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Term 1

Week 7

At the beginning of this week during our English sessions, we all really enjoyed reading lots of different sorts of poems.  We particularly focused on 'The Owl and the Pussycat'.  The children really enjoyed watching an animated version of the poem, before being given the task of learning as much of the poem as they could, off by heart.  They all did really well with this and enjoyed performing it to the rest of the class. 

This week in our topic learning we have been looking at the work of Gareth Wood, an artist from Bristol.  All children turned into Gareth Wood for the afternoon and produced some lovely drawings in the style of Gareth Wood!

In maths at the beginning of the week we were looking at 3D shapes. Most of us know the names of the shapes, but just need to remember which is which!  We also looked at the properties of 3D shapes, and have become familiar with words such as faces, edges, corners etc.

I hope that you all have had a great second half of the week and enjoy your weekend.  I'll see you next week for the last, short week of term. Mrs Grabham 

Hello there! We had a fun end of the week, looking at how to write the word 'I' in grammar and exploring symmetry with painting, cutting and body actions in Maths.

In Forest School this week the children experimented with charcoal and created some large-scale drawings on big pieces of paper. This was a very successful activity and they all focused really well - it was a beautiful, warm afternoon too! Children enjoyed some 'free' forest time too and explored the environment - collecting autumn leaves, looking at the creatures under logs and playing roleplay games with their friends. Next term children will need warm clothes for Forest lessons  - a fleece or similar to wear under their waterproof top, thick socks for wellies, gloves and hats.

Friday was all about Harvest! We practised our  'Harvest Prayer' in the morning and enjoyed performing it to the rest of the school and parents in the afternoon. Thank you for all those who attended.

Our 'Big Write' was a bit of a secret this Friday- you will find out why next week! Mrs Grabham and I have noticed, when looking at books this week, what amazing progressthey are making.

Have a lovely half term - see you in November!

Mrs King
Week 6

This week we continued to learn about Banksy and found out a little bit more information about him.  Mrs Harding wrote us a letter asking for our help to provide her with some more information about who Banksy is. We wrote replies to her and particularly focused on checking through our writing to make sure that we had used finger spaces, full stops and capital letters in the right places!

We had great fun during our topic learning on Monday afternoon.  We watched and listened to videos in and around Bristol Harbour, paying particular attention to what sound we could hear.  There were all sorts of different noises to be heard; birds, wind, boats, trains, boat sails flapping in the wind, water.  We then worked in small groups using only our voices to replicate the sounds of Bristol Harbour. 

In maths, we began the week looking at estimating. Ask your child if they know what estimating is.  We then moved on to work on sorting 2d shapes.  We learnt what a pentagon and hexagon are, but these two shapes definitely need more practise! 

Unfortunately we weren't able to do PE on Tuesday. The hall was in use, and just as we were getting changed to go and do PE outside, the heavens opened! They did however have PE today (Wednesday) with Mrs Pearce as usual.

I hope you all continue to have a good week and I'll see you on Monday morning.  Mrs Grabham

Hello there!
We had a fun end to the week, catching up with yet more Banksy - looking at some of the (less controversial) areas of Dismaland and talking about what he was trying to make us think about. Children have also been practising the skill of labelling, please comment on any labels that you see with them when out and about or in their reading books to reinforce this!

In Maths we have been finding out more about shapes and looked at how some shapes fit together (or 'tessellate') and children made some creative displays using shapes - for example creating hexagons using triangles.

In our topic we worked on learning about songs that are sung at sea - children learned that they are called 'shanties' and had a go at inventing some words for one! One skill that they have started to touch upon and that we are doing more of in the next few weeks is spotting and making up rhymes.

Next week is Forest School again - and as the weather gets colder and wetter, please ensure that your child has a warm coat to go under their waterproof (one that you wouldn't mind getting muddy) and a full set of waterproofs - in addition to wellies of course!

Thanks for checking by our class page! See you soon.

Louise King

Week 5

Hello it's Mrs Grabham! We have had a good start to the week.  The children were all very excited to learn on Monday morning that Banksy had painted a gorilla image on the side of Mrs Harding's house! Mrs Harding was not impressed!!!!  We thought about some questions that we would like to ask Banksy, if only we knew who he/she is!  The children really loved the mystery side of it all, and enjoyed looking at a variety of Banksy's artwork.  The children were invited to choose their favourite piece of Banksy art and  worked hard to produce a selection of questions they would like to ask.  Some children really impressed me by putting a question mark at the end of their question - amazing!

In maths we have continued to work hard learning our number bonds as well as working on partitioning 2 digit numbers .  Can your child recognise numbers above 10? This may be something you could practise with your child.

