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Term 2 happenings...

Hello and welcome to the second term of the year! I hope that you have had a restful half term.


This term our topic is called


'Giving thanks'


We are focusing on the thanksgiving festival in America and embracing all things across the pond! Keep checking in weekly for updates on what we are doing in year 1.

We will continue to practise spellings, phonics checks and begin to look at weekly number bonds practice. There will also be the KS1 Christmas production which we are already underway with...we are going to be doing 'Lights, Camel, Action'. We will be in touch soon with further information on this.  Check your diary dates for the performance times and days.

Miss Rumble will continue to be working with us and starts a block of 4 weeks from the 3rd week.

Miss Morrison will also continue to work with us every Monday up until the Christmas holidays, she will then return after Christmas on a block placement.


Week 1

We have had a lovely start to term 2 this week. The children started their big bang by learning all about dreamcatchers! We have learned where they came from and a little bit about the Native Americans. The children then took part in some imaginative writing and wrote what their most favourite dream would be...they had to do this independently and we had some lovely dreams! They also had to do some intricate colouring in of dream catchers and then finally, the big task of making their dream catchers! They look amazing and I'm so impressed with them. They came out really well.

We have learned a lot about shapes this week and have spent time exploring their properties, including rectangles, circles, triangles, pentagons, hexagons and octagons! We know that a circle only has one side and an octagon has 8 corners! It took children a little bit of time to be able to verbally explain the difference between a rectangle and a square...I'll be checking this a bit later.

In our English, we spent Wednesday celebrating our own special toys and why they are special to us, we then had to introduce our toy to our partner and tell them all about it.

In our writing, we drew a picture of the toy and wrote why it was special and some further details about it. 

The children have then started looking at the story 'knuffle bunny' and we have done some work around the story and learned about the character 'Trixie' and how she communicates.

On Friday, we shared our learning in the hall that we had done all about faith week, which included the church collages that they had made in term 1 and the dream catchers. Their buddies were really impressed with them!

What a busy start...


Week 2

Well,  this week has been really busy! Children have worked hard on printing in their art and design. We have been looking at adding and subtracting in maths which has been lots of fun.

In our English, children have worked so hard to develop their own lost toy story all about their own toy., Children have come up with really lovely ideas to tell their story.

We have also worked on our split digraphs in our phonics - it's getting tricky now!

In Forest school this week, we went out to make our own thanksgiving feast with lots of mud and sticks and twigs! They made some delicious dishes!


Week 3

Wow! It has been another busy week in year 1. We were excited to welcome Miss Rumble in for the first of her 4 weeks! She has been  helping the children learn lots about adding 1,2 or 3 and taking those away from lots of big numbers! We built this up all week to solving word problems. I was amazed by the children! Well done on your maths.

In our English, children have made their own stories and turned them into books! They have all done really well and I am excited to put these on display.

In our topic this week, we have all been making pillows and practising our sewing skills. Children really persevered and made some great pillows! We have also been practising our yoga pretzel moves and gymnastic skills! 

We have sent a letter out today to tell you about the part your child will be in the KS1 Christmas production. Please check book bags for this! 


Week 4

We have had such a busy week in our learning this week. We have been working hard on our calculations of adding and subtracting, counting to 100 and also adding 10 to two digit numbers! The children have tried really hard to show a lovely understanding. I am so pleased by their efforts!

In our English, we have been doing some non-fiction learning and trying really hard to show a good understanding of labeling and contents pages. In our topic, we have been making thanksgiving collages and preparing things for our thanksgiving on Thursday.

Thursday arrived and we took part in a Thanksgiving festival. We made paper chains with words that we are thankful for on them, party hats with a repeating pattern on them and we made some Thanksgiving biscuits in the shape of a pumpkin or a leaf! We then gathered in the hall to hear a story about what Thanksgiving was all about, then had a little prayer to think about what we are thankful for and finally, ate our snacks. Year 2 had prepared a Turkey sandwich, we made cookies and Reception made fruit kebabs! It was great fun. We finally played a game of duck, duck, turkey!

On Friday, we did a big write recount all about Thanksgiving and continued with our maths! What a very busy week!! 


Week 5

Well, we have been busy again! This week, we have been doing some English learning all about a boy called Harvey Slumfenburger and a Christmas present! The children have been doing role play and getting to know the characters and the story really well! 

In maths, we have been practising counting in 10s and some children have even been counting in 5s! They have had a really good go at it, still a few wobbles so lots of practise at home on this!

Spellings have taken a little drop this week I'm afraid, we have been so busy that I actually forgot to do them on Wednesday. I REALLY apologise. We will test this week's on Monday and give out new ones for the following Friday! Sorry again.

In our topic, we have been using our craft skills to make snowmen...these are coming home tonight, hope you like them!

On Friday, we had our fantastic trip to the American museum where we learned all about the Native Americans and saw and held lots of different artefacts from the times.

We then made our own Kachina dolls from the Hopi tribe, which are currently on display in the hall! 

What a week!

So, next week is Miss Rumble's last week with us - we are going to miss her lots! But we wish her well in her next placement! 

We are going into full rehearsals for the play.

Costumes MUST be in by Wednesday please.


Week 7

Well, it has been a really busy fortnight! All of week 6 we were hammering the Christmas production - making sure that we learned our dance routines and cues for when to come on stage. The children were very professional! We also made Christmas cards and wrote letters to Father Christmas!

When week 7 began, we had a day of technical and dress rehearsals in front of audiences! The children performed brilliantly and the KS2 children were really impressed! On Tuesday we had our first production which was a great success! Everyone did a fabulous job and in the morning before that, we were busy in the classroom taking part in the colouring competition, which resulted in Jack winning 'Buster' from the John Lewis advert! Well done to him.

On Wednesday, we had our second performance. The children did a fantastic job again and even though they were starting to feel tired, we pulled it through!

Thursday and Friday, we welcomed back Miss Rumble (she is off to work in another school next term for her next placement!) and the children have made a card for her to wish her luck.

We had our KS1 Christmas party after the Christmas dinner where we played different party games and then a very special visitor bring us some presents!

Friday was very much a wind down day, with further Christmas craft activities and watching the Muppets Christmas Carol!


Hope you all have a restful Christmas break and thank you very much for my kind presents! We as an Elm class team are all very grateful.


Miss Webb frown