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Term 5 in Elm!


Week 7

Wow Term 5 is over, but hasn't it been busy! This week we have been planning, organising and editing our very own Fairy Tale story set in a castle. Lots of brilliant stories were produced! We also chose sounds to go with a poem about walking around a spooky castle and performed our musical compositions for each other.

In maths we have been looking at measuring liquid (water or apple juice!) and what units we need to use. We found out you can measure liquids in millilitres of litres. We have also been looking at fractions and finding 1/2 or 1/4 of something. For a challenge, some of us even looked at finding 3/4 of something!

Country dancing has been going really well! We had a chance to show it to Year 4 who were really impressed about what we have achieved! We then performed at the banquet on Thursday afternoon. 

The banquet was a medieval extravaganza! We admired each other's costumes (lots of knights and princesses and a few other characters). Then we played some traditional games followed by a modest feast. Afterwards, Y1 performed their dance to great acclaim.

What a week it's been and what a term. Have a great break.

Week 6

What a busy we have had ! We have started to look at fairy tales set in castles. As a class we have been learning a version of Sleeping Beauty off by heart and even made lolly stick puppets of the characters to help us role play the story. We had a go at building our own fairy tales using different settings and characters and finished the week making these into playscripts.

In PE we have been practicing our country dancing in preparation for next week's castle banquet. We will be dancing to entertain all of Key Stage 1! In Maths we have also been practicing partitioning numbers. For example we can partition 27 like this: 20 and 7.

This week we have also been learning about gargoyles; where you find them and why they are there. We even conducted a survey with the rest of the class as to which one was the scariest! With this data we produced our own bar chart to help us work out which was the most popular. We then went on to design our own gargoyle, make a paper mock up and then make a clay model. We made thumb pots and then added features like bulging eyes, pointed teeth and flared nostrils. They are fantastic!

Week 5

This week we have been very excited about our Cardiff Castle Trip on Thursday. To prepare, we thought about putting objects in chronological order; learning about what it might have been like to live in a castle, and practising telling the time.

We were also very lucky to have a special visit from the 'Sort it' recycling team. Through fun games we learnt all about recycling and in which recycle bin we need to put all of our recycling!

Our trip to the castle was brilliant despite the rain. We had a tour of Lord Bute's Victorian appartments and saw some amazing rooms, including the children's day nursery. We had a fantastic education session in which we learned about how armour and weaponry changed throughout the Norman period. Then we looked around the castle grounds and climbed the Norman Motte and Bailey Keep. Everyone was brilliantly behaved and we learned lots.

We finished off the week making our own Norman helmets; writing a diary entry for the day of a castle dweller and ordered pictures of castles throughout the ages.

Week 3

Phew! What a bu y weeks so far! We have been learning all about churches and speacial features we find inside. On Wednesday we even visited a real church to see for ourselves the objects we have been learning about (thanks to the parents who helped us walk there!). PE has been very active week! We have been practising for Sports Day and we have begun to learn some Country Dancing! Everyone worked really hard counting to 16, keeping in time with the music. In the next few weeks we will start to learn so real dances!

In maths we have been halving numbers. We have been counting out cubes and sharing them equally between two people. The number of cubes each person has is half the original number! Some children even began to write number sentences using the divide symbol! Later in the week we used our skills to work out which numbers could be halved fairly and what you do with the extra cube when a number doesn't share fairly.

We also read a new story this week: 'Sir Charlie Stinky Socks' and thought really hard about how we could describe the new characters we have read about. Some good descriptive words were used! Then we used all of our learning about characters and settings to help us write our own version of George and the Dragon. Instead of a mouse and a dragon we had: a cyclops and a rabbit; a shark and a dolphin; a jelly fish and a clown fish; a gruffalo and a mouse, the list goes on. We have produced some amazing stories.

We have also been learning to name and describe 3D shapes and have spotted which shapes have been used in the construction of several castles.

Week 2

What a busy week so far in Year 1! We have explored the 'goodies' and 'badies' in stories and used describing words to try and describe what they are like. We will be then trying to invent our own 'baddie' characters.

In science we have been using 'the force' to help us build some catapults. Who would have thought that catapults need lots of forces to help them work? These include pull, push and some of us even started to think about gravity. We have been testing our catapults to try to prove our statement: "The further I pull back the catapult, the bigger the force will be and the further my missile will fly."

Then we used our catapults to fire on some baddies we had created in the Forest Area.

In maths this week we have been concentrating on doubling numbers. We have learnt two ways to double; either by adding on to our number the same number, or by multiplying our number by 2. Perhaps you can practice these at homes - how many numbers can you double?

For details of the Cardiff Castle trip - please find the letter below.

Week 1

After a long break we have started back with a bang. What a busy week!
We began with our new topic - castles, creating wall hangings by printing; designing our own shields; and building model castles from lots and lots of cardboard!

We have started reading our main story, George and the Dragon, focussing on settings. We have been describing castle settings, designing habitable caves and becoming Estate Agents by advertising castles.

In our maths learning we have been using jumps on number tracks to help us add and subtract and in science we have been learning that most forces can be described as pushes or pulls. We have completed an investigation into pulling objects across different surfaces and making conclusions, preparing ourselves for our investigations next week.