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The last straw (and card) bridges!

We have been looking at which shapes are strongest, and thinking how we could use them to design and make bridges. We first had a go in large groups at making straw bridges, and then split into smaller groups to use the card kindly donated to make our bridges.
Picture 1 The team together
Picture 2 Working hard is fun!
Picture 3 Starting to make those strong triangles
Picture 4 We're doing triangles too!
Picture 5 Guess what...we're making triangles too!
Picture 6 It works!
Picture 7 Yes!
Picture 8 Blink and you'll miss it!
Picture 9 It works!
Picture 10 The fab four (bridges)
Picture 11 We did it!
Picture 12 It's going well!
Picture 13 Mmmm, wish this box was still full!
Picture 14 The hard work continues...
Picture 15 There's a traffic jam in Meadows City!
Picture 16 The (nearly) finished product
Picture 17 Here's one we made earlier...
Picture 18 It works!
Picture 19 It holds all this!
Picture 20 We did it!