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Term 4

Welcome to Year 1 2013-14

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Welcome to Term 4!

This term our topic is.....Africa!

Year 1 Class Assembly Thursday 3rd April 2:45pm

Welcome Miss Lloyd

I am currently doing my PGCE course in the University of the West of England. My specialism is English and I am passionate about developing children's love of reading.
I will be beginning my final placement in Year 1 after Easter. Having spent the last week in class getting to know the children, I can't wait to start! They have been fantastic and very welcoming!


Next Week


Next week will be slightly different as both Mrs Lethbridge and Mr Day will be out of class for most of the week completing other duties. The first half of the week will be taken on by Mrs Jefferies and a supply teacher will be in Thursday and Friday.
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Session 2
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Session 5
Session 6
English – Poetry similes and alliteration 
English – Poetry similes and alliteration
Maths – Symmetry
Art – Printing block and screen
Art – Printing African image
Art - Evaluating

Week 5

During our literacy learning this week, we have enjoyed listening to an African Folktale 'Anansi the Spider'.  The children were then given the task of planning their own story, based on the story of 'Anansi the Spider'.  They were invited to change at least one thing from the story, but keeping the structure the same.  This is quite a tricky thing to do! They planned their own stories using a story mountain map, before writing their story, ensuring that they had worked hard on their own target - whether it be to use fingers spaces, capital letters or full stops when writing.  The children produced some fantastic stories - well done!

In our maths larning, we have been looking at doubling as well as practising our multiples of 2, 5 and 10.  We have played this game in class: Perhaps the children would like to play it at home too?!

We had an exciting Wednesday morning! Following our phonics learning we had a little 'party' as today was my last day in school before leaving to have my baby!!  I opened lots of lovely presents with the children and we all enjoyed eating some breadsticks and dip!  It feels very strange that today is my last day.  I have loved working with all of the children in Year 1, and wish them lots of success for the rest of the year.  Thank you very much for all the kind gifts that I received.  Now just to play the waiting game for the baby!  Take care, Mrs Grabham.

As the week has progressed we have started thinking scientifically about materials, their properties and how they change when heated up. We have changed sugar by heating it and dipped toffee apples with partial success. Then we thought about how water changes when it is cooled past 0 degrees centigrade.

It has been a busy week again and a little sad with the departure of Mrs Grabham. Fortunately Year 1 will take on a new face Mrs Lethbridge.

Week 3

This week we have delved into the story of 'Handa's Surprise' and in particular have looked at the African fruit that features in the story.  As part of our maths learning, the children had a fantastic time tasting all of the different fruits from the book.  We wanted to find out which fruit was the favourite.  The children tucked into pineapple, passionfruit, banana, avocado, mango, orange and tangerine. Unfortunately Mrs Grabham was unable to get hold of any guava, so that was the only fruit from 'Handa's Surprise' that they didn't sample.



Having tasted the fruit, the children enjoyed asking each other what their favourite fruit was and recorded the results using a 'tally chart'.  Having collected their results, they then transfered the data onto a bar chart.

We have also had great fun in the kitchen making banana chips this week.  We were learning to understand the importance of washing our hands and keeping the surfaces clean whilst preparing food.  We also learnt how to use a knife safely to cut the banana, along with juicing lemons!  Thank you to Mrs Evans who helped with this activity.  I wonder how they tasted?!



We have also learnt about the 'journey of a banana' this week from land to hand.  The children did a great job at remembering the journey and sequencing the pictures in their learning books.  Then we used our knowledge of bananas to create a recipe and found out a little more about Fair-Trade.

We came back to Handa's Surprise at the end of the week reading sequencing and acting out the story. We then used our knowledge of the story to write diary entries pretending to be Handa.

In our Maths Skills this week we have been multiplying numbers by 2, 5 and 10. We looked at the patterns and came up with rules for how we know which pattern a number comes in. Then we used out counting knowledge to help us multiply.

We have also been learning a numberbond rap!!! A copy is attached at the bottom of the page.

Have a great weekend!!!

Week 2

Geography, geography, geography! This week we have enjoyed learning more about Africa and in particular the River Nile and why it is so helpful to those people who live in Eqypt.  The children had a fantastic go at creating their own acrostic poems all about the Nile too.

We have also learned the term Savana and found out about the Rainforest floor. We learned that because very little light can get to the floor there are very few plants growing there. It is mostly soils and leaf litter. We collected natural objects from our own Forest Area to build models of the forest floor.



We have been using brilliant words to describe these different environments. Ask us what humid means.

In maths we have been concentrating on learning to tell the time.  We have now nearly all mastered telling the time to the 'o'clock' and 'half past'. Feel free to test your child on this!

In Literacy this week we have been using comarative language. We learned about the lives of Nana and Evangeline, two girls who live in different parts of Kenya. Nana lives in an urban setting, Nairobi. Evangeline lives in a rural setting; her parents farm. You can watch the videos here:

We also learned how to sandwich two sentences together using and or but.

The children have been very excited this week as 'Baby Oleg' the meerkat, has started his adventures and has been for sleepovers at some of the children's houses already!  Each child will get a turn, and the idea is that Baby Oleg has a sleepover at your house for the night.  He will come home with a sleepover diary, which would be great if it could be completed and bought back into school the next day to be shared with the rest of the class.  We will then make a book all about Baby Oleg's adventures with Year 1. 







Week 1


What a great start to term 4 we have had.  We began the week by sharing all the information we already knew about Africa and then wrote our own questions about what we would like to find out about Africa.  I was impressed with the children's knowledge already, and also by the variety of different questions the children had.  We have learnt that Africa is a continent that is made up of 54 different countries and have looked at where Africa is in comparison to where we are - Bitton! We have learn a lot of different facts about Africa along the way...ask your child to tell you one!

Tuesday was BIG BANG day!!!! This was very exciting as we were lucky to have an African workshop which invloved painting African masks and also getting involved with African drumming.  The children were all fantastic and really enjoyed every minute of it.  Thank you very much to all the parents who came to watch the 'African show' at the end of the day, it was great to see you there.





Later in the week we listened to some more African music and learned about creating different rhythms. We took turns to lead a call and response pattern using different instruments.

We also learned a song called Kye Kye Kule. Ask us to sing it!

We also read a few African inspired poems which used rhythm. We have performed these to a drum beat. We then wrote our own poems in the style of a poem called Africa Africa, using what we have learned about Africa so far.

In our Maths this week we have been learning how to use our numberbonds to 10 to help us with subtraction by counting back. We have tackled calculations such as 10 - 3 up to 100 - 45.

We also found out how Maths is used in music by creating music using number patterns on the hundred square. Then we tried using a drum machine to make our own beat patterns using the new laptops!!!

Its been a great start to term 4. We cant wait to get deeper into Africa!