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Term 2 happenings...

Welcome to term 2 in year 6...


Lots of exciting things going on this term! It includes bikeability right at the beginning of term, the Benjamin Britton Concert on Friday 22nd November which we have already begun preparations for (Children will be travelling there by coach with teachers and other adults...we will be back a tiny bit late that afternoon), lots more to do with our topic the Rhythm of Life and dare we say it; Christmas preparations - our key stage 2 christmas carol concert which was amazing last year and our team intend to keep up that standard this year! check in every week for updates, photos and essential diary dates!

Week 1
What a great start we have had to term 2! It has been really busy and so much has gone on.
Some of the children have been taking part in bikeability this week. They have been training up to achieve level 2, allowing them to ride safely on the roads. They worked really hard and the instructors said lots of lovely things about them. We have been cracking on with our learning in the class. In maths we have revised time - children are really good at telling the time digitally, but again, there are issues with analogue clocks! Problem solving with time is good and most children do this well. They have also looked at multiplying decimals. Children have been taught an easy method of multiplying decimals so that they don't get confused with place value.
In literacy, children have been working on the movie Up! We have done character profiles so far, although because of bikeability, the amount of literacy that we have done has been less but we will make up for this next week. Children have done some lovely art and poetry based around Bonfire Night! The pictures can be found in the gallery. Below is one of the amazing poems that one of the children has written!

All I can remember is that is was November,
The 5th November was when I died.
I was in a cardboard box waiting, just waiting,
waiting for this particular night.
I was let out of my box and put on a stick,
when suddenly I was set alight.
I soared through the sky, up I went up
along with many others, just like me.
I flew past these shapes, tall dark shapes
and they were very tall and dark indeed.
I heard a bang, another and another,
then BOOM! I was gone.
                                            Amy Thier


What a lovely poem, Amy was really careful not to rhyme as I believe, all the best poems don't rhyme!

In topic, we are looking at habitats and the entire area. We have studied food webs and learned about producers, primary, secondary and tertiary consumers. Everyone knows the meaning of these terms. Children have also worked hard on their Benjamin Britton songs - a letter came home this week so please remember to bring the permission slip in as soon as possible.
 Next week we are doing Pop Lacrosse with students from the Grange on Monday, so PE kits MUST be in school. We are also using our final practice time for Benjamin Britton songs and carrying on with our general learning. 

Week 2
A busy and productive week in year 6 this week! We have been working hard on our topic, maths and literacy! On Monday we had a special remembrance day assembly which was really good and we all had time to think about all of the people that have put themselves at risk to help us. Children all wore their poppies with pride...thankyou to Alex, Callum and Fleur for selling these all of last week, we raised a lot of money for the poppy appeal.
In the afternoon, 6th form students came in from The Grange and Hanham High, teaching our children to do Pop Lacrosse! They all had a fantastic time in the wet conditions...they were covered with mud, but learned lots of new skills. Callum, Harry J, Max B, Keziah and Amy were all fantastic at this.
Tuesday was a day full of topic where children were working hard to create a food web. The class ALL know what producers, primary, secondary and tertiary consumers are and they can place different species in the relevant parts.
Wednesday was an absolutely fantastic day for the school...we had a very special visitor come in called Dr Tom Robson (Dr Tom to the children) and he came in to set up a new project in school where children all learn about the different chemicals that their body produces based on their actions! It is called the Gem Project...ask your children what Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond powers are!
As a school, we will be focusing on the diamond power...stay tuned for lots more information!
On Thursday the children were already showing different types of powers as they planned out their adventure stories, drew out their food webs as a group and took part in a measures in maths treasure hunt! On Friday, children were working in groups with their maths skills doing various activities as it was open day and we had to be quite fluid! Year 6 did a fabulous job showing prospective parents around!
Benjamin Britton concert next week which we are all very excited about. 

