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Term 3 happenings...

Spring Term 1


Welcome back year 6 after a hectic autumn term. We have lots to be cracking on with in terms 3 and 4. Key Stage 2's topic is called 'Off with their heads' and it is a history topic, based around the Tudor lives. We will cross over with the topic as much as possible during our busy revision schedule. 
We will be joining in with the Big Bang on Tuesday 7th, which will help children with their writing that week. I hope you've had a good break and that you all enjoyed celebrating Christmas.

Week 1

A busy week back with a good attitude to learning. We started on Tuesday with our Big Bang! The teachers in Key Stage 2 performed a play for the children, portraying a murder during the Tudor times. Mr Wichard played the brutal killer 'Bizer' and the children had to work out the motive as to why the victim (James Farlowe) was killed.
The children were investigating in their house groups and did lots of different types of problems solving to work out why. In year 6 they were doing codes and co-ordinates, in year 4 they were doing grids and puzzles and much more!
Our year 6s then based their writing on this for that week, they had to structure an argument and choose the motive that they think is the most likely. They had to use persuasive techniques in their writing and think about what different effects they could add in! We had lots of rhetotical questions, personal pronouns and groups of 3 being used.
In maths we have looked at fractions (We didn't get onto percentages and decimals...but don't worry! That's booked into our revision timetable)
Children were working on really understanding equivalent fractions this week and being able to order them. Some were even adding and subtracting fractions without a common denominator. It's not the easiest thing to do and lots of children came into it a bit unknown, but have all come away from it knowing how to do this!
Next week, we are looking forward to welcoming back Miss Plummer, who will be with us for 8 weeks as she does her final part of her teacher training. 
I have sent home lots of revision packs today (I explained to the children my expectations) Please see the SATs revision schedule for further details.
Have a lovely weekend,

Week 2

A successful revison week in year 6. The children have been working hard on addition and subtraction in maths. They have revised methods and seem to have it sorted! A few children are a tiny bit wobbly in borrowing and ensuring they do this correctly. It shouldn't take long to fix though. The children have also explored poetry features and written their own imagery poems about the Tudors. We looked at poems from last year's year six class, which they enjoyed doing as they knew the children and the fact that the poems they were looking at were better than ones that adults have written. 
From this, they identified loads of poetic devices that had been included and their task was to try and incorporate a range of these in their own poems. They did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed reading them and what a poetic class we have!
They haved worked well with their revision of plants (Everyone remembered what seed dispersal was...result!)
They also looked at the use of apostrophes in learning - I am not happy with this and I want to keep working on it. Any work that could be done at home would be excellent. They are more wobbly on apostrophes for posession. They were meant to play football in Thursday but the weather was so awful and eventhough we said that it was all weathers, we did not think that it was suitable so Mr Wichard did some maths work with them! Thankyou Mr Wichard.
Children have finished the week off with Bitton's got talent (which I did not get to see which is a shame, so I'll look forward to hearing all about it on Monday!)

Week 3


What a week we have had in year 6! It has been jam packed full of hard work. The class started the week with some science assessments. They have had a maths focus this week of revising multiplication and division. They have practised chunking and grid method, whilst some children have done bus stop method (and some even practising long multiplication - although I would rather they stuck to grid method as it is much more secure).
They then applied this process through word problems, thinking about the context of the question and what it is wanting them to do. Some children find this a bit more difficult and still need practice on that, we will follow up with this at a later point. 
In literacy, they kicked off the week exploring lots of different narrative techniques to write a story based around the Tudor times. They will be writing a historical mystery story.
On Wednesday they really got involved by BECOMING their characters, describing themselves and asking lots of questions.
On Friday, unfortunately Miss Plummer was poorly, so Miss Webb continued the story writing and they did a fantastic carousel of learning, developing their use of adjectives and making sure that they try and entice the reader with great descriptions. Children shared what story settings they love, along with Miss Webb...we had Hogwarts, Narnia, Chris Ryan's Desert, James & the Giant Peach, Willy Wonka's factory and Miss Webb's favourite; Diagon Alley!
Children should get reading lots of fiction books to help progress their writing and make it even more descriptive!
The afternoon finished off with the Semi-Final of Bitton's got talent! Along with the rest of the competitors, our three semi-finalist acts: Continuous Dreams (Ella, Charli, Amelie, Amelia & Keziah), Kayleigh & Raine, and the dancing granny Amy & her grand-daughter Maisy (Kesheba) all did a fantastic job!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

When it came to voting, it was very difficult to choose with year 6! So much, that they had to vote twice: The act that won was Continuous Dreams! 
Then! There was a wild card announcement...teachers picked their 3 extra wildcards together and we decided to put through Kayleigh & Raine from Year 6 (and other acts from across the school)!
Well done to both our finalists from year 6! We have every faith in you all....bring on the confidence and entertain Bitton! It all takes place on the last Wednesday of term at 6pm...get your tickets before they sell out! It's going to be fantastic! 

