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Term 1 - Website updates

Welcome to Elm!

Welcome to the first term of Year 1; it is so exciting! We have a very busy term ahead. Our new topic is ‘Arabian Nights’. We will keep you up to date with all our learning on this page. We have four super teaching assistants working with us over the week so there will be extra adult support in almost all lessons. This is great as it means even more learning can take place!
Over the term we will be settling into Year 1, learning new routines, developing skills in all areas from the National Curriculum and developing our independence in everything that we do.

Week 2

Wow! Already two weeks in to Year 1. This week we have had a fantastic time with the story of Winnie's Flying Carpet. We have been ordering the story, writing some of our own versions and writing thank you letters from Winnie. We have also been showing off our fantastic number knowledge by counting in different multiples; 2s, 10s. And writing our numbers to 20 and beyond. We have also been learning about the different types of buildings you might find around the world.

Week 3

Week 3 has seen us getting creative and applying our brilliant shape and pattern knowledge to design beautiful Islamic tiles. Have a look in the class gallery and see if you can spot yours.
We have also been developing our writing skills through instructions. We have written instructions on how to paint and how to exit the school in the event of a fire. To see what your child has learnt, ask them to give you some instructions verbally and written or see if they can follow your instructions. Challenge them to see if they can use bossy verbs or time connectives. We will be continuing with instruction writing next week.
Sports day was a huge success and it was great to see so many of you there. Everyone took part and cheered on their house. Year 1 was glistening with medals!

Week 4

This week - don't forget it's European breakfast on Thursday and Grandparents day on Friday!
In class we will be looking at the properties of different materials - how many materials at home can you find that bend, twist, squash or do not change? We will also be looking at telling the time (hour and half past). This can be very tricky so see if you can have a practise at home.

Show and Tell

Although this is not a timetabled activity, there are sometimes opportunities for children to share something from home. These should be limited to items relating to our topic, or to the term's home learning.

Week 5

We are already at week 5! Over the last 2 weeks we have been learning about different materials. We have used Venn diagrams to sort materials by their characteristics. How many materials can you find at home that are magnetic, float, squash, bend and stretch? We have also been thinking about properties of materials. Do you know why we use plastic to make our water bottles and not paper?
On Tuesday we added colour to our magic carpets. We learnt to dip and tie dye. They look amazing, so watch this space for photos. Over the next few weeks we are going to add a weaving and repeating pattern to these.

Don't forget to join us for our harvest festival on Friday. We are going to be performing 'The Twelve Days of Harvest' with Year 2.

Week 6

It is week 6 already and only 8 days left of our first term in Year 1 - time is flying! A bit like us this week as we have been putting the finishing touches to our AMAZING magic, flying carpets. Have a look at some of the great examples below. We have dip dyed the backgrounds, weaved the centres (by measuring the lengths of all the threads and fabrics we have used) and added a repeating pattern to form the border. They really are spectacular!
We then took our carpets on a wonderful journey and wrote a poem about it. We created a huge word bank of really interesting words to describe. Some of our favourites were: zoom, drift, float, under, hover - can you think of any more?
Also this week we have been developing our skills in: naming and describing the properties of 2D shapes (including trapezium and rhombus); measuring using cm rulers; describing and creating repeating patterns; rhyming words and making predictions and testing the strength of glue.
Next week we are continuing our quest to be brilliant poets by writing descriptive poems about deserts. We are putting our design skills to the test by designing and making Bedouin tents. We will be testing the properties of materials to make sure we design the strongest and most weather proof tent.
We will be looking at the names and properties of 3D shapes.
It's looking like being another exciting week in Year 1.

Some parents asked us about what they can do with their child at home during parents consultations. Don't forget to look at the Pick and Mix and the termly parents booklets as we put lots of ideas in there.
Here a few more additional ideas, linked to our current learning:
  • Read poems and try writing additional lines or verses. You could even try changing some of the rhyming words.
  • Go on shape hunts around your house or out and about. See how many shapes you can name and identify some of the properties (edges, corners, faces, 2D, 3D).
  • Describe things using the best words you can think of (think about using your senses).
  • Count - anything goes! this could be from items going in the shopping basket, pairs of socks as you sort out the washing or the number of blue cars seen on a journey.
  • Lots of practise on forming letters and numbers correctly.



Week 7

We have written poetry, investigated 3D shapes, designed and built tents to protect us and spent time in the forest school building shelters...What a week!
Here are extracts from our desert senses poems:

I saw a camel creeping behind a tent

I feel the sand whistling in the air

I hear a camel snoozing in the sun, under a palm tree

I see a really thirsty camel

I see the sand like the waves of the sea

I feel a cactus making me go ouch!

I feel sand tickling

I taste the rough sand in my mouth

I hear a scorpions claws picking up some sand

I see a crawling lizard on the sand

Next week we will be getting very mathematical, looking at number bonds and adding.
We will also be back in the forest school on Tuesday morning, so please ensure that all outdoor clothing is in school.

We have been very impressed by the home learning that has been coming in. Year 1 decided to dedicate a whole display board in the classroom to celebrate it! We will be giving all learners, who have not yet had the opportunity, to celebrate their learning next week.

Week 8

We have had a math's packed final three days to the term. We have been learning and mastering our number bonds to 10. To help us we used our fingers, bead strings, counters, stickers and even leaves and twigs in the forest school. We are getting speedier but it would be great to keep practising over the half term. Once you have the bonds to 10, why not have a go at 20. We even chose some websites that we really enjoyed and added them as links on this page!
Our home learning presentations have been amazing! We have put all our learning up on display in the classroom - everyone has been impressed. We were particularly please with the confidence that all learners had when presenting their learning and the brilliant questions that the audience asked. We have sent term 2 Pick and Mix home and we can not wait to see what comes back in, in December.
We have had an amazing 8 weeks of learning and can not wait for term 2. We have lots of exciting things to look forward to...we will tell you more very soon.
Have a very happy and safe half term.
Mrs Lethbridge and Mr Day