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Term 4 happenings...

Spring Term 2


Lots more busy learning in year 6 this term. We have got some time before SATs, but they are rapidly approaching.  Children who were given practice papers during parents evening, I would like these back after half term. Any revision packs that are completed are also encouraged to be brought in.
We are still doing boosting sessions with some learners who need more work on their learning. This will involve some committment from the learners at home as well.
One of our term highlights will be our final visit to the life education bus - children always enjoy that visit, along with meeting old Harold! The Colstons' cross country competition and easter activities will also be taking place. Hope children have had a good half-term and are ready to rock 'n' roll with lots of fun learning! 

Week 1

We have had a good first week back after the half term break. Children came in on Monday and for me, they were AMAZINGLY focused in their reading revision. We had a  great time exploring texts and leading our own guided reading sessions. The children secretly quite enjoyed becoming the teacher for that activity.
Children then looked at lots of different ways about authorial intent and they have really had to get in the mind of the writer. Their challenge this week has been to 'think like the writer'.
In maths the children have looked at angles within triangles, parallel lines, on a straight line, around a point, total in a quadrilateral! They have worked their socks off to try and remember all of these facts. It would be lovely for some children to create little 'cheat sheets' to help them secure this understanding as it is a lot of facts to remember! 
In their literacy they have been looking at recounts and used a good stimulus video clip to help them structure a good recount. Some children have even inter-twined two different text types including recounts and autobiographies to show off their writing.
On Friday, children had the privilege of watching a play called 'The B word' which was all based around bullying. It was a fantastic opportunity for them and something that they can take from the experience hopefully. 
Another busy week ahead, we are on the countdown to SATs now and there are only 9 school weeks left...which isn't very long at all and there's still a lot to cover so the children need to knuckle down and work really hard.
Hope you have a lovely weekend,


Week 2

A great learning week in year 6 this week. Miss Webb has been out for a couple of days so she has relied on the feedback from Miss Plummer, Mrs Kerfoot and Mrs Jefferies.
On Monday, children were fantastic with their reading revision - we have really looked at their understanding of the writer's purpose. An amazing session of learning.
In maths this learning, children have really looked at developing their shape understanding. We have revised properties of 2D and 3D shapes, how you might rotate, reflect and translate their properties. A great learning week, with Charli particularly showing AMAZING progress - we're really proud of her.
Miss Webb arranged for some children to have a delayed pancake day session where children had to look at ratio and proportion as a bit of pre-teaching in anticipation of when we revise that process.
In literacy we have been revising letter writing based on letters to authors. They have enjoyed this task and some learners have done some intervention work with Mrs Kerfoot on writing to a higher level.
Well done year 6 for a great week's learning. Next week there are lots of things going on, including more class assemblies, the Colstons' running competition on Thursday and of course, lots of learning. It is SO essential that children get a good night's sleep at home as it can affect their concentration in learning and their focus. Some children in the class and they know who they are, are sometimes not completely focused and it is causing them to fall behind when we are revising.

Week 3

A successful week of learning in year 6 this week. I have spent a lot of time out of class this week working with individual groups. I am pleased to say I really like learning that has happened. A big group of learners are looking to make a big jump in writing from level 4 to 5 and we have continued interventions on how to make their writing more sophisticated. The children have looked at a focus of paragraphs and they all knew the different reasons for paragraphs and it is ofcourse, a more difficult task to ensure that it is done independently. Children then wrote short stories with a paragraph focus (looking at a change in time, location, subject or with speech)
Next week, they will look at writing flashbacks in their story writing. This is a tricky thing to achieve fluently, but it will be great to see the children extend their writing. 
In maths, the children have been looking at decimals and fractions - it has been good to see the learners make improvements in their learning and they have revised the tactics really well. It is essential that children know their timestables as this will help them with their equivalent fractions! 
On Thursday, Mrs Kerfoot and I took some children off to Colstons' School for their annual cross-country running event.
It was a brilliant afternoon and the children all really enjoyed themselves, pushing themselves really far and making a great commitment. Please see next week's newsletter for further details and results. The main results were that Stephen Kerfoot in Year 5 came 2nd out of 84 runners in the year 5/6 boys category, with Max B coming 6th, Harry J coming 12th, Archie 31st and Callum 43rd. The year 5/6 boys category came 2nd as a team out of all the schools. What a great way to end the week. Hoping that Friday has been a productive one for all of the learners.


