us every day, along with additional support each week from Mrs Pearce and Mrs Adams! 
Mrs Guy will be teaching every Wednesday morning to cover my PPA time. She will also be teaching every other Wednesday afternoon when I will be released for my Maths leadership time.
I will update the website each week with a written blog and photos of our learning. It helps early on if you can return the slip with permission to put photographs of your children on the website (or not) so that I know who is able to have their photos published! 
I am really excited to get going with year 4 and help your children flourish in their learning in a creative and progressive way. I am familiar with the age group and the general social and emotional needs of this age, but some of the curriculum is new to me as I was previously teaching the old curriculum in year 6! I am looking forward to the freshness of the new curriculum, which brings me onto our first topic...



The whole of key stage 2 will be launching the year following this topic, but it will differ slightly for each year group depending on the areas of learning required. It is a geography based topic and we will be doing all of our learning around this topic (where possible - it may not ALWAYS suit the English or Maths objectives!)
Year 4 will be heading to ICELAND for this topic. We will get deep into Iceland and discover lots about the land use, the formation of the land and settlements, along with exploring volcanoes and earthquakes! We will look at the climate of Iceland, in comparison to other areas, particularly those that the other year groups are studying. So for now, think about what questions you have about Iceland and what you want to know...there will be somewhere in the classroom for you to pose your questions! 


Week 1

What a fantastic start to their learning journey in year 4 the children have had! I have loved getting to know the class and learn lots about them. We made a start to our learning by launching into our first English project. We are initially looking at information texts about Iceland...the children were given a little research project to do to find out lots about Iceland! This was building up to the children presenting their own findings in a big poster presentation. They presented this on Friday and showed lots of confidence in doing this! We have also started looking at art this week, where we will build up to a landscape drawing of Iceland. Children have begun by exploring different media in their sketchbooks. Their geography this week has centred around locating Iceland and being able to use a map to find places (we are going to find pronouncing a lot of the words tricky, but everyone is willing to give it a go). Every child is able to pronounce the capital city and they have also found lots of physical and human features of Iceland. On Friday, we got to go into the Explorer dome and travel to many different environments around the world - the children all really enjoyed this, particularly when it 'rained' in the rainforest and when we got to see dry ice mix with warm water, which created carbon dioxide and it looked really cool! It's been a good start - next week, we continue to learn about information texts, we will launch our maths learning and we will also carry on with more geography, science, art and PE. As soon as I have consent forms for photos going on the website, I will start to put pictures up in the gallery! 

Week 2 & 3
Many apologies for not being able to write on the class page - things have been a bit hectic in my personal life. So, a lot has been going on over the last couple of weeks. We have been cracking on with our information texts and getting going with making sure that our sentences are starting with a range of conjunctions.
In maths we have been working hard on our place value and number work - it's trickier than it sounds when you have to be able to say values, write them in words, recognise bigger and smaller values. 
In art we have been working on our shading techniques and have created movement by drawing our own slinkies! They look fantastic and I can't wait to get some photos on the website to show you.
In PE, we have been working with Ben from SBL in handball techniques and skills, working independently in mini teams and then joining together as a whole class. We have also worked on dance - showing mirroring skills and just last week, we were creating emotions through our movements. The aim was to create a dance routine that portrayed happiness and sadness. They were dancing to two very different pieces of music: Swan Lake & It's not unusual! 
We have also been looking at longitude and latitude, using coordinates to locate volcanoes in the world - a very tricky geography lesson, but children have shown great emerald power and committed to learning this.
Next week, we have lots going on, including finishing our information texts, moving onto addition and subtraction and a special visit from a theatre company, who are performing a play for us called 'Sticks and Stones' and it is all about anti-bullying.

