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Term 4 happenings




Term 4 in Birch class

This term we will be focusing on a science based topic called:


Cool Vibrations and Circuits


We will do lots of science experiments and explore sound and electricity for the year 4 curriculum. We also have other exciting things to look forward to this term for birch class. These include our class assembly and our visit to the Education Life Bus, which is always a highlight for our school and hopefully Harold will hopefully make an appearance whilst on the bus!

Keep checking in for updates on our weekly learning, along with photographs, important letters and documents and of course, our weekly 'Gem power' awardees.


Week 1

Well, it has been so nice to get back into the classroom and get back with my lovely class! I have missed them.

We have started our maths learning all about statistics this week and children have been learning new vocabulary, building on prior learning and showing lovely graph drawing skills. It built up to an independent investigation on Thursday and Friday. They have been investigating their 'favourites' in the class. We've had some really interesting questions. Children had to think about suitable questions to investigate so that it was appropriate for all of the class. They were then creating their own interpretation questions...Ben went the extra mile in his questions during the week! Had to mention that one!

In English, we have started some sentence and word work all around non-fiction. We have looked at fronted adverbials and also using further conjunctions in our writing. We are writing all about sound, so we started off by imagining we were in photographs and writing down all the things that we could hear! Children were really imaginative and also knowledgable about what they could 'hear'. In science, we are looking at sound and how it all works! The children have learned about how sound travels and how it is made, along with the fact that it fades the further you are away! We will spend some time next week looking at the structure of the ear itself.

In PE, we are continuing with swimming and we are also doing outdoor and adventure - this week they were trekking across the school grounds looking for control points to match their instructions and this created a saying! They absolutely loved it! 

What a wonderful first week back in term 4. Check out our gem awards page to see who's been awarded this week. Also, don't forget our class assembly is coming up! The children will look forward to showcasing what they have been learning.

Have a lovely weekend


Week 2

Well, another week has passed...we have been cracking on with our data work in maths. Children have spent part of the week presenting their data investigations to the class, speaking really well in front of other class members. Children were working really well creating these in their teams and showed a lot of great amethyst and topaz power. In English, we have been building on our science understanding all about sound and how it all travels and works...they are writing a piece about how sound works, answering various questions in full paragraphs and have a focus of using lots of scientific vocabulary! This will come to a close next week and then we will move onto a fiction piece of writing. 

In science itself, children have been exploring how animals hear in comparison to humans, how sound travels through the ear to the brain along with thinking about statements and reasoning if they are true or false. Lots of great learning. 

In PE this week, children have continued with their outdoor and adventure learning, this week we were focussing on how to work as a team and solve problems and adapting methods to improve. Children had to all line up on a bench and get themselves into various orders, if one person fell off, they had to start again. Children started off really shaky, but showed a lot of improvement throughout the lesson and listened to each other and began to show team work. Some children were brilliant at teamwork from the start! Isabel, Immy, May, Tuscany, Harvey, Travis and Ben all showed great team skills from the start!


Don't's our class assembly on Thursday next week, the children are looking forward to showing you all about their learning from term 3.


Week 3

What another fantastic week of learning! In maths this week, we have been doing further learning all around fractions. Children have shown a great understanding and are drawing on previous learning really well. We have looked at finding more than one part of amounts e.g. 2/6 of 48 up to more challenging figures such as 4/5 of 560. They have also looked at reversing this and solving problems such as: If 26 is 1/3 of a number, what is the number? Brilliant learning! Next week, we will look at expanding our fractions learning and solve problems along with looking at mixed numbers.

In English, children have been working really hard on creating their 'sound' information text. Children have organised paragraphs and thought of suitable sub-headings and then created their non-fiction page. Some of these look like they have been ripped straight out of an eyewitness information book! What amazing efforts to everyone! Next week, we move onto a fiction project where we will be creating literature of our own!

A lot of our afternoons were taken up this week by the children writing and creating their own class assembly - they were showing great elements of topaz and amethyst power during this! I was so impressed with how they put it all together and rehearsed it really well. I hope that you all enjoyed watching it on Thursday.

So next week...we've got lots to look forward to! On Monday we have our annual life bus visit - very exciting! Some learners are also competing in the Colston's cross country competition, so we wish them the best of luck. We are also looking forward to watching our reception buddies in their class assembly!



Week 4

A fantastic week of learning in year 4. We have begun our fiction project where our focus is writing for a specific audience. We are writing books about springtime that we can read and share with our buddies. There is a big focus on ensuring that they use repeated phrases, language that will engage, yet challenge our younger readers and think carefully about the structure, layout and illustrations. The children are really enjoying this. We hope to finish these next week and then move onto some poetry about Easter. In maths this week we have been looking at fractions. We have looked at finding amounts of fractions, we've also looked at decimals and word problems. On Thursday, we all looked at mixed numbers and how to order these. The children worked hard to understand what a mixed number is and how you would go about ordering them. All the children can order them with the same denominator, but the challenge is now to recognise equivalent fractions and be able to order them. Some children in our class have even expanded their fractions understanding and looked at improper fractions (top heavy) and how to turn these back to mixed numbers! They amazed me! In topic this week, children have looked at creating and drawing accurate circuits, learning the correct terminology and drawing the correct symbols. They have also investigated statements such as would a thicker or longer wire make a difference to the power running to the lightbulb? Next week, we move onto investigate conductors and insulators...

Some of our learners also took part in a cross country competition at Colston's school in Bristol and the four boys who took part showed amazing endurance and I was really proud of their efforts and achievements! Harvey, Will, Ellis and Dan were brilliant! Aaron in year 3 came first, along with Harry B in year 3 who also did fantastically in the year 3/4 boys category so congratulations to them as well, all six of the boys did the team and school proud! Have a look at our gallery for photos from the afternoon.

We also bid a fond farewell to Mrs Hamlen this week who has worked so closely with the class and helped them progress so far whilst I recovered. We can't thank her enough and we will all miss her in the school and especially in Birch class. We'll look forward to seeing her do supply in the school hopefully. Thanks again Mrs Hamlen - you've been brilliant! 


Week 5

This term is going by so quickly! This week, children have really progressed with their understanding of 2D and 3D shapes. They have been carrying out investigations of various shapes including cubes, pyramids and triangles! Almost everyone knows the 4 different triangles, but a bit more practice is needed. Next week, we will be filling in some gaps that have cropped up over the time. In English, the children have made even more progress with their books and they are really coming together and we are excited to finish them. In our PE we had a fantastic time losing our sense of sight and trying to solve problems as a team. We have also been doing some science work about electricity and learning about insulators and conductors. On Monday we had a great afternoon at the Church taking part in an Easter trail where we learned all about the different parts of the Easter story. Have a look at our photos to see what they were up to.

Last week of term next week and we will finish on Thursday! 


Well done this week to all our learners for a great week of learning!



Week 6

Well done to our class this week who have had a really good last week of term 5. In maths we have been filling some gaps to do with fractions, adding them and equivalent fractions. Children have worked super hard at quite a tricky area! In English we have completed our books and shared them with their buddies who were mighty impressed by year 4! In our topic we had a great PE lesson where everyone had to navigate around the school to locate various control points and then solve an anagram. We have also shared our home learning this week.

Hoping everyone has a happy Easter break and come back for our summer term feeling refreshed and...Viking like...


Have a lovely holiday,

Miss Webb frown