In PE we continue to focus on dance.  This week we were perfecting our best 'bouncy' moves.  We worked on bouncing in a variety of different ways - forwards and backwards, sideways, turning around, and even linking arms with a partner. The children worked hard to sequence a variety of moves together with a partner and to match these to music.  We enjoyed watching some of the end results.

I hope you all have a fantastic end to the week and enjoy the weekend.  See you on Monday morning. Mrs Grabham

Week 4
Hello! This week has seen us come to the end of our Gingerbread Man literacy unit. The children worked really hard to be able to tell the story with the use of actions and a story map to remind them.  Not only this, but they then had a go at writing the story using their story map to prompt them with what comes next.  I was very impressed to see some children using key phrases from the story in their writing - well done.

In maths this week we have concentrated on taking away from 10, and writing the number sums down.  We have also worked on doubling.  we used a maths resource called numicon to help us with this. Test your child with some doubles up to 5......and beyond if they're secure! 

In our topic learning we had great fun looking at Google Earth, zooming right the way in to find the school.  The children really loved this!  Following this, the children were challenged to draw a bird's eye view map of the school.  They all tried really hard with this - it is a tricky thing to do! They were then invited to identify on their map where they would put a 'Shaun the Sheep' if we were lucky enough to have one......if only!!

This week we have sent home the children's first learning detective sheet.  This is stuck into their yellow learning detective books.  It is due back in on the last week of term. We look forward to seeing all of their creations!

Have a great end to the week.

Mrs Grabham

Hello there - Mrs King here.

We have had a good end to the week - looking at length in Maths. A giant had left a footprint in our classroom! We had to think of ways to measure it and the children really enjoyed cutting out the shape of their own feet on paper and measuring it and comparing to the giant's...

Our grammar session continued to focus on 'finger spaces'.... please watch out for this as you complete home learning. Year 1 pupils need to be able to identify where a word stops and another begins so that they can leave a space.

In topic lessons we designed our own 'Shaun the Sheep' pictures and created a trail around the school. See some photos below. Can your child show you where theirs is? Can you find 29 of them? This followed on from the work on mapping and aerial photos with Mrs Grabham earlier in the week.

Friday was European Languages Day and the breakfast was, as ever, a great success! Children tried croissants, salami, cheese and baguettes as well as a range of fresh fruit. In lessons we looked at France. The class mixed up with Year 2 and visited both classrooms - with Mr Wichard they created their own French flag and with me they looked at Paris and created art based on the Eiffel Tower. We also learned to sing 'Frere Jacque' - see the link below to the video.

Please check book-bags as a lot of letters went home today, including phonics sheets. You are not required to send back in the phonics sheets but we would like you to practise these words and sounds with your child; this could be looking for them in their reading book or even on a cereal packet!

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Mrs King

Week 3
Hello....It's Mrs Grabham. What another fab start to the week we have had. It was great to see/meet you at the 'Meet the Teacher' meeting last night. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation we talked through will be sent home with all children later on today (Wednesday) so make sure you check book bags.

In literacy so far this week, we have been really getting to grips with the story of The Gingerbread Man.  The children have sequenced some pictures and added some writing in the style of a story board.

In maths, we have been busy learning about the various ways in which we can make 10 (number bonds to 10 e.g. 9+1, 8+3, 7+3 etc.) This is something that would benefit from some practise at home too please!

In our topic learning we have learnt some facts about Isambard Kingdom Brunel.....see if your child can tell you who he is and what he was famous for building!

In P.E. the children were very excited to be taking part in dance with the use of streamers/ribbons. They investigated all the different ways that the streamers could be used, as well as thinking about their body shape. They then put these moves to music - what fun we had!

You will have noticed a small handwriting practise sheet being sent home. This is to follow up on at home with what we have been working on in class.  Please help your child to form the letters correctly.

I hope you all had a great end to the week and that the children enjoy their first Year 1 Forest School session on Thursday PM - remember to have the right gear in school (warm clothes that you don't mind getting wet/muddy!)    

See you all next week.....

Hello there - this is Mrs King.

We have been busy at the end of the week and made some exciting discoveries!

In English we have been focusing on remembering to leave spaces between words, often called 'finger spaces'. In our weekly grammar lesson we tried using Cheerios to remind us - which definitely helped some children! We will continue to work on finger spaces in the next few weeks and it is definitely something it would be good for you to reinforce from home - even if looking at the spaces between words in your reading books.

In our Maths we continued to work with the number 10 and to learn pairs of numbers that make ten. We hope for this to be automatic by the end of Year 1 as it is such a fundamental element in Maths. We practised using coloured cubes in grids of ten. This will come up again in the weeks to come!