Week 4
It has been a whirlwind of a week! On Monday, years 2-6 sat and enjoyed the production of 'sticks and stones' and I was pleased to say that lots of birch class were picked to be part of the play! We got lots of photos...they'll be in the photo gallery soon!
We also spent some time in art on Monday afternoon trying to improve our shading techniques with oil pastels, imitating the paintings of Diane Langlois. She has done lots of pictures in the arctic and children did really well to try and draw in her style. On Tuesday, children spent time cracking on with their Information booklets, which are finally finished now, we also looked at using commas after a fronted adverbial - see if your child can tell you all about fronted adverbials. On Thursday, we were working on our column addition in maths - everyone was brilliant with this and did really well! On Monday, they will move onto problem solving and subtraction. In the afternoon, year 4 were given the treat of watching James and the Giant Peach in order to be able to launch our English project all around that book and film. I honestly can't wait for them to get going with this learning. 
Friday came along...which was European Languages day! Everyone who came along to the breakfast enjoyed criossants, french bread, jam, muffins, cheese and meats! IN key stage two, we continued the theme of food and each class were spending the day creating a cafe for others to come and visit. Year 3 became a Welsh cafe, Year 4 became a French cafe, Year 5 an Italian cafe and Year 6 turned into a Greek Taverna! 
We split the children up into their houses, so we had a mix of each year group in each classroom. I have to say that I proudly had the Otters and EVERYONE in that house was amazing! They created so many quirky little add ons to our cafe. We made jambon et format baguettes, croque-monsieurs and des frites! Everyone also spent time making checkerboard place mats, flowers and vases, welcome signs (Bienvenue!) and menus for visitors to peruse. 
I had a fantastic, yet exhausting day with the otters, but it was worth it as everyone loved coming to our cafe and enjoying the ambience of being served by waiters and waitresses, listening to French music and eating the delicious food! What a way to end the week! 
Next week, I am out of class Monday & Tuesday for training, but am excited to get back into the classroom on Wednesday.
Have a restful weekend - don't forget to send back those website photo permission slips, then I can get busy updating our gallery! 

Week 5
This term is going so quickly and we are still learning lots about Iceland in-between lots of maths and English. Our English has moved onto our journey learning about James and the Giant Peach. Children this week have been exploring the characters and describing their personalities and what they bring to the group...Miss Spider's mysterious style, yet incredibly useful webs! Mrs Ladybird's manners and her helpful little wings amongst many others! On Thursday, children did a big write where they had to use their imagination to write a pre-story to the insects, describing how the insects got to the peach in the first place! I was particularly impressed with Isaac's, Isabel's and Ethan's stories! They were really descriptive and showed great writing skills! Everyone in the class were truly focused when they were doing their Big Write! It was lovely to witness.
In maths, we are falling behind my termly overview, but this is because it is taking a while longer to truly master addition and subtraction...sounds easy enough, but children have found understanding 'borrowing' in subtraction tricky! We are going to spend a couple more days doing this. Children have been learning some Percy Parker songs and it is sounding lovely. 
We have also spent time learning about Volcanoes and how they work...some children thought that the volcanic eruption were triggered by earthquakes, but we have sorted this misconception and learned about how they erupt due to a build up of gas in the magma. Children were coming up with disaster kits that they designed if people are in a situation of a Volcanic eruption - what should they include?
In PE children have been continuing work in Handball with Ben from SBL and showed their amazing dance skills to 'It's not unusual' and 'Swan Lake'...I was particularly impressed with Tuscany, Autumn, Rebekka, Alisha and Ben! They have great wiggles and rhythm!
On Friday, even though I was not there, I planned for the children to have a really creative day with their grandparents. Children were making volcanoes out of modrock, chicken wire and wood! They will paint these next week and we will then make our own volcanic eruptions! Here's to another amazing week next week with lots of fun learning. Photos will be coming very soon!

Don't forget....individual photographs on Friday 9th October! Come dressed smartly in FULL, clean uniform for those amazing pictures....get to work on perfecting the smiles!

Week 6
A fantastic week of learning in year 4! Children have worked really hard on their subtraction and borrowing methods! Keep going with this at home - it'll be brilliant for everyone to be able to do a sum such as 3009 - 1252 when we look at it again!
In English, we have been working on creating our characters for a new addition to James and the Giant Peach! Children have come up with hornets, craneflies, fireflies, woodlouse and snails! They've all got their own qualities and I am super impressed by them! Next week, these characters will become part of a new chapter for James and the Giant Peach - we are literally altering literature history! I can't wait.
In Science, we have been working further at classifying mammals at a greater depth - ask your child to describe differences and similarities between different mammals such as dolphins, foxes and rabbits! We have learned some key vocabulary such as aquatic and nocturnal! 
Below is the link for children to access the tune to sing along to our harvest song! Keep practising those words and get the tempo right. Copy and paste it in! 

Miss Webb