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Term 4 happenings...

Year 6 are working hard this term, I can't believe how quickly it is going so fast! We've now got 6 school weeks to go until the SATs exams. Lots of revision packs have now been sent home - children should pick out areas in those packs that they feel they need to work on first, and then continue through some of the activities. I am not expecting them all to be fully completed, but what they do complete, if they could come back to me so I can see what they've been doing, that would be great. 

Some information that is important for children and parents to think about with regards to SATs.

TIMESTABLES & READING - It is so important to practice tables nightly and to read every night. Being quick at recalling times tables up to 12 x 12 can make a huge difference in their final SATs mark.

With regards to reading, please make sure that your child is fluent in the book they are reading, if they are struggling to read words and let the story flow, the text is probably too tricky for them. Although they will have the text to read in SATs, their understanding and fluency of stories and non-fiction texts is essential. 

REVISION PACKS - Children have been sent home with several revision packs for SATs, Please don't expect to get through all of them fully - they're huge! The best thing to do is to decide with your child what areas they feel and you feel they need to practice on and focus on those areas.

SPELLINGS - Please do try and get your children to learn the spelling patterns they will be tested on in the SATs tests. The spreadsheet that I sent home at the beginning of term 4 will really help you to work with your child to focus on particular patterns. 

Week 6 recap:

The children have come back and slotted straight back into their excellent hard-working attutide. They have been putting so much focus into their persuasive writing pieces in order to become elected as class president or vice president! From the work myself and Miss Brown have seen, it is going to be incredibly hard to choose one as they have all included so many fantastic persuasive features and techniques! 
We have begun a two week revision block on shapes and angles, beginning with shapes. Translation, reflection and rotation have been really successful, along with revising the classification of shapes. We had a cold, but fun morning calculating the area and perimeter of the class flower box area and were given a great challenge to apply knowledge of area and perimeter! Some children were even working out how to calculate the area of trapezium shapes. See if they can tell you what the formula is...

A great week has been had, children now know what 'articles' are in grammar - because there aren't very many, Miss Brown and Miss Webb are hoping that the children will just remember them! 
Well done year 6 for a great week back - lots of hard work going on - keep it up!

Week 7 recap:

A smashing week has been had! We kicked off the week with practice on skimming and scanning which EVERYONE has mastered nicely! hooray! The week then progressed to looking at angles in maths. Children have been practicing angle facts in a triangle and quadrilateral, they have looking at using a protractor correctly, measuring angles correctly and working out angles within shapes when only some information is given. Some children have progressed to opposite angles on parallel lines and they've even looked at working out areas and circumferences of circles using formulas. 
In our writing this week we have gone back in time to world war two again and have been writing letters which really focused on drawing out emotion and feeling. They are absolutely sensational! Some of the children almost had Miss Webb and Miss Brown in tears.
They've also had some fun this week with some circle time, discussing SATs and how the children are feeling about it. This then progressed to some really fun circle games which involved teamwork. They are really coming together as a class now which is so wonderful! Keep that up year 6 - you're doing brilliantly!

Can any year 6's check that I have my apostrophes in the correct places in the above piece of writing???

Week 8 recap:

The children have been working super hard this week. The maih focus of the week was on their short stories based on the historical event; the Titanic. Children had to really put emotion into the story and elaborate on their detail fully. It was a challenge for some children to do this but they have coped nicely and have written some fantastic stories! Here is an extract of one of our learners' story....can you guess who has written it?

'Up on the deck, a wave of guilt rushed through the captain as he realised something. "There isn't enough life boats!" he shouted to a crowd of shocked and downcast faces.
In third class, Benjamin's wife was desperately swimming for her life but she couldn't resist the force of the Atlantic. In the open ocean, Benjamin was floating but he couldn't take the pain of the scalding yet freezing ocean.'

The children have also been working on fractions, decimals and percentages this week. It is part of a two week revision block so make sure your children are practicing all these areas over the weekend. Particularly recognising equivalent fractions and explaining if they are more than, less than or the same. The class also had their last trip to the Life Education bus this year, it was really interesting and they learned lots of new information, along with showing the adults how much they already know. 
The week ended with a mini-competition within year 6 to design the emblem for the new house names. Children have worked to create their design and these will be used across the whole school. Look out for the winning pieces in the classrooms and one piece that has been picked as our 'work of the week'.
Well done year 6, a lovely week. 

Week 9 recap:

The children have had a brilliant week in their learning. They have finished off their two-week revision of percentages, fractions and decimals. It's always a lot to take in and they've done really well! Some have even moved on to multiplying and dividing fractions! (amazing!)
During revision club, some learners chose to make some cheat booklets to help them with their understanding of finding percentages so I hope that these get put to good use.
During literacy this week, Miss Brown gave the class a nice experience of designing kites and then they had to write up detailed instructions on how to make them and all the benefits that come with that!
Miss Webb took a group of 6 writers out all week and they used a video called 'The Piano' as a starting point for their writing. They had a focus on flashbacks and had to remember all the work we had done up until this point in creating really high-quality pieces of writing. They had a main focus of writing flashbacks within their story.
Below is an extract of just one of the learner's outstanding pieces of writing:

'As his fingers gently stroked the keys when he played a musical piece, every key he touched triggered an emotional memory. The keys seemed to dance before his eyes, he smiled but remembered the time she danced, when he played that piece. She approached him and kissed him on the cheek. When he reopened his eyes, Victoria was gone.'

A fantasic week of learning year 6, one more week left until the Easter holidays. The children will be getting a little revision pack over the holidays which is designed to keep their minds ticking over so that they don't forget things whilst away relaxing and enjoying their well-earned break!