Week 4

Another busy week in our class this week. The children have been busy writing their non-chronological reports in literacy, with another group of learners writing flashback stories based on some really powerful video clips. The stories that include flashbacks are really emotive and Miss Webb is super impressed by them.
Children have been continuing with their learning in maths, revising percentages, fractions and decimals. It has been a lot of work for the children to do and they have really got themselves immersed in this maths. There are still some issues with children knowing some of the basic maths facts, including conversion of units! It is SO important that the children learn these and they should already know them by now. 
We bid a fond farewell to Miss Plummer this week, who has been teaching the class since January and she finishes her final placement. It has been lovely having her in the class and we are grateful for everything she has done. We wish her every success in her teaching career and hope she enjoys teaching as much as we've enjoyed having her.
Next week is still back to business. Miss Webb is back in class and in charge and she will be expecting the most effort she has ever seen from the children.

Week 5

Well, it has been brilliant getting the class back again and I have loved teaching them full time once more! We have done loads of learning in class this week and got to the end of it with everything fulfilled. Only a few children need to speed up a bit when writing their pieces as they have a bit to do on Monday lunchtime. The children have spent all week improving on their mental maths skills, most children have made a good increase this week and when we practice the mental maths tests, we ensure that we keep to the times given so that they get an idea of what it will be like on the real thing. The children have worked at being quicker in recalling their answers. Some children have even gone off and written a mental maths test for the rest of the class to take part in. While others have been learning how to quickly calculate using their known tactics that make things easier. We had a great time on Thursday in our carousel of activities where we were touching on probability and tactical play in some card games. 
In literacy this week, the children have become news reporters and have written an article about the ending of one of the marriages of Henry VIII. Most learners picked Anne Boleyn, whilst others chose Catherine of Aragon or Jane Seymour. We found out some really interesting things about these marriages and used literacy skills to put them into a newspaper article. I am really impressed with what they've done this week and I look forward to thoroughly reading them over the weekend. 
We have spent a lot of time recently focusing on SATs and with only 4 school weeks to go, I still have some concerns over children's learning. Please encourage your child to take it upon themselves to go through their revision packs and practice areas they are struggling with. It's really important that children put effort into this.
Next week, we have lots to work at, even though it's the easter holidays approaching, there's no rest for year 6 at school. We are looking at ratio and probability, biographies and some are looking at level 6 reading activities. We also get a visit to the Life Education Bus which is always highly anticipated every year...the children will most certainly be hoping for a visit from Harold whilst there!

Week 6

This last week of term has been really busy and although the children are getting tired, they have still put every effort in with their learning. We have tackled a tricky area of maths this week, being ratio and proportion. We come back to it after Easter when we look at probability. The children have done a super job learning about it. We started off with a smarties investigation involving ratio and they all really grasped it, along with enjoying a few sneaky smarties. 
In literacy this week, they have had the opportunity to explore biographies and choose someone to write about. It's really interesting to see who the children have chosen to find out about, there were some very intelligent and mature choices such as David Attenborough and Martin Luther King Jnr. They have found out lots of really interesting things and have structured their biography well.
We had our final visit to the Education Life Bus and the children were fantastic in there, really listening well and contributing lots of knowledgable things. They also had a road safety assembly on Wednesday where they learned all about how to keep safe when on the road and when traveling. 
The children have been given homework for Easter. It is a maths pack where they are to spend 10 minutes on it across 10 days. The idea is that they keep their maths ticking over and they don't speed through the whole pack in one day, doing this is not the point as they need to keep maths methods fresh in their minds. After the holidays we have 3 more weeks until their SATs tests. They are working really hard and we are really impressed with their amazing efforts so far, just keep it going a few more weeks! Enjoy your Easter holidays...get lots of rest, and family and friends time, keep practising your daily maths and don't eat toooooo much chocolate!
See you all on Tuesday 22nd April.


Miss Webb