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Term 5 happenings...

Welcome to term 5


We've got lots of things to do this term and will be cracking straight into it! There are lots of things to look forward to which I will tell you about in a moment. Before that, we've got a few more hardcore weeks before SATs and the children have been working really hard towards these, they've got to keep going for a bit longer and all their hard work will pay off. We are really proud of them and all the effort they have put in during the last few months! What a superb class they are! 

After SATs, there is so much to look forward to and we can't wait to get going with it all. The children will begin preparations for their end of year production and the committment to this will gradually increase as time progresses into June and July. Auditions will be carried out in class with roles being decided by the adults in the class based on their audition and our knowledge of capability for the roles. It will be important that children learn their roles quickly and that it is a key stage production, with all parts playing a major contribution to the smooth running of the play, no matter how big or small.
Our topic for this term is called JAMBOREE! This means 'carnival' and our topic will be based all around South America. With the upcoming football world cup playing a part in our learning, we will explore the cities in Brazil and also compare them to our locality. 
The class will be kept super busy with topic work, lots of PE that has been missed out on, training for Sports day with the captains taking on the responsibility, transition work into year 7, having their taster days at secondary schools (any dates that clash with the residential will be rearranged for the children so don't worry there!) which brings me onto the residential itself! 
On Monday 31st June, the class, myself, Mr Wichard, Mr Suffolk and excitingly this year; Mrs Richter will be heading off to Manor Adventure in Wales for the week. There is a meeting for parents on Monday 28th April, which I encourage all parents to attend. I will have a chat with the children about expectations and also just how much fun they will have! Here's hoping for wonderful weather. There is also lots of other days throughout the summer term that will be keeping the class on their toes. 
The year is speeding along really quickly and before we know it, the children will be parting ways with The Meadows, so let's make the final term an amazing one for everyone in the class! 

Week 1

A short, yet busy week in year 6. The children have slipped straight back into their hard work and have really been hammering maths, reading and grammar revision this week. We have been looking at working backwards in maths and using the 'inverse' to solve the problems. I was absolutely AMAZED by their capabilities this week and everyone had a great understanding of what they needed to do. The children have enjoyed creating their own as well, showing a real passion for the other children to solve their inverse problems. The children sat a mock paper on Thursday in the hall and everyone did amazingly well. 
In reading, we have really been thinking about exam technique and how they should be structuring their answers. I was really impressed with what they did. The children who are sitting the level 6 paper are also working super hard at the difficult questions that the paper poses. We need to keep working more on this as the children lack in confidence a little bit. Grammar revision has centred around learning what the terms mean and we've had a great time using 'follow me' cards to get there - they are getting really quick at them now.
On Friday, we began by working more on their maths learning, looking at the inverse. We were interrupted to have our class photos taken, but then returned to begin cracking on with murder mystery problem solving, which accesses all of their maths skills. 
A great start to term 5, keep it up for next week guys!

Week 2

Well done to year 6 for another good week. Some learners are finding the concentration a bit difficult and they need to remember that they should be considerate of all the rest of the children and to also not let all of their own hard work slip as they have put in so much effort! We have been looking at gaps in maths this week and really focusing on sorting these. The children AMAZED me with their ability to argue why a statement was true or false and they really drew upon their maths knowledge to do this.
They also sat their mock reading paper, which was one like it will look like this year with no related theme, 3 completely seperate texts. Everyone did fantastically and I'm so pleased with how they've done. 
They have also had some relaxing time during art this week, exploring different textures and patterns with Mrs Lethbridge, whilst some children took part in short writing booster sessions. 
We have enjoyed a couple of games or rounders this week as well, learning the 'classic' game and a slightly different version called 'race rounders', where children really focus on their fielding skills.
I will be teaching them another version of rounders called 'risk rounders' next week and we will also look at practising for sports day. We will be picking out a few more areas of maths, grammar and reading that the children are a bit wobbly on, but we're almost there now! They have had a busy journey and have worked really hard!
It is important now for the children to burn off energy and not get themselves in a pickle over the looming tests; they've worked really hard and I am sure it will pay off for them, so a bit of a relaxed revision timetable next week in the run up to SATs.

SATs week itself, incase you are not sure, will look like this:
Monday 12th May -1 hour reading paper (AM)
Monday 12th May - 1 hour level 6 reading paper (PM)
Tuesday 13th May - Just over an hour; Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test (AM)
Wednesday 14th May - 45 mins maths paper (non-calculator) & mental maths test (AM)
Thursday 15th May - 45 mins maths paper (non-calculator)
Thursday 15th May - 30 mins level 6 maths paper A (non-calculator) & 30 mins level 6 maths paper B (calculator allowed) (PM)

Obviously, each morning there will be a lovely breakfast for the children to enjoy!
There are no SATs on the Friday and I will plan a VERY relaxing day for the children as they will have certainly earned it. 
Hope you have a lovely weekend,

Week 3

Well, it has been a long slog of revision but the children have finally made it! They have worked really hard again in their maths and reading revision this week. We have looked at lots of different gaps this week and the children had a good time visiting the 'maths clinic' to get their cures! 
The children have also had a practice at some reading comprehension as well. Hopefully, the children are as prepared as they can be for SATs week. The class have also had a good and creative week working on their art skills projects with Mrs Lethbridge whilst Miss Webb does writing interventions, along with PE lessons, learning how to play 'race rounders' which they loved...Callum and Keziah were both outstanding in this game! Callum ended up being the only player left in his team, continuously scoring rounders until he was eventually caught out by Max G. 
On Wednesday afternoon, Miss Sanders had them all designing new athletics games that they had to plan and resource, they then had to teach these games to year 4. They worked incredibly well in their teams and chose their groups very carefully, choosing children that they work well with and not necessarily their best friends, as that can lead to distractions. Some good, mature choices.
On Friday, Mrs Harding & I decided to have a more relaxed and creative day with the class, so they wouldn't feel pressured leading into the weekend. They had the first session to finish their art projects and then they played rounders with Mrs Kerfoot, followed by reading and circle time. Unfortunately, I was unwell and unable to come in to enjoy this day with them and give my weekend advice, so here it is... 
I advise that children keep busy by doing fun things with family and friends and that they don't do any more revision. They should relax this weekend and get a good night's sleep on Sunday! I will hopefully see you all for breakfast on Monday at 8:15am. 

Have a lovely and SAFE weekend, this weekend is not the one to do anything where bones could get broken!

Week 4

SATs week has gone incredibly well this year! The children have proven themselves a credit to the school with their amazing effort this week. Monday's reading test went smoothly, but the adjusted format meant that most children were a little pushed for time, however, a wonderful effort from the children, who were putting everything that they had learned into practice!
After this, the children were busy preparing for art and design, where we made a start doing papier mache and they carried on with this in the afternoon. Some of our learners had a go at the level 6 reading paper in the afternoon, which was also quite tricky, but they did their very best.
On Tuesday, the grammar and punctuation test went really well, with our learners doing a fabulous job! The spelling test was then, as expected, quite tricky, but they all did really well. We then spent the rest of Tuesday playing different versions of rounders, which was really good fun. The children have enjoyed burning off energy in the afternoon.
Wednesday came, with quite a difficult maths test, but the children worked really hard and calculated things brilliantly. The mental maths test wasn't too bad we thought either! In the afternoon, year 6 paired up with year 4 and they taught each other their athletics activities that they had devised. This time, they needed to think about differentiation in the games so that year 4 and year 6 would be challenged. 
On Thursday, children tackled the second maths paper, which again, was quite difficult. Their effort throughout their revision and this week has been outstanding. The children then went out and played risk rounders with Miss Webb and we all had a really great time! The sun was shining and that always makes people feel happy! In the afternoon, most of the class started their 3D sculpture work with Mrs Lethbridge, whilst a small group then took on the level 6 maths paper; they've all worked really hard at progressing their learning and are showing lots of level 6 maths abilities, so hopefully it will show in this test, if not...they all had a go and did their best, which is ultimately, all we ask from our wonderful children.
Friday was an enjoyable day; with popcorn, a movie and fruit juice. We then had a sneak peak at the production, which we wll delve into more next week, with parts being finalised and lines needing to be learnt. We then went outside for PE in the afternoon and practised some things for sports day and ended the day with our celebration time on the field where some children got involved with a game of football, others playing catch and just chilling out! It has been a really busy week and a quiet Friday was certainly needed by Miss Webb and all the children! Well done year 6!
Next week, we look at production, continue with art and design, prepare for sports day and also do our first 'Big Write' on Thursday.

Don't forget to come and join us for sports day...year 6 will be competing in the afternoon. In the morning, they will be assisting Mr Day in ensuring the day runs smoothly! Unfortunately, I am not able to be there so will be urging lots of winners and great sportsmanship on from afar!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Miss Webb