Week 3
This week has gone so quickly!! In literacy children were getting to grips with writing the openings to their adventure stories! Throughout the week we did some work on how to re-draft their stories, which is completely different to editing it. This is a big learning curve for the children. We have been looking at area and seems that children are still getting confused with the two and this is a vital error! Any extra work at home on this would be terrific.
We have been busy preparing for the Benjamin Britton concert which was on Friday afternoon!
The children are all ready for the concert and know the songs well. We will be keeping the same slot on a tuesday to now begin practicing for the Christmas carol concert. Can't believe that time of year has come around already.
On Wednesday, we started the day off with a really exciting assembly from the University of Bristol all about Science! I am sure that your children have come home buzzing about all of the different experiments. We witnessed smashing solid bananas that had been dropped in liquid nitrogen to helium and hydrogen filled balloons that were burst with a lit flame! The hydrogen balloon was impressive to the maximum! The noise that it made and the fireball that was created was incredible! Amy was the lucky one who got to burst the balloon! Pictures to follow!
Friday was spent continuing with our adventure stories and then in the afternoon we headed off to Colston Hall for our concert. We had great seats right at the front! What an amazing week! Check out the photo gallery!

Week 4
Children have been really busy this week, making sure that they are working hard on their adventure stories. I am SO impressed by the improvements that children have made in their writing. Some children are really trying to push themselves and achieve really good levels which is wondeful to witness. Many thanks to any parents at home, helping with nudges of encouragement. A few of the children have taken their stories home to finish off as they have run out of classroom time. This is going to be an issue that many will need to quickly get over next term as they will be producing a piece of writing a week after Christmas, without time to catch up.
We have worked well in maths this week, looking at co-ordinates and word problems (an odd combination!). Children were terrific at spotting missing coordinates and using their problem-solving methods to work out how to do this. Children have also been shown how to do division using the bus-stop method briefly in a lesson opener, there will be more intense work on this soon so that the understanding is embedded. I usually try to encourage children to use chunking as it is a much more secure way of dividing, but sometimes, bus-stop methods are necessary. 
In topic, learners have been exploring all about how floods can happen and did some wonderful self-learning all about floods and how they are caused, including physical and human attributes to it. Due to an ICT failure today, we didn't get to investigate case studies of the Philippines and Lynton and Lynmouth like we had planned so we have post-poned that until next week.
We started a brief practice of our carol concert and all roles have been cast. There simply isn't enough room (or parts) in the Christmas story for everyone to have a role and I drew names out of a hat for these parts. Don't worry though, you'll still be able to see all the children sing in the concert and of course for our class song.

Next week, we are joined by our trainee teacher from UWE for the week. She will be spending the week getting to know the children, the school and all the wonderful ways that we work here ahead of her final UWE placement after Christmas, where she will be working in year 6 all the way up until Easter. This is fantastic news as there will be lots of adults available to help the children through the run up to SATs.

We look forward to meeting her!

