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Term 5 happenings...

Term 5 in Birch class



Lots to look forward to in the first summer term! My how the year is flying by! We are embarking on our next topic 'swords and shields'  where we will learn all about the Vikings! Keep looking at our weekly blog to see what we've been up to. Below, as usual are the links for who is receiving our gem awards and our photo gallery for term 5 and 6! Here's to a jam-packed historical term! Bring on the Vikings... 



Week 1

What a fantastic start to the week we have had in year 4! We launched into our big bang with a cooking/designing/making/researching day! Everyone had the chance to bake their own loaf of Viking bread, they designed their own shields and created these and also carried out lots of factual research about the Vikings. It was a very busy Monday but children learned so much!

We have also been looking at the Vikings in our English this week. Our aim for the next two weeks is to persuade year 3 that the Vikings was a better time to live in that the stone age. We have written them letters this week, just initially telling them all about the Vikings. Next week, we move onto persuasion! In maths this week, we have had a great time really deepening our understanding of place value. Children have got base 10 equipment out, they've looked at negatives, rounding, estimating! 

Oh my word it's been so busy that I am exhausted! It's been a superb week and it's nice to have them all back and learning lots.

Next week we've got our class photo on Tuesday so remember to dress smartly - no fancy hair bobbles! 

I will look forward to seeing you all at parents evening.


Week 2

Well, it has been a busy week this week, what with school photos (the children all looked fabulous!) and with parents evening (It was lovely to catch up with you all and have a chat about your children), but in our learning we have all been manically busy as well.

We have looked at problem solving, adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers and also Roman numerals (It was really fun to get the children mastering this! Everyone is really happy with Roman numerals - I will double check they are all fine with that in a couple of weeks!)

We have been working on rounding numbers in our warm up and have done really well with that.

In English, we started the week off with a debate with year 3, arguing in an assertive way that the Vikings was a better time to live in. We then began drafting and spending time to improve our persuasive letters with year 3, finally writing up our letters on Friday in the 'Big Write'. 

We have been working on possessive apostrophes in our English warm ups - still got a bit of work to do, but we'll crack on with that!

In our topic, we have continued to look particularly at where the Vikings settled and invaded and then did some drama on Wednesday, where the children became Viking freemen and women, having to decide on whether to travel to new land where there was a chance to gain more wealth and land, or stay and feel safe in their settled land. 

In PE we have been working at handball and then practising our striking and fielding - it was great fun!


Week 3

It's been a brilliant week in our class. They have been fantastic in our English learning. We have been taking part in drama to create their own plays and rehearse them together. They were fantastic when doing this. The children all showed lots of topaz power! We have also worked on improving our writing by adding additional clauses and making great use of fronted adverbials with commas.

In our maths, some children have really been focusing on number bonds and ensuring they are getting quicker at that. Some others have also looked at solving multi-step problems and using their logic to crack tricky problems where the answer needs searching for by solving clues! It's been a busy week. In our topic, we have become mini estate agents and they have had to produce an advertisement to 'sell' a longhouse to me, pitching it with great persuasive tactics, floorplans and photographs! They've been brilliant.

What a BUSY week!

Have a super bank holiday weekend, see you on Tuesday...


Week 4

Well, well, well it has been a fabulous week in year 4, and that's not just the weather! On Tuesday, we came back and began getting to grips with the grid method for multiplication of larger numbers. Children coped really well with this and by the end of two lessons, were really getting to grips with the idea. 

We had a brilliant topic day on Wednesday where children finished designing their adverts for selling long houses as estate agents and then we looked at Viking farming. Children showed a very good understanding of the life of a farmer and their family and we looked at what Vikings would have as sources of food.

We then went on to taste some of the different foods, including cabbage, goats cheese, crackers, blueberries and strawberries! Ellis, Harvey, Jayden and Mia-Ruby thoroughly enjoyed trying all the different foods so much that it was all gone! Check out our photos on the gallery!

They then went on to design a modern day Viking menu using only Viking foods and did these in pairs on their laptops! The results were  brilliant and they came out wonderful. It would be hard to choose which Viking restaurant to go to.

Today in maths, some children have begun to learn the 'chunking' method for dividing will be something we work on further next week.


