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Term 3

Term 3 (Week beginning 5th January 2015)
Welcome back!
First, I’d like to congratulate all the children for their amazing Christmas performances. What amazing learners we have in Ash class! 

Frozen Planet
Where are the North and South poles? What lives there and what is there to eat?
Answering these ‘big questions’ is an optional home learning task to be collected in Friday 30th January.
Home Learning
Please ensure your child's yellow home learning book is in school every Friday. 
There will be a weekly:
1) ‘Letters and Sounds’ task relating to the following week’s phonics lessons. Children are expected to be able to spell the yellow highlighted words. Challenge your child with the green highlighted words if they feel ready.
This term my phonics group will be looking at alternative pronunciations for reading. An overview of this term’s spellings is available below.

2) Handwriting task related to the following week's handwriting lesson. Mrs Guy requests that children complete this homework after the skills are taught on Monday. 

3) Daily reading at home. It’s great if you can leave a comment! Alternatively, your child is capable of writing the name of the book, choosing a ‘wow word’ and writing a comment about what they have read.

4) Mental maths task. Please continue to practise the use of money with 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 coins, challenging your child to work out totals and the change. Children not yet secure at this will continue to receive a weekly number bond task. Those that are will need to practise for the '144 club'.   

Other business 
Further information about the children's learning this term is available to view below.

Hello! My name is Judith Parsons and I'm a student teacher from UWE. For the Spring Term I will be working alongside Mr Wichard in year 2 and I'm very much looking forward to it! I really love learning and I can't wait to share that passion with your children and help them get the very best out of their time at school. Do come and say hi in the playground if you want to! 

Week beginning 2nd February 2015
Please return parents evening appointment slips by Monday 2nd February.  
Remember, you are invited to view your child's books Wednesday 4th. I'm sure your child will want to show off their amazing learning this year.  

Frozen planet overrun! It's been a busy time for Ash class...
We have a biography and an 'Arctic adventure' story to write this week, as well as 'The northern lights' artwork using water colours and paint. We're hoping find the time to write a new class song with accompanying instruments too!
Our punctuation focus for the remainder of the term will be using inverted commas for speech correctly (previously known as speech marks!). 
Our focus in Maths will be multiplication and division. More '144 club' invite letters to come home at the end of this week. This will be for those children now secure in their number bonds to 20. Many thanks to those parents who have supported their child's home learning with number bonds. They may soon need support with times tables too!

Many thanks to all the adults that helped on our KS1 visit to the zoo. A good time was had by all and important learning achieved -see photographs below. This may have contributed to amazing home learning presented by the learners last week - again, thank you supporting parents!

Week beginning 9th February 2015
This will be our 'Chinese new year' week with a Design and Technology focus. We will also look  at healthy lifestyles in Science. Our big questions will be 'What are the right foods to eat?' 'Where is China?' and 'What are the beliefs of the Chinese people?'. 
Our focus in Maths will be to visualise, describe and name 2D and 3D shapes, and to group and classify them according to their properties (including lines of symmetry). 
And all in only four days! (the last day for learners is Thursday 12th February).
See you at parents evening!