Week 5
Christmas has arrived at The Meadows and we got to watch KS1 dress rehearsal of their production on Monday afternoon which was fantastic. The children really enjoyed their performance and it is clear that they have put lots and lots of hard work into that, so well done to them! We have also welcomed our student teacher this week; Miss Plummer, who has settled in well and got to know all of the children. We look forward to her coming back and helping the children in their learning after the Christmas holidays.
In our learning this week, children put together a fantastic presentation about some flood case studies. We looked at Lynton and Lynmouth and also the recent flooding in the Philippines. I was super impressed by their ability to self-learn through various sources, putting together a great power point in their pairs. They used lots of descriptive language, facts and figures and explained things really well. In maths we have been working on problem solving as children are making errors in reading the queston and understanding what they need to do. Some children were challenged with some tricky open-ended questions and they did really well.
In literacy this week, now that their stories are finally written up, we managed to move onto our next literacy topic which is to write a report on an ocean creature. We kicked off the learning by watching an episode of the Blue Planet, which gripped the children. They were really into the programme and they also wrote down so much information in their charts that they were given. We looked at some of the language that they didn't know and found out the meaning to these words. The next lesson involved finding features of a report which has been written. We looked at reports by other children (from another school) and the children not only enjoyed finding the features, but finding their mistakes. 
We have been practising our carol concert as well and now that the hall is free (post-KS1 production) we can get in there and properly rehearse.
Angel and narrator outfits to be brought in as soon as possible please.
Friday was a nice day too, including a fun game of netball. Knocks and bumps do seem to be happening quite a lot, but I am trying to get the children to learn how to deal with the minor things and move on quite quickly, rather than get upset about these things as at secondary school, it is a bit more 'boisterous' there and children need to learn how to cope with this.
Most of the children all then went to the christmas fayre, where 3 of our lovely year 6 children performed lots of songs as part of the choir (snow machine and all!) Raine, Lucy and Alex - you were fabulous!
The fayre ended with the raffle of the Christmas hamper...with lots of delicious treats in it and guess who won...Miss Webb! Hooray! What a lovely end to the week.
Don't forget to practice your lines and some of our christmas carols. See you all Monday, have a lovely weekend,

Week 6
Well, we have almost got to the end of the Autumn Term! Lots of things are going on in school and everyone is getting very tired, yet still excitable so some strange emotions bouncing around the classroom.
This week, we have been practising our christmas carol concert, soloists, musicians,'s all going on in Year 6! Still some problems with learning words to the song. However, we are sure it'll be alright on the day and they have worked really hard towards this and we look forward to showing parents all the hard work we've done. Our regular singing lessons this term have really helped the children improve their tone and pitch!
We have also done air-brushing this week with Catya's Grandparents (so many thanks to them), the children have air-brushed snowmen for their calendars...we will put them together fully next week.
Children have worked hard in their non-chronological reports all about different animals of the ocean. I am excited to read these reports, the children will write these up next week. 
Lots of exciting things to look forward to next week, we've got our dress rehearsal to key stage 1, christmas dinner, key stage 2 christmas party and lots more.

Week 7
What a fantastic final week of the Autumn term. We have ended our Rhythm of Life topic after lots of great learning. Term 1 books are coming home, but I will be keeping term 2 for assessment purposes.
We started on Monday, going over their maths tests and looking at how some questions have gone wrong. We will be doing this a lot more over the next term, to really refine their exam technique.
This week has been full of christmas-themed activities, including making christmas cards, putting calendars together, playing christmas taboo, our dress-rehearsal of our carol concert to Key Stage 1 and lots more.
We had a great day on Tuesday, where we had fun learning in the morning, followed by our school christmas lunch. The afternoon was when we performed the carol concert to key stage 1. This was fantastically done and the younger children enjoyed it. 
On Wednesday, we made peppermint creams in the morning. This was a really enjoyable morning, eventhough the children were pretty much covered in icing sugar, they absolutely loved making them and worked really well in their teams. They've whisked their own egg whites and mixed the sugar in to make a really good mixture. Great fun!
On thursday, children celebrated their home-learning and then helped set up for our christmas party.
In year 6, craft activities were going on and there was honestly more glitter on the carpet than on the cards I reckon!
Friday morning was spent watching 'Home Alone' as a class treat with some sneaky pringles. We then got ready for our carol concert in the afternoon. What an amazing concert it was! Well done to our lovely class who worked really hard to perform the concert. The soloists and musicians added a lovely touch to the whole thing.

Lots of busy things lying ahead next term, I have put a new section on the class page regarding SATs revision and what we will be up to. Parent booklets have come home for next term. Pick and Mix, along with revision packs will be coming out the first week back. 
I hope you all enjoy the Christmas holidays and have lots of fun with your friends and family.
A special thankyou for all my lovely Christmas presents...very generous of you all and I am thankful for every one of them.

Merry Christmas to everyone! See you on Tuesday 7th January 2014!
Miss Webb