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Term 3 - Website Updates

Term 3 in Elm!


Wow! That was fast! Term 3 went past in a flash. Hope all have a great break and see you back for term 4. Our topic next term is called EMERGENCY!

Here's a few things to expect:
* Alarms, sirens and drills, what to do in an emergency.
* In maths we are going calculation crazy.
* Meeting the emergency services.
* Great fire of London.
*Chronological reports.
* Time.
* Uniforms.
* Keeping our bodies healthy.
* Year 1 class assembly on 14th March.

Week 5

Welcome to the final week of this term! We still have lots of high sea adventures to go before the end of term! So far this week we have been map-makers and went out and on the school field and had a go at mapping it! We made some very good, very big maps from the research we had done. We made sure we put the woods; the football pitch; the chickens; and the playgroud tyres on our maps, so any visitor to our field will know where they are going! Moving on from our mapping, we programmed 'Bee-Bots' to move alone in a certain way. We learnt about how we programme them and what we need to do for them to follow a set route along one of our big maps of the field. We also drew and labeled a picture of a 'Bee-Bot' remembering to add a caption!

During Literacy we used some really good 'wow' descriptive words to describe what we would take to a desert island and what we thought was in a sealed up box that was washed up on the beach. Some really imaginiative ideas were thought up and eventually we discovered it was a pretty shell hidden in the box.

During the last two days we have gone mapping mad. We have learned about coordinates and directions and how to follow a list of directions. We have been making our own treasure maps and have at last recovered our school trophies. Would you believe it? Those silly pirates had them hidden in the Forest Area Shed all along! We worked in teams to hunt down pieces of treasure and then had to answer questions using our term's learning to discover the wearabouts of the trophies.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Week 4

What a great start to the week! We have been sorting different objects into groups: What is 'alive' and what is 'not alive'. Some of the objects were a little tricky. What group would you put a shell in?
We continued this by sorting shapes in maths. We all decided in groups how we wanted to sort our shapes and made a venn diagram on the carpet showing everyone else how we had done it! Who knew there were so many different ways we could sort a shape!

Later on this week, we looked more closely at captions in information books and how to lay out a page. We have written our own captions and have built a presentation all about what you might find on a beach.

We also had a visit from Mr Medley, who told us all about living and working on a submarine. We asked some brilliant questions and most of us decided we wouldn't want to do this as a career: apparently,
it is very smelly!



On Friday we had lots of extra classmates when some parents came in to see how we are learning to write. We tried to build sentences using captial letters, full stops and finger spaces. Some of us have got our first stamps from our Punctuation Paradise islands. Ask us about Punctuation Paradise.



Amazingly, we are almost into the last week of term! In our final week we will be learing about maps, directions and finding coordinates. We will be programming movable toys and using description in our writing. And...we might hopefully finally find out where Pirate Pete has hidden the school trophies.

Week 3

What fun we've had in the snow this week! We made it into school and had great fun. We set up Elm Class Whale and Dolphin Research Centre as we started finding out about information books. We completed research ("finding things out") using books and the internet. Then we chose Whales or Dolphins to find out about and collected some super facts.
When not researching, we have been investigating capacity (We decided this means "How much you can fit inside something"). We have been measuring containers and ended the week creating fish tanks out of jelly!!! (Thanks and apologies to parents who bought in containers that we didn't use. Unfortunately, due to a jelly shortage we were unable to use larger tubs).
Next week we will continue learning about the differences between fiction and non-fiction books and completing more research. We will be going a little deeper into the under-sea world and finding out what makes something alive...Deep!

Perhaps ask us about what you might expect to find in an information book. Where would you expect to find a contents, index or glossary? And, what is the difference between captions and labels?

Remember too, this is a short term so there is only one more week to work on any home-learning projects you might be doing.


Week 2

Week 2 has been a very interesting week in Elm! We started our term's PE sessions by watching gymnastics at the Olympics and looking at the skills we need to learn in order to become medal winning gymnasts ourselves!

We continued reading The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and explored the story by drawing story maps and looking at how Mr. Grinling can be described. We also learnt that we had to re-write the story for the Year 2 class, as they wanted it set in a different location! For us to do that, we had to go and survey the Year 2 class to see which place they wanted the story to be set in. From all that data we then needed to draw a bar chart to tell which place was the most popular. Mr. Petrucco was very impressed with all the bar charts produced! We then looked at drawing another story map, showing the changes to the story.

Before the snow hit us on Friday we even had time to squeeze in some lighthouse building. I hope you all had a safe and warm weekend and enjoyed your time in the snow! Week 3 is going to be another busy week as we look at non-fiction books and fractions.

Week 1

Wow! What a busy week. We started happily learning about oceans with some sandsculpture, boat making and painting with dead fish, when disaster struck. All of the trophies from our cabinet have been PIRATES!!!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
We are now on a quest to find our trophies even if it takes all term.

As well as hunting down pirates, we have been learning a fabulous story called The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. Ask your child to tell you as much as they can. We have learned actions, mapped out the story and used out poetry skills to describe a storm hitting the lighthouse.

Ask us about the song we have been learning too. It is all about pirates too.

Exciting news!!! We have two new class members: Ben and Goldie. We had a vote to name them and made a pictogram to show our results.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Next week we are going to be rewriting the Lighthouse Keeper's Scrumptious Lunch. Building lighthouses with working lights and collecting some serious data and showing it on graphs.