Very excitingly, we had our first Forest School session this week. We looked at making structures similar to Brunel's - boats, railways and bridges. Some of the creations were fantastic! Even better, a couple of eagle-eyed children spotted some great wildlife: a tiny frog (see photos of Mrs White releasing it back into the pond area below) and a huge caterpillar clinging to a tree. This is what is so great about Forest School: you never know what you are going to find from one session to the next! Children were very excited. We also revisited the rules of Forest School and looked at how to recognise those nasty stinging nettles.

On another note, please ensure that your child has the correct Forest School kit. They need wellies and waterproofs that stay in school, and a warm fleece or similar to wear underneath. These clothes may get very muddy so no need to send in shiny new ones - old and well-worn ones are much more practical!

Anyway, have a lovely weekend and see you all soon.

Mrs King

Week 2

Wow! We have had a busy week so far....

In literacy, we have been learning all about The Gingerbread Man.  This involved acting out the stories with costumes and props, creating various shapes with ginger scented play dough, designing our own gingerbread man and sequencing the story using picture cards.  Unfortunately, when I came to take the gingerbread men out of the oven on Monday afternoon, they ran away!  The children were desperate to find the gingerbread men and take them home, so earlier on today with Mrs King, the children went on a gingerbread men hunt and some 'lost' posters were created! Hopefully they were found, and have now been eaten up!

In maths we have been focusing on recognising and forming numbers correctly as well as counting a variety of objects accurately.

In our topic learning we have delved into some geography and have found out what Bristol is like and have tried our best to use some geographical language to describe a variety of different places in Bristol - I was impressed!

Also in the first half of the week we have practised our handwriting, ensuring we are sitting correctly, holding the pencil correctly as well as forming our letters beautifully! In P.E. we worked on copying a partners movements (mirror image).

Well that's me handed over to Mrs King now.  I hope you all carry on to have a fantastic week and weekend, and I'll see you all ready to go on Monday.  Don't forget, next Tuesday, the 15th, is the Year 1 parents meeting.  All Year 1 parents are invited to attend after school at 3.45pm for approximately 45 minutes where Mrs King and I will talk all about how things work in Year 1 as well as curriculum expectations - we look forward to seeing you there! Mrs Grabham. 

Hello there - this is Mrs King. Well we had an exciting afternoon on Wednesday searching for our gingerbread men who had run away. We got lots of clues from adults around the school but just could not lay our hands on the little scamps. We made some 'Wanted' posters and stuck them up around the school. This did the trick and Mrs Robinson found them hiding in the hedge! They all got sent home and hopefully were enjoyed.

The rest of the week we focused on our counting in Maths and created 'Counting Books'. In them children practised forming their letters correctly and glued matching amounts onto each page. Some children were really creative in the way that they did this - you can see them in the corridor!

On Friday the class had their first experience with 'Open The Book', a Church group who act our Bible stories in a fun way. This happens every other week and is a real highlight for the class!

Looking forward to meeting you all properly at the meeting on Tuesday.

Mrs King

Week 1

Hello! Mrs Grabham here. We have had a fantastic first day back to school.  I was very impressed with how all the children came into school sensibly, finding out what to do with their belongings and with a smile on their face!  It can be a bit daunting!

The morning consisted of a welcome back assembly from Mrs Harding followed by a general 'get to know the routines in year 1' session.  We have now uploaded the curriculum overview for the term (see below), so make sure you have a nose at what we are going to be up to!

I have now handed over to Mrs King who will continue to teach for the rest of the week.  I hope you all have a good week and I will see you back at school on Monday morning.

Hello there, Mrs King here. We had a great end to the week. The first week back was all about getting to know the children and helping them to get accustomed to their new classroom and adults.

We also created some fantastic painting to make a tree display. The tree will display high-frequency words as the children learn to spell them. Whenever they are writing in the classroom they could look at the tree to see how a word is written. This should give them more independence in the classroom!

I have heard all children read and they have two books from the book scheme each in their book bags. Please ensure that book bags are in school every day with the diary and both reading books inside.

On Friday a booklet with important information about Year 1 came home - please check book bags if you did not find it as I am sure you will find it useful!

See you on Wednesday - we are having a Geography week and finding out about Bristol.

1st September:

We hope that everyone had a lovely summer and a good break.

Mrs Grabham and Mrs King are looking forward to meeting you all on 2nd September when we will also be welcoming some new children to the class.

We have a busy term ahead packed with hands-on learning opportunities. Our topic is called 'Shipshape and Bristol Fashion' and is all about the city of Bristol. If you have been out and about hunting for 'Shaun the Sheep' this summer you have probably done some good preparation for this already!

Next week we will be settling into our new classroom, getting to know each other and setting some ground rules for the year.

Mrs Grabham will be teaching the class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Mrs King will be teaching on Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays. PE will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so please bring your PE kit in for the first day back.

See you very soon - and enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs Grabham & Mrs King