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Term 2 - Website Updates

Term 2 in Elm!


Welcome to the second term of Year 1; it is so exciting! We have a super busy term ahead. We are continuing with our fabulous topic ‘Arabian Nights’. We will keep you up to date with all our learning on this page. Our topic will reach its grand finale when we visit the theatre to watch 'Aladdin' on the 10th December. Make sure you get your permission slips into school as soon as possible.
We will also be working extremely hard putting together our Christmas production 'Stargazers'. Watch out for further information coming your way.

If you were wondering where all of Term 1 information has vanished to, have a look at 'In this section' under 'Term 1 website updates'. You will be able to find all the information there.

Week 1

What a wonderful start to the new term. We have written our own stories based on 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson. We have also looked at Islam and found out what happens inside a Mosque. We wrote our own prayers and put them to music - a beautiful sound has been heard, drifting out of Year 1 this week.
Adding has been our math's focus this week.

Week 2

What a super busy week. We became authors and finished a story about some hidden treasure. Ellis found shiny gold, Lysia dug up a secret golden key and Isaac discovered a treasure chest with a lamp inside! We looked at using connectives to join our ideas together and we tried really hard to get all our capital letters in the right place.
In math's we learnt all about money. We learnt how to log on and log off the school laptops. We can key in our user names and passwords. Once we were logged on we used 'Paint' to recreate a treasure ring - it took lots of skills! We also drew circles and blocked them in colour, we printed them off and stuck them into our very own treasure chests which we made from a net. Have a look at some of our pictures in the class gallery.


Week 3

Exciting news! This week we are extremely lucky to have Miss Stinchcombe and Mrs Crouch joining us in Year 1. They will be learning with us right up to the end of this term! Both are just beginning their PGCE from the University of West England and we are their first placement! During their time with us they will be supporting the learning of individuals, groups and the whole class. We are very much looking forward to working with them. Watch this space for their updates on how they are getting along.

Mrs Crouch and Miss Stinchcombe

It has been another busy week in Year 1. We are now in full rehearsal mode for our Christmas production. Also this week we have been speeding up our recall of the number bonds to 10.We have also learnt all about odd and even numbers. Ask your child to tell you all about Mr Mean.
Challenge your child to spot odd and even numbers on your journey to school.


A reading reminder

This week we have been holding reading conferences with all the learners in the class, discussing books they enjoy and why; talking around the book; looking at strategies they use to read and asking lots of questions about the text. Please listen to your child read every night and write a comment in their reading diary.
Great ideas for things to discuss when you are sharing a book with your child:
  1. Identify the author, illustrator and publisher.
  2. Read the blurb and discuss what characters you might meet and what might happen in the story.
  3. Use the illustrations to predict what might happen on that page.
  4. Identify different types of punctuation and see if you can figure out why they have been used.
  5. Use the content page and index to find out different types of information.
  6. Work out if your text is a fiction or non fiction text.
  7. Discuss what you liked or did not like about the story.
  8. Find labels and titles and look at how they are written (different fonts, different colours etc).
  9. See if you can find words from your spelling within the text.


Weekly Recap from our students
This week our class has been busy in rehearsals for the Christmas production; Stargazing. All the children have participated in choreographing two different dances for the show. They have all worked very hard on learning the songs and dance steps. We are all very excited.
In topic this week we have created some fabulous looking camel paintings, and took a closer look at the camel and its environment. 
In numeracy, we took a closer look at number bonds to ten and discovered their patterns and uses. This included adding and subtracting using these number bonds.
On Friday we had ‘pyjamarific’ day to raise funds for our linked school in Gaza. Everyone dressed up in their pyjamas and listened to bed time stories told by Mr. Hamlen, who came to visit our class. In the afternoon we enjoyed hot chocolate and were treated to a great show by the Open the Book Group.
We have had a busy week and have really enjoyed getting to know Elms Class. We look forward to next week and helping with all the children's’ learning.
Mrs Crouch and Miss Stinchcombe

Week 4

It has been a very, very busy week rehearsing for our Christmas Production. Our acting and singing is really coming on. We are really looking forward to sharing our production with you next week. Thank you for all the amazing costumes that have come in, the learners all look fabulous!

We spent this week learning about subtraction. We learnt to take away using apparatus, number tracks and empty number lines. Look at these amazing examples.


Subtraction on a number track

Mrs Lethbridge and Mr Day were WOWED!! We are mastering our skills looking at numbers to 10 but some of us could subtract with even larger numbers like 50! It would be brilliant if you could continue practising subtractions at home.

Next week, apart from performing in Stargazers, we will be learning about different genres and their features. I wonder what different places we will end up exploring? Mrs Crouch and Miss Stinchcombe will be sending home some very special home learning about this on Friday. We will also be designing and making Christmas cards to send to the Lighthouse School in Gaza.
In preparation for the last week of term we have all been busy at work planning some fun learning activities for year one. These activities will range from cooking to making a calendar for the New Year ahead. With this in mind we would ask if you could start to collect yogurt pots and small shallow food tins if possible (pineapple, salmon, baked beans etc.).
Hopefully you would have all received a text message from the school asking for the voluntary donation (£1 by the 14the Dec). If you have any questions feel free to come ask any of us from the year one team.

Many thanks
Miss Stinchcombe, Mrs Crouch

Week 5

What a busy week. We hope you enjoyed watching our Christmas production. We are extremely proud of all of our camels and angels, who sang and danced BRILLIANTLY! in every performance.
This week Miss Stinchcombe and Mrs Crouch have been teaching us all about different genres. So far we have learnt about Science-Fiction, Spooky and Fantasy. Why not have a look on your book shelves at home or visit your local library and investigate these genres. Where are they set? What characters might you come across? What might happen in the story? Which genre do you prefer and why? Can you find any out about other genres?

Week 6

This week we started with the exciting trip to see Aladdin (the pantomime) at the Bristol Hippodrome. What fun it was! We joined in with songs, danced to the music and shouted out the classic responses: "He's behind you!" etc.

A massive thanks to the children from all the adults: You were FANTASTIC! You behaved so well and had so much fun that it made this a really enjoyable trip. You were a credit to the school.

Following the trip we have reflected upon the play and written thank you letters to the theatre. Then we got busy learning about directions. We pretend to be robots, followed clues to find 'Genie's Wishes' in the Forest Area and wrote instructions for our friends to get to the centre of the massive maze on our classroom floor (pictures to come). Ask us about directions, we may be able to tell you about quarter turns and tell you our left and right hands.

Next week we are going 'full-on' Christmas with lots of craft, learning about Christmas throughout history and of course having our Christmas party with a visit from a man in red.

Another special visit: Mr Petrucco, our new teacher in January, is coming to teach us on Wednesday morning!!!

See you Monday

Week 7

We have been screen printing!  We have had lots of fun designing and making our 2013 calendars while developing our screen printing skills.  We used a squeegee to push the ink through the mesh of the screen.  We think you'll agree that the results are very impressive!
Look at our amazing 2013 calendars 


A big goodbye

Today was my last day in Year 1 (although I will be around school until Friday).  I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all the learners, staff and parents in Year 1 who have made the last term so brilliant.  Elm class are amazing learners who have a super enthusiasm for everything and it has been an absolute pleasure to teach them all.  I am extremely proud of every single one of them and everything they have achieved on our Arabian Nights adventure.
So there is only one last thing to say... have a wonderfully festive Christmas and a sparkly New Year
as I'm going to jump on my magic carpet for a whole new adventure.
Bye Bye and see you all again soon,
Mrs Lethbridge