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Term 2

Term 2 (Week beginning 3rd November)
Welcome back!
First, I’d like to congratulate all the children for their amazing nursery rhyme poetry performance at our Harvest festival. What confident learners we have in Ash class! I think you’re ready for the next challenge… would you like to perform a play this Christmas?

I’d also like to thank all the adults that helped with reading and cooking at the end of last term. It is appreciated! As requested, the bread recipes are available below.

‘Safe and sound’
Following on from our learning about safety around electricity last term, the children in Ash class are now studying safety around bonfires, fireworks and sparklers; road safety and ‘being seen’ on these darker evenings. 

‘Who needs toilets? Who flushed first?’
In the coming weeks we will be learning about toilets! Apologies for any toilet related facts or jokes coming home – these are intended to liven up the learners’ non-chronological report writing!
The learners will be comparing localities with developing countries without access to clean water and sanitation; understanding why hygiene is important; and finding out about our country’s history with toilets.
Answering these ‘big questions’ is an optional home learning task to be collected in Friday 28th November. 
Home Learning
Yellow home learning books are now up and running! Please ensure this is in school every Friday. There will be a weekly:

1) ‘Letters and Sounds’ task relating to the following week’s phonics lessons. Children are expected to be able to spell the yellow highlighted words. Please challenge your child with the green highlighted words.
This term my phonics group are looking at alternative spellings for learnt phonemes.Please find and discuss words with a similar spelling pattern for the sound with your child when reading. An overview of this term’s spellings is available below.

2) Handwriting task related to the following Monday’s handwriting lesson.

3) Daily reading at home. It’s great if you can leave a comment! Alternatively, your child is capable of writing the name of the book, choosing a ‘wow word’ and writing a comment about what they have read.

4) Mental maths number bonds task. This term, the learners will be solving addition and subtraction problems with money. It is important they know these number bonds facts for 10, 20, 50 and 100 to do this. Please practise the use of money with 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 coins, challenging your child to work out the change. The number bonds tasks are available below.

And an optional extra, although it is hoped your child will want to do this…(!)
5)  ‘144’ club practise (letter available below). I have invited some learners to begin their quest for 144 club glory! The learners will be learning about multiplying and dividing in the coming weeks, starting with doubling and halving. The tests will be every Friday starting with the ‘20’ club Friday 28th November. 1 minute and 40 seconds will be the time to beat!
‘Little angel gets her wings’ Christmas production
The lyrics for the songs should have arrived home. Some learners may need help to read the words quickly in order to practise the songs at home. The songs can be heard at
The learners will also be practising these songs in school this week. Script words to practise will also come home this week.
Other business 
Further information about the children’s learning this term is available to view below.
Please note that the Ash class assembly will be Thursday 30th April and not this week as first published at the start of the year.

This year's Key Stage 1 Christmas production will be Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th at 2pm. See you there