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Term 4 in Elm!

Welcome back to Term 4 in Elm!
This term our topic will be Emergency! We will be looking at different emergencies, as well as the people that help us if we get into trouble. We will be talking about the Ambulance, Fire and Police services; exploring the Great Fire of London and putting events in chronological order; learning how to tell the time; and writing some poetry.

Week 5

What an explosive beginning to our final week of term! We have been looking at volcanoes! We have turned the classroom into a volcano research centre - thinking of questions to ask about volcanoes and then using the internet and books to research more about them to answer our questions. We then tried to move like a volcano in PE! We also watched a clip from the news telling us that Mount Etna in Scilly has been erupting this week too!

Now that we know lots of information about volcanoes we then had a go at designing our own volcano to make a volcano sculpture. Some of us used papier mache, whilst others used mod-rock. We then used our skills from science to mix things together to make the volcanoes erupt! We predicted what might happen, we then observed what happened and then we thought about what we might change if we did it again. We had lots of frothing, bubbling, exploding volcanoes that we could look at! See some pictures below.

Week 4

Week 4 started off with a scientific theme as we looked at our bodies and all the things that help us see, hear, smell, taste and touch/feel things. We even began to think if a bird can do these things and then we decided on the best food for a bird. We have also been exploring food for ourselves and deciding what we should be eating to be healthy.

We were also lucky to have a visit from a real-life GP who showed us some of his equipment that he uses on his patients - some of us even had the chance to have a go too! Also the police paid us a visit - not because some children were being naughty - it was because they wanted to show us their police van, uniform and we all had fun trying on their hats!

This week we have also been practising and performed our Class Assembly which was a great success. We delived our lines well to tell a chronological tale of the Great Fire of London. This we wrapped in song, performing 'London's Burning' and 'People Who Help Us'.

We have also been honing our number track technique to help us add and subtract. Using a numberline, we find our starting number, jump on or back (depending whether it is addition or subtraction) the number we add or take away. Finally, we land on our answer.

Next Week:

We will be getting poetic in our writing. Finding out about Volcanoes and mountain rescue. Solving problems by calculating in Maths. Meeting a nurse and finding out about Easter. Its going to be another busy one. We may also start to think about and plan our next term's topic which is CASTLES!!!

Week 3

What a great start to week 3! Monday was full of surprises! We had a visit from a Marine who showed us his camp and how he sleeps. He also told us that he only slept for 2 hours every night! How much sleep do you have? We also had a visit from the Life Bus which was really interesting! We learnt about all the things we might find inside our bodies and what food groups we should be eating to keep us healthy.

For more information, fun and games check out the Life Education website:

Bad news! All the felt tip pens have been stolen from the classroom! We have been trying to piece together clues about what might have happened to help us solve the mystery. We have been pretending to be Police Officers trying to work out exactly what had happpened and we will write a chronological report describing what has happened. Speaking of the Police, we were lucky enough to have a visit from two Police Officers on Wednesday and before them, we also had visitors from St. John Ambulance who talked to children about injuries and we even had a look inside a real ambulance!

Week 2

What a busy start to week 2! So far this week we have been finding out all about the Great Fire of London! We came up with some great 'wow' words to describe the fire and we even had a go at looking at events in chronological order. We have been using connectives to stick two sentences together and we also compared fireman from 400 years ago to fireman now-a-days. There are lots of differences between them!

Why don't you have a go at playing this online game?

Some of us started to play this in class and now you can finish it off learning more facts about what happened during the Great Fire of London.

We have now written Chronological (some of us can even say and spell chronological) reports about the fire and have been learning to make certain times on our clock faces.

On Friday we had a scientific time thinking about light and light sources. We tried hard to make conclusions using our observations and say why we thought what we thought.

We have also made some superb collages showing silhouettes of London with the fire in the background.

Week 1

The first day back was very exciting as we all had a go at guessing the location of someone who was in trouble. We also found out about lots of different people who can help us in an emergency. We also learnt what we should do in an emergency - who to call and what to do.

This week we have been listening to sounds. What sounds can you hear when you are outside? We also listened to some sounds that sounded the same. Some sounds are hard to describe when we don't know what makes the noise! In maths we have been looking at calculations and what the mathematical symbols mean. All this and it is only day two of the new term!

As the week continued, we thought about sirens and the sounds they make. We decided our criteria for a good siren was:
* it needs to be loud
* change from high to low pitch or pulse on off
* be annoying or irritating so that you can ignore it
Interestingly, we had a fire drill part way through this learning. What a coincidence!!!

We have continued our calculation learning and have decided what the + - and = symbols mean.

We finished up the week making our own sirens. They were loud, pulsing and irritating. What a great success!

Thanks too to Andy Van-der-Vliet for showing us his Fire and Rescue uniform and telling us about how to ring 999 and smoke alarms. We had some great questions to ask him