Enjoy a hopefully sunny weekend everyone,


Week 5

It has been a bustling week in birch class this week, we have been busy writing our Viking adventure stories but my focus has really been on quality over quantity! Children often just rush off with their story and forget to make sure that it makes sense.

In our maths this week we have been working on various measures, including time, distance and weight. It has been a fun week exploring it all. We have spent a lot of time working on time and converting to 24 hour and also being able to convert minutes into hours and minutes...plenty of practice of this at home would be brilliant!

We have looked at distances and children can convert basic distances of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1/10 of a km and use this knowledge with other amounts.

We will need to do some more work on this in the future. We also looked at weight in kg and g, making some guesses of weights....a laptop weighs 1 tonne was one of the guesses!! 

We then had the children reading scales, estimating and measuring various items in the classroom and then trying to convert these into kg. It was lots of fun.

In our topic, we have looked at the role of families in a VIking home and written diary entries and also thought about role-playing a typical day in the Viking times.

Next week, we will be finishing our topic work on the Vikings by making our own wall hangings! Then it will be celebrations of home-learning the following week.

Don't forget the date for home-learning is Friday 20th May. I have explained to the children that I will only mark what I have set in detail as time is very precious with marking and although I am delighted to see children using their imagination and be even more creative, I just can't give all that extra time to the activities they have sought out independently. Sorry.

Hope you have a glorious weekend,


Week 6

Well, it's been busy in birch class this week. On Monday, children were still working on time and timetables in maths - this needs more practice I think, some children are a bit unconfident with how to navigate a bus timetable, so field trip I think with the family, but get your child to plan the journey using bus/train times!

We have had a test week this week, looking carefully at how to access a reading test and answer questions, we will then look at the results in small groups next week and how children can improve their marks. We have also started our last little art piece to do with the Vikings  - children have been weaving different pictures to create wall hangings for longhouses. They have found it a bit challenging to cut things up carefully and weave - but they've enjoyed doing this.

​I was off poorly this week, struck down with the flu, so missed a couple of the days with the learners but they were brilliant in my absence.

On Friday, children all swarmed into the classroom with amazing home-learning! Their longships look incredible! I'm so impressed! I've also seen lots of other lovely bits of home-learning in their books and have spent the weekend marking this and giving out credits for their learning passports! Well done year 4, I can't wait to see your home-learning for term 6!

We bid a fond farewell to one of our learners who's been with us since reception, it was sad to see Ellis go, but we wish him every success in his new school and hope that he has a wonderful time!

Next week, the last week of term (we made it!) we will be celebrating all of the children's wonderful home learning, getting it up on display, finishing our weaving, auditioning for Bitton's got Talent and working on area and perimeter in maths, and performance poetry in English and then finally, sports day on Friday! 

Hope to see you there in the afternoon,


Week 7

Wow - what a busy and fun final week of term 5. Children began the week by doing some maths on perimeter and area, along with working on finding different styles of poems and sorting these out. The children were really good at this! We have also celebrated all of the amazing home learning from term 5 - it has honestly been amazing to see the variety of longships! They are all so creative and currently on display outside of our classroom. Children have earned loads of credits for their passports and should soon be totting those up and heading for their bronze award! One leaner in our class did all of the home-learning activities and scored brilliantly in 144 club and spellings, giving her the maximum 16.5 credits! Wow! 

We have also been working alongside year 3 to take part in practising for sports day - the children have all maturely selected which races they will be competing in and have worked on improving their running times and styles all week. On Friday, we all enjoyed taking part in sports day and I couldn't have been prouder of my class for taking part so well and being amazing sports! They were all superstars and really embraced the day! It was so nice to see so many parents come along to watch the children and really made the children feel extra special to be able to share this day with parents and grandparents.

We have really enjoyed learning all about the Vikings this term and I am a bit sad to end the topic as there is so much more we could learn about, but term 6 is looming and it brings lots of exciting prospects with it. We will be learning all about the human body, heading up to Oldfield school for a trip, (details will follow on first day back), practising for the end of year production and saying goodbye to our year 6 class! lots to look forward to....have a lovely half term everyone. See you for the final term.


Miss Webb frown