Well done year 6 on a hard working week! Keep focused and work hard - it is so important at the moment and some children are not managing to focus as much as I know they can.

Week 4

It has been a hard working week in year 6 this week. I feel that the children have really worked on staying focused in their learning this week. They have put in a tremendous effort in their Tudor historical stories. The class have really tried hard to ensure that they have kept the dialogue in keeping with Tudor traditions. They have enjoyed trying to use 'proper' language rather than colloquial, which often crops up in some stories. 
In maths this week, we have been looking at data handling. The children have looking at interpreting different types of data questions and they have thought carefully about how to approach the questions and calculate things correctly. Some learners have found it tricky to work out what they need to do and this is because their maths terminology isn't very good. The aim will be to do lots of maths warm ups based on mathematical vocabulary! 
SOME learners have been sent home with a small consolidation homework piece which I want back on MONDAY. It shouldn't take too long, but please allow them to do this independently, whilst making sure that it is completed.
Some children have progressed onto using and applying these skills, almost working on back-tracking and collecting data, then thinking about what questions might be asked from this data.
A small group have also worked with me this week, looking at some level 6 data types of questions. It was really enjoyable to have maths discussions with the children and hear them give their reasoning, clearly drawing on their good maths skills. Next week, they will have a glance at a level 6 SATs paper and we'll work on this one together as a group.

They've also been getting really muddy playing football with Mr Wichard, but having a great time practising their skills doing this.
We've finally finished reading our class book; Demon Dentist! (It took a while to read and even though he's probably not the most sophisticated of writers, we have thoroughly enjoyed the comedy of this story!)
I'm keeping the class in the dark about our next class book which I myself, am really excited to read with them! All I have told them is that it is a fantasy/adventure story! 

Week 5

A busy week in year 6 this time. The children have been working really hard on their maths - they have been working on their understanding of time! They've looked at analogue, digital, 24-hour and 12 hour, along with time problems and interpreting time tables. A small group of children have also spent this week looking at level 6 maths with Miss Webb. They've been practising hard to learn new skills as a guided group and they then had a go at a level 6 paper. It has given us lots of ways forward in their maths learning for level 6. 
In writing, they have spent time exploring instructions. Their aim was to explore revolting and delicious recipes, then structure their own recipe. This was then followed by speaking and listening activities, where they acted out their recipes in the style of celebrity chefs! 
Unfortunately, due to the horrific weather, they didn't get a chance to go out to their football lesson, so Miss Webb taught them some work to do with our PSHCE learning, relating to our current SEAL topic; going for goals. We explored Martin Luther King Jnr's 'I have a dream speech' exploring what he was addressing and unpicking all of the metaphors that he made. Miss Webb shared her dream that she had when she was a child and then as a class, they then shared their own dreams. They were asked to draw a picture of their dream and then we did a class walk, trying to work out what their dreams were. There were lots of fantastic dreams shared including a vet, a relief worker, a banker, a footballer, inventors and nurses! We finished by discussing how we were going to achieve these dreams and the learners were fantastic in their explanation of how they would do this.
What a busy week year 6 have had. Next week, it is a four day week as the school have an INSET day on Friday. Remember to learn your spellings for Wednesday!

Week 6

We've been working really hard in year 6 all week. On Monday we continued to look at revision techniques in reading papers and then we followed up with an assessment of this and I am pleased to say that almost everyone made progress! What a superb bunch of learners they are! 
In maths, children were working on their 'measures' revision, but because it is such a huge part of maths, we are pushing on into the week after half term so we can consolidate area and then work on angle facts! 
Children have also done some maths assessments for me so that I can see where their gaps are.
Wednesday saw the final of Bitton's got talent which was a fantastic show; well done to Deirdre O'dreary for putting that on (Mrs Parker!). The year 6 groups; Dazzling Donuts and Continuous dreams both did fantastically well, even though they didn't win - what amazing performances! 

Picture 1
Picture 2

We also worked on e-safety this week, discussing being safe online - the children were really sensible and came up with lots of great advice. They also watched quite a dramatic video which gives the really important message of safety online. 
Well done on a great week's learning
Have a happy half term and I'll see you on the 24th February! 


Miss Webb