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Term 5 happenings...

 Wow! Year 6, you are A-MA-ZING!!


You have coped fantastically with SATs  and I couldn't be more proud!

Now that SATs are over, the children can all begin to look forward to a very exciting time. Our KS2 Production rehearsals and song practice will start week beginning 20th May. Roles have almost been decided! It has been tough choosing, but as with any drama project, children who show a good talent in performing arts will be given the opportunity to shine! There are, as you can understand, some smaller roles that will need to be filled, but it is a whole key stage production and no matter how big or small the role, all participation is essential so that it runs smoothly. The class are very excited to get cracking with it. Maths and English will still be continuing but not as vigorously as it has been. The children still have writing to produce for assessments so that subject will still be done regularly. Maths transition work will also be taught to the children. We also have sports day to prepare for on the 24th May and the children are really looking forward to another sports day! 
Last but not least....
The children and I are getting very excited about the residential, even though it is still some time away! 

Week 1 recap:
Wow! Year 6 have come back after Easter with a real focus. Well done straight away for that. It is getting close to SATs now and we are working really hard to keep the learners relaxed as much as possible, as well as still keeping them revising hard.
This week has been an absolute success! In writing, children have done a historical piece of writing based on Henry VIII. Loads of facts and interesting quips about his fascinating life has been put into their writing. One of the children's focus this week has been to work on using a wider range of conjunctions in their writing....a few learners are stuck on 'because' and we definitly need to vary that one up!
We had a crack at a grammar test this week and I'm pleased to say that everyone did fantastically. There are some spelling issues with certain children, they know who they are and I have again, encouraged them to really work on practicing the patterns and looking at tricky words. We are doing some extra spelling boosting in school as well.
Their maths learning this week has blown Miss Webb away with how fantastic they have been!
Learners have always worried about reasoning with number, where they have to explain how they know a certain number would/wouldn't appear in a pattern, or thinking about division in number...well, everyone surprised themselves at how amazing they have been! They are all much happier with this area of learning, I would still advise some to keep practicing those at home and next week in the extension activities, but wowzers! You are all amazing!
Here's to another FANTASTIC week...well done guys, you're making me very proud.

Week 2 recap:
Children have worked well this week. They have been putting every effort into ratio and proportion. This has proved difficult for some children. Please do ask your children how they feel about ratio and proportion. If they are feeling a bit wobbly still, please get them to practice. (If they can find it in their revision books that would be great, or I can give them some extra to help them.)
In writing this week, we have had a good week with their arguments. Children were writing about keeping animals in captivity and whether this should be allowed or not. As a class they came up with fantastic arguments and along with some of their own, produced some lovely pieces. We have looked at homophones this week and children are STILL writing their, they're and there incorrectly in their writing - this needs to improve. They are also getting you're and your mixed up! Please get your children practicing this.
A busy week lies ahead for year 6, topped off with class photographs on Friday - please make sure there are no dinner leftovers smeared on their sweatshirts/polo shirts! A quixk reminder that no make-up can be worn, if girls come in wearing it, they will be asked to remove it.
Well done for a good week, let's try even harder next week!

Week 3 recap:
Wow, Year 6 are making me really proud! They have had a terrific week in all areas. They have behaved amazingly and tried really hard to do the right thing straight away which is so good. They have had a few practice papers this week and I am pleased to say that everybody made me proud in one way or another. Their effort and endurance of this entire SATs process has been incredible. We are slowing down on papers now and focusing on areas within those papers that are causing issues. It is mainly questions in reading papers that require a longer answer, or not reading some questions right in the maths papers - all focuses for us. The maths this week now does not have a weekly focus, but it is filling in gaps where children are finding some things tricky. We looked at handling data and interpreting charts this week - they worked really well there. We have also looked at fractions, decimals and percentages. I am still not confident that everyone knows how to recognise the equivalent ones so please do practice some more at home. 
Children working towards level 6 are also making terrific progress and are working their little socks off!
We've had a particularly nice Friday; children have written their opening introductions to our booklets on India and oh my goodness, they are so good! The description that they have used is brilliant. I can't wait to see what they do with these booklets next week. Celebration time as a class was also so nice, the class are working together really well and enjoying each other's company! Keep that up guys, it's so nice to see! Have a good weekend, get plenty of rest and stay fully fit!

Week 4 recap:
Oh my goodness, I have to congratulate my class for being such hard workers. Our long revision time is almost over and what a superb class they have been. They have worked their socks off in maths and literacy. Our maths this week has tackled various areas that are still proving to be quite tricky. Children have looked at co-ordinates in graphs and being able to draw upon knowledge of shapes and rules such as 'all sides will be the same length if it is a square' or working out the difference between one x co-ordinate and the other. It has been tough to do this, but I have to commend them for their efforts! If your child is still feeling wobbly, let me know and I can prepare something for them to do after school next week. They have also looked at problem solving, where they have to work out what they need to do. This is still causing an issue for some children and I can't stress enough how they should practice this! Perhaps grab some word problems from online and see how you get on working out the calculation.
In our writing, the children have enjoyed working on their India travel booklets. So that we get really good quality pieces of writing, I have extended into next week to complete these.
To ensure that children don't get tired in the run up to SATs, I will be bringing back in our regular PE lessons next week, partly to let them get out their energy and to have some relaxed fun. 

