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Term 3 happenings...

Wowzers year 6! After finally getting back to school after so long away, I was SO impressed by the work that year 6 have been doing with Miss Brown and Mrs Jefferies! They have been so busy! Their poems are fabulous, recounts are tip-top, playscripts are so accurate and their short stories are really mysterious! Well done you guys! 

Week 1 recap:
Year 6 put a lot of effort into elaborating on detail in their recounts and they were asked to focus on 1 or 2 days where they could talk about it in detail!
They also worked hard on a snippet of revision in percentages, decimals and fractions. We will cover this more indepth but they worked hard on turning decimals into percentages and then fractions into decimals.
Their SATs Grand Prix got off to a brilliant start with everyone happily driving towards the finish line with this weeks targets.
Mrs Jefferies kindly took over teaching on friday due to myself falling ill (BIG THANKYOU TO HER!) and has been regularly reporting to me how the children are progressing! Mrs Jefferies was really impressed with their learning and their maturity which the children should be very proud of! 

Week 2 recap:
Willow class was joined once again by Miss Brown, another teacher who will be working alongside Miss Webb for 9 weeks. 
 As I am still unwell, Mrs Jefferies has been teaching year 6 again for me this week and has worked really hard with the children revising poetry, addition, subtraction and place value!
I have been told how incredible the children were with the poem  - why not ask your child what the poem was about? I am looking forward to reading their own poems that they have written when I come back and putting some of them on the website!

Week 3 recap:
Another terrific week of learning in year 6. They have completed their poems which evoked imagery and emotion. Both Mrs Jefferies and Miss Brown were reduced to tears when reading some of them! Look out for them coming soon on the website! Children have begun looking at short story revision. They began by looking at a story called 'The Long Walk' by George Layton and have now developed their own stories based on mystery. Their first drafts are excellent - children have worked hard to ensure their story is hitting the criteria required and are carefully following a checklist. 
In maths, they have been revising multiplication and division. It has gone very well but we will be revisiting this, particularly 'chunking' as the snow caused problems with these days - some children went home early and missed out on some vital methods - this will be picked up with boosting sessions.

Week 4 recap:
Year 6 are zooming ahead in their revision! A week was spent blasting handling data - We looked at lots of different charts, practiced 'SATs style' question. Some children were challenged with real high level work! They have also been busy writing a playscript on a fairytale that they knew really well! They looked at all the different features of a playscrpit with a particular focus on imperative verbs! 
What a fantastic week they have to go before half term! Keep up the hard work guys!

Week 5 recap:
Children have been super busy this week, cramming everything into 4 days! They have worked really hard on the longer answers of reading SATs practice; it is a real skill to structure these answers and I am really pleased with what they have done so far, we will do some more work on this area after half term! We have had a really impressive maths week - they have amazed their teachers with their knowledge of time (including 24 hour and digital conversions!) and measures - particularly reading scales!
The children have been given lots of different homework revision packs to keep them busy over the holidays and over the coming weeks; nobody was negative about these and they were happy and enthusiastic to try their hardest! What an amazing attitude to your learning year 6 - keep that up as you're making the school very proud!
Their writing this week has been nicely linked to some science revision that is coming up so they will be experts on the human body soon....Just one more hour on this and their non-chronological reports will be finished! They have worked really hard to include a variety of sentences in their reports, including complex! Some were even challenged to cross two different text types into one!
The week finished with an inspiring trip to Colston Hall to watch Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra...We had a brilliant time and heard some beautiful pieces, the conductor was awesome and the leader of the orchestra got the children involved in a brilliant way! Well done to year 6 on this trip - you took part in all of it really well and you smashed that 'Bamboozled' song!

Get lots of rest over half term (and crack on with your revision packs!) and we'll see you on the 18th February! 

Miss Webb