You've worked so hard year 6, keep it going and all your hard work will pay off!
Hope you have a relaxing bank holiday and enjoy the extra lie-in! Fingers crossed for sunshine! 

Week 5 recap:
Well, what a hard-working bunch of children those in willow class are! 
They have been focused for me and kept going with revision. I am so proud of their efforts and they should be too! Everyone has done well in lots of different ways. The children have really enjoyed doing their Indian travel booklets, we've got some that are finished and some that are still in the process. I can't wait to delve into their wonderful writing within these! I would certainly pick them up if they were in a travel agents! Look out for pictures of these brilliant booklets soon.
In maths this week, children have been tackling LOTS of different areas that have come up across revision, once again fractions and converting them to decimals and percentages has been tackled. Most children are there, those that are still a bit wobbly do know it, but sometimes the 'panic' takes over and they forget. No need for this, keep relaxed!
Others have been pushing themselves on with level 6 reading texts and maths activities - the improvements here are phenomenal! They are ready to give those tricky level 6 papers a go and give it a good bash at crossing that 5/6 barrier!
They have also had fun this week as we started to ease off of revision so that they don't get too tired. 
 We have gone outside for PE this week. We had a lovely time playing a class game of Kwik Cricket (correctly spelt!) and those children that play cricket outside of school are brilliant at giving tips to those that don't - the children are so nice to each other. We also shared some PE time with year 3 and practiced some sports day events on a very windy day. Lots of fast running, great jumping and hilarious sack racing was happening. What a great week you have all had.

You have done everything you can now in preparation for the SATs and all I ask is that you relax and enjoy your weekend! Stay safe and don't break any bones please. Get lots of sleep, especially sunday night and I will see you at 8:15am on Monday for our first breakfast! 

Week 6 recap:
Well, the week has gone very smoothly with SATs. We started off every day with a wonderful breakfast where children tucked into lots of different pastries, fruit, cheese and meats. It was really nice to see how relaxed they were. After a very nervous Monday, everyone seemed much more relaxed as we went into the grammar on Tuesday. Wednesday was a tough one with the maths paper and mental maths test and then on Thursday, the children embraced their final tests with wonderful attitudes. The level 6 tests were also approached really well and the children coped really well with those, even though it was difficult sitting them in the afternoon.
We have enjoyed lots of other relaxing activities this week, including an art project all around our SATs monsters, lots of PE and on Friday the children all 'vegged' out on the carpet with a pillow, popcorn (many thanks to Mrs Richter and Josh for making that!) and a Ribena drink, whilst watching a great movie. We then went outside for a terrific game of rounders, which had slightly adjusted rules so that children were learning to improve their fielding skills over their striking skills.
We ended the day with some drama, where children were given a sneaky peak at the script for production and they began auditions for some roles. We have done half of the auditions now and we will finish these off on Monday, with roles to be confirmed then.
What a fabulous week you've had year 6 - an enormous pat on the back to you all! Next week, we're going to write a poem based around personification and India, practice for Sports Day and also crack on with production! 

Week 7 recap:

Year 6 have had a really good week. We have been looking at personification in poetry about India. Children are experts at spotting personification but found it trickier to write quality personification themselves. Most children persevered here and completed their poems. Some even went on to write a second one. We have also gone back to our normal routine of guided reading and this week we took a look at a parody fairytale as we will be writing parody stories after half-term. The children have had a taster and written an alternative ending for the one we looked at in guided reading....the winner of this will be work of the week for when we are back.
Updates from our production rehearsals: All roles have now been cast. Children have come home with their scripts and as homework, they need to learn their lines. The sooner children know them, the faster they can focus on the 'acting' of them. Any of the children with solos need to get practicing...and stay confident! We have had fun looking at some of the songs and beginning to act. Liam, Oliver, Megan, Izzie, Jack, Amelia and Issy are all showing excellent acting so far!
I will need parents and carers to help me out with costumes...details to follow.
We have also spent some quality time doing circle time. We have had lots of discussion about acceptable behaviour and actions in school and the children now have a clear understanding. They had an opportunity to share their worries, some of which were addressed at the time and some will be looked at through our learning. We ended Friday by playing some lovely circle games as a class which are in place to draw the children's acting skills out! Ask your child how to play Shazzamm!!

Hope that you have a wonderful half term...I can't believe we've only got one more left, let's make it the best